Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art Unraveled!

Tristan and I just arrived in Phoenix about two hours ago. We're all settled in at the hotel. I'm too tired to figure out the internet connection so I'm checking in on my blog from my phone. I hope to have a blog post with some fun links soon. I also have a review of some new Jetpens products coming up soon.

Below is a photo of a yearly tradition. Ever since Tristan was a little boy and coming with me to Art Unraveled (I've been teaching every year here since the first AU), I've pushed him on the cart up and down the halls. He's taller than me now but it still doesn't stop him from asking me!

Looking forward to teaching in the morning!

A quick reminder that I'm scheduled to teach in Fort Collins, CO at Scrap2It. If you've been putting off signing up, please don't wait much longer. I hope to see you there!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh How Much....

I miss this little munchkin!

Home for tonight. Heading to Art Unraveled early Tuesday afternoon. Looking forward to it!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What a Great Weekend!

A huge, heartfelt thanks to my students and the Gang at The Ink Pad in New York City. I had such a wonderful weekend teaching. Special thanks to my students who were compassionate, patient and thoughtful. The past few weeks have been difficult but as I've said before, I'm trying to focus on the gift of love that my Dad left behind. Yes, I am deeply aching but moments like I had this weekend and the kindness of strangers who became friends mean the world and helped to put a smile on my face and laughter in my heart. Thank *you* for such a good two weeks of teaching (in both MA and NY.) The creativity pot was running over! 
Tristan and I are heading home to L.A. tomorrow. We'll be home for less than fifteen hours before we turn around and head for Art Unraveled. We're both looking forward to it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Someone is Having Fun!

6 July 2012 Journal Page

I'm having a great time teaching at The Ink Pad! I apologize for not having photos from today. Tristan, my Mom and Jack had to drive to visit David's Dad today so I lent them my phone with gps. I promise that I'll take some photos tomorrow! I LOVE teaching here!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Guess Where I Went Today?!?!

Had a great time in New York City today! First stop was The Ink Pad where I loaded up on new toys. You can see all of my treasures above. The store is amazing (as always.) They have a wide range of stamps, pens, tape, and MORE! Definitely something for everybody! I can't wait to play!!!

We also walked around to some of our favorite stores like The Strand, Forbidden Planet and Toy Tokyo. It was fun exploring the city and taking photos. I uploaded a whole bunch to my instagram page (Kelly T.M. Kilmer).

I am super excited about teaching there this weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 July 2012 Journal Page

"The idea that you’d have to say ‘goodbye’ to all this—even though it’s infuriating and maddening and frightening and horrible, some of the time—is even more infuriating and maddening and horrible: How do you spend this time without perpetually being so broken-hearted about saying the eventual goodbye? I usually say, in the end, okay, it’s love and it’s work—what else could there possibly be?" Maira Kalman

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4 July 2012 Journal Page

I'm really, REALLY looking forward to teaching in New York City this weekend. Teaching, making art and focusing on my family and friends is what's keeping me sane. I am VERY excited to be trekking to and teaching at The Ink Pad Saturday and Sunday. I promise a very good time chock full of art, techniques, inspiration and laughter! I can't wait!!!! I hope to see YOU there!

Monday, July 23, 2012

To Journal or Not to Journal...

One of the biggest things that I hear when I teach is that folks don't like their handwriting. We've been finding and setting aside mementos and treasures like this for the past month. Things like this that can't and won't ever be replaced. Something totally unique to you, your handwriting and your personal touch. Something to think about...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bringing Home the Goods

The new toys that I bought this weekend at Ink About It. Stamps, papers, glue dots (for classes) and more! Fun stuff!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Great WeekendWeekend

A very BIG thank you to my students and the Ink About It staff for a most wonderful weekend. I loved every minute of it. As usual, the only disappointment is that it went by far too fast. I hope that everyone enjoys working on their projects. Hope to see you all again in late December! I'll show you the goodies that I bought tomorrow!

Friday, July 20, 2012

How I Spent My Day...

Having fun at Ink About It in Westford, MA! I hope that my students had as much fun as I did!!! Looking forward to spending tomorrow there! Class starts at 9 a.m.!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

28 June 2012 Journal Page

A busy day with Mom helping to get work done at her house.

All prepped and ready for classes tomorrow. Yay!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

27 June 2012 Journal Page

The above page is a tribute to my Dad and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I crack up, too. I never thought that I would actually use this label on a page, until now.

Years ago at the first Art Unraveled in Phoenix, my Dad took Tristan and I to a little Italian restaurant after I finished teaching. For years, my Dad always said that I did "craft shows." It would make me crazy. It's not that there is anything wrong with a craft show but that he didn't understand that I was an unconventional art teacher. I traveled very gypsy-like teaching art classes around the country. My job was an odd one and not one that was 9-5 but more 24/7. Since I started teaching I've lived, slept, ate and breathed it. 

So, we're sitting in this restaurant and I start peeling the label off of the beer that he had been drinking. He asked, "What are you going to do with that?" I told him I was going to make a collage. I swear that I saw the light bulb go off over his head. "So, you could make a collage of all of the different beers that I drink?", he asked. I laughed and thought if that was the only way he could relate then yes, I could definitely do that. After that he started telling people that his daughter was a "mixed media artist" who made books and collages. 

At one point, I was doing things with bottle caps and I asked if he could ask his local bartender buddy to save some caps for me. Well, the next thing I know, Dad drove across country (that's another story) and brought not one but TWO FULL, HUMONGOUS garbage bags of bottle caps. It was hysterical. I ended up giving away the bags but I appreciated the effort and that he wanted to help me. 

I'm looking forward to teaching this weekend at Ink About It in Westford, MA as well as next week at the Ink Pad in New York City. More info is here and you can find the samples in the store. I hope to see YOU there! (Don't forget upcoming classes in AZ at Art Unraveled and Scrap 2 It in Fort Collins, CO.)

Also, my latest online workshop, Finding My Way is in full swing. It's a work at your own pace workshop. It was a book that I LOVED working in. It's collage, journal prompts and templates as well as instructions on how to alter a book and create your own art journal using it. You can find more info here. 

I spent today playing with my nephew, hanging out at my sister's house. It was a day that was good for the soul. My little nephew is a cutie! He always makes me laugh and smile. He's good medicine now for all of us. His "Auntie Telly" adores him.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the Ground at Last!

Tristan and I are on the East Coast. Yay! I promise that I'll have a better blog post tomorrow. In the meantime, here's another photo from San Diego Comic-Con that I love!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everyone Needs A Break Every Now and Then

Home. Happy. Exhausted. Inspired. Tired.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 was a blast. I hope to have a big post some time this week. Tristan and I are heading back East on Tuesday. My Summer of On the Go Madness has begun. Right now, I'm going to bed!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bringing Home the Goods #2

Goodies I bought at SDCC:
Brecht Evens' Making Of
Eddie Campbell's Lovely Horrible Stuff
Adventure Time mini comic
Lynda Barry bag from Drawn and Quarterly
Sergio Aragones' Funnies

Good stuff.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Eddie Campbell Makes My Day...

and signs as well as sketches in my copy of "Alec: The Years Have Pants" at the Topshelf Booth. If you don't know who Eddie Campbell is, google him right now. He's one of my favorite artists as well as an all around nice bloke.

Today was AMAZING. We met and saw several of our favorite artists. I'll have a write up soon as I'm blogging from my phone. After the way the last month has been, today was a whirlwind of good things happening and I'm VERY grateful for such a good day in the midst of such sadness. I've always said that artists are the nicest people and I was proven right today!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bringing Home the Goods

We tried to stick to limited edition or short supply stuff last night at San Diego Comic-Con's preview night. Above is what I bought:

Nicoletta Ceccoli and a Super Friends Book for my nephew (at Stuart Ng's booth)

A Super Cool Zine by Souther Salazar as well as the free Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Zine (at Mark Murphy's booth, Murphy Publishing)

Hoping to pick up some comics on Friday! Topshelf, Drawn and Quarterly, Fantagraphics as well as lots of other indie and small press publishers are on the list. Eddie Campbell's new book is a MUST!

David picked up a bunch of stuff last night. I'm hoping he takes pictures and posts them on his blog.

Tristan is having a blast running around grabbing freebies, sketches, seeing panels and having a good time. Yay!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Someone is VERY Happy

Ecstatic might be an understatement.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Journaling on the Go...

Tomorrow begins the madness otherwise known as San Diego Comic-Con, a.k.a. SDCC! I prepped a small "on the go" journal kit (as always!) Above you'll see my journal, a small bag of focal images, background papers, a few cut up transparencies, stickers and rub-ons. My small bag of latte and sweet pens. A bag of glue sticks, small scissors, a glue rag (for wiping and burnishing), bone folder, Glaze and Souffle pens, Uniball Signo white and my trusty .35 Rapidosketch pen. I'm prepared for waiting in long lines, restaurants and keeping my sanity in check!

Big thank you's to everyone for your kind words and emails. They mean a lot.

In other important news, Happy Birthday wishes to my husband, David. I love you lots. Xo...

Monday, July 09, 2012

22 June 2012 Journal Page

It's been a month since June 9, 2012 when my world as I knew it changed forever. It's been a roller coaster of a month. I know I'm still in shock as well as denial. I keep wanting (and expecting) the phone to ring. After classes this past weekend, I kept thinking the phone would ring as Dad ALWAYS called me after class to see how things had gone and how my day was. It's hard adjusting to not getting a regular phone call but also in knowing that I'll never see him or talk to him again. He's gone. I have to learn how to live without being able to pick up the phone and call him whenever I wanted or having him as my road trip buddy. It's an odd lesson and one that I know will take some time.

It's also weird as people don't know what to say. I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I don't expect anything. I have been somewhat taken aback when folks are shocked to hear that I'm still teaching. First off, I'm not independently wealthy and I have to work but much more so is that I am very lucky in that I LOVE what I do. Art keeps me going. My students keep me going. I honestly don't know where I'd be without art and my students. YOU GUYS are the ones who keep me sane. 

I don't want to sit at home and cry (though I have no problem doing that once in a while as I know it's a necessary part of grieving. I just don't want to do it constantly. My body is tired of crying. I am tired of crying.) I want to learn how to work through this, to heal my scars and to honor my Dad in the best way possible. I want to be the best I can be utilizing the life lessons that he taught me so well. So, staying home and wallowing in grief is not an option. Working in my journal, teaching classes (both in person as well as online) and being surrounded by family, friends and things that make me smile and fill my heart are extremely important to me, those are my necessities right now. My life that I love so very much (along with time) will help me to heal. Dad's love, lessons and memories will never be forgotten. How could someone like him ever be? He touched the lives of so many people that I hope that with time, the thought of his memory leaves people with a smile on their face, a good story to tell or laughter. That's the way Dad would've wanted to have been remembered.  

“And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me. You will always be my friend. You will want to laugh with me. And you will sometimes open your window, so, for that pleasure . . . And your friends will be properly astonished to see you laughing as you look up at the sky! Then you will say to them, 'Yes, the stars always make me laugh!' And they will think you are crazy. It will be a very shabby trick that I shall have played on you...”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Inside Cover of my New Journal

Yes, that's a picture of me from when I was little. I'm drawing something. My Dad is laying on the couch behind me. My sister is off to the side getting into mischief (you can't see her in the picture.) My Mom probably took the photo.

Huge thanks to my students this past weekend. I hope that you all had a good time in the classes. My bags are now packed and ready for MA and NY next!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Good Way to Spend the Weekend...

This is the view from where I taught today (Banana Rose in Westlake Village.) Nice, ay? Teaching tomorrow (Sunday) at Stampin from the Heart in L.A. It's my last Southern California class until very late September. I hope to see YOU there!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Cover of My Latest Journal

Here's the cover of my latest journal that I started after my Dad's unexpected death. The handwriting on the cover ("Daddy's Little Girl" comes from the copy of the cassette tape cover that's turned sideways under the heart and the hand. He made David, Tristan and I a tape few years ago with some of his favorite songs on it. He called the tape "Bapa's kind of music" which is funny as for the most part, he loved all kinds of music. Bapa was what Tristan always called him. Daddy wanted to be called "Da" but "Bapa" was easier for Tristan to say and it stuck. I guess my sister and I called our Grandfather on my Mom's side that though I don't remember ever calling him that. It's only because I found a postcard from the 70's that said Love, Bapa when Grandpa was in Utah that we know that!)

The minute we got into the car the radio would go on (if it wasn't already.) Sure, he knew how to have a great conversation (we often did) but his music was often part of the soundtrack of our lives. Our house wasn't really ever a quiet house. If it wasn't music in the car (or shower), it was the television. Something was always on and it was rarely ever on low.

It's because of my Dad that I have an appreciation for a variety of music: 40's, doo wop, oldies, old country (Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. I can't stand the modern stuff), 70's, rap, etc... It's funny, though, as he hated jazz (I love jazz). I think I'm one of the few folks who immediately set their car rental radio stations to XM: 40's, doo wop, 60's, hair bands, old time radio, etc... So even though there was music that Dad didn't appreciate, he instilled a love of a wide variety of music into his daughters.

My Dad's gone (almost a month now) and I'm holding tight to his music and the memories that come with it. 

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Prepping Like a Loon...

for my upcoming workshops! Above are papers for Saturday's Sacred Place class at Banana Rose in Westlake Village. Both classes (teaching Listen to Your Heart at Stampin from the Heart on Sunday) are a go this weekend. I will not be teaching locally at all in So CA until very late September as I'm bringing my classes on the road (MA, NYC, AZ and CO) so catch 'em while you can!
I played hooky this morning as David wanted to see The Amazing Spider-Man. It was fun! I could definitely see Sam Raimi's influence on the reboot. There were a few things that I could nitpick but all in all, it was a fun flick to see! Back to cutting paper for me!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Box Full O' Treasure

Dennison label LOVE. These boxes remind me of my Nana for some reason (probably because she had the coolest bureau ever that you could pull the front of it down and it became a writing desk and there were all sorts of neat compartments in it. I loved it as a kid and miss it now but not as much as I miss her. She always decorated our cards and gifts with stickers. Now I know where I got my love of stationery products from!)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Journaling at the Farmers' Market

Good talks and good times with a friend at Third and Fairfax. Art journaling! Yay!

Monday, July 02, 2012

22 May 2012 Journal Page

Above is the last page (actually the inside back cover) of my Compendium of Visual Delights Journal. (Thank you to Darcy for making me the super cool transparency that I layered onto script tissue paper.) I used a white latte pen on top of the transparency (yes, it sticks!) Eventually I'll have a slide show up of all of the pages.

I'm using this week to prep for my upcoming fifteen summer classes. I spent a few hours today cutting all of the matboard. It feels good to check that off of my To Do list! Next up: buying and cutting down cardstock, buying and cutting handmade paper and printing handouts. There's always lots of behind the scenes work when it comes to teaching a class. I'll confess this isn't my favorite part but it's worth it when I teach to happy, satisfied students!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

22 May 2012 Journal Page

A few people asked what I used on the pages of my "Compendium of Visual Delights" journal. I used a variety of mediums including acrylics, watercolors, gouache, watercolor crayons, various pens (especially Sakura Glaze, Sakura Souffle, Pilot Latte, Uniball Signo Broad and my favorite .35 Rapidosketch pen), transparencies, stickers, rub-ons and rubber stamps. This is a special two day class that I won't be offering online but hope to teach it later on this year in Arizona and possibly Northern California again. 

FYI, Barnes and Noble online has a 10 pack of the Sakura Glaze pens for $8.47 (free shipping if you spend $25.) They have them on the site on two separate listings one is for full price $23 and the other is the sale price: Gelly Roll Glaze Decorative Art Pens set of 10. I ordered some for classes a week ago and they came fast. My local shops didn't have them in stock. If you have a membership, the price goes down a little bit more. Just a small heads up for you fellow pen freaks out there! I go through Glaze and Souffle pens like they're going out of style!