Sunday, July 29, 2018

Posca do Paint Markers

It's not a secret that I absolutely love paint markers. My friends know it. Folks who take my classes know it. One of my good friends was kind enough to gift me with some of the new Uni Posca do paint markers yesterday. I had been itching to try them. 

The Uni posca do! are fairly new and come in a handful of colors. They are a 0.7mm pin type tip size. 

So, after a quick test, some reading and a bit of play, I've found that if you have the Uni posca pintype or Uni posca bullet-shaped in .7mm, skip the new Uni Posca do! pens. They're the exact same pen in a smaller package.

Save your cash for more colors... and different tip sizes. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Hollywood Boulevard Transformed: Once Upon a Time Filming in Hollywood

Video One:

Video Two:

My family has always tried to take full advantage of living in Hollyweird. Last night we took a detour to see the transformation of a portion of Hollywood Boulevard circa 1969. I thought I'd share some of the photos that David took from last night. Can't wait to see Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on the big screen!

Of Interest:

Friday, July 13, 2018

Suzi Babbin Finer Needs Our Help!

(Suzi and her kids)

Many of you may remember Suzi Finer who used to own one of my favorite shops, Suzi Finer's Fine Rubber Stamps in Beverly Hills. Well, Suzi went into the hospital recently to have a polyp removed. When she woke up from the surgery, she was told that she didn't have a polyp but three tumors. She will be out of work for several months as she is being treated. In the meantime, I've set up a gofundme to help her.

Suzi helped my family in 2016 when David was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. I know personally how stressful a diagnosis like this can be and the toll it can take on one's daily life. She needs our help now.

If you can't help monetarily, sharing the link would greatly help.

Love and thanks,


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rotating Supplies and Unearthing Treasures

I love sorting through my collage ephemera. (Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of work but it's good work and very inspiring.) I'm cleaning out some things (thank you to everyone who has shared the link, taken a peek and/or made a purchase. It is very much appreciated.)

One of the things I love is being able to go through collage ephemera I've hoarded for years and finding small gems that are suddenly jumping out at me. While sorting through, I made a small "to keep" pile. Above are a handful of images that I found inspiring that I want to use very soon.

Monday, July 09, 2018

A Curated Collection: Inspiration Boxes and more

All the inspiration you need to create... in one box!

You supply the glue, paints, brushes and scissors, I'll supply everything else!

Everything is from my personal curated collection that I have been accumulating in my travels over the years.

I will stuff a medium flat rate priority box with:

-One of my handmade, hand bound journals 

-Art Supplies: at least one rubber stamp, one pen/marker, two rolls of washi, paper or deco tape, one stencil all from my personal stash. Some supplies may be gently used. Some of the supplies are also retired and difficult to obtain.

-Collage Sheets: made by me (my personal collage sheets that I offer in my classes as well as use in my own work) 

-Collage Ephemera: background papers like magazine pages, catalog pages, handmade paper, decorative paper, focal images and much, much, MUCH more. 

Again, only things that I use and like in my pages from my PERSONAL stash.

If you like what I use on my journal pages, you will LOVE these bags.

I will take orders on a first come, first serve basis until I run out. These are extremely limited and I usually sell out very quickly.
 Please note, that once these are gone, I do not know when I will be making them again. I have really downsized on my art supplies (for various reasons) and these are very limited. This is the creme de la creme of my stash.

I will ship your inspiration box in a well taped, flat rate, USPS priority envelope. I will ship them out on or before July 17th. 

I can also ship them as gifts if you'd like. 

These will NEVER be sold in this way again!

Order here (plus $12 medium flat rate USPS box) 

U.S. residents only (outside of the US, please email me at


THANK YOU for your support! 

If you like this, you may want to read, Being Mindful: Curating Your Images.

Also available:

Online Workshops

A set of 8 full color, high quality professionally printed 8 1/2 x 11" ready for you to use collage sheets. Please note that this is a pre-order and you will receive them in the mail late July. I usually sell these for $5 per sheet but I'm offering them as a set of 8 only with a special price of $25 plus $5 shipping

SOLD OUT! Thank you!
Upcoming workshops include:

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Teaser Post... Inspiration Boxes Coming Tomorrow (July 9th!)

Tomorrow (July 9th) at Noon PDT, I'll be offering something I've never offered before: 

A Curated Collection: Inspiration Boxes

Each medium flat rate USPS box will contain:

A journal (decorated, bound and personally selected by me), a plethora of collage ephemera, decorative tape, pens/markers, rubber stamps, stencils and more!  

Each box contains all of the inspiration that you need to create (you supply the adhesive, paints, brushes and scissors! The box contains everything else.)

I need to get things out of my apartment fast and selling these boxes in this manner will help me. I will never offer them again in this manner. I usually sell my journals for $50 each and collage/mixed media bags for $30-50 so this is a rare opportunity to sample both.

At noon PST, a new blog post will pop up (you may need to refresh your browser) with the information and buy it now button. Once they are gone, that is it! These are extremely limited!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Evolution of a Journal Page

I started this page in a Massachusetts workshop on May 6th. At the time, I was really happy with it. 
It helped me to get across what I was teaching and it served its purpose. 

At the time, I had been working in another journal and using this book to demo in as I taught in my workshops across the country. I prefer to work one book at a time. When I was finally ready to finish the work I had started in this journal, this page didn't fit with what the book had become.

I tried to rework it with paint but nothing clicked. I finally ended up gluing down this image and painting white and black acrylic over parts of the page:
I let the acrylics dry. I added red, neon pink and a dark blue on top. 
I added more layers of acrylic  (I forgot to take a photo of just those layers.) Then I thought about adding more collage elements but didn't:
Using photos of dried roses turned in different directions, I painted (not stenciled) the roses on either side of the image:
I liked it better but something was still missing.

For a few months now, I have been using cardstock as a palette and scraping off the unused paint. It takes a few weeks, lots of unused paint and scraping. In the end, you have layers of acrylic on a page (my friends, Pnina and Michelle in San Diego gave me the idea as they use canvas as a palette.) I recently decided to start using an old idea of a collaged book as a paint palette.

I had squeezed out four colors and then ended up not using them. I went to wipe them away with the palette knife before they dried and I LOVED how it looked.


My breakthrough moment! This is the look I had been after:
I took the palette knife and the same colors and started scraping the colors onto the journal page. I let the colors dry.

Later, I added journaling and then Pollock type paint splatters done by tapping juicy paint markers with my fingers:
I have one more thing to do with this page but am letting it stew for right now. 

I don't like to give up on my pages nor do I tear them out. I was ready to just turn the page several times but I fought with it and really pushed myself. It took several days and lots of, "walking away from the page time."

Thanks for coming along with me on the journey.

Friday, July 06, 2018


How so many dismiss comics as a medium only for children or teenage boys has always been outside of my thinking. Those who think like that haven't been exposed to the right things. 

Thanks, Steve Ditko.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Paint or Candy?

I spent a couple of hours yesterday painting the tops of my acrylic paint tubes. 



Exciting, I know. File under, something I should have done years ago. I was tired of rummaging through my paint bag trying to find the color I was looking for. It took me less than two hours to do (it probably would have been even less than that if I hadn't been watching Harlan Ellison videos on YouTube as I applied the paint swatches.)

For the record, I use a mix of these and the cheaper acrylics. The Holbein acrylics are just stunning and probably my favorite acrylic on the market.

Hoping to announce something between now and Sunday. Something I think that at least some of you will be interested in... save yer pennies, my friends!

Thanks for stopping in... 

Monday, July 02, 2018

Posca on My Mind Part Deux

I've written several times over the years about my favorite  water based paint marker, Uni Posca. I've had a few folks ask questions about them recently so I thought I'd talk about them again. 

My favorite tip size for this water based paint marker is extra fine. It's also known as:
PC-1M bullet shaped 
PC-1MR pin type 

I use both tips interchangeably as long as the marker is in an extra fine tip in the color that I want, it doesn't matter to me which one I use. These are the markers I reach for the most with my work for writing, mark making and coloring.

I will buy the markers in other sizes if they aren't available in an extra fine tip and I really want a marker in that color. I usually don't like anything larger than a medium tip size. Extra fine are always my preferred pen/marker size. 


Posca does not make all of the colors in all of the sizes. 

You can buy them in sets or individually. 

Always make sure that if you are using them on a page painted with acrylics, that the page us completely dry before you use the markers on them. I've seen too many people ruin pens by using them on a wet page.

Keep a piece of uncoated scrap paper nearby to test pens. 

Shake and pump only as needed (when it seems that the marker is dead or not working right. Sometimes, with a new marker, you have to shake it a lot to get it working properly.)

Always shake it with the cap ON. The paint can really travel.

Store your pens flat and cap them when not in use (trust me on this.)

Write normal with them (don't push on the tip as you write.) The ink should flow from the marker.


Posca Coloring

JetPens (one of my favorite places to buy pens and markers)

More about my favorite pens (lots of links) can be found here.

Again, I'm not paid nor am I given anything for this post. I buy my supplies just like you and I'm only posting this information so that YOU will go buy the product so that the company makes more so I can buy them. I know, I know... That said, if a certain company wanted to send some Posca markers my way so that I could add them to my class bag, my students would love it and my wallet would greatly appreciate it.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Harlan Ellison or It's Never Just a Book

 (Harlan shows Tristan some moves)

I can't stop thinking about Harlan Ellison. I think I've read every tribute and accolade about the man online (it seems everyone has a good Harlan story.) I haven't felt this bad about someone I really only knew from their words (both written and spoken) since Gore Vidal died (I was miserable for weeks when he died and before that it was Howard Zinn.) It is amazing when we realize how much of an impact a book and the writer of that book can make on your life. It's *never* just a book, just a film, just a song or a painting. 

David shared our story about Tristan meeting HE in 2011 here. I'll add one bit that happened the second time we met Harlan. I went up with one of our books and a pen to ask Harlan to sign. Harlan was gracious and we started talking as he signed. Another fan popped up to my right and asked Harlan to sign his book. Only, this gentleman didn't have a pen. Harlan asked him, "Do you have a pen?" 
"Uh, no." The guy then turns to me and asks to borrow my pen.
Harlan, "Don't lend him your pen! Don't you know the boyscout motto? Be prepared! You don't have a fucking pen, you don't get your fucking book signed!" He then resumed talking to me. As I walked up the aisle he yelled, "Never let those fuckers borrow your pen! They need to learn their lesson! Be prepared!" (I also want to tell people who ask to borrow my pen THIS story as it happens to me a lot.)

(I know he hated what Roddenberry did to his script, "City on the Edge of Forever" but this is how so many of us feel right now.)

Goddamnit. I will miss knowing he's not in this world...