Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's midnight in Boston, so HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my East Coast Family and Friends and to those of you elsewhere where it is already 2009!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
(Family pictures from 2007...)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! We're celebrating here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love and miss you all!! Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to my friends at the Stamp Act and Ink About It!!!!! Here's to a great 2009!
HI EAST COAST BUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm waving!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last two journal pages for 2008!

It's always sad to say goodbye to a journal (and a year). *BUT* There is huge joy in beginning a NEW journal (and a NEW Year!). New things. New adventures. New outlook. A new chance. A fresh start. Haven't tried playing around in a journal? Try it. You've got a whole new year to have fun with it and EXPLORE. For those of you starting my Prompt A Day class tomorrow, I'm looking forward to this new journey together!!! I can't wait to share what I have in store for my students.

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!!!

Much MUCH peace, health, joy and love in 2009! After all, aren't those the "things" that matter most?

Speaking of love and joy, Happy Anniversary, honey!! Here's to many, many, many more years filled with all of the good stuff. I love you, David...
Two more pages from my journal-I saw all of the books I blogged about yesterday in the bookstores last night. Here's my brief review:

1000 Handmade Cards-It's not a how-to, so don't expect that. It's more of a gallery book of a variety of handmade cards using different techniques. I loved lots of what was in the book, but didn't buy it (though that may change if I find it at a good price in my travels. It is worth the full price, but I am paring down right now to what I really want/need/um, have room for).

The Printmaking Bible-Excellent looking book, but as my friend, Andrew, pointed out you need lots of the tools and things mentioned in the book. Lots of chemicals I prefer not to use, too. BUT the art does look cool. I didn't buy it (expensive and ditto above comment).

Rethinking Acrylic-EXCELLENT looking how-to book on acrylics. I flipped through it several times at the bookstore last night. Lots of well written information (she knows her stuff! :)) and great photos of various artwork. I didn't buy it (go back to comment on book #1).

When Wanderers Cease to Roam-I loved the look and feel of this book and yes, I DID buy it. I have flipped through it several times and I can't wait to sit down and get all cozy with it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The final two pages from the track (the final pages of the book to come in the next couple of days). The weird thing about this black and white photo I used..I wanted a photo of what could be two sisters. I flipped it over and it was taken in Middleboro, MA in 1922. My Uncle still lives in Middleboro and we used to go swimming every summer in his pool. The two women in the photo-their names start with an E and a K just like my name and my sister's (Erin). Only I thought it was a weird (but cool) coincidence. Yup, I'm a dork but at least I admit it. BOOKS to look out for:

1000 Handmade Greeting Cards (Taylor said it was good and I trust her judgement, so I am on the lookout for it.)

Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how I am totally lusting after this one:

When Wanderer's Cease to Roam
Author's site here.


Eddie Campbell interviewed on Comics Reporter.


Class information this coming weekend here.


I still have room in my A Prompt A Day workshop that starts January 1st. You can read more about it here.


My friend Jeane's Mom (also known as my friend Jane who signs everything Jeane's Mom) just totally MADE my day the other day. I wanted to give her a BIG SHOUT out and to PUBLICLY THANK HER a GAZILLION times over for putting a huge smile on my face and for taking "mail" ART to a whole 'nother level!!! THANKS JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas in Japan...

Let's all plan ahead-2009! Christmas in Japan!

I found this on one of my FAVORITE etsy vendor's, From Japan With Love blog:

I'm so there.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Art on the go...

Meri thinks I have super powers "beyond ordinary abilities"...LOL. Nope. Alas, Super Kelly I am not (of course when I was very little I might have wanted to be Super Grover...well, ok, I really wanted to be Wonder Woman. I had the Halloween costume and everything.

Okay, back to reality. How the hell do I make art on the go? How in the world was I able to make art at the track yesterday?
two more pages from art at the track... What to take?
First thing, you need to realize that you don't need to bring your whole studio. I brought a couple of broken stubs of watercolor crayons (literally, watercolor fragments broken into tiny pieces and in a small ziploc bag), a few of my favorite pens with me (my lattes, my sweets, a couple of black pens, one gold pen and one white uniball signo pen), two glue sticks (just in case), scissors (though these are not always necessary and I didn't bring them with me last year), metal ruler (again, not necessary and I didn't bring that with me yesterday), a rag or paper napkins (to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles..also can double as a gluing surface), journal and collage ephemera. I brought way too much collage ephemera with me yesterday-a big ass ziploc bag. Last year I brought a tiny ziploc bag and maybe 50 pieces of paper. At Comic Con in the summer I put paper scraps and small images in a small wet ones plastic box. Yesterday, we didn't know we were going until the last minute so I literally grabbed my bag of collage ephemera that was "ready to go". YOU DO NOT need a ton of stuff to make art.

Journal + paper ephemera (small selection)+glue stick+pen(s)+rag/paper towel=Happy Artist

Where did I work?
We buy general admission tickets to the track (we usually only go Opening Day...I'm not a huge fan of the track..too smoky for me!!!) so that means either you bring your own chair, find a spot outside or just stand. Well, I like to stand. There's a spot down the far end of the track near the betting windows that aren't being used any more. That area has little nooks and crannies where one can spread out a few things and stand at their makeshift desk, which is what David and I do. We claim our spot and I stand there protecting our territory and happily making art.

I've done the same thing at Comic Con. While standing (or sitting in line), I'll work in my journal.

I've made art while waiting for hubby to finish jury duty sitting outside the court room (no scissors or metal ruler with me..I brought a bone folder to use to "tear" paper). What I think is that most of us forget that we really don't need a ton of stuff (though I will freely and openly admit, I LOVE new toys to play with). We need a small space to claim as our own and just the desire to want to MAKE something. I've done art on planes, trains, boats and in cars. If I can do it, you can do it. Just remember, you don't need the kitchen sink, just a glue stick.


Megan asked where I store my images. I have different bags and boxes (after all, there isn't one perfect storage system) in my studio (aka living room) area. I rotate everything. I have my originals in large ziploc bags under my desk. Every now and then I go through what I have and sort out my must have NOW vs keep for later. I just rotate to what I want and when I want it. Right now my studio area is a mess being Christmas and all. ;) I know where everything is though!

I finished the journal last night. I'll be showing the last few pages over the next couple of days...


The world lost not only Eartha Kitt this week, but also Harold Pinter...and Adrian Mitchell.

Two of the pages I made at the track yesterday...

I made these yesterday at the track:I'll show you the next few pages over the next couple of days. :)

I've been reading this FABULOUS book that Christine Mason Miller recommended called The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I am totally loving it. It was one of my Christmas presents and I LOVE it. Ask David. I was in bed last night under nine gazillion blankets still in my warm bathrobe and comfy bath and body works socks (and still freezing) reading the book laughing and saying "I DO THAT!!" Thanks Christine. Thanks Nasty Armhole, I mean Hearty Salmon...I mean, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Amy has a website for the book, here as well. While you're ordering Amy's book, make damn well sure you get Christine's book if you haven't already...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some journal pages from yesterday:We went to Opening Day at Santa Anita Racetrack where I managed to make SIX pages. I'll share them with you this weekend. It tops last year's record of four pages ;) David and Tristan watch the races and have fun and I have fun standing in a corner working on my book for races 2 to 6. I brought way too much stuff this year (we didn't know if we were going or not til last minute)'s not a "ton" of stuff (like the stuff I usually bring to teach classes-ha, not) but it was way more then I needed. I was VERY happy.

My friend Sandy asked me where I get my images. Everywhere. Seriously. Books, magazines, my own photos, etc... I'll read a magazine (like Oprah, Real Simple, etc...) and dog ear pages as I go through. Then I'll tear them out when I'm finished. Other times I go to the used bookstores and load up on cheap used books (CHEAP seriously...I don't pay a ton of $ for books I'm going to rip up). I go through and look at things that peak my interest: photography, travel, people, places, things..I also like to alter images. The hand and flower that everyone was commenting on yesterday came from a book of India images. I made copies ('cause I just LOVED the image) to use again and again (I tore the pages out of the book, too, which I don't always do.). I also "colored" the image in using Sweets and Lattes pens and outlining the image using a black Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze pen. I love altering images and using my pens to POP them off the page.

I also will look for images online from time to time doing key word searches for things I'm looking for. I'm also a huge fan of old children's books that have drawings, scratches, scribbling, markings in them.

I really am a firm believer in keeping a journal. You don't even have to call it a journal if that word scares you. Call it a PLAY book. The thing I've noticed is that the more comfortable you become with it, the more you will learn what YOU like-colors, images, etc... You'll see patterns and your own "vocabulary" (images, symbols, words) will start to evolve and develop. I can look back over the years and see how things have changed and grown (even from pages I did a month or so ago and definitely from things I did a couple of years ago).
Try it. ;)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Here are the journal pages I promised...

I did these pages last night while we were waiting for Santa...
My husband makes the best cards for me every year for every occasion:
Tristan has been channeling Eartha Kitt all day...singing Santa Baby. She had one helluva beautiful voice.

Louis Armstrong reading T'was the Night Before Christmas.

One of my favorite Christmas songs...thanks John and Yoko.

I'm teaching this weekend-Saturday at Zinnia and Sunday at Millie's. More information here.

I hope that everyone is having a very Merry Christmas...much peace and love to you and yours.
My sister sent me this (she's the soulless ginger who left me a comment in the previous post ;)).

Seriously, listen:

Straight No Chaser - 12 Days of Christmas

Question for you to seriously think about on this Christmas...


Why? WHY is "Misfit Dolly" or "Dolly for Sue" *really* on the Island of Misfit Toys?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know what Arthur Rankin claimed. But I don't believe him.

I know why.

It's because she's a ginger!

I should know!

Christmas 2008

A few shots from this morning:I learned from my Mom at an early age that it's fun to confuse people on a couple of these HUGE boxes have teeny tiny Star Wars lego minifigures (one) in each box.
"I'm dreaming...of a Star Wars Christmas..."
Tristan had an idea of what was coming so he built a stand for his Star Wars minifigures. This is the second one where he was putting his figures today (including Jabba the hut). Oh, to be 11.
Tristan wanted this figure especially so he could squish the figure's squishy head...He also wanted me to put this picture on the blog.
"Hello? Merry Christmas! This is Tristan."
"Best Christmas Ever."

Funny, we heard that last year, too. ;)

Merry Christmas Everyone! If I can wake up, I'll try to post some journal pages later on today.

The worst O Holy Night rendition EVER...

Warning: Put your drinks down. Don't be eating anything. It gets "better" towards the end when he really starts to rock it out...I have tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Track Santa!!!!!

Don't forget, you can track Santa and his trip around the North Pole here:

In the meantime, don't forget to leave out milk and cookies..and some carrots for the reindeer!
We know how hard Santa works and what kind of weather he is trekking through...


Goodwill and peace to all!!
Here are a couple more journal pages from the last couple of days...Worth listening to: No Impact Man a.k.a. Colin Beavan on Democracy Now today talking about Christmas "without all the stuff".


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In case you forgot...

The *worst* Christmas special ever made. Tristan did not believe his Father and I that it existed.

more Reclaimed journal pages

Here's a few more journal pages.Thank you all for your interest in my online classes! I'm VERY excited about this new venture!!!
There's still space to sign up if you're interested! Class starts January 1st.

Tristan and I trekked out to Zinnia in So Pasadena today and bought several Stampington publications:
Art Journaling
Somerset In Love
Somerset Life
the new Jan/Feb 2009 Somerset Studio

*Phew* I'll be set for a few days ;) I haven't even had a chance to open them yet! I LOVE new magazines and books or as one of my art buddies called it "Art porn". LOL TOTAL eye candy. YUM.

Yes, I will be posting through the holidays!! I wish everyone the most wonderful holiday season!

OH! Check out this cool site that my friend Terry Garrett sent me:
David Fullarton
I just ordered his book (thanks Terry for making me SPEND money. Hee hee! I can't wait!!)