Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm still all jiggy that it rained here today-WOO HOO. We need it-so hopefully we'll get more! Teaching tomorrow (and Sunday!) at Paper Post in here's my Saturday post.
I made copies of my "Go where the silence is and say something" (a quote from Amy Goodman). I love reworking old artwork. The other page uses a wonderful napkin I bought the other day.


Does anyone have a piece that they can share of red dotted tissue paper? I am going nuts looking for just a sheet of it. I'll trade you some other handmade/decorative paper. I don't need a ton. A sheet would be fine. I'm hoping that Paper Source has some next week when I go there.
I can't believe this time of year no one has frickin' white tissue with little red polka dots! :)

Add these two to your Christmas Wish List!

First up, The Amazingly Talented and Oh So Wonderful Hanna Andersson's A Creative Year-This 242 page BOOK is a year in Hanna's life taken from her blog. It kept me up after midnight reading. Finally at about page 102, I had to put the book mark in and call it a night (see picture below). I didn't want to stop. The book is a pure delight. Hannna talks about the ups (mostly) and downs (not too many for this talented Swede) of creativity. I love her beautiful photos sprinkled throughout the text. She apologizes for her writing as English is not her first language, but I have no problems at all reading the text (some of the grammatical errors are very cute and had me giggling). I. Love. This. Book. At first I balked about spending $45 for a creativity and then it hit me "Dummy! This is a self published book. You love Hanna's blog. You need this book." Taylor confirmed that I needed the book and that was all I needed to hear...I was going to wait until my airplane trek later on in the month to read this but couldn't...Make sure to put it high on your Christmas (Holiday, or Every Day) Wish List! You'll be carrying it around like I am...

While I was ordering IHanna's book, I thought I'd scope out Lulu a bit and investigate other "art Journals". Lo and behold, Erin Partridge's Little Black (art) book popped up. Oooh. Her artwork on her Live Journal made me sit up and take notice. I also ordered two little zines from her etsy
shop that I absolutely adore. When the book arrived last night I was eager to get my hands on it. (I won't go into how the box was soaking wet-and it wasn't raining yesterday-and that Erin's book was dripping with water and water stained and how much that pissed me off...BUT I will say that Lulu is sending me a replacement copy-they rock!!!) Oh. Freaking A. Wow. A whole book of art journals-snippets of pages, full pages. COLOR. TEXTURE. REAL effing LIFE. I LOVE this book. 50 pages of pure Journal Goodness. I really do hope to see more from Erin. I'd buy another book from Hanna and Erin in a heartbeat...(hint hint).

5: No Jury Duty. Done. Finished. Bye Bye. So what do you do when Jury Duty is over? Well, first off, to make sure they don't call you for a year you instantly fill out the first form and send it back. What do you do with the RED LETTER? You rip that fucking thing up and make art with it. Here's my two page journal spread that barely touches on why I hate the whole damn thing. Note the word: barely. Hmmm...It could be my 1996 experience with an asshole judge in L.A. when David and I went in to get our deposit back from the slum we lived in near USC. My Mom, David and I scrubbed the little room on Portland street clean as a whistle (or as clean as it could be). Yet, the landlord refused to give us our deposit back. So, we took her to small claims court and got half of it back (*sigh*). The Judge screamed at me to "Shut up" when I went to explain everything. He was a nasty, grumpy old man who just kept screaming at ME every time I opened my mouth (and this was before I figured out that I'd be the one who would have to do most of the talking in this marriage when we were out and about in public ;) I was ultra quiet then.). First time in Court left a bad taste in my mouth.

Fast Forward: A couple of traffic incidents where we were rear ended while sitting AT RED LIGHTS (this happened twice) and both times Cops drove by and we tried to wave them down as their heads were turned-looking right at us-and I'm yelling and waving my arms and they drove right by...Yup.

Next up, my job at Bookstar. I worked there from Jan 1996 until October (I think it was or maybe November?) 1996. I was very pregnant walking into the store for work one morning and tripped and fell in liquid garbage that was on the floor falling on my stomach, knees and wrists. I still wonder to this day if that's the reason for Tristan's kidney problem. Any ways, that was my last day of work there again and lots of time spent with doctors and therapy, and then being followed & video taped by the "other side", depositioned by the lawyers and what not...left a seriously bad taste in my mouth. What part of "I fell in your garbage. I was hurt. I was pregnant." did they not understand? We didn't go to trial as the other side offered to settle the day we were supposed to go to trial, but the whole thing just makes me want to scream inside when I think about it...I still shake when I go by certain places we had to go to during that whole time period...

Then came 2000 when our former landlord (the landlord I refer to as Your Bowel Movement) tried to evict us (as they held onto our rent check that they claimed not to have received) so that they could get us out and raise the rent for the next tenant. (Documents later proved that they had our check and were holding onto it even though they said they did not have it). Many, many frustrating trips to the Beverly Hills Courthouse later, we won thanks to the hard work of David. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't still be living in a "rent controlled" apartment (hurray for rent control). I won't go into the lawyers and judges there. UGH frigging double UGH. David lost several days of work during that time and money was extremely tight.

Then came some time in 2000 or 2001, I forget now what year it was. Tristan was little. It may have even been earlier then 2000. Our floors (and walls) are paper thin. It's an old building and no one seems to care that our rugs need to be replaced (they never replaced them when the last tenant here moved out). So when Tristan was little and learning to walk, he made a lot of noise. Our neighbor down stairs at the time (an LAPD Cop with a SEVERE attitude problem) HATED when we made any noise. When Tristan would walk he'd bang on the ceiling. If I dropped stuff (and I have a tendency to do that some times), he'd bang on the ceiling. Well one night about 7 p.m., Tristan ran from his bedroom to the living room. Asshole banged on the ceiling. I didn't do anything (never did). So, then I went into the kitchen and opened up the pantry door and the vacuum cleaner fell out. Asshole banged again. I got pissed took my foot and went BANG BANG BANG. Next thing I hear 'SLAM!' his door bursts open and shithead is running up the stairs (we found out later that he put his gun in his "fanny pack" "just in case". IN CASE OF WHAT? A BABY AND A 20 something year old are walking around their apartment???) I go to the front door and am getting ready to open it when BOOM. He kicked the fucking door in. WTF? He gets in my face and starts screaming and threatening us. David runs over and tries to close the door to get him OUT. My neighbor (that we loved and who died a couple of years ago) got between the cop and me and told him to calm down and go back down stairs. It was horrible. My building manager at the time called the cops. We should have pressed charges but no one told us we could do that at the time. He moved out a couple of months after that.

I won't go into my other rants about how I feel about the court house and the system, so I'll leave it at this and let the journal page speak for me. Next time I might just use my "Returned: Recipient Insane" stamp and see what happens...

Is anyone else trying to "click" on the pictures to make them BIGGER and getting a message to save it as a jpg?? Usually I click on it and the picture is huge instantly...WTH?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Inspiration...

From the Flickr Inspiration Board Group and oh look, they have a blog now too!!!

1. Untitled, 2. inspiration board and work space, 3. Moodboard closeup, 4. inspiration board, 5. New Color Board, 6. IMG_3648, 7. sewing desk, 8. Inspiration board, part 1, 9. inspiration board, 10. my private mess #1, 11. My bird collection, 12. November board, 13. studio time, 14. the right side of my inspiration board, 15. Inspiration Board, 16. Development Board, 17. anthropologie craft room window display 2, 18. anthropologie craft room window display 1, 19. this would never happen to little birds, 20. an unusually tidy workspace

Go wipe the drool off your chin and make somethin'!


So far, *knock wood*, Day 4: No Jury Duty.

I may have a second post later in the day (if I have time) and if my Lulu Book Order (this and this) EVER gets here... ;) Remember, some people buy shoes. I buy books.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Has anyone else noticed that the word "Basically" is now the new "like"? EVERYONE IS SAYING IT. When I listen to the radio, people talk, etc... I am now COUNTING the number of times people say "Basically" in a SENTENCE. Holy Cripes, when the hell did this happen? Even Tristan came home yesterday and said that his teacher said "Basically" several times throughout the day for no reason (LOL). Read the Lynch Guide to Grammar-make sure you read "Wasted Words" several times. Pass it on.


So far, *knock wood*, Day 3: No Jury Duty.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More ramblings and oh oh more little Japanese art books...

It's fun to try to push yourself and work in a way you usually don't. I created this bird lady using bits and pieces of various images and blended everything together with Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze and Souffle pens.

The "Identity" page reminded me of a conversation that a friend and I recently had about "labels" and how neither of us like being labeled and wearing only one hat when we all juggle many...and labels just stick us in one category.

Here are two pages that I started in my "Inspired: Inspirations for Art Journaling" class on Sunday at Stampin' From The Heart. It was my debut of the new class so I'm always on edge wondering what people think... :) I LOVED what everyone did-very amazing and totally unique to them!!!
Yes, the next page does say "Badass Mayan Warrior". I found the postcard somewhere and needed to use it...


So far, *knock wood*, Day 2: No Jury Duty.


Sigh, I don't even have to leave the house. Books are tempting me from other people's blogs. Look what Geninne ordered. I had to do the same but I ordered these books from Lotta-

Handmade Project
From Aland with Love
Lotta's Lifestyle
Lotta's Travel Lifestyle

I wanted the scarf but didn't order it-saved my $ for the books instead! LOL!!!
Um, I need to start (or join) a 12 step program for those damn little Japanese art books I LOVE. Paumes is one of my absolute most favorite book publishers. I can't read them but they are like little treasure troves of inspirational eye candy. Any other "damn little Japanese Art/Craft Books" that YOU Can recommend? What don't I know about? I feel like the "Wonder Twins" (um, you know "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!" as they push their rings together fist to fist and transform into whatever) and saying "Book Whores Unite!" Or is it more like Pokemon and "gotta catch 'em all" (sheesh).

Um, if you like the little books, do not look here. ("Warning! Warning, Will Robinson!") I'm looking more for the style of the Paumes books-art/design/artist studios/artists sketchbooks...that kind of stuff. I'm not into the beading, fabric, or any real "how to". I want to see how the artist works, how they live, what inspires them, what they do, etc...


Joanna T.-thanks for the labels!! They made my day!!!!!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007


Some pages from the weekend...more to come...

This is a small sampling of the "stuff" I work with...I park my rear to the left of the photo and start digging looking for whatever it is I need...Odd scraps of paper make me happy...
So far, *knock wood*, Day 1: No Jury Duty. One of these days I'll tell you why I don't want to go. It's a laundry list of "whys". Keep your fingers crossed for me.


The mailman just knocked. Our Postman only knocks once and then runs like hell (or so it seems). David got the door and turned around saying "Help me!" LOL, I guess Christmas time is coming. Two DVD boxes from Deepdiscount ( one is supposed to know what is in them). My Coffee Break Design stencils (yes!) from Frenzy Stamper. My Paumes' book, Stockholm's Ateliers (I. Love. These. Books.) And oooohh, my "Secret Santa" present (Oh my! Big Box!!! Thanks Secret Santa) from the Hannah Grey Yahoo Group. Hmm...I wonder if my Secret Santa is someone who makes me laugh...hmmm...The hardest thing of THIS secret Santa is that we have a present for "week 1, 2, 3 and 4..." Ummmm...I'm 33 going on 8. And I can hold off how? Gotta give the presents to David so he'll tuck them away week by week. ;) Yes, I am a big goober.


Am almost done reading Foolsgold by Susan Wooldridge-what a delightful book! I *love* her first book, Poemcrazy. Her words just flow and inspire you to reach for your pen or your paint...And no wonder why I adore Susan's work so much-she's related to Uncle Ruthie!! I was floored last night when reading Foolsgold and Susan mentioned Uncle Ruthie or as her Dad called her, "Cousin Uncle Ruthie". Just tickled me pink! Uncle Ruthie is the host and producer of KPFK (Pacifica)'s Saturday morning show, Halfway Down The Stairs. It is one of my most favorite programs on KPFK-it's something that everyone can listen to be they young or old! You can access podcasts of Uncle Ruthie's show, Halfway Down The Stairs here. Does anyone know where Uncle Ruthie's name came from?

"And goodnight, Uncle Ruthie, wherever you are! "

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New journal pages...and I'm looking for something...

I love the two pages above. They're probably my most favorite pages from the past week that I've done...The photo on the left is my sister and I in 1995 in front of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Don't know who the girl in the photo is as it's a "found photo". The feet on the right page are from Sarah Fishburn. They're standing on a map of Los Angeles.


A journal spread talking about homes, houses, and oh the places we have lived (the addresses are all on the front door except I blocked out where we live now...Blah Blah Blah Street X in West Hollywood).
The door opens to a picture of me, my sister and our Grandpa-

Tristan, my goofy boy playing with his new Fred Fredburger toy (yes!) (that should've been a Christmas present but dummy Mommy opened it wondering "What's this?") Needless to say, he was ecstatic!!!


Help, please!!!

I'm looking for vintage labels-pharmaceutical labels, shipping labels, "Made In Ireland" labels, Eureka and/or Dennison stickers (my Nana used to put these on's probably her fault I love stickers so much ;) ), etc... They don't have to be originals. Copies are fine. I'll trade you either decorative/handmade paper or copies of images I've collected. Please drop me a note if you're interested :) I appreciate it!!!!


HEY, check it out! Bill Koeb, one of my most favorite artists is offering copies of his book, ReMemory, which ranks high on my Top Most Favorite Books Ever List!! For $30, the copy of the book includes a sketch!! I remember finding a copy of it at Meltdown in L.A. what seems like eons ago and then being pissed for months afterwards 'cause the store didn't have anything near this cool (LOL)!!! It's chock full of Koeb's drawings, glowing full color paintings and seriously cool monotypes. Check it out!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Sampling of my Most Favorite Publications of 2007

I thought I'd put together a list of my favorite publications of 2007. Some were published before 2007, but 2007 is the year that I discovered them. With the exception of the last 3 books, these are books that I have looked at again and again. These are the books that are piled next to my bed (and some others :) ). So, here they are in no particular order:

Maira Kalman's Principles of Uncertainty- Complete Universe of Dupuy & Berberian-

Life After Black Barron Storey-

Age of Feminine Drawing- Jesse Reno's Truth Will Measure-

Process Recess 2 The Art of James Jean-If you are waiting on buying this, don't wait too long! The first one sold out fast and is now a collector's item. Play Pen: New Children's Book Illustrations- Catalina Estrada Sweet Company-If you are waiting on this, don't wait too long!!

1000 Journals Project- Artful Blogging-

Artists' Studios in London-

2005 New York Ateliers-

Street Sketch Book-
Illustration Book Pro 01-Hand Job-A Catalog of Type-
Could you? Would you?-

A Gorgeous Sense of Hope-
The Alchemy of Art David Mack DVD-
Marcel Dzama's The Berlin Years solely for the reproduced journal inside (Note GR2 in West L.A. has copies MUCH cheaper then listed on amazon but it's not listed on their site-grr!)
Shaun Tan's The Arrival- Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita- Julie Arkell's book-

Hallelujah Anyway by Kenneth Patchen-

Graphic 10-

Margaret Kilgallen In The Sweet Bye and Bye- A to Z de Nathalie Lete-

Keri Smith's The Guerilla Art Kit-

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern-

Mixed Emulsions by Angela Cartwright-

In This House-Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn-

Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman Zachery-

Kaleidoscope-by Suz Simanaitis-

Art of Personal Imagery by Corey Moortgat-

Journal Revolution-by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino-

Only When I'm Found Can I Be Me by Roben-Marie Smith-

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer-
History of Love by Nicole Krauss-

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert-

Note: I have not included books I haven't received yet (The IHanna book and Erin Partridge book I ordered from Lulu seem to be slow boat from God Knows Where these days...and I will review those when I receive them!!) I also haven't mentioned books that haven't come out yet that I am eager to see... And yes, I do own all of these publications...and more ;) We are book fiends in this house!!!

What were your favorite books from this year??


Today is Buy Nothing Day...
Adbusters states that it "isn't just about changing your habits for one day" but "about starting a lasting lifestyle commitment to consuming less and producing less waste."

At our house it's another family day...a day to stay in, make art, read, listen to This American Life podcasts. I'm not going near the malls. I don't need anything. I don't want anything. I HATE the damn mall! When I do go shopping this Christmas, it's Handmade and to the Mom & Pop stores! Even my parents-My Mom always tells us she doesn't want or need anything. My Dad usually gives us a list of stuff he never wears or uses. This year we're all cutting back. I'm not buying stuff that's going to be tossed. I'm sticking to things that will be used and appreciated. In this house that's books, art supplies and toys (for Tristan). So, make it yourself this year. Go hit the Art Stores and make someone a journal or an Art Kit. Make someone brownies. Help someone around the house with errands or just sit and have tea-give the gift of your company and some laughs. Just my little two cents...