Thursday, April 27, 2006


Comments, Suggestions, Critiques of this piece...Email me privately, please. I'd like it all: the good, the bad and the ugly...

Quay Brothers:
Hubby, Tristan and I saw the Brothers Quay at the Academy on Wilshire last Friday night. One thing that irks the hell out of me about the Academy is that they treat it like a Fortress. I won't go into the crap we had to go through to BUY the tickets there but getting in is like breaking into Fort Knox. You have to go through Metal Detectors (I'm sure Leonard Maltin doesn't have to go through the metal detector). I'm waiting for the strip search next. *sigh*. They rummage through my purse (I brought the tiny one on purpose). Then poor hubby who has all things metal in his pockets: keys, money, etc... Takes like 10 minutes to go through the detectors...Then they ask him if his boots are metal tipped. I suggested next time he boot the security guard up the ass and ask him if they're metal tipped. *sigh* (Ok, I know the security guard is doing his "Job" but c'mon it's the Academy LOL).
The crowd was WEIRD. Totally TOTALLY a crowd of students, wanna be filmmakers and animation nuts...lots of Burton-y wanna be types there (for lack of a better term). The two women at the end of the show who were dressed like gothic puppet dolls from Queen Victoria era freaked me out a bit as they "edged" their way down seat by seat, row by row, trying to get close to the Brothers...WEIRDOS.
OH one last Irk: They closed off the entire middle section. Sooooo those of us paying people that have had their tickets for WAY longer then opening night have to sit either to the left or the right (and if you are sitting all the way to the left or all the way to the right, you knowh ow much those seats can suck and how little you actually can see). We sat about 4 or 5 rows back on the left hand side (so we were right in front of the Brothers and got to see all of the twin idiosyncrasies that they did all night long. LOL Stroking the podium, pulling on their ears, etc...They both would do similiar movements -it was kinda interesting watching them in their "twin mode"). BUT what irked me was that they file in all of the Academy people. They want US paying folk there before 7:15 so we got there at about 6:30 6:45. They file in the Academy People at like 7:30! All of us schmucks have been sitting there for like an hour now waiting...the film/lecture starts at 7:30 but now we have to wait for the academy "people" to arrive (and everyone's head flips to see "just who" is here)...They occupy the middle section...BUT then all of the people who arrived LATE get seated in the "good" remaining seats-basically front row (s) CENTER! GRRR!!!! They should seat the Academy people in the BACK as most of them didn't seem to "get" the evening and let us paying folk who WANT to see this front and center, get a share of the good seats.
That's my gripe of the night.
The talk was great. It was interesting hearing how they work-very impromptu "feeling" based. My favorite piece of the night was the score they did to music: In Absentia. It was about 19 minutes long and was amazing. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I loved the "Little" things about that film: how they rubbed dirt into the woman's hands, how she wrote continuously again and again to her husband and it looked like braille or graffitti art when she was done, how the music "fit" the film, -the whole feeling of the film. It was perfect for the score it was set to. They also told the story of how after the composer saw the film (they screened it for him) that he was sitting by himself in the middle of the theatre, down front. The brothers were standing in the back. They told how he was just crying while he sat there as it reminded him of his Mother who was killed by the Nazis. It was very interesting and the film packed an emotional punch.
There were lots of people who seemed to get up and leave early. That was strange...I know that most don't seem to "get" their films...but you don't need to necessarily understand them to "get" them. They pack a strong visual punch.
Also interesting was their literary and musical references. How strongly those influences are on most definetly can see Kafka in their work.
All in all, it was well worth the trip. It was a LONG night. It didn't get out til, I believe, 10:45.
We've been to several of these over the years-the Marc Davis series...My favorite was still last year's evening with Frederic Bach. It was amazing to see his films up on the big screen-especially Crac and the Man Who Planted Trees...I absolutely adore his films and they are ones that I can watch again and again...but to see them on the big screen was a treat. As was seeing the Quay Bros films on the "BIG" screen. WOW.
But the Brothers Quay presented a wonderful, unique evening (note: they "spoke" on their own without the need of someone there to ask questions so that was wonderful). I'm looking forward to their new film that comes out this Fall.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

These are examples of my "Avant Garde" journal class. I'm teaching it this Sunday in San Diego at The Stamp Addict. It's one of my most favorite classes as the completed ones that I've seen students bring back and show me have been AMAZING. Each journal "speaks" volumes of it's creator. We turn trash into treasure in this class...

I haven't been as faithful posting stuff lately. Too much on my plate, I guess :)
I'm going to back track a bit and post about some stuff people have asked me to post, so here goes:
Mom, Tristan and I went to Fort Collins, CO early April. We left Wednesday, April 5th about 9:30 in the morning. It was the longest part of our trip. We had to drive "the long way" through AZ and NM instead of going over the Rockies as snow was supposed to be extremely heavy. We even were going to cut across route 40 but after listening to my Dad tell us how he lost control of the car on black ice and drove off the road on route 40 and then calling the highway patrol who told us that he got off of work at 6 so he could be home before it was dark to avoid the ice on the road, then we figured we'd drive the longggggggg way. We rolled into Albuquerque at about 3 in the morning. We found a brand new Best Western right off route 25 and stayed there (it felt like an Embassy Suites-two rooms-it was awesome!!) We left at about noon the next day and arrived in Fort Collins around 8 that night, I think it was. The scenery driving (during the day, of course) is amazing. Who knew that the desert could have so many colors???
Luckily, we managed not to kill each other this trip. I learned that the best way to NOT get into an argument with my Mom is to basically avoid confrontation, turn the radio station QUICKLY when something comes on that will "set her off", etc... I thought she was only going to kill me once when I made a crack about her wanting to go to mass on Palm Sunday to get the "free palm" (oops...thought it was a funny...she didn't. *sigh*)
Any ways, teaching at the Artists Nook is ALWAYS awesome.
Christine always has an unusual "stash" of stuff. I love the look and "feel" of the new store. You get hit with "art" before you are even inside the front door. There are photos and all sorts of amazing eye candy pieces in the front window. Laurie Zuckerman was having an amazing altar and photo show that weekend. I drooled over several of her pieces. I am hoping that she does a coffee table type book some time as her work is just glorious.
I love the group at the Artists Nook. The students are just too cool-they have a wonderful sense of humor (right, Marcie, gel medium does come out of your hair...*ahem*), great color sense (hey, Bev!), and just the right attitude of "let's sit down, make stuff, laugh and be creative" (Right Venita in, what, 3 hours you churned out cool stuff before you hopped on a plane to England?)...I had pretty much full classes (it seemed like that the whole weekend. Lots of people Art everywhere. Art supplies everywhere.) When I wasn't teaching, I was shopping the store and throwing my "finds" at Christine (she's so good about that-"Christine, add this to my tab please? But please let me go home with some money left..." LOL) She had amazing "Found" stuff like a vintage baby doll dress (WITH THE BLOOMERS!), old (and I mean OLD) "vintage" rubber stamps...what else did I buy? I came home with a BOX of stuff. OH! a "vintage" artists supply box" -I loveeee this "find". It even came with lots of "paint" rubbed into it already (LOL)
I was bummed when classes ended on Sunday. Tristan, Mom & I drove to Christine's home where Tristan got to hang out with Christine's boys. He LOVED it. He kept talking about what they have, and what they did, and video game this and fort that...all the way home. It was really cute. Plus Christine's hubby knows how to cook a mean dinner (YUM!) We ended up staying later then we had expected but it was sooo much fun!
Monday morning we got up at the crack of dawn (well, actually before dawn. It was 4 am.) We were on the road by about 5 ish. We actually had time to stop at "that coffee house" before we left and imagine my dismay when they had "run out of black iced tea". WHAT!??! We managed to beat the snow that was expected in the Rockies that day. The drive over them was AMAZING. You could tell that getting stuck in THAT snow wouldn't have been fun as there was snow "crud" piled up along side the highway that was bigger then our (rental) car! EEK! We stopped in Vale, CO to stretch our legs, take photos, get more iced tea (LOL) and pick out a traveling companion that I dubbed "Rocky". LOL it's a "pound puppy" toy that is now sitting in the window of my Toyota Tercel. We pretty much drove as much as we could (Mom did the driving through the Rockies). I was just exhausted from teaching and when I'm not driving and I feel tired, the car just wipes me out so I tried to sleep. We stopped in Utah-ummmm I can't remember the city but there wasn't anything there :( We walked around an antique store and another store and then said "let's get outta here!"
Mom and Tristan had conspired against me to stay in Vegas that night at Circus Circus. So we rolled into Circus Circus at about 7 pm. OMG. The place was crawling with kids. I love kids...but not tons of people packed into one spot and totally unsupervised. We looked at the registration line...then we walked around upstairs and said "FORGET IT. Let's drive to Los Angeles."
One interesting fact: did you know that there are signs on the bathrooms outside of Circus Circus (the women's rest room) that says no male children under the age of (I think it was) 5 allowed in the women's bathroom. "F" that I said!! My kid is NOT going into the men's bathroom in THIS joint by himself. So ponder that thought!
We stopped at one of our favorite pizza places-Metro in Vegas and relaxed for an hour with a delicious pizza before we got back on the road. It truly is one of my favorite pizza places and we always have dinner there when we are in Vegas. It's on Tropicana.
I drove home and tried to stay awake by listening to old radio shows, loud music, etc... Mom and Tristan were sleeping the ride. We lucked out as the traffic on the other side of the road was icky, horribly backed up for miles and miles. Thank God we weren't in THAT!!! I noticed the "change" in driving the closer we got to Los Angeles. It really is noticeable. People passing me nine million miles an hour on the right, on the left...I swear they'd go OVER me if they could and I was going at least 5 mls about the speed limit. Crazy people.
We unloaded the car (what we thought most valuable) at 1 am...At 1:30 I was in bed but my body felt like it was still driving LOL
I am booked for Mother's Day weekend in 2007 at Artists Nook and I honestly can Not wait!!! I LOVE that store and YES I would drive there again in a heartbeat. The drive over the Rockies and through UT, NV and AZ (for like 10 minutes LOL) home was amazing. It's definetly one of the prettiest areas of the country.

More to come about the Brothers Quay and some other stuff...

Friday, April 21, 2006

File under: what the hell were they thinking?

"The Armenian Genocide followed by Lil' Abner" ??!?!?!

What WERE they thinking when they put this one up?

More to follow this weekend-my trip to Colorado, what I'm up to, an evening at the Academy with the Brothers Quay, etc... :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was hoping to be able to update my blog with some wonderful, positive news about my recent trip to Colorado, time spent with my Mom and Tristan, all of the great things that have happened in the last week...

But I can't do that right now.

I will, later.

But not now.

I was leaving my class tonight in Monrovia at Stampin on Cloud 9 when my Dad called. He had sounded somewhat funny when I had spoken with him earlier...we talked for a few minutes. Then he asked me to call him when I got closer to home-the tone in his voice made it feel that something wasn't right.

I asked him what was wrong. He said nothing. Then I asked him if he had heard from "Uncle Warren" about how Emily was doing. He sighed and said "She didn't make it."

Emily Quinlan lost her battle with leukemia at about 1:30 this afternoon. She died with her family there. My Dad had spoken with Warren last night and he was holding his 18 year old daughter in his arms. He didn't think she would make it through the night.

I'm asking, begging, pleading all of you that read this-and those that you can pass it on to, to please hear me out. Please. Please. Please. Become a bone marrow donor. Emily's fight doesn't have to stop even though the leukemia won. We can all help other kids and other people who need it.

Maybe it is YOU that can save a life.

It's painless. It's easy. In some places it may be free.
(It should be free.)

I'm not going to rant now how we can let the government "our government" spend millions, billions, trillions of dollars to bomb the shit out of countries and not to do more on saving lives instead of taking them. Trust me. That could go on for pages and pages...I'm not going to rant about how "our government" can get away with not offering healthcare-one of the most basic necessities to people...I could rant and rant and rant right now with all of the emotions that I am feeling.

But I won't right now.

I Will Remember Emily.

Remember a little blonde haired girl in a ducky costume smiling away.

Remember a young girl hanging out with her Dad, Marilyn and the Smith family at the Bar at my parents 25th wedding anniversary.

Remember a young woman who fought one hell of a fight.

Now keep up the fight against cancer in her name. There are lots of "Emilys" out there...lots of kids that need our help.

Go do something good in her name, today, please.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I know this journal page is old but I still like it and thought I'd post it just 'cause I do!
Have been running around crazy gathering supplies, prepping, teaching local classes (always fun!), and family stuff-eek!!! Busy busy busy!
I will post more later about the wonderful trip and classes-I know that teaching at Christine's store in Fort Collins (The Artists Nook) always rocks!!!! I will be there Friday-Sunday teaching. INfo can be found at:
I am REALLY looking forward to it!!!

In the meantime, here is more info on a San Diego bone marrow drive and some east Coast ones. PLEASE forward this info to anyone who may be interested...THANK YOU!!!!!


Emily, a San Diego girl, is a leukemia patient at Boston Children’s Hospital. She needs a bone marrow transplant, but like thousands of other children, she has no donor match. You could be the one. Please help her and other children like her by getting bone marrow typed at:

NorthMinister Presbyterian Church

4324 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard San Diego

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 6p.m. to 9 p.m.

Typing is easy – a simple blood test. Any person between 18 & 60 in good health may be a donor. And it’s free!

Emily’s most likely match is Native American and Italian, but anyone could be her match. She is also of Irish and Portuguese descent.


April 4, 2006 CONCORD New Hampshire; 31 College Dr 10:00 am to 03:00pm Contact: gigi aguero ; 8605615501
Limited funding available - donor may be asked to pay for testing costs

April 6, 2006 San Diego, CA 4324 Clairemont Mesa Blvd 6pm – 9 pm.
Contact: Veronica Palmer palmer 619-666-7890

April 6, 2006 CAMBRIDGE, MA 11 AM
77 Mass Ave. Contact Gigi Agiero 860-561-5501

April 7, 2006 BOSTON, MA 11 AM - 4 PM
Boston Univ. Med. School 80 E. Concord St. Rm r108 Contact Marianne 626-616-0868 or

April 8, 2006 BOSTON, MA 11 AM - 4 PM
Boston Univ. Med. School 80 E. Concord St. Hiebert Lounge (14th fl) Contact Marianne Chen
626-616-0868 or

St. James United Methodist Church, 646 Daniel Webster Highway

April 9, 2006 WILMINGTON, MA 10 AM – 3 PM
159 Church St. Contact Tom Convery 978-229-7614

April 14, 2006 WORCESTER, MA 10 AM
100 Institute Rd. Contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick 413-732-1614

April 18, 2006 WORCESTER, MA 10 AM
1 College Street Contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick 413-732-1614

April 18, 2006 MEDFORD MA 1 PM
Tufts University Contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick 413-732-1614

April 24, 2006 WORCESTER, MA 10 AM
Worcester State College, 486 Chandler St. Contact Kathleen 413-732-1614

April 24, 2006, Concord NH, 325 Pleasent st 2 p.m. - ? Contact: gigi aguero; 8605615501
Limited funding available - donor may be asked to pay for testing costs

April 28, 2006 HOLYOKE MA 9 AM - 3PM
303 Homestead Ave, Holyoke Community College Contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick 413-732-1614

May 13, 2006 Hartford Connecticut 282 Washington st 11:00am - ? gigi aguero 8605615501 This drive is fully funded - no cost to donor

If you want to have a drive with CRIR go here:

All donors are welcome.