Monday, December 31, 2007

I mentioned Andrew in the post yesterday. I couldn't let this pass without blogging about it!!! I met Andrew for the first time in person at Art Unraveled in August. We had corresponded a couple of times before as he had wanted to take my color theory class last August at AU but things happened and he wasn't able to attend. Andrew took my Graffito book class at AU in August and then found out I was teaching at The Rubber Chicken Stamp Art Store in MD where he trekked from NJ to take a couple of my workshops. Andrew drove up again from NJ on Friday to take my workshops at The Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA. We chat via email and I'm always checking his blogs for his amazing updates on art, life and oh so much more. It's always nice to see Andrew and get a chance to talk with him. On Friday, he surprised me with this fabulous origami box:

That puppy was heavy! You can imagine my surprise and amazement when I opened it up to find out not only was the box amazing and gorgeous in and of itself but the inside! OH! The inside was FILLED with paper cut to fit the box:
Closer inspection of the box found this quote that made me gasp and chuckle with delight:

Thank you again Andrew from the bottom of my heart! Your kindness and thoughtfulness really made my day. The box makes me smile every time I see it. Please make sure you bookmark Andrew's blog. It really is one of my favorites!


I couldn't let today's post pass without saying Happy Anniversary to my Honey. It's been 12 wonderful years which I wouldn't trade for anything in the world (not even teeth whitener at the moment-ugh! too much Iced tea I guess-time to get thee some whitening strips, though I should just spend the money on books-ha ha- right Taylor?)

David and I met in 1994 as pen pals through a wonderful Tim Burton zine called Everyone Needs A Hobby. We corresponded and that correspondence blossomed into something wonderful that led to many phone calls, packages in the mail and me getting on a plane to visit him on Christmas Day 1995. 7 hours after I got off the plane he proposed. A week later we were married. It's hard to believe that 12 years can go by so fast. It seems like only yesterday I was a spry 21 year old walking off the plane and into his arms. I love you David...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Almost New Year everyone!! I have been crazy insane busy the last several days so I apologize for not posting.

I spent Thursday teaching at Ink About It in Westford, MA. WOW! That was my first time teaching at the store and I *LOVED* it. My friend Sharyn was kind enough to drive me there. It made the car ride fun as good company is always nice to have!! I couldn't believe the size of the new store!! The classes were packed with about 20 people in each workshop. We "Christened" their new location (right next door) with my two classes. Linda & Lori who own the store are extremely sweet, kind and friendly! I am really looking forward to going back there. I had a great time with wonderfully talented (and friendly) students. The following two pictures are the mess we made ;) um, I mean the fun we had ;)

On Friday & Saturday I returned to one of my favorite teaching "haunts", The Stamp Act in Marshfield. You guys know how much I love The Stamp Act and all of the gang there-Marie, Gloria, Dan, Elyce, Sharyn, Susan and my new friends there-Marissa, Raine, Mandy, Renee and all of the wonderful people who took the workshops!!! Andrew trekked all the way from New Jersey for Friday's workshops (more on Andrew to follow!) Marie and her family are always so kind and gracious not to mention a ton of fun!! It always feels like "home" and visiting with old friends when I teach here. No wonder why Bernie and Michael are also returning in '08. Here are some pictures of the fun we had in the workshops-

Here's Tristan visting Grandpa "Bapa" at work (that's Nana next to Tristan). What a ham!

It's been a whirlwind week (but a nice time!) Today was spent at my cousin Bev's house. I love visiting everyone there. It was great to see Bev, my Aunt Sis, Jim, Charlie, Mary, Frank, Denise and the kids. It's always a good time there!!

On the way home we stopped into Shaw's (grocery store) and came outside about 10 minutes later-WOW! The snow was really coming down when the sky had been clear moments before. Now, we're all snug and nestled in the warm house-thankful to be inside. Hopefully the snow that is supposed to hit the next two days won't be so bad (fingers crossed). We're going home Wednesday early early (ugh ugh).

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Spoiled rotten with all of the books I received for Christmas. I am trying (so far I have succeeded) not to buy books while I am here (though I did go looking for the new Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio even though I should know by now the newsstands are always very slow in putting them out this time of year-grrr).
Obey: The Art of Shepard Fairey; Beguiled by the Wild by Charley Harper; Art & Flair of Mary Blair; two Maira Kalman books: Next Stop Grand Central and What Pete Ate. And yes, Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean socks. Um, I bought those for my own stocking...I want to wear them to class this week ;)

More family photos-my Dad's side of the family-going around the table from the left-Dad, Jim, Aunt Sis, Denise, Bev and David watching Tristan decorate the gingerbread house. (Bev, I didn't want to leave you guys out ;) LOL!!!!) Photos from before we ate. After dinner was served, the table was loaded with food and yummy deserts. Dinner and desert at Bev or Aunt Sis' house is AMAZING pure and simple. Damn good cooking!!!!

My cutie patootie with his new Exoforce toy.

I'll be teaching tomorrow at Ink About it. My friend Sharyn is kind enough to trek out there with me!! Then I'll spend some more time with Sharyn, Elyce, Marie, Susan, Andrew and the whole gang at The Stamp Act-I'm looking forward to it!!!
Poor Frosty decided he just couldn't take it any more-

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here's the view of the tree before a huge mess was made under it in a frenzy of opening by a 10 year old boy and a dog-

Tristan and his Bapa (My Dad)-Hmm, which legos are in here?

My sister's dog, Dewey, actually knows how to open presents and LOVES doing it. He was making us laugh on Christmas Eve. First, he found his presents then he unwrapped them after we wrapped them. Then he went nuts with the cat's presents.
My Mom likes to make my cousin, Andrea laugh. Hence the, let's wrap one present in 12 boxes.
My cousin Bev was kind enough to get Tristan a Gingerbread house (she's like her Mom, Aunt Sis, BIG hearted!!!!) after I told her that Tristan had never done one before. Her nephew, Frankie helped Tristan decorate it.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Tomorrow I teach at Ink About It and I am very excited about that! Then Fri & Sat, I am at The Stamp Act! I can't wait!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Pogues Fairytale of New York

and Happy Christmas!!!!!
Sorry for the delay in updating! It's been hectic and busy the last few days. Our trip to Tivoli & Red Hook, NY was a ton of fun (pictures to follow). The last two days have been spent either gathering last minute goodies, baking and/or wrapping. I am a wee bit tired of wrapping at the moment. It has never been my favorite thing to do.

I think I neglected to show you this page I created a week or two ago-

Tristan and Grandpa Bob play Uno. Tristan didn't know how to play it so there was no "cheating" ;) on his part!! He's funny to play games with.

Tristan and his Bionicle explore Grandpa Bob & Aunt Verna's house-

I won't tell you what my husband did to this tree when he as a kid (um, proof children and matches do not mix) but I do love the photo and thankfully the tree is still there!

The fort Tristan and Grandpa Bob built-

Kilmer Family 2007-Back Row-Trevor, Uncle Frank, Aunt Stephanie, Grandpa Bob, Aunt Verna, David, Kelly and Aunt Theresa
Front Row-Cousin Conor, Cousin Kelly, Cousin Jessie, Cousin Nick, Tristan and Cousin Dodie
Missing from the picture Dodie's husband and Chen, their Exchange Student from China.

Um, my Mom and "Dewey" (my sister's dog, aka Mom's other GrandBaby or GrandDog) sound asleep after David, Tristan and I drive back from NY (4 hour drive). LOL!!!
Not much new to report. Getting ready for Christmas tomorrow. I hope things go well. Looking forward to Christmas morning and seeing Tristan's reaction to his gifties. Then in the afternoon we will go to my Cousin Bev's house (she and my Aunt Sis are the best cooks in the whole world) to see Bev, Aunt Sis and more family! I'm really looking forward to it!!! Aunt Sis had her angioplasty surgery on Saturday. She needs lots of bed rest and hopefully she will be ok. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers it is really appreciated!!

Bev got Tristan a gingerbread house to put together. He's never made one before so it should be a ton of fun. He LOVED the gingerbread cookies my sister-in-law made the other day (um, so does my husband he ate over a dozen of them in less than 24 hours!!!)

OK back to helping Mom wrap presents.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update and SNOW

Thanks for all of your support regarding my Aunt. She hasn't had the angioplasty done yet (tomorrow), so please keep her in your thoughts. Dad is going to visit her at the hospital now.

It's been snowing here *all day*. I went out a couple of hours ago to shovel-shovel what I don't know as it was snowing for 12 hours and yet there's hardly anything out there (the way it looks from the inside it looks like it's a ton of snow...yet when you go out, it wasn't!). I shoveled the few inches that had built up finding muscles I didn't know I had!! :) Tristan played in the snow and looked like Randy from A Christmas Story. I have spent most of the day trying to keep busy. Not having a car it's hard to go anywhere and do anything...trying to keep my mind occupied. Shoveled snow, wrapped presents, wrote out Christmas cards and did two journal pages (still in progress).

We are leaving early in the morning for New York. We'll be visiting David's family and friends in Tivoli, NY. I'll be back online some time Sunday and I'll update the blog then. Please keep Aunt Sis in your thoughts and prayers-I *really* appreciate it. My friends are so good to me :) If you knew my Aunt Sis, you'd know how special she is and how much she is loved. Something like this is hard on the family (especially on HER and keeping her in bed which is damn near impossible!!!)

In the meantime, here are my most recent journal pages-

I created these using mostly goodies I bought from etsy and had shipped to my parents' home. I'll post the vendors soon. I'm waiting for one more parcel from etsy.

Please do me a huge favor and whatever you believe in, say some prayers, send good thoughts, etc... in the way of my Aunt Sis. She had a heart attack this morning and is having angioplasty done right now. She's more like a Grandmother to me then an Aunt...

Tristan & Aunt Sis August 2007-

My Dad & Aunt Sis August 2007-
We all love you Aunt Sis!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Photo Log of L.A. to "almost" the East Coast

Above the L.A. Rain Clouds Soaring into Phoenix Above the Snowy Rocky Mountains
Weird Snow covered Snow Crops
Look who was on the plane-Santa! Santa was getting some well deserved rest before the big night in a few days... We're here. It hasn't snowed today but the amount of snow on the ground is insane. It's cold but I was walking around in a sweatshirt and short sleeves at the airport and grocery store. (I made Tristan bundle up though and he was pissing and moaning about it). I did eek out 2 journal pages on the plane-not finished-just backgrounds. The flight was fine (thankfully!). We were pooped though as we were all pretty much going on no sleep and got to the airport at 4 a.m. Did you know that Southwest doesn't open til about 4:40 a.m.? LOL Sheesh. ;) No problems it was just a long day of travel! It took almost 3 hours to get home from the airport last night with holiday traffic. Crazy, huh? But we are here, and happy to be here!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Two posts in one day?!?! Well, I did promise you some pictures of my recent journal pages...

The one below is dedicated to Judy's friend, Sylvia and to all of the hard working people who are prosecuted and persecuted for simply trying to survive-
and I promise you there are even more to come!


Tristan has started his own Photo Comic Journal of two of his Bionicle toys and their trek on the plane tomorrow. Perhaps, with his permission, I can share some pages with you at a future date!

Think happy winged thoughts tomorrow!! I'll also be thinking "Baby, it's cold outside..."

East Coast, here we come!

We're all in a tizzy getting ready to leave. The shuttle bus is picking us up at 3:ugh:30 a.m. Ugh Ugh. Safe travels-I hate flying...

I am looking forward not only to seeing my family but also to the three days of workshops I will be doing!

I will be at Ink About It on Thursday, Dec 27th teaching two classes:

Journey to the Soul Journal-

and Composition/Design-

The following two days I will be at The Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA teaching five workshops over 2 days:

Avant Garde Journal-

Soft & Gentle Whispers-
Not Your Kids' Crayons-

An Artist's Journal-

and Inspired: Inspirations for an Artist's Journal-


I have not forgotten my promise to show you the new pages I have been working on. I will be checking email AND updating my blog while on the East Coast. Hopefully I will have the new pictures up tomorrow night after we land and relax a bit in Braintree, MA. In the meantime, go make some art!