Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here's to a wonderful New Year...
2006 was a good's that 2007 will be even better for all of us...

Happy 11th Anniversary, David. I love you...

We'll be watching "The Apartment" tonight (a New Years favorite!!)

Above are more pages that I did "at the track". BTW, my friggin' Paper Mojo order didn't come!! I keep looking at the Fed Ex "Tracking" page like a little kid "But it says Bell,'s only 27 minutes away. Hmm, can I go pick it up?" At least Fed Ex'll be delivering on Tuesday unlike the Post Office that has the day off ('cause of Ford). This is the first time in U.S. history (ok, these facts come from my Mom) that the Post Office has gone without delivering mail (across the U.S.) for three straight days in a row. Lazy bastards!! (Hi Mom!-My Mom's one of the hardest working mail carriers in the U.S., right, Mom?)
The Apartment (1960)

The all time greatest New Years Eve Film! A MUST see, if you haven't seen it..This is the only clip I could find on You Tube.
David and I watch it (we own it) every year around this time...

I promised photos of what I did at the track the other day..the camera hasn't been cooperating 100% but I managed to get some more shots this morning. After almost 75 pictures, I finally got some good ones. (For some reason, the shots were all blurry no matter how good the light). The camera is olddddddddddd!

Had a wonderful, wonderful class at Zinnia in Pasadena yesterday. GREAT group of artists!! Tamara had lots of fun and artsy goodies in stock. All of her Christmas stock was on sale, so I loaded up on some cool bird ornaments for next Christmas (though when I got home, Tristan promptly hung them on the tree). Also picked up the new Somerset (quite good!!) and some other goodies. Was heavily gifted yesterday by my friends-that was very very very nice and extremely thoughtful. Lorraine was very kind and gave me the book, "Drop Dead Cute" which I have been oogling for a long time!! Huge thanks Lorraine!! Roseann loaded me up with all sorts of goodies-a bag of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a beautiful calendar of Mexican doors, an exquisite leather journal, Wanderlust travel book (eeh can't wait to collage with this one!!!) and other goodies. In other words, my friends spoiled me yesterday...and the spoiling was unexpected and very much appreciated!! :)

Speaking of spoiled, my parents bought me a gift certificate for
paper mojo and here I sit like a kid waiting for the Fed Ex truck. Paper! Paper! It's an illness, I tell ya! Madness!

See, ya really can journal anywhere!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Tristan getting ready to tear into his presents. It took me almost 2 hours to wrap everything and he tore through it all in about 15 minutes. He said it was the best Christmas ever!

It was a nice, quiet relaxing day at home. I will take photos of the books I received. Also gift certificates to Paper Mojo, The Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA (I'll be teaching there again in March! I can't wait!!) and Cheesecake Factory (we used that on Christmas Eve). Ahhh quiet day! Tristan received more Legos (especially Bionicle related) then I have ever seen-we couldn't walk in the living room. David was gifted with a hard cover copy of "From Hell" (Hi Eddie, one of my favorite artist turned blogger!!!) which he was ecstatic over and animation DVDs from some other fun film books.

The next day we went to Santa Anita, the racetrack for opening day. David likes to go and we usually go to opening day if we are home. David and Tristan had fun watching the horses. I don't like betting on them but after having a horse look me in the eyes, I put $4 on him to win. Damnit. I lost. LOL I kept telling David (who said "It's only $4) "yes, but I could have bought a piece of paper or a stamp with that money!"

Guess what I managed to do at the track? Collage!! Yes, collage! I created 4 pages. I will be uploading them shortly. I was very proud of myself. I put a small stash of paper in a plastic bag along with a glue stick and brought a small journal. I didn't use scissors. I tore everything by hand. It was awesome. I had a blast. David and Tristan were happy.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another favorite...

I can listen to this one over and over again...
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love

James Brownnnnnnnnn
James Brownnnnnnnnnnn

Great GREAT quote from the late, great James Brown:

James Brown: When I walk out on-stage here, it's about ten percent of the reception that I get in Italy or Israel or Africa or Germany, France, Australia, like I'm 100 percent bigger there than I am here.

Unidentified Reporter: Is that because you haven't been there that much and people are so much more accustomed to you here?

JB: Uh, they are taught music appreciation in depth.

I've had Tom Tom Club in my head singing "James Brown...James Brown..." since yesterday.

Big thanks to my Dad for raising me on the right kind of music when I was little ;)

Monday, December 25, 2006

My altered photo class:

Journey to the Soul Journal (some samples-I love the square size!!)-

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season so far!

I wanted to let y'all know about two classes I am doing this upcoming
weekend (neither class are on the store's schedule!) Questions? Please
email me. To sign up, please phone the stores.

(Please note, I think that the Art Bar is closed until Thursday-not 100% sure, so if you are
interested in that class please drop me an email in addition to
calling them so I can get a head count...I'd appreciate it :))

Friday, Dec 29th I will be at Zinnia in
Pasadena for my Art of the
Altered Photo Phone:
(Please note this is probably the last time I am doing the photo class! I have too many new ones to debut and this was a request from a friend ;) )

Saturday, Dec 30th I will be at the Art Bar in
Santa Ana for my
"Journey To The Soul" Journal. Phone:

Just a heads up, as some of the stores don't have it in their
newsletter as they were both "added at the last moment!" Hope you can
make it!!

They are the last classes of 2006!!!

The Art of the Altered Photograph
After taking a class with Karen Michel, I was inspired to go home and explore the wonderful world of altering photographs and images. This is *not* Karen's class (I highly recommenda class with Karen! Randi Watts also teaches classes on photo art as well!). This is a class
where you will learn a variety of mixed media explorations, tips, tricks and techniques using real 35 mm photographs and collage images via my own methods. Learn OVER FORTY techniques on how to paint, stamp, collage, and use a plethora of mixed media supplies on
photographs. We will also incorporate our photos into a special cool art project creating a small canvas book to house your photos! This is unlike any altered photo class you've ever taken (and I encourage taking a variety of them as they all are very different
depending on the instructor).
Want to use REAL 35 mm photos in your journal or your artwork?
Want to spice them up with flavor and flair?
Bring to class real 35 mm photos that you want to "art up" . Also bring some color copies of favorite photos (it's fun to bring multiple copies of "one" image for a certain activity in class). Learn techniques to alter photographs and even color copies of favorite images. Learn techniques such as "photo painting", repeating of images on a page to make a statement, coloring of photos, etc… Detailed instructional handout included as always. Students need to bring to class: about 20 *real* 35 mm photographs you want to alter (if you have a digital camera please make sure that the photographs are printed on "real" photo paper and are NOT printed from your computer...We need to use "real photos" and nothing printed from
anything but a real photo lab will work) if you have questions about this email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal. net), waxed paper, paper towels, scissors, bone folder, cork backed metal ruler, small selection of paper collage and 3-D ephemera (anything personal you want to use-I will have a ton to choose from), marvy markers (if you have them).
****If anyone does not have any photos, NO worries, I will bring a good selection of my some of my photos for everyone to use.************

Journey to the Soul
In this class, we will combine words, images, paint, rubber stamps and
more into this unique, special treasure. You will walk out with a
fully bound journal. We will take the time in class to start to work
in the journal learning new mixed media techniques (LOTS OF COLLAGE
TECHNIQUES!! !) as we create. Walk out with a rich, luscious brand new
journal perfect to end 2006 or start 2007 with!
You will learn all new layering techniques not taught in any other class.
I love this journal-the size, the shape and the feel of it make it a
pleasure to create and explore in. I am eager to share this class with
you! Always included is a fully detailed handout with all of the
information you will learn in class (and then some!).
Supply list: Collage ephemera (copies of old photos, magazine
clippings, cherished cut outs-anything that "speaks" to you. Please
make color copies of anything you wish to use more then once),
scissors, bone folder, cork backed metal ruler, roll of paper towels,
and a roll of waxed paper. The instructor will be supplying an array
of professional artist acrylics and mediums, rubber stamps, collage
ephemera, and all necessary materials.

Merry Christmas...

Friday, December 22, 2006

This actually happened to me in 4th grade. I finally snapped and beat the hell out of one of my tormentors.
How Do Piggies Eat?

Meatloaf schmeatloaf beetloaf
I hate meatloaf!
oink oink!
Mommy's little piggy
Stuck? Stuck?? don't leave me come back....

Anyone seen Flick?
Ralphie, do you know where Flick is?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Soooo happy!! I finished my piece for the Zeek Gallery Shelters show coming up in February. I'm 100% happy with it. I will post a photo asap.
Now to figure out what kind of hanger it needs...
Then to snap a photo and send it off in the mail with lots of kisses and farewells...(I hate saying goodbye to a piece I really like).
FREE HUGS in HOLLYWOOD! Whodathunkit?

I love this video...
definetly brought a smile to my face.
Interesting to see who the majority of the people giving hugs back were. Even Wonder Woman, Super Girl AND Freddy Kreuger gave hugs!
It was all fine and dandy this morning...everything was ok even though I got up wayyy early today (7 for me is WAYY early after going to bed after 1) just to go to the post office. Got there 5 minutes before they opened-only about 7 people in front of me, better then what I was expecting and there were only 2 people working.

That was fine.

Waiting 20 minutes wasn't a big deal. It happens this time of year ;)

So then I go to the art store and get my gel medium. No problem there or at the bagel shop.

It starts when I get home. David put the laundry on for me. I go to get the laundry out of the washer to put into the dryer and everything is SOAKEN wet like the machine didn't complete a cycle. In the meantime one of my neigbors comes down and says "is the machine still broken?" she knew the damn thing was broken and asked someone else to call (so at least TWO people knew) and no one put a frigging sign on the machine saying "BROKEN". I was annoyed having spent that time and a $1.25 for nothing AND then I had to go to the laundromat which I HATE.

Then neighbor #2 comes over, I'm in full rant mode by now. Ranting about the laundry AND my idiot neighbor blasting his BLEEPITY BLEEP music full blast and full bass. ARGH. So she makes a comment about the laundry (which is in my hands with water pouring out of the basket onto me, my car and everything in it's path). I ask her to please please please put a sign on the machine next time (these people NEVER do anything!!!)

AND on top of it all my "Lovely" neigbor was blasting his music as the building manager (who doesn't "live" on premises) came by. Guess what, "Lovely" neighbor wasn't even home!!!! The bldg. manager let himself into "Lovely" neighbor's apartment apartment and the music still was blasting after he left (he didn't shut it off). So now we know he is blasting it solely to annoy the crap out of us.

So then I go to the laundromat. What is it with the baskets on wheels there? Do people think that they will never get one again? Do people NOT know how to share?? Why does this have to happen: I had to ask a guy (who wasn't using his, just hoarding it) "Hi, Can I please use that for a second and I'll bring it back to you." He looked at me like I had nine heads "This? You want to use this?" "Yes ,please, I'll bring it back." "You need this?" and the routine went on like 3 or 4 x before the idiot finally gave me the damn basket. What is up with people!!??!!

I am waiting for Candid Camera to come out from around a corner today and yell "Surprise!"

By the way, Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Above artwork copyright Brandon Boyd

This book From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss by Brandon Boyd looks freakin' awesome too. According to Murphy Design, it came out 12/10...I have yet to see it.

I have no idea who Brandon Boyd is but LOVE the look of it!! If anyone has seen it or has it, let me know what you think. I will have to check Soap Plant for it.

Above artwork copyright Joe Sorren

FYI, Meltdown Comics in L.A. (on Sunset) has copies of Joe Sorren's two collected books (vol. 1-In Celebration and 2-When She was Camera). (Shhh they're $10 cheaper at Meltdown then at Soap Plant/Wacko's). Hubby bought me volume 2 tonight for Christmas.

I have the first volume already and it is one of my most treasured books. I could look at it for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

Soap Plant/Wacko has limited edition prints/posters of Joe's work (of all the times I have been to Soap Plant, I never noticed the prints hanging up high above the register until about 2 months ago). They are expensive but just gorgeous to look at!!
GREAT speech, just in case you missed it (or Fox news didn't air it...)

Thanks Mr. Penn for having the balls to stand up and say something.
(Above image copyright Shepard Fairey 2005)
The Folk Tree in Pasadena has Shepard's above image as a t-shirt (LOVE it) and a card. The company, Tools For Change/Syracuse Cultural Workers has an online catalog here.

I thought it was interesting site-lots of things that I certainly liked on there (love the shirt with Geronimo that says "Fighting Terrorism since 1492).

While looking at the Tools For Change site, I noticed that they have an ongoing call for art. See their website for details.

Also found another call for art, this one with a deadline of January 15, 2007 here.

No affiliation with anything or anyone above, just a fellow art nut especially of art that makes a statement!
I've been working through some projects in my head and on paper lately. I'm working on a project for a friend's book and for an exhibit in February at the Zeek Gallery. I participated in one of Mary Lou Zeek's shows last year.

Back to the creating bit-I'm equating it to the birthing process. You're pregnant. The baby arrives. Yet, you look in the nursery and most babies look alike (y'all know what I mean). The parents know who theirs is, but other than that, that's about all you do know. If you take the time to nurture, teach, and let your child grow, he or she will become their own unique personality. You can tell the difference between child A and child B.

I want my artwork to stand alone. I want someone to be able to pick it up and say "Kelly made that." I want it to be able to stand on it's own completely-to speak it's message loudly and firmly. I want it to be almost like a living thing-something that radiates and screams loudly.

Wish me luck...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

If anyone out there has any books BY Jean Shepherd that you'd love to trade for paper ephemera or rubber stamps (or other art supplies??) Drop me a note. Well loved paperbacks are need for "collectibles" or anything like that :)

David and I have been listening to Jean Shepherd via old online radio shows of his broadcasts from the '70's. Man, what a character.

Scored at the used bookstore today!!!

Trying not to spend too much money as usually this time of year classes go on a roller coaster ride. Thankfully Christmas shopping has been done for awhile now...but New Years is coming soon and that means Anniversary on New Years Eve! (11 years)...Any ways, This Saturday is a definite go at Sweetpeas in L.A. so I am looking forward to that. Next weekend though I'm not sure what will happen (am supposed to teach my Altered photo class Friday at Zinnia's and then my Journey to the Soul Journal at the Art Bar on Saturday, the 30th). It's hard when you don't know what will happen from week to week. I have been blessed at 2006 was an awesome year-I cancelled very few classes (maybe a little more than a handful). I also received wonderfully warm responses about the classes, so I am very thankful to all of you :)

Any ways, I scored a nice find at one of my favorite bookstores in West L.A. today (luckily the other 2 didn't have anything that I didn't have, want or "need". YAY!) Betye Saar is one of my favorite artists. I found a perfect hardcover copy of her "Extending the Frozen Moment" book for $20. I have several other books about her artwork and I really treasure them. If you aren't familiar with her work, do yourself a favor today and go seek her out. Her daughters Lezley and Alison are also outstanding artists in their own right.

A MUST have book. I bought the last issue of Juxtapoz just 'cause Blaine was in it. Blaine's book, Sedimental Promises arrived on my doorstep this afternoon courtesy of my sister as a Christmas present. It is AWESOME. I didn't get the ultra expensive one butttttt the $20 one is still pretty damn cool! I love it. Thanks to Anahata for reminding us all about it (sometimes if it isn't nailed to my forehead, I don't remember a damn thing).

Plus, he shipped "wicked" fast (if you're from Boston you can say that...just like you can say "pissa" LOL). My sister ordered it Saturday or Sunday and it arrived today (Tuesday). FAST FAST Shipping and in a bubble wrap envelope to boot!

Thanks Erin :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nope, we didn't take that photo tonight (found it on google images). Yet we were quite surprised when we set out to see the DWP lights at Griffith Park to see a deer (with full antlers) strolling around to the left of the golf course. It wasn't too dark (not with the bright lights of DWP in full glory) nor was it quiet (Dean Martin was singing Christmas Carols along with Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond and others...). THAT was the coolest part of the night-seeing this beautiful creature strolling around completely oblivious to the settings around him.

Sooooooooo we arrived home and I jumped on the computer. Little ol' me did NOT know that there are also mountain lions in that area. Ok, I live in the "city" so cut me some slack. Even David didn't believe it. Buttttttttttt this guy says so.

All I could think of though was my friend, Venita saying "Where there's one deer, there are many..." ACK. So now I need to think "where there are deer in So CA there might be lions (and tigers and bears, oh my!)"

Anyone who goes to the mall this time of year is crazy! Just to torture ourselves (ok, picture my kid sounding like Cartman from South Park "But mommmmmmmmm I need to go to the lego store they are having a sale on Bionicles today only...but Mommmmmmmmmmmm....") we went to the Glendale Galleria AND Old Town Pasadena. Zinnia in Pasadena has an amazing selection of unique Christmas goodies available (I Love the Mica Snow!!) and the store is beautifully decorated and very inviting (great company awaits inside). We also hit The Folk Tree where I saw Shari Beaubien's beautiful artwork in the gallery. I also picked up a few goodies for my friend Sharyn in MA. Crap, of which I just remembered they are in the trunk and baby, it's cold outside!!! I did a little damage at Paper Source (God, I am a Paper Source whore!!!) Other then buying Legos (Yes, I'm that kind of sucker Mom), a belt for David (Gotta keep the pants up), paper, pizza and ice cream (ask my two "boys" who even when freezing kept wanting ice cream), we didn't do too much damage tonight! But, I still hate the frigging mall and would MUCH rather spend the little cash I have at the local yokel shops! Support your Mom and Pop stores...especially the art ones (and book and comic shops too ;)). Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!
RIP Joe Barbera

I have to go find our Flintstones DVD...or maybe I'll watch Scooby (yes, I am a big Scooby nut-Scooby without Scrappy Doo, please!)...or Tom and Jerry or Top Cat or ...Jetsons or Huckleberry Hound or... ;) Maybe even Yogi's First Christmas...

As a kid growing up in the late 70's early 80's, I was raised on Hanna Barbera cartoons. They were my friends and some times even my baby sitters. I could quote those cartoons backwards and forewards and they are so much better than any cartoons on TV today (well, ok, maybe not as good at The Simpsons...)...but to a child of that era, there wasn't anything better!

Santa now considered to be a "Disney Character"
What else do they think they own??? Read the article here. Thanks to Amid for posting this.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Betty Crocker is so done. Done Done Done. And everyone that Betty baked for better damn well appreciate the 10 batches of cookies and two loaves of banana bread that Betty baked.

Five hours in the kitchen elbow deep in cookie dough is NOT how I love to spend my time. I baked the banana bread and two batches of cookies "from the mix", everything else was completely from scratch. "From scratch" for those of you that don't remember what that means (lucky ducks you!!) means MEASURING. It means dragging out the measurement cups and trying to remember what the hell 1/3 of something is if it isn't marked on the cup. Remember, (even though I don't always write like it) I was an English major not a math major. Begone ye dreaded ruler! Rulers are for tearing paper and for beating the hell out of small children in grade school all those years ago (right, honey? Ask the husband. He knows. Ouch. Touchy subject.)

It's now 3 in the afternoon and I'm still in my pjs. Hell, after cooking all frigging day I deserve it ;) I forgot to mention I also spent an hour in the kitchen making everyone french toast. I do that every morning unless I'm teaching or have something I need to do "outside of the apartment".

Oh and if you are wondering where the pictures of the luscious Christmas treats are, I had too much flour and peanut butter on my hands to take pictures. I'm not one to whip out the camera while baking (before or after). Have you ever tried taking a picture while covered in egg and shortening? I didn't think so...

Remember, next time you are in the kitchen, kiss the cook! If the cook is you, have a cookie, you deserve it.

Fa laa laa laa laa laa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Flickr Flickr!

I finally took some time and uploaded a few photos to Flickr. Now if only other "web" type work were as easy as this was!!!

I took Tristan to see Charlotte's Web at Century City this morning. We met up with two of his teachers and out of 60 kids (two classes) only 5 showed up. We had fun though. The movie was great-loved the animation (and the music). My favorite scenes were when Charlotte spun her webs-yum.

All of the previews looked very bad except for one- I am quite interested in seeing what they did with Bridge to Teribithia one of my favorite books by Katherine Paterson. If you haven't read it, it still is an excellent book even one that adults will enjoy. Have a hankie nearby though...

Spent last night baking peanut butter cookies and peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. They were supposed to be for my family in MA for Christmas...well, they're so good I'm not sure they'd make it out of the house at all. David ate most of the peanut butter ones. I bought some more stuff to make more cookies and banana bread tomorrow.

I'm not teaching tomorrow (Zinnia)
but next weekend on Saturday, I will be at Sweetpeas and Snapshots teaching my new class-Journey to the Soul. I've taught it twice and it has been a heavy favorite of my students. I'm looking forward to teaching it again-collage, bookbinding, mixed media painting...and to spend time getting to create two days before Christmas. Who could ask for anything more?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Update on Passionate Declarations: Artists in a time of War Swap

To those of you that are in my "Passionate Declarations: Artists in a time of war swap". There are 3 people that are not responding to emails and have yet to send in artwork...I am trying to "Make up" for them. A good friend has also joined the swap and she is planning on doing more than one page. Soooo the swap probably will not go out until after the holidays now. I apologize for the delay. I think everyone will be really REALLY happy with the artwork and the wait will have been worth it. Thanks for being patient.

In the meantime, if there are 2 other people out there that are interested in joining at the last minute and can get their art in to me fast, let me know... :) I can send you the info...

I'm off to make Valentine's. Yes, Valentines as I am doing some Valentine Mail Art classes in Jan & Feb and need to get the samples out!!! Yes, I already know that I am crazy...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

These should be called "if 3 year olds could sew"...For some reason, I've had it in my head the last couple of months that I *really* wanted to make a toy of some kind. Soooo I bought the Plush-O-Rama by Linda Kapp book looking for inspiration (which I got). Tristan and I poured over the book together a few times. My favorite is the Bat/Cat one (Batzilla or Catzilla I forget the name). I saw that one and said "I need this book!!"

Oddly enough, I can sew books. I can dissect stitches and figure them out. But for the love of God, I can't figure out how to sew FABRIC. I made these two "Models" tonight. Tristan has created a "top secret" comic book character which I am NOT allowed to talk about (hee hee-9 year old boys are funny!!) and he has been bugging me to make a toy of this character. Well, the fuzzy photo of the "rectangle" creature is my prototype. Tristan wouldn't let me put ears or limbs on the thing-he loves it as is. In real life it isn't that blurry on the eyes (damn old digital camera!!)

The second photo -Tristan wanted me to make a jellyfish. SO I dive right in without a pattern and spend 2 hours making it. (I don't have a sewing machine and I am scared shit of them. If I need to sew the damn thing gets sewn by hand. I don't like machines. If I didn't have David I probably wouldn't even have a computer!!)) Well, this is what happens when you don't make a pattern, do it all on a wing and I guess have been heavily influenced by Tim Burton, horror films and Poe. Yup, the sad, scary jellyfish.

The weird thing is you can tell that both were made by me.

I've said it in the past to my students and I'll say it again. The more you 'create' something. I don't care what it is!! But the more you "create" someone can come along and say "Oh, you've made this and this and this...I can see it. I can see your STYLE." In making these goofy toys tonight I can see the style-granted I'm cringing at the style being reflected in this silly dolls buttttttttttt you can still see it.

OH! Tristan and I are going to Boston in March/April for exactly a week. I'll be teaching at The Stamp Act Store in Marshfield, MA. I *love* that store. Marie, Gloria and Dan do an absolutely amazing job at keeping their clientele happy customers!!! Bernie Berlin will also be teaching there in February, FYI!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Hail to the King, Baby!!!"

February 2007- I am SO there.

"Gimme some sugar baby!"

Yes, I am a big geek-at least I admit it. Even the husband accompanied me to meet Bruce Campbell a few years ago at a signing for his first book...and I was geeky then and I'm still geeky now!
Ted Raimi ("Henrietta" from Evil Dead 2, one of the "Shemps" in Evil Dead, and he played at least 3 characters in Army of Darkness aka Evil Dead 3) was walking up Fairfax from the Farmer's Market once in front of me-THAT was weird. I kept whispering toTristan (who was about 5 at the time), "Run ahead..." so I'd have to run up closer -tee hee. I'm so bad. Ted (yup, Sam's baby brother) was also the lead in one of my favorite films,
Lunatics: A Love Story.
I'm already counting down to February...
"That's right...who's laughing now....who's laughing now???"
Scrapped Journal, Sunday, Dec 17th at Zinnia in Pasadena:

Avant Garde Journal, Saturday, Dec 16th at A Little Bizaar in Lake Elsinore

Journey to the Soul Journal Saturday, Dec 23rd at Sweetpeas and snapshots in L.A.

(sorry that i couldn't get the photos to post 100% in the "correct" -by the date-order!)

Hope everyone is having a great week...
If you are in need of some "creativity" and want to get away from the insane malls, I have some fun and artsy classes coming up this weekend:

Sat 16th A Little Bizaar, Lake Elsinore, CA 951.471.0882
Avant Garde Journal

Sun 17th Zinnia, Pasadena, CA 626.441.2181
Scrapped! Journal

Sat 23rd Sweetpeas and Snapshots, Los Angeles, CA 310.479.2444
Journey To The Soul Journal

Descriptions are at

Can you think of a better way then to spend the day making art, making books and having fun??

If the Gods that Be are reading this (*ahem* my FAMILY) and you are still wondering just what I "need". I don't "need" anything. If you feel the "need" to buy me something though your daughter/sister/wife/mom would really appreciate a gift certificate to ANY of these stores: -the ultimate in paper stores. Every time I go to AZ to teach be it at the ultra amazing Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale or the fab-o convention, Art Unraveled, I make damn well sure to go out of my way to go to The Paper Studio! -I found this one online-yum...(I feel like Homer Simpson drooling over paper instead of donuts..."paperrrrrrrrrrrrr")

Actually, I might be in trouble if some family members are reading this...DAVID, Mom, Dad, Erin, Tristan- I love you!!! :)

Hmm, anyone recommend any design/pattern/graphic books that I might need as well? :)

Just say NO to

In October I purchased for $48.70 a copy of "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes". Tristan had been wanting it for over a year and finally it was at a price that I could afford (cover price is over a $100). I ordered it from a seller that had perfect feedback. A few days later I had received a confirmation that the order had shipped. OK. I wait. and I wait. and I'm still waiting. I check the website again. The seller's feedback score has gone from A++ perfect to what the hell?? It seems no one who ordered from them after I did received their books either. So I go to figure out now what? Next step please. Takes me forever to figure out I can file a claim on Not so fast though they say. I first have to contact the seller. Did that twice already. I have to do it again says So I do. I wait 48 hours. I go to file a claim. Nope not this time. Have to contact the seller again-WHAT?? So I do. I wait another 48 friggin hours. FINALLY I can file a claim. Then they tell me (this is via the online "information site" HA) that I have to wait 30 to 45 days to hear back. They say if I contact my credit card company (unfortunately it was a debit card I used and not a C.C. since I don't have a C.C.) that if I do that, then it jeopardizes my claim with

It is now Dec 12th and I have yet to hear anything from Their customer service is a joke. There is NO contact info on their website. I had to google to find a discussion board at where there are lots and lots of people who are having major problems with since ebay bought it out. Ebay simply doesn't give a rats ass about and their customers anymore. I had problems last year selling on ebay with people that bid and never followed through on it. I still had to pay the damn fees from ebay!
Needless to say I repeat what I have said in the past "There is no such thing as customer service any more unless you stick to the Mom and Pop stores."

Monday, December 11, 2006

No time for art today,yet, damnit!

Tristan had his music recital. In all honesty, I have NO idea how he did as I could only see the top half of his head. All of the kids with the exception of a small handful sounded the same :) But what do you expect since they get music once a week and they've only had their instruments for less than a month? They did a fine job though and it was quite enjoyable. I still can't get over the size of the band! They took up half of the auditorium. Tristan sat on the stage alllllllll the way in the back. It was funny seeing just the top of his head and him smiling at me (I could tell by his eyes-he smiles with them, too).

It's just been one of those "let's run around and get a bunch of stuff done" type day. ARGH. Those days always leave me crabby.

Any ways, I wanted to point out some books that are by my bedside:

Alec: How to be an Artist by Eddie Campbell. One of my favorites and a "Must read" for all artists regardless of your medium. I am (if you can't tell by now) a big fan of Campbell's musings, ponderings, questions, writings and illustrations. Ask my husband. We always see Campbell at the Top Shelf booth at Comic Con and David refers to him as my "Australian boyfriend to which I have to point out that Campbell is Scottish but lives in Australia now...OH well, I refer to Dame Darcy as "his girlfriend". Two can play at that game!) I bought David the hardcover copy of "From Hell" for Christmas. The husband never reads my blog unless I ask him to so I am not worrying about him finding out. I am horrible at keeping Christmas presents secret. I can keep a secret about *anything* unless it is a present. It's so sad really. I hate hate hate waiting for presents. If there is a present under the tree, I will pick at it until it "accidentally" opens at the corner. I'm really 32 going on 8. I can see this in my son, too. Ack.

Also by my bed: the latest issue of Selvedge magazine. I bought it solely for Peter Clark's collage image. Isn't that sad?? LOL

Poe's The Raven illustrated by Ryan Price. Definetly a "must have". Found it at Vroman's in Pasadena and just looked doe eyed at the husband. He said "Buy it." Well, you don't have to tell me twice. Sheesh. Like I really needed permission. LOL

Zinn's People's History of the U.S. am slowly working my way through it. I have to put it down and get away from it every now and then or else I get really REALLY pissed off about the history of the U.S...

4 books from this company: paumes in Japan. Total eye candy especially since I can't read either Japanese or French and some of the books are printed in both. *sigh*

I'm off to make dinner so my boys don't starve...They already want to nibble on the cinnamon cupcakes that are hot and fresh from the oven.

While I was on my usual morning routine of "browsing my favorite blog sites", I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my favorite illustrators, Shaun Tan, has a new book out. Thanks Eddie!
Shaun is an illustrator in Australia who has managed to produce a fine collection of work such as:
The Red Tree, The Lost Thing, The Rabbits, Memorial, The Viewer and NOW a NEW book:
The Arrival. Amazon doesn't have a listing for the damn thing yet, so I will have to call Skylight books in L.A. They are one of the few independent bookstores left. I like to buy a lot of my books from them as often as I can. They are always one of the first stores to carry "hard to find" unusual books!
OK, just called Skylight they don't have a listing for it either. Now I'm off to find out info from the Publisher.
In the meantime, if you see one of his little gems sitting on a shelf alone in the bookstore, grab it, fork over your $ for it and enjoy his work as much as I do...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I *need* this shirt. The illustration would've been nice to have, but I *need* the shirt. Memo to the world: Go buy something from Mr. Campbell. You won't be disappointed!!
The Monkees - Rui,Chiu

I loved this as a kid...and still it's one of my favorites...
Blow Away - George Harrison

OK...the song has always just made me smile...
John Lennon - Working Class Hero

edited, but still hits you...

And to think what could've been...
Power To The People
Happy Xmas...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Weird weird things that go through my mind...
If I could sit and talk "over a cup of tea" with five living people, off the top of my head they would be:
Howard Zinn
Gore Vidal
Arundahti Roy
Anne Lamott
Jerry Quickley
Joe Sorren
ok and Eddie Campbell.
Remember, I was an English major not a math major so I can't count, dammit!

****Hours later:
OK so I was bored (and tired-thanks asshole neighbor blasting his music before 7 a.m. on a Saturday AGAIN) on my way out to Violets (in Ventura to teach) and strange thoughts were going through my mind-Hmm who would I really love to sit and talk to?
Well, everyone above...

Let's add:
Lynda Barry (I have been a Barry nut since I was in high school and a friend gave me a copy of one of the Marlys books. I thought it was weird back then as I really had never seen anything like it but I LOVED it. One Hundred Demons is one of my favorite "illustrated treasures". I had to buy "Tin House" magazine JUST because of Lynda. She is an amazing art Goddess and what i wouldn't give to own a Barry original!)

Clive Barker (love Clive...LOVE Clive. I've written about 95% of everything that man has ever written. I own about 95% of every book ever published by him, about him, etc... I just am fascinated by the man. One of my favorite gallerys in NY helped to get me (and my Mom) into the party for "Lord of Illusions" many moons ago when I was underage. We had to promise that I wouldn't drink (LOL that's one that I can keep for sure!!) It was WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD but tons of fun. His artwork is amazing to me. Disturbing to some (most?) but I am enchanted by it.

Hmm who else living would I love to talk to?

Michael Palin!! OH YES Michael Palin! I would sit and watch that man go to the ends of the Earth and back, and I believe he may be one of the few people that has. EVERY special he puts out, I must watch and tape. EVERY book he has done I own. I just adore Mr. Palin. I have missed several chances to actually meet the man-every time he comes to town, I have to go out of area to teach. I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to sit and talk to Michael Palin. He is definetly top notch...and not just 'cause of Python (Not the The Comfy Chair!)

Also other interesting people: Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Maxine Waters, Amy Goodman...
Those are some of the living people I would love to sit and talk to.

Those that have "Moved On" that I would have loved to have spoken with:

Edward Gorey (Ohhhhh my heart broke when he died and I Found out that you could have knocked on his door and he would've spoken with you. You wouldn't have made it past the kitchen but oh for that chance to have spoken with him...)

John Bellairs (it was Bellairs books as a kid that made me connect the PBS "Mystery!" beginning with Gorey and I became a Gorey nut at about 8 or 9).

Orson Welles (c'mon who hasn't been influenced by a man who was so short on real recognition from Hollywood and the world? The man was a genius, pure and simple..)

Eleanor Roosevelt (I remember reading a book about her when I was 9...and thinking of all that she did and tried to hard to change).

Che Guevarra (what a life. what a man.)

Jimmy Stewart (c'mon it's Jimmy Stewart) and in that same category, Cary Grant, Gene Kelly...

Vincent Price (art afficiando, did you know that? Google his info about Price and East L.A. and his art center...)

How could I forget John Lennon? The man's influence started when I was a kid...most kids growing up in the 80's listened to Duran Duran and stuff like that...not me...I was a Lennon nut. Plain and simple. Not only the music but his words. "In his Own Write" his autobiography, I toted that around forever. I still have it, well loved it is...Well loved he was...

I would have loved to have met my Dad's Father (my Grandpa) and my Husband's Mother...I would love to sit and have the chance to talk with my Mom's Mother (who died when I was 3)...and to be able to sit and talk to my Grandpa (Mom's Dad), Nana (Dad's Mom), and Uncle Frank would be wonderful...

I could go on some more (and maybe I will one of these days) but am just in one of those pondering moods..."Two for tea...and tea for two..."

Paper Source is dangerous to a paper whore like me! Ack. So in the "holiday spirit" I decided to go to their location in Beverly Hills this afternoon (what am I saying, it doesn't take "holiday spirit" to get my rear in there!) with Tristan in tow. Like I need more paper. $73 later I am one happy camper! Officially broke but happy (hey, it's easy when you're a paper whore!) Here are some pictures from their website of 3 of the papers I bought. I found the "red viney paper" in blue and brown though! YUM! YUM! They had a lot of neat "colored" brown papers (some had a variety of colors like yellow, blue and green on them-delish!)

Funny thing was, I was thinking "I should call my friend Kara" since I was there and I know she wanted colored glassine paper. I realized I didn't have her cell # programmed in my cell and was thinking "I should call David, aka my hubby, to get her number off of my email box." Next thing I know, I see someone out of the corner of my eye that looks like Kara. I turn my head "It is Kara!" How freakin' weird is that?? (No offense Kara, next time I might try thinking "Hmm I should call Johnny Depp." OR "I should call Ed McMahon (can I have my check now please?" and see what happens...)

Busy day but good day. I also got to talk to my friend Lillian (who is up in WA) on the phone for a bit. That's always fun!! (Hi Lillian {{waving}}). Lillian makes scrumptious chocolate brownies and has an amazing hubby, Jere who is also an amazing book artist like Lillian!!

I actually *threw* stuff out today (ok, recycle bin). Yup. Kelly actually went through magazines and ripped stuff out. I have decided that *some* magazines CAN be cut up and that the whole damn thing doesn't have to be saved, hoarded and treasured. I am downsizing this apartment, baby!

Other than that, life as usual. Busy weekend between teaching at Violets tomorrow (Saturday) and Stampin' From the Heart on Sunday! And this is my 200th post!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I think this is Majeak Ann is one of my most favorite new artists/blogs.
It just leaves a warm glow inside.
Artwork by Majeak Ann.
Make sure you watch her flickr slideshow.
Her use of color is just *amazing*.
All of my thoughts and prayers go out to the Kim family.
We were all praying, wishing, hoping and oh, so sure of ourselves...

I am so very very sorry.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I must be totally insane to do this at this time of year but I figure we are all busy
running around gathering presents for everyone and that we may be short on cash
to buy new supplies for ourselves SO That being said-

I've decided to host another one-time "Paper Ephemera" swap. Here are my

1. Fill an envelope sized 8 x 10 or LARGER (**NO small envelopes**)

with paper ephemera "a.k.a. stuff" that YOU would like to receive (in other
words NO junk!!! Please!!). FILL it -ok, not just one or two pieces -but
***FILL*** (STUFFED would be nice) it as much as you can. What's acceptable?
Color copies, found papers, handmade papers, stickers, vintage paper stuff,
funky artsy tape, labels -WHATEVER. The only thing I'm asking is that it be
"useable" stuff-stuff that YOU might use-NO junk!! I need to emphasize,
please only send what YOU would like to receive back. I hope that makes
sense. In other words, YOU will receive what you send-if you send junk, I'll
send junk back to you. If you send good stuff, you'll get great stuff back.
:-) Please-you can send anything that you'd like to receive. In fact, the
more creative you can get the better these will be!! :-) If you have any
questions on this, please email me!! :-) **Please no 'crap' only send what
YOU would want to receive*** (Have I stressed this enough?) I am stressing this-by "non crap" I mean: handmade paper, collage color copies, etc... Please don't send stuff you wouldn't want to receive. NO CRAP period!

2. ********* YOU absolutely positively MUST include a SELF ADDRESSED (with your name written in both the "TO and FROM" fields!!! It must also have a PRIORITY MAIL stamp placed directly ON the front side of the envelope (Fold the envelope in half so it fits inside the one you are mailing, please). I will fill this envelope so you will get an envelope of someone else's goodies back. *Note: quite a few people last time did not do this and I shelled out over $30 in spent a LOT of time addressing the envelopes, etc.. You MUST follow the instructions, please. ALSO note: Please only use envelopes that are BIG-absolutely NO small envelopes. It is a royal pain in the rear trying to cram a bunch of stuff in a tiny envelope. Please only send a decent sized (8 x 10 or larger) envelope with the same size (or bigger) envelope sent back!!!**************************

3. Please sign up by December 8th. I will send you my address info, etc. I would like these IN MY HANDS by December 19th. The sooner you get them in, the sooner they will go out! Absolutely NO late envelopes. They MUST be IN MY HANDS by Dec 19th. The Post Office is insane that time of year and I want these packages IN HAND **ON OR BEFORE** Dec 19th. So please plan your mailings :)

4. ONE envelope per person for this swap due to the craziness at the P.O. this time of year!!!

5. Questions? Email me at

I will take pictures of my "ephemera" and post this info on my blog ASAP so
you might get an idea.

Thanks :-)


Classes this weekend (Dec 9 and 10th)-Saturday at Violets in Ventura 805 648 7610 "Layered & Textured" Journal and then on Sunday at Stampin From The Heart in Culver City 310 391 0466-"A Woman's Notebook"...I have lots of new classes for 2007 so catch these favorites while you can!
New artwork soon!
We just put up the Christmas tree. It's fully lighted and decorated. It's our 8 or 9 year old tree that "grows in the closet every year". We've always called it a "Charlie Brown Tree". It's smaller than my 9 year old son-4 feet tall or so. This year IT IS the Charlie Brown tree. The base is broken so we had to prop it up with books and stuff and then cover the books with the tree skirt. Oh Boy, this might be the last year for this tree!! :( I'm afraid of putting out my "Breakable" Christmas stuff my Dad got us 10 years ago for fear of it falling on top of the stuff and breaking it. LOL Should be interesting to see how it lasts. I am NOT buying another tree though until the "after Christmas sales".
Am done done done with Christmas shopping-YAY. I need to buy for my sister and buy stocking stuffers but other than that I am DONE. Can't say much 'cause my booger boy, I mean my son, reads this blog AND he is reading over my shoulder at this moment. But we are done! YAY!!!
Maybe I can focus on getting some WORK done now for 2007 and class info out and samples done. Still got lots of cleaning to do!
Mary Poppins recut

I figured we all needed a might be silly but it is funny!

Monday, December 04, 2006

The family tree isn't up yet but Tristan decorated his tree. He filled it with pom pom, googly eyed creatures that he made. I found the tree Saturday while teaching at Paper Post in Agoura.

Great but very busy class weekend. Thanks everyone at Stampin on Cloud 9 in Monrovia, Paper Post in Agoura Hills and Art Bar in Santa Ana.

No time to breathe this week. Tristan gets out of school every day early early as it is parent/teacher conference week. I am teaching Wed night at Stampin from the Heart in Culver City, Saturday at Violets in Ventura and then Sun I will be back at Stampin from the Heart again. Also have doctor's appointments and other stuff I need to do this week.

I have spent the last 24 hours trying to "Breathe" and calm down. Our neighbor who has never been friendly (also the same guy who assaulted my husband-tried to push him downstairs and called me the word you never call a woman) woke us up Saturday morning at 5:50 a.m. blasting his radio (so loudly you could feel it). It went on for over 2 hours. The next morning, Sunday, it was at 7:50 a.m. I got out of bed on Sunday (still in pjs) put my bathrobe on. Hubby jumped out of bed when he heard me get up (as it is waking all of us up) and got the video camera ready (LOL) in case the guy started anything. I banged on his door. He opened it. I said "Yesterday it was before 6 in the morning. Now it's before 8." He said something like "You don't have to say anything." and then walked away and slammed the door. I yelled that he was a rude inconsiderate asshole and slammed my door. He kept his stereo on. I'm just so tired of having to live like this. People tell us we should move. I can't move. WHY should WE have to move when it is HIM that is the problem. Now I need to go to talk to my landlord today-should be interesting. I have lived here for 11 + years now. He moved in a few years ago. HE is the one that is inconsiderate, threatening and just a miserable asshole. He smokes in front of our landing, in front of our window. He blasts his radio all hours of the day and night. He spits on the stairs. He leaves his trash outside his door for days leaking so we can fall in it. He has called my husband (who has never said more than a few words to him-and it was all on the day the asshole assaulted hubby) a shithead on more than one occasion. He mutters to himself constantly. He has given my son nasty looks. He has given me nasty looks. I can go on and on and on. I hate this. But I can't afford to move, bottom line. We have lived here so long we moved in just before they changed the laws with rent control. I can't go from $535 a month to over $2000 a month. I just can't.
Life isn't always roses and pretty things. I'm so tired of having to live like this. Like because I'm the one complaining (all of the other tenants in here don't say two words about ANYTHING. This frigging place could fall down and no one would say anything EXCEPT us-they don't want to "Rock the Boat"), that it is my fault.

Ponder a world where everyone has access to decent housing, healthcare, safety and more. Ponder a world where everyone cares about each other and it's not just "me me me", move out of the way I'm driving my big SUV and YOU are in my way. :(

I want to live in a world where we are all at least decent and caring about each other. Ponder that this holiday season as you rush amongst everyone at the mall. Think about the person standing next to you. Care more about the person you are giving the gift to then the gift you are giving.

Just care.

Just think.

Then act.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bernie Berlin's Auction is on ebay here. All proceeds go to help pay for the animals in her care and vet bills. She's having a bit of technical difficulties and the full auction should be "live" by Sunday at some point. There are a few pieces of art up there now for all to see in their full glory.
Please help as it's for an excellent cause. The work that Bernie does with the animals ranks her pretty high in my book! She's amazing!!!
(photo above by Bernie Berlin)
Also, Bernie has a book coming out!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm not a teacher at LAUSD, just a parent. It pisses me off to no end when the system messes not only with our children but with our teachers as well. There is a rally coming up Dec 6th. You can find info here.

My head exploded at the newsstand yesterday (as did my wallet. I never leave the house without $20 in my pocket. Well, yesterday I had a roll of quarters and $6 in cash. ARGH.) I went to the newstand expecting to find NOTHING (since I've found NOTHING new there in the last 2 weeks).
Not only did they have the new Marie Claire Idees but they also had:
Peel magazine (though MINE should be coming in the frigging mail. WHERE is it?!?!)
The Artists Magazine (Anne Bagby on the cover)
Watercolor Magic
Quilting Arts
crap and I only had $16.
I Figured I can get Q. Arts at Paper Post.
Peel was coming in the mail (WHEN).
Watercolor magic was so so and I didn't need it.
I actually bought magazines with a roll of quarters. Quarters I had got the day before for laundry. How sad is that? The guy laughed and said "We can always use quarters."
I kept how pathetic my addiction to new books and magazines is to myself....
then I went home and scrounged for quarters so I could do laundry...
then I found out the price of the machines in our basement was increased...
Major Bummer
After months of waiting for "it", I found "it" last night at Meltdown on Sunset. I was majorly disappointed. "THIS" is what I have been waiting for since July!??!?! THIS??
I had waved hubby over (ok, I yelled "DAVID" across the store). Then I opened it. ACK. WHAT is this??? Disappointment set in. MAJOR disappointment. Hubby walked over. "Yep.", he said, "She's not making comics anymore."
What planet have I been on!?!?!
"What the hell IS THIS?" I asked him. Needless to say I was sad.
At least I saved $40.
(disclaimer: Hubby was not involved in the making of this review)
I know...
I know I need to update the blog.
I know I need to put up the Christmas Tree.
I know I need to clean the living room.
I know I need to clean Tristan's room.
I know I need to downsize Tristan's toys (with some help!)
I know I need to finish (start?) my Christmas shopping.
I know I need to work on classes for 2007.
I know I need to finish booking for early 2007.
I know I need to finish (start?) samples for 2007.
I know I need to work in my own journal.
I know that I am having serious art withdrawals wanting to make some stuff for just ME.
I know I am still in my pjs.
I know it is after 11 a.m.
I know that I am teaching tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.
I know that I am forgetting some things (so what else is new).
I know that I needed to update the blog...
I know that you'll understand no new pictures *yet*...
I know that I'm grateful for you understanding that ;)