Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mark Jenkins Embedded #4

Check out more at his site:

I really hate to move on to a new post..looking at Gaiman/Ross going at it just cracks me up every time I see it (sorry Neil!! I think Neil turned about fifty shades of red)

Heads up, this Saturday, Violet's Rubber Stamp Inn in Ventura is having their last class before Violet closes the doors this month.

FYI, classes this weekend: Agoura, Ventura and Los Angeles.

Text as Art (for the last time locally in 2007) at Paper Post in Agoura this Friday
(818) 865 0702:

On Saturday, August 4th, I will be at Violet's Rubber Stamp Inn in Ventura (805) 648 7610 debuting a brand new class, A Few of My Favorite Things Book (not only are we making a book but also learning new mixed media paint and collage techniques on the pages) while we say "THANKS" to Violet for the past several wonderful years of classes, fun goodies in the shop and just all out and out for a wonderful time!

Then on Sunday, before I pack my bags and head to Art Unraveled in Phoenix, I'll be teaching my Layered & Textured Journal class at Stampin' From the Heart in L.A. (310) 391 0466. Not only are we making a book in this class but we're going to be exploring various Acrylic Gels and mediums:

These are my last local Southern California classes before I hit the road for August. I have several mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, composition and design, bookbinding, and art journaling classes lined up for the month of August. Catch me at:

Art Unraveled in Phoenix

The Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA

Rubber Chicken Stamp Art Store in Gaithersburg, MD

Please note, I bring all supplies needed to complete the project unless noted in the supply list (please check the supply lists!!!). I do not travel lightly and I bring a ton of STUFF for classes including Professional Grade Acrylics (NO cheapie stuff with me!!) and Mediums. TSA loves me!! LOL

Monday, July 30, 2007

Even More Comic Con pictures-

Photo of Jonathan Ross snogging Neil Gaiman:

Neil Gaiman at Stardust panel:

James Jean signing my book:

Tristan and I in Hell Hall trying not to freeze. He's sound asleep and I'm trying to hold his head up:
Jill Thompson!!

And file under WTF, from today's Democracy Now:

NYC Proposes Strict Rules on Taking Photos or Video in Public
In New York, the city is proposing new rules to require many photographers and camera operators to obtain permits before taking photos or shooting video in the city. Under the proposal, any group of two or more people using a handheld camera in one location for more than thirty minutes would be required to have a permit and $1 million in insurance. In addition small groups using a single tripod for more than ten minutes would be forced to obtain a permit and insurance. On Friday over 400 people rallied in Union Square to protest the proposed rules.

  • Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel: "We are a city and a country that values free expression and to say to people who have cameras that they have to get permits if they are there for a certain period of time or if they have a tripod seems to me to be trampling on people's first amendment rights and we in NY need to speak up and speak up now cut otherwise we will wake up and our rights will have eroded."
Over 6,000 people, including Michael Stipe and Patti Smith have signed a petition in recent days opposing the city's proposal.

And Ray Bradbury had the gall to say we are not under surveillance and that the current administration is doing the right thing...ARGH!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Comic Con Stuff-

The amazing Barron Storey...

James Jean!!
My Stash! Books from Murphy Design: Oil, Brandon Boyd's first book, Cathie Bleck's book; CJ & Miss Mindy aka Artists Sisters Book; a Tara McPherson figure; Vertigo's Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall; Illlustration Book Pro 1; Dave McKean's Postcard from Vienna and Postcard from Barcelona

Finally got my hands on Eddie Campbell's Black Diamond Detective Agency...unfortunately, the husband squirreled that and From Hell away and wrapped them in plastic.

More Highlights of Comic Con:

Time in Hell Hall, I mean Hall H where the line snaked out the door, around the side of the building, back into the building for what seemed like miles...
At the
Paramount Pictures screening where we were treated to not only freebies (new t-shirts for David-YES!) but also sneak peeks at: Iron Man, Star Trek, STARDUST (!!), Beowulf, Spiderwick Chronicles, Indiana Jones and...and a look at Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd poster featuring Mr Depp looking quite like Mr Burton LOL. I can't wait for that one!

Mr. Ray Harryhausen not once but in two different panels.

Spotlight on George Romero with the funny as hell Max Brooks (I've seen the Zombie Survival Guide but now I have to go check out his other book World War Z).

UPA: Mavericks, Magic & Magoo-cartoons, cartoons and more cartoons...


Grim Adventures/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends "Talk"-Yes folks, this was Tristan's "must see" event. Now, I do like Foster's and from Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, I'm a huge Fred Fred Burger fan but that's about it. I think I slept through the panel once I found out that the Fred Fred Burger voice actor, C.H. Greenblatt was NOT on the panel.

Meeting James Jean at the adhouse books booth. There were some very nice people in line in that booth!

Attending the
300 and Blade Runner panel. That was great! I haven't seen 300 yet and am not sure I'm going to but we did get a video greeting from Gerard Butler. Frank Miller, Zach Snyder and company were there. Even better was the Blade Runner panel. Now, I have to confess, I have not seen Blade Runner *yet*. Many an opportunity has been presented to watch it on TV or DVD but the husband insists that it must be seen in the theatre on the big screen. Ripley Scott and several members of the cast were there. James Hong had me rolling.

Seeing Ray Wise walking down the hall.

Treasures from the ASIFA Vault screening-MORE cartoons!

The Eisners-Oh My God was that fun. We sat in the front (as close as we could). Bill Morrison hosted as Jane Wiedlin assisted in presenting the awards, directing the winners off the stage and giving out hugs and smooches. Morrison was dead on-great great host. It was over 3 hours long, modeled after the Oscars, but it was well worth it. I loved seeing Jill Thompson, Neil Gaiman, James Jean, Jonathan Ross, and more. Watching Jonathan Ross snog Neil Gaiman was frickin' funny as hell (read Gaiman's account here.) It was a ton of fun even though at times I wanted to hog tie my child and put him in the corner. Poor boy. He was tired as the whole trip we got up ridiculously early and went to bed ridiculously late. Next year we are going to see how feasible it is to stay in the Gaslamp area.


HUGE HUGE highlight of the day-THEY OPENED THE EXHIBIT HALL EARLY. That was EFFING AMAZING. I LOVED being let in a full 30 minutes early. Thank you thank you thank you CCI Staff.

The Simpsons Panel in Hell Hall. Now that was funny. The only bad thing is, not being able to get Spider Pig out of my head...

I don't think that I told you that I was practically hanging out at the Allen Spiegel booth Wednesday through Saturday waiting for Barron Storey to show up. Saturday afternoon, I had been by the booth at least 4 times that day to see and we were about to leave as I was getting more tired and cranky by the minute. I didn't see Barron and we started to walk by the booth when who do I see sitting there-OMG! FINALLY! I waited my turn (as he was talking to someone) and went up to him with my copies of Marat/Sade Journals and Life After Black. Now, I'm used to artists saying hi, asking your name and making small talk but was shocked as hell that he actually started talking to me. He was genuinely interested in what I thought of his work, how I found out about his artwork, etc... I was pretty beat and wiped out by Saturday afternoon and was lucky enough to remember even my name so I probably sounded like an idiot (David said "You just sounded like a fan." *sigh* Great...) As I babbled on about loving his work he mentioned that he had some art at the Bert Green Fine Art Gallery in
L.A. (FYI, Clive Barker has a show there this Fall.)

We traipsed back to Hell Hall for a few minutes to catch the Disney/Pixar screening for Prince Caspian...didn't stay long though as David and I both wanted to catch Scott Shaw's Oddball Comics Panel. I haven't laughed that hard since I spent some time with Alix and Kathy. THAT was a great panel and I can't wait for that one again next year. Where can I buy a DVD?

The Ray Harryhausen/Ray Bradbury Panel-Now, I have been a huge huge fan of both Rays since I was a teen. Seeing them together was a treat. Now, the huge disappointment of the day was finding out that Ray Bradbury has done a total 180 and is not the same man he used to be.
I won't rant but I'm very sad about this. All I'll say is that I won't ever buy another Bradbury book and if I do want to read his older books (if I don't have them) I will check them out of the library. After his little "rant" at the end of the panel, we all left (as did most in the room) and we were walking to another panel when we heard "Mr. Bradbury is leaving. Make room." Now, Bradbury is in a wheelchair. The next thing I see is a mere foot from me is Bradbury FLYING in his frickin wheelchair TOWARDS TRISTAN. Tristan had slept through the whole thing and was still trying to wake up. I moved Tristan out of the way as Bradbury brushed me with his goddamn wheelchair. David says it's quite ironic that bit and he wished he had it on tape.

Spotlight on Roy Thomas Panel-Now, I have to admit I'm still learning about comics history and I was a wee bit lost on most of what Roy Thomas and Mark Evanier were talking about but it was interesting! We attended a killer panel with Evanier last year talking to Jerry Robinson. I would definitely say for 2008, go out of your way to see an Evanier panel. This man knows his stuff.

This is the first time that we were able to attend Comic Con for more than a day and a half and we loved every minute of it (even when I was a bitch and bitching about how tired I was). People bitch about the crowds...come on, folks it is once a year. People bitch about the movie stuff. People bitch about how some parts of Con are one big advertisement for the movie industry. Yet, where the hell else would you get to walk down the aisles and see other artists and writers in the Comic Book World that you admire? (I saw Jill Thompson at the Greg Spalenka booth buying jewelry!! THAT was a thrill). Where the hell else would you get to see and listen to people like Ray Harryhausen or Jerry Robinson or Neil Gaiman talk? Where the hell else would you get to see vendors with Silver Age and Golden Age Comics treating the books with respect and the actual art that they are. We're already counting the days down til July 2008 for the next Comic Con...now we just have to find a frigging hotel room.

Home From Comic Con-quickie post

Photos from Wednesday night:

Waiting for the doors to open

Wed night after 9 pm, exhibit hall closed, the sea of people pour out looking for food, drinks and good company

I'm back! I'm tired. I could sleep for a week. My feet are throbbing. My shoulder is killing me (whoever the hell suggested a "man purse" vs. a back pack I might throttle). I'm sick of eating out (whoever thought that could happen). I'm tired of walking. I hate crowds..
BUT I LOVED Comic Con 2007. Damn. It was that good.
Here's my quickie post about highlights from Wednesday night:
Arrived Wednesday later then planned. Parking under the convention center was full (shit!) thankfully the Petco center lot wasn't (yay!). Got through the line in unbelievable lightning speed with badges in hand. Damn, they are getting better and better at that every year (Thanks guys!)
Did not do a damn thing with that little journal and pens that I lugged around all weekend. Spent most of my time talking to David, Tristan or people around me and listening to people around me.
Wednesday night, the doors opened to the exhibit halls and we all poured in. No panels Wednesday night so we shopped 'til we dropped.


Andy Runton remembered Tristan's name. That was sweet.

Eddie Campbell -snagging a copy of Black Diamond Detective Agency and not only did he sign BDDA but I also had our copy of From Hell which he drew in-cool beans. Thanks Eddie. I can't wait to sit down with BDDA.

Seeing CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy (aka the Artists Sisters) and Miss Mindy remembering me! I bought a copy of their book and wish I had more $ to buy all of the art in their booth.

No Dave McKean DVD at Comic Con but I did get some of his books at the Allen Spiegel booth...I think they wanted to kill me 'cause I kept walking by looking for Barren Storey.

Bad things about Con on Wednesday night:
The damn hotel I picked. Blah. I'd never stay here again not for $130 a night. Best Western at Posada in San Diego sucks donkey balls for $130 a night. It was clean but the light was missing the lampshade. The fridge didn't work. One light didn't work. The shower was a trickle-seriously. It wasn't bad, but for that much $ I wanted something a little nicer...oh, and Cartoon Network coming in on a regular basis on the TV for the boy would've been better. The grand thing that set me off was that I had called the hotel a week before asking them if they had a computer. I was told YES. I asked them if they had internet access for their guests to use on the computer-ditto, YES. I asked them something else about computer use but it all boiled down to YES we have a computer in the lobby for you to use. SO we went out and bought a USB drive and put our info on it. We get to the hotel that night-no computer. They have wireless in the lobby but that was it. The guy (who was sick and kept sniffling so much that when I got out to the car I ran alcohol baby wipes not only over my hands but also my credit card, drivers license and Best Western card) looked at me like I was insane (grrr).

I'll post more on the rest of the week and what goodies I found later...right now I need a nap.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some more pages (done last night while watching PBS) from that book I've been working in:

not anywheres near done but here's some more doodling. The damn duck just cracks me up.
Oh yeah, doodles done with Sharpie Poster Paint (waterbased pens), some weird white chalk marker I had (I can't remember the name brand it was thick-it made the tree and took forever to dry), Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze & Souffle pens.

see what happens when you let a 10 year old loose with a camera? i love these pictures...

Just in case I can't update the blog from Comic Con...here are some things to keep you busy from my bookmarks:

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David Choong Lee-Oh frigging A! Lee is going to be at Comic Con. For those of you who don't know his work, RUN RUN RUN. Do NOT walk. Get thee to an online site and scope out his work. I've seen copies of some of the books he is in at Soap Plant/Wacko in L.A. if that helps. I LOVE his work.

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Has anyone else been watching PBS' broadcast of Simon Schama's Power of Art the last few weeks?

I've been watching the series religiously. Next week's show is on Rothko and is the last of the series. Um, who do we need to persuade to get Mr. Schama to do MORE shows. This is one of the best damn things I've ever watched.

Last night's episode was on J. M. W. Turner. *gasp*! "Painter of light" indeed. Did you know that he kept one fingernail long so that he could scratch and scrape into the paintings? The texture, the depth, the light, THE COLORS...

" ... my job is to draw what I see, not what I know." Turner

One of the great stories they told was of a potential student who was seeking Turner out. It wasn't uncommon for Turner to have layers of paint under his nails and on his fingers. Turner took the student's lily white hands in his own and said "You're no artist..." LOL.

You can watch video clips of the show here. There is a companion book as well. My only fault with the series is that there are only 8 shows.

Monday, July 23, 2007

NO Harry Potter Spoilers in this post at all!!

I finished the book. Damn. 10 years it's been since the first book came out. My boy is 10!! My Dad was right when he said to me when Tristan was born how fast time goes by...
Any ways, I LOVED the book. I do hope that she does continue writing (not necessarily HP related books, I mean just writing-I Love her writing). I might go back and re read all of the books. Let's just say yesterday was spent devouring the book and I loved every minute of it!! And Jill, yes, my favorite swear word at the moment is now going to be BITCH! Leave it to a redhead, huh? Love the Weasleys...

The above pictures are of a funky version of my "Graffito" book class-it's the book that I've been working in the last few days. I made the "book" part of it (with the painted pages) a few weeks ago. I decided that I wanted something that I could bring with me to Comic Con with a few pens to "play and doodle in". So, that's my game plan for now...The pages are far from finished but it is fun working in it as much as I can...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I went to bed with it (up til 2 a.m. last night with it):

I didn't wake up with it (the rental car needed to be returned and errands needed to be done first), though it was at arm's reach.
I spent 3 hours this afternoon with it. I am half way through with it.
Yet, the family doesn't understand why I don't want to be interrupted. The phone keeps ringing. I did make time to cut Tristan's hair before he complains about it being too long again for the gazillionth time. I guess I will make dinner...but off to spend more time with Harry first.
No art today, I am thinking at the moment. I'm too engrossed with Harry, Ron & Hermione!

OH! I am going to try to post from Comic Con! I don't know if I will be able to as it solely depends on computer access at the hotel...but I'm going to try!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What I was going to do...

What I *was* going to to with this post-

I was going to post about the amazingly fun day I had teaching at Violets Rubber Stamp Inn in Ventura (folks, she's closing in a few weeks so check her out NOW. The LAST class is my class, Saturday, August 4th.)

I was going to post about snagging a copy of the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows at the bookstore at 9 a.m. and walking out with a grin. I was going to post about how I just couldn't wait and I read the chapter by chapter "blurbs" on wikipedia yesterday afternoon. Mum is the word, of course, unless you ask me what happens...and no one else is around, I'll tell you.

I was going to post about my friend Lorraine giving me an amazing necklace that I just am treasuring...and the beads she gave me for Bead For Life.

I was going to post about how I came home and found not one but TWO boxes waiting for me...and how generous Gwen in AZ is with the goodies she sent me in exchange for books I sent her...OR how frickin' amazingly cool the wallpaper is that I ordered from Mary Ann. I am still shaking my head at how FAST the package arrived (Thanks M.A.!!!) and that it is DECORATED in true Dispatch style!!

I was going to post at how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jesse Reno's book and that I think it is one of the BEST books that I have EVER bought and how much I just want to wrap myself in the pages...and that there is a lot of PINK in it...and Jesse is a MAN and I love artists who embrace pink.

I was going to do all of that...but I'm tired.