Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's one of those days when I feel like crawling into bed. Didn't sleep last night at all...am sitting at the computer, wearing a sweater and I'm still freezing. LOL I love the rain though-am hoping it rains more, but not til after I get the car into the shop LOL

Sitting here listening to Margaret Prescott on KPFK...so much for yesterday being the 'final day' of their fund drive. Two weeks of trying to raise $ to stay on the air. *sigh* It's one of my favorite radio stations to listen to: http://kpfk.org/ Fave shows: Democracy Now (www.democracynow.org/), Uprising, Jerry Quigley's show, etc.. to name a small handful. News worth listening to...

Decided to take the plunge yesterday and commit myself full force to the "zine thing". I did my first zine at about age 9 or 10 (?) LOL, it was a B & W zine to the "Monkees", my favorite obsession at the time! Hey, it was 1985 and reruns were in ;)
(Thankfully, NOT "Rerun" from "What's Happening") Any ways, this little project I am working on-I am hoping for it to be fifty full color pages...tips, meanderings, my stuff, some ideas to give people, etc... things that I'd want to see in a zine...am also thinking of including photos of my studio space since I love seeing other people's studios (yes, move over Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window...)

Those are my thoughts for the day...How much work can I get done in 4 hours before Tristan gets out of school-eek.

OH: "recommended" book for the day: Silly Daddy by Joe Ciappietta (spelling?)
Out of print, I've been told, but worth reading, or at least looking into!

Remember, Python on PBS tomorrow night! 10 PM PST is Terry Gilliam's episode focusing on his animation (yay). I'm irked that PBS (KCET) in LA is putting Michael Palin's show on a SUNDAY NIGHT!! AND AND AND they are not even airing Terry Jones' show-WHAT?@?!?!? Are they afraid that it's him 30+ years later doing his show "live, in the buff, from a piano near you" ?!?!?!? Grrr!! Or maybe they're not airing him because of his world views (ahem, I *love* Jones' articles that you can find if you google them...)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Had a great weekend teaching in Monrovia (Stampin on Cloud 9), Pasadena (Zinnia) and Agoura Hills (Paper Post). I managed to be relatively well behaved LOL (it's "rent" time LOL). I did snag the latest Somerset, some blank eggs to decorate, some cute little decorate birds, a couple of awesome new Stampers Anonymous images and two books: Pinocchio illustrated by Sara Fanelli and The ARtful Alphabet by Martina Jirankova-Limbrick.
Hurt my stupid back in Pasadena yesterday 'cause my stupid bag broke. GRR! Do NOT buy these bags *ever* I have had way too many of the damn things break and they are expensive. I hate Art Bin bags!!! Grr!!! I have had a few and I'm just sick of spending $ on them and they break. I swear by my huge Crop In Style XXL. The thing is HUGE but it's worth it! It takes a "Kelly beating" LOL
I'm sitting here waiting-waiting-waiting for the rain tomorrow! YAY!!!!
In the meantime, please don't forget my post below about Emily Quinlan's San Diego bone marrow drives. If you know ANYONE who can help or may be interested, please please please register today. It is NOT painful and it's very easy to do!!! *Extreme thanks* from the bottom of my heart.

I'm trying to forward this to as many people in the San Diego area as I can. I've posted before. Emily Quinlan who is still in Boston at Children's Hospital waiting for a bone marrow match. Emily is from the San Diego area.
They *think* that the key is involves her Native American heritage that is mixed with Irish, Italian, etc...PLEASE pass this info on to as many people as you know, anyone whom you think may be interested:

There are two drives happening in San Diego. Well first of all you always have the option of going to the blood bank on Upas St. to get typed.
On Wednesday, March 1st from 10-2 at UCSD were having a drive there, but if you can't make that one then go to the other Marrow drive, on...
April 5th from 6-9pm at the Clairemont Northminster Presbetirian Church, on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. (across from Kragen) You should go! Tell all your friends, to tell there there friends, then there friends will know too.... then everyone will know and go!


Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm off to teach in Monrovia tonight (Stampin on Cloud 9), Zinnia (Pasadena) tomorrow, and Paper Post (Agoura Hills) on Sunday...
Been busy lately making postcards and class samples, etc...
Here are a few that I've made.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...know what I mean, know what I mean??
Python is on PBS (kcet for those of you in La La Land)! Tonight (Wed) at 9 pm is Eric Idle's favorites followed by Graham Chapman's faves...Each member picked their faves and they all picked what they thought would be Chapman's favorites since he hasn't returned any time lately... *sigh*
Personally, I'm looking forward to the best of Michael Palin. I'd go around the world with him any day~!
Looks like on PBS, Palin is getting the shaft. He's not on the Wednesday shows like the other guys, he gets a Sunday night, March 5th at 10:30 pm! Grr! So much for being a lumberjack...grrr....(that one is on tonight as one of Idle's "faves"...."LEAPING FROM TREE TO TREE..." *ahem*

Countdown to Art Unraveled! www.artunraveled.com/
The dates have been announced: August 14th (meet the artists that night), classes begin on the 15th through the 20th. That's all the info I know, but I'm really looking forward to it!!

I'm going to be busy both locally and outside of So CA the next few months. The second weekend in March, I go to Stampers Warehouse, www.stamperswarehouse.com/ in Danville. I'm looking forward to it! In April I go to the Artists' Nook in Fort Collins. In June, I'll be back in Danville. In late July, I am talking to a store on the East Coast that I have never taught at but am eager to do so! In August, the first weekend I will be at The Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA www.thestampactstore.com/ and hopefully I'll be at Art Unraveled in the middle of the month (I don't know yet about that one but I have my fingers crossed). That's it for "out of area" classes in '06 so far so if you have a location near you that is looking for an instructor, drop me an email at Egorey99@worldnet.att.net :)

My little sister, Erin, is getting married in October so I am hoping to maybe pick up a one day East coast gig while I'm there, but we shall see!

Off to make vegetable soup & biscuits (LOL I don't "make" the biscuits-thank the little fat doughboy "hoo hoo") for dinner...Hit the newstand (Centerfolds on Fairfax) NOTHING new :P boring!!!! NOTHING new at Barnes & Noble yesterday either...going to the park tomorrow ;) with Tristan after school...

FYI, the "insert links" button is not working for me at the moment...sorry!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hiya Curly!
Ahem, couldn't resist...been listening to OTR especially (My personal favorite) The Phil Harris show...*those* were the days.
Not much new today-one of those 'typical' days. Laundry. Post Office. Blah blah blah...Took Tristan to the Grove...didn't find anything at Barnes & Noble (phew!)
Came home...put away what seemed like a zillion tons of laundry. Sat and watched the 4 o'clock news and realized *how* utterly different it is from the news I listen to...that most of the so called "news" sounded like PR releases or paid for commercials. But, I digress...managed to put the laundry away. I laid down to read-God, what was I reading ?? There's a whole pile of books on the bed but I'll be damnedifiknow! I fell asleep! Eek! Nothing like a 4:30 in the afternoon nap LOL I'll be up all night now. Woke up to make dinner & dishes :P
Sat on the living room floor while Tristan played, David worked, Phil Harris & Alice Faye played in the background and I cut & pasted things to make more mail art postcards...I'm way too obsessed with these little things. Tip: if you don't "like" something or aren't 100% sure of the "look"-try putting various cut up tissues on top (see what they look like before you glue them down)...I'm obsessed with doing that...am on the hunt for cool, funky "tissue papers" since 7 gypsies/autumn leaves is no longer making them :(
Cute joke I heard: Why do they call it tourist season if we can't shoot them?
David is waiting to watch Kung Fu-we're on the 3rd season. I'll be bummed when we've watched all of them. *Ah* young David Carradine at his finest. I LOVE that show...
Any ways, with David on the darn computer all day and me running around getting work done, I'm behind with my email again.
Oh, by the way, this is the inside of my "Woman's Notebook" journal sample..notice it is not bound to the "cover" (no sewing to the cover)...the cover opens flat. It's a "fat, chunky" book (not a "fat book" like the swaps) so those of you that are interested in the class but are afraid of making a humongous looking book (or are intimidated by the pages), we don't have to sew as many pages in-we can leave some out, or even 'replace' the pages with envelopes, glassine, fabric, canvas, etc.. just a thought!

FYI, this is the outside cover of my "A Woman's Notebook" sample...I'm debuting the class in March at A Little Bizaar in Lake Elsinore. YES, you will be making this book (and decorating it to your own, unique style & taste). Then, YES, we will be doing all NEW mixed media exercises (collage, mixed media & some simple, easy writing) all "women" themed. I'm really looking forward to it.
I am stressing that in each one of my mixed media classes, I try to offer new, different techniques using acrylic paints and a variety of mediums. We may use the same 'thing" but I try to present it in a whole 'new' light...
I'm off to the laundromat :P The laundry tended to pile up while Mom was here since I didnt' have time to do it and now it's a monster that has taken over my hall...eek...
So I get to go to the local laundromat with the transvestites, etc... that I have seen walking around the area. Fun! You'll see me in the car with my books and notebook LOL
MY favorite story-across the street from the laundry is a "gay bar" with tinted windows and such, so that we have no idea what goes on in there. My parents were doing laundry early one Sunday morning and they were watching the activities across the street. Well, some smart person had decorated the bar to look like a "Church"-complete with tinted, stained glass windows, signs, etc... I don't know ahem, where they were worshipping, but my parents got a kick out of it...Happy, drunk men walking out of "Church" at 8 a.m. on a Sunday...yes, indeedy!
I love L.A. especially West Hollywood LOL!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ah, it's one of those days when I don't have much to say, for fear of 'saying too much', 'spouting off', etc.. and getting into MAJOR, big time trouble. *sigh*
It's one of those days when I feel like I'm back in High School again and am not one of the "popular girls". Don't get me wrong, I *love* my job. I *love* being an artist/instructor. I'm *extremely* grateful for it. I *do* get very upset, though, when I feel that I am in High School and am having to "compete" and "play games" (which: a. I never did and b. never WILL do). I had someone tell me something recently that has stuck in my mind since they told me: that people had to "take sides" when it came down to me..Me vs. Someone Else. People taking MY classes vs. people taking "Person X's" classes...WHAT? Hello? Is this friggin' high school? I've plugged people-people I didn't even personally "liked" but that I love their art and have known them to be good instructors...and artists. So for something like this to come back to me and then to have it reflected in the "games that people play" and whether or not I get accepted to teach somewhere is ridiculous. Grow up, ok?? Grow the frig UP. There IS enough room for GOOD instructors. There is NOT enough room for game playing, high school cheerleader crap, OK?
And no, I do not have my period, thank you very much. I'm just feeling annoyed, hurt and completely lost, and sadly, "not good enough" even when after almost 9 (?) years of doing this, I *should* know better.
Ah, the games people play...and I don't want to play them. Ever.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Books beside my bed:
The Great American Broadcast by Leonard Maltin (old time radio shows galore-whee!)
Archie comic books-well,various "Jughead" titles, 4 of them (YES, they are MINE-have been reading Archie since I COULD read ;))
Walking in Circles-Rita McNamara-read it and LOVED it
Joan Snyder book-love love love her artwork
Moonlight Chronicles-Dan Price-am looking for more of these-anyone have any to sell/trade?
Danny Gregory's Creative License-love it!
Twyla Tharp's book on creativity
then there is a whole pile I can't see the names from where I am sitting at the computer
in actuality, there are at least 50-70 books piled up around my bed and that does not include the 3 bookcases on my hubby's side LOL

Mom left Wednesday :( and we're trying to "return to normal" here...normal as in "boring, everyday life with no running around for "fun" stuff" ;)
I was a "bad" mom on Monday (influenced by my "bad" Mom -LOL, she's not) and Mom & I took Tristan out of school on Monday. eek! We figured that she didn't get to see him at Christmas time in Boston and we didn't go to AZ that this one little time wouldn't hurt...soooooooooo we went to Knotts Berry Farm. We had a great time. It was Tristan's first time and our second time. Mom & Dad took my sister, Erin & I in '87, I think it was?? We did discover one VERY important rule: do NOT NOT NOT *EVER* ride a "rapid" water ride at 4:45 in the evening in February...especially one that warns you "You WILL get wet. You MAY get drenched." Ok, I wasn't drenched. I wasn't wet. I was friggin' SOAKED. It was like jumping in a pool with your clothes on. Mom & I were went down to our underwear (yeah, me with nylons on too, that was fun. :P) Tristan (luckily) only got "wet". Try walking around with the sun setting in a SOAKED shirt, skirt, bra, underwear, nylons, shoes, etc... NOT fun. We even tried going into the bathroom and using the "dryers". Well, the so called dryers don't get you very dry. Needless to say, avoid that damn ride that late in the day. Noon, it would've been great. So close to sun down, it's a thumbs down. Now if it had been JUNE or JULY or AUGUST or SEPTEMBER, it'd have been awesome but NOT in February.
It was a FUN FUN day though.
Valentine's Day -
Well it started off fine....Mom & I dropped Tristan off at school. I dropped my car off at the shop for a minor tune up (more $ Grrr). Then we both went to Hollywood & Highland to drop our rental off at Budget. After eating a so so breakfast at Mels Diner on Hollwyood, we went to the big ass mall at H & Highland. I really don't like the mall. There isn't anything there other then two hugomongous elephants (that I wonder what THEY will do heaven forbid there is an earthquake :P) and some interesting "hieroglyphics" from D.W. Griffith's "Intolerance", I believe it is. Any ways, we went to one of my (former) favorite stores "Hot Topic". I walk in with Mom and say hi to the clerk that is opening the door. Very friendly and seems nice. I manage to find four shirts I want to try on before I buy. 'cause Hot Topic does not seem to know how to "size" shirts. I wear a medium, usually...yet at Hot Topic I could fit into a small, medium, large, XL, XXL, etc... depending on which freakin' company makes the t-shirt. GRR (I noted this to a sales clerk once and she told me that I should shop at their "large" store...needless to say, I was a little pissed with that comment-but this was a year ago AND at a different store). OK back to topic. I give my Mom a plastic shopping bag that I was holding (funny: it was only holding extra "paper napkins" that we had "borrowed" from Knotts to put on the seat of the rental car so we could drive home some what "comfortably". I also had to line the inside of my skirt with the damn things so I could "sit" down in the car). SOOOOO I give Mom the bag to "hold" while I ask to try the shirts on. The guy at the register (who really reminded me of Will *shudder* Ferrell) tells this blonde chick with *really* short hair that was terribly dyed (she really needs to take my color theory class LOL) that she should let me into the dressing room. I go over with her and show her (pulling each shirt apart separately) that I have "one...two...three...four..." t-shirts. She gets a funny look on her face and tells me that their policy is 3 shirts in the dressing room. OK no biggie. I can give one to Mom to hold or she can maybe help me out and hold one and switch it with me so I don't have to leave the damn dressing room. She then says that she'll let me in with 4 BUT and she flicks her finger at my side and snidely remarks "BUT I DON'T like the bag." I think at that point, my mouth dropped. She doesn't like my bag? What the hell does that mean? OMG. It dawns on me. The bitch thinks I'm going to stick a friggin' shirt in my bag...AFTER I just told her EXACTLY how many friggin' t-shirts I have IN my hands (even SHOWED her). I opened my purse up (now those of you that know me KNOW how big my purse is....but you also know that it is usually FULL of more crap then I need to carry...well, this purse that I had that day was about a 1/8 of the size of the one I usually have) and I ask her "WHAT MORE CAN I FIT IN HERE?!?!?" I then throw the shirts at her (well, I felt like it, I actually handed them to her) and told her disgustedly that I do not plan on buying these any more (I REALLY wanted at least 2 of them-esp. this cute pink thing that I wanted for Valentines Day) and that I was extremely insulted, blah blah blah... I then told the "guy" and the "other woman" at the register what happened and that I was NOT going to shop there any longer. So I leave...with Mom. I go outside and start to think about it. HELLO? Do they know how much $$$ I have spent at Hot Topic over the years...that my whole family (my sister, my cousin, friends, etc...) shop there. Do they KNOW how much $$ they are about to lose. I was pissed!!!! I go back into the shop (now I know why and how people go postal) and tell the "guy" who ends up being the "associate district manager" (he was useless, nice but useless). He takes me outside and I tell him MY story. I wasn't going to steal anything. I don't do that. I had $ to pay (ok, well, Mom was buying, how could I refuse? ;) ) and that I had even given my Mom the friggin' plastic bag. He apologized and said that she handled it wrong, blah blah blah. I said I didn't want her fired but that I was extremely upset and that I will not be back into that store. Well, after a five minute conversation, all I received was an apology. I was really upset that he basically (as a friend pointed out) did NOT offer to 'grease my palm' NOR did he bend over backwards to right what was wrong. I have spent thousands of dollars in that damn store over the years on t-shirts. NOT any more. I'm also telling my sister, cousins, etc... NOT to give them any $. I have been in customer service since I was, like, 10 years old and had a newspaper route. NEVER would I have EVER treated anyone like this...
So now I'm shirtless in La La Land...well, not really, but I need to find a new place to shop...maybe I should "grow up" and get shirts made for 31 year old women ;)
FYI, this is a canvas approx 12 x 16" and this was one of my "part one" photos. The hands now have layers of color on them, the painting has gold leaf and some more things added. I hope to have an updated photo up here soon. I still consider it a work in progress but I had a helluva lot of fun making it...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My friend, Bernie Berlin: http://thecre8tivei.livejournal.com/ is in desperate need of help with her critters! She runs a live animal rescue, and I swear, the woman is like a walking saint. Please visit her website: and see if there is anything that you can donate (money, old towels, etc...)

Also "in the news":
GO GO GO see the film "WHY WE FIGHT" David & I saw it last night at Laemmle's Five on Sunset. People came from as far away as San Diego (La Jolla) to see it. GO GO GO see it.
Trust me. See it with a friend or three...

Mom is still here. Almost killed her yesterday, but things are better now... LOL
Spent today lazing around til 1. Mom took Tristan to church. I stayed home to do taxes & shower. Then we went to the Melrose Trading Post and walked around for a few hours. I snagged a few goodies: some old make up cases for less than a few bucks to "funk up" with my artwork...and a book with Lilla Rogers' illustrations in it for a $1. I just really like walking around there and seeing what people make & sell-that's cool. If I had some $ I would have loved to have bought some artwork...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

So far, today is an extremely lazy day...I slept (ok, stayed in bed) til 11:30!! Tristan woke me up at 8 taping "Batman", but I just kinda tossed and turned for another 3 + hours after that. Running around town with my Mom wore me out!
Yesterday we started our day (after taking Tristan to school *and* fighting at 7:15 in the morning WHY my Mother went right into the shower when MY alarm clock went off knowing full well that I need to get Tristan to school before 8:15 *sigh*) at "Susina's" on Beverly in L.A. (near La Brea). It's an amazing bakery...Mom had a tea and a chocolate chip/cherry scone (which she kept telling me an hour later that she didn't like it with the cherries as she sat and picked them out of her teeth *sigh*) I couldn't find anything "breakfasty" that I wanted to eat so we then went to the Bagel Broker on Beverly (near Fairfax) where I walked in to find my onion bagel (with cream cheese) and Barqs root beer all ready to go. Scary world, huh?
Had to take the car in for a smog check. It failed miserably. The friggin' check engine light has been on FOREVER. We get the car serviced, the light is off, we drive away from the service station and the damn thing pops on again...I pointed out (sweetly, batting my eyes) to the "by the books" man at the shop that my check engine light was on the last time I was here and that it is always on no matter what I do. He proceeded to give me the name of a "good mechanic" *sigh* (no luck...and I've been to that mechanic and he's NOT good). Any ways so if anyone in MY area (We Ho) "knows a guy" (ok, too many old time radio shows-Elliott Lewis refernce from the Phil Harris show "I know a guy...") -IF anyone knows a LEGIT GOOD mechanic in We Ho, please let me know! LOL! I need to pull money out of my butt and get my car fixed, pass the smog check and get my sticker before the end of March.
So with my day starting off like that, we then proceed to try to find the Monastery of the Angels in Hollywood. This is the place Carol Parks recommended for nummy chocolate covered marshmallows. My Mom is navigating. I'm driving. Well, somehow, I screwed up and decided that the street name where the Nuns live is "CARMEL" and not "Carmen" (chocolate covered BRAIN, I guess). We drove by it gleefully...I then noticed three "bookstores" on Franklin that I have yet to visit (next time! Mom is NOT into bookstores)...We finally turned around, found it, parked on the street. Mom & I figured out where the entrance was, buzzed the buzzer and waited. I could hear two women talking behind the iron gate as we waited...trying to figure out why they wouldn't let us in. They FINALLY let us in...where we were FOLLOWED (literally the friggin' woman was standing ON TOP OF me several times) by a woman who watched our every move. I really want to send them a letter saying that between my Mom & I we have enough Catholic schooling to qualify us for Nun hood, cripes!!! I was so mad. I'm sorry. I'm not going to steal a $.75 medallion. I'm here to GIVE you money FOR CHOCOLATE!! I was pissed. Any ways, we left with one box of the Marmels (choc covered marshmallows). We did catch sight of one nun (unfriendly -so what else is new..I guess they're not from the Sisters of Notre Dame...who are some of my favorite nuns...) ;)
Mom insisted that I bless myself with the "holy water" they had outside the chapel and then proceeded to call me an agnostic when I wouldn't. *sigh* I was waiting for her to call me a heathen LOL
Well, flash forward 10 minutes later and the whole box of marmels is gone between the two of us (that's 10 or 11 candies). One trip to Starbucks (iced teas) later, we were full. LOL
Walked around Beverly Hills (I don't GET it!!), found a skirt for $15 at the "all things $15 or less shop (Mom kept saying "I can't believe Beverly Hills lets this store be here...) I picked up two pieces of glassine at Paper Source...Mom found a tiny present for my sister and her wedding-it's funny but I can't post it here til after Mom gives it to her...
Picked up the kiddo at school and drove to Pasadena. First stop-one of my fave stores, Zinnia in So Pasadena (www.zinnia.biz)
where Tamara spent time telling me all about CHA and the new "toys" she is bringing into the shop, pointing out the luscious new fixtures and displays she has in the store (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of the store), showing me the new Stampers Anonymous images (I was trying to restrain myself from buying them all!!), and booking class dates with me for April, May & June (we're going to be doing some week day classes there-yay!) The rest of the day was spent at the park near Fair Oaks and then at the Cheesecake factory that night (no dessert for us :)-too many marmels). I managed to go to Paper Source in Pasadena as well (I was VERY good, didn't spend any $)..bought the new Watercolor Magic at Barnes & Noble...
One of the other highlights of the day, was my trip to the Folk Tree (& their store next door) to see the Valentine Show. OMG! It is a MUST see-Both the Folk Tree & their location two doors down, are filled with amazing artwork celebrating Valentines Day. The show runs til Feb 18th, I believe, and it is not to be missed. I really enjoyed it and am hoping to go back before it closes. I *always* love visiting both of the stores. Since I'm a little broke, I could only get two pieces of handmade paper with milagros images on them, Suzi Finer in Bev Hills used to carry the papers and I'm so happy that I have been able to find them elsewhere since she closed her doors :(
Any ways, it was a crazy day but fun one yesterday...
Today is the lazy day. David and I are going out tonight (yay! date night) and we are hoping to eat at one of our fave locations on La Brea (I don't know the name of it-will post it later) and then to go see "Why We Fight" at the movies...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Testing the waters one last time for now...

And just for the helluva it...

another one

(grumble, that'll teach them NOT to let me post my pictures ;) )

They don't want me to post pictures today!!! It's taken me over TWO hours to do this ************** picture

It's way too early in the morning for me. Mom is still asleep in Tristan's room. I'm still asleep at the keyboard.

Just sitting here pondering the thought that I know I'm going to get slammed for, but I can't help thinking it...How can we, as a society, get up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, go to work, have lunch, leave work, go shopping, eat dinner, do errands, go to the movies, read, watch tv, go to bed, dream, etc... How can we, basically, live a normal (?) life while the day to day happenings of the world seem to pass us by?

How come I can't read or listen to the news (Pacifica, Democracy Now, thank you very much) without feeling like I've been punched in the stomach? How come I can sit here and *think* about what it might feel like to be in "so and so's shoes? To lose a child in a war? To have my husband stolen from me? To have my family ripped away from me? To have my home, my world destroyed? How do we, as a whole, go about our daily lives as if nothing is going on while people around us are in so much pain and suffering?

It's just that the world seems entirely different, or maybe it's just me. When I listen to the old radio shows it seems *everyone* was involved in the war. They were taught to save, recycle, reuse, etc...They KNEW that a war was going on. But here in 2006 we're encouraged to "spend and shop" to help. To help whom? Haliburton? It just seems people are in a whirlwind rush around me at times, completely oblivious to what is happening in the world.

Slow down.

Pay attention.

If you're not upset, you're not paying attention.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here are two more postcards...

Now I need to get off the computer and get into the shower! EEK-11 hours and 17 minutes before Mom arrives. :)

I *love* my Mom. I *hate* cleaning. I'm disappointed we're not going to Arizona 'cause not only do I miss out on teaching (and $ to pay bills) but I miss out on seeing my friends at Frenzy Stamper, shopping at Frenzy Stamper (and some other cool stores in the area), the brownie across the street from Frenzy Stamper, Oregano's pizza, cool AZ bookstores, trekking through the desert listening to my new CD's David made me for the trip...but now I have to figure out what the hell to do HERE with Mom and Tristan for a week. OK 11 hours and 15 minutes to decide LOL

Remember, the top "page" with two postcards-
the top image on the 'first page' is the front side of the first postcard
the top image on the 'second page' is the back side of the first postcard

the bottom image on the 'first page' is the front side of the second postcard
the bottom image on the 'second page' is the back side of the second postcard

I hope I'm speaking English. I know my computer illiteracy is extremely on high maintenance today-LOL

It's so funny, even the simplest change on a computer can mess me up, but with art I just flow with it. Maybe 'cause it's because I "get" art but don't "get" computers. I'm lucky enough I know how to do THIS blog. LOL

Here are some of the postcards I have made and have available. I'm going to upload two images-The top postcard of page one is the front and the top postcard of page two is it's back...same thing for the bottom one. I hope that makes sense. I have handmade, original postcards for $10 each...or if you want one specialized and custom made with something specific $15 each.

I have been up since 7 a.m. and so far have accomplished nothing but email, exercising,did the dishes, made french toast and it's not 10:39. Am still in my PJ's typing away. Managed to cut up some papers and put together a swap I need to send out, but other then that-nada! And yup, Mom arrives at 10:15 tonight. The apartment is as clean as it's gonna get. Tristan didn't clean up his room as well as I would have liked, but oh well. What to do this weekend?? Maybe I'll take Mom & Tristan out to Oak Glen since we've never been but have wanted to go..or maybe to the Getty? Or to the Huntington Gardens...hmmm....

When will I find time to sit on the floor to cut & paste?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm a huge fan of Old Time Radio. David, Tristan and I sit around at nights listening to it on the computer, CD or on KPFK (first Monday night of every month from midnight til 5 a.m.). The Jack Benny Fan Club (www.jackbenny.com/) is trying to get enough signatures together to put Benny on the $.39 stamp (quite appropriate!) Benny would have been, well, "39" on February 14th. I signed it already, as did hubby. This weekend they are having the 39 man march on Washington, DC in honor of Benny.

I write this as I sit listening to the Phil Harris Alice Faye show-the episode on "how they met"...

I'm hoping to start putting up more postcards that I have been making. I'll be offering them for sale $10 for one "already made and $15 for a "custom" made postcard (if there is an image, color, etc... that you might want). Postcards are about 4 x 5".

My Arizona classes were cancelled :( -it was a bad weekend with the Art Festival in Scottsdale taking over and closing the streets, etc.. So, sadly, we'll be home this weekend. Mom is arriving tomorrow night so we'll have to find things to keep her busy since she'll just want to "go go go". I've been sick the last two weeks and exhausted in the mornings after OD'ing on Tylenol PM that seems to just knock me out and put me to sleep :P Tristan's bummed about not going to AZ so we'll have to make it up to him this weekend somehow! :)

More later!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

OK, my "baby" is no longer my "baby" (in his words). Tristan is now "my big boy". LOL
Exhausted. Had a great day teaching out at Violets in Ventura. We did my "Text as Art" class-text as scrumptious backgrounds, foregrounds and everything in between! Great group of talented women artists :) Also managed to get into trouble (as usual) at Violets...bought Somerset Wedding 2 (yes, Erin, I am working on your wedding invite ideas in addition to what you have thought of...) AND Linda Woods & Karen Dinino "Visual Chronicles" which looks just scrumptious. I can't wait to relax and go through this one!!!
Came home-Tristan was very patient the way he opened his presents...but a little piggie when he basically dove into his SpongeBob cake. Now if I can only tear him away from SpongeBob season 2 which his Aunt and Uncle gave him today I'd be a happy camper.
I've been drawing a lot more lately..draw every now and then but am really messing around with it more and am having fun with it!
Oh God help us, my husband has put on the tape of me preggers in the hospital the day Tristan was born. Cripes, I told him to shut the f****** camera off THAT day and am telling him now to shut the f****** tape off now. LOL Man, the things that you will say when you are doped up on hospital drugs after being in severe pain. Ugh.
Boring blog today but it has been a mellow day :) I've been up since 4 am so my brain is fuzzy.
OH! Another cool book I found a couple of months ago is Street Art-it's totally yummy...all graffitti artists but LOTS of ideas. No one believes me when I tell them-GO TO THE COMIC BOOK STORE! It's FILLED with cool art by cool artists!!! C'mon, you can't go wrong: Barron Storey (instructor to Juliana Coles & John Copeland-he HAD to have been influenced by him in some way, shape or form...); David Mack; Souther Salazaar, Saelee Oh, Dave McKean, Andy Runton (I'm a huge Owly fan-such a sucker for that one! I love how a simple story can be told using heartfelt images and no words), and soooo many more (if only my brain would work at the moment.) I'm going to crash.
Am teaching at Stampin from the Heart tomorrow-can't wait!
OH! And Thanks Linda Woods for telling me I can fix it so anyone can post to my blog...I just did that.
Does anyone have any suggestions on MORONIC neighbors who LOVE to blast their stereo even *louder* now that we've complained to the management and the idiot neighbor KNOWS it annoys the HELL out of me??!!?!? This is the same neighbor who proceeded to try to push my 6 '4" husband down the stairs after my "neighbor" called me the *lovely* term that a female hates to be called most...Yes, he's a wonderful "NEIGHBOR". GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Even the police "love" him.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Here's a scan of some of the so called "Valentines" that I've been working on lately.
For some reason, the color is a little funky in the scan. Oh well, story of my life lately! :)

Hey, did someone give my "baby" permission to turn 9 years old tomorrow? I'm absolutely flabbergasted that not only did I just celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary a month ago, but now our boy is almost as big as I am! I remember wishing that the "Twos" would go by quickly...but not too quickly. Now as he wishes he was "out of school", I am wishing he'd slow down a bit with the growing-that there was more than 24 hours in a day.

Am feeling rather anxious lately...can't seem to get everything done that I need to get done. Mom is arriving on Wednesday. We're leaving for Arizona Thursday after Tristan gets out of school. I'm scheduled to be teaching at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale-am really looking forward to it-I love that store, love Debbie and love the group that visits it. I'm a bit worried though as last time I checked, my numbers were *really* low. It doesn't happen often when I travel out of area, but when it does, I take it so personally. I can't help it. I'm not even supposed to (probably) be admitting to "low numbers" (SHOCK!) in my classes on a "public board" *but* it's a trend lately across the country, in every art class, in every store, with every teacher. It scares the hell out of me. It's how I support my family. I'm not making a mint, but a small enough to pay my (cheap, rent controlled) rent and my bills. We live very simply...money goes to bills, food and if there's extra-art supplies/books/necessities (in that order LOL). I teach every weekend. The classes might not "go" but I still schedule for every weekend that someone will take me. I probably shouldn't take it personally as far as AZ goes because they are having some huge multi gallery "art festival" that weekend around the store's area and I guess the street is closed..yet, I'm taking it personally and I shouldn't be!

Here's my little "rant" (or whine?) for the day-I tend to take it personally when my classes don't get 'plugged' over other people's classes. I know it's stupid but I do. I tend to take it personally when my website doesn't get linked to other people's, or isn't listed as a favorite, or my name is left off of some list or whatever. This is stupid but it's something I've dealt with all of my life. I've often felt like the little ignored redhaired girl sitting in the corner. That there's always someone 'better then me' (which is true) but that (in my mind) I work just as hard as "X,Y or Z" and why shouldn't I get recognized. It's frustrating, but it's life. I know we all feel like this a LOT but we don't talk about it. Hell, my husband's been screwed over by his book publisher and by Disney...so I know it's not just me. But here I sit whining about it :P At least it feels good to 'get it out' LOL!!

In the meantime, I'll try not to take things so personally. I'm going to Arizona regardless as to whether or not my classes go..I have to, as my Mom is coming to L.A. and my Dad is flying into Phoenix, where we're supposed to meet him. It was supposed to be a working family vacation....now it might just end up being a crazy family vacation :)

Ok it's getting late and I haven't even showered and gotten ready to face the day. I'm teaching in Ventura (at Violets) and in Culver City (Stampin from the Heart) this weekend ON top of it being Tristan's birthday tomorrow so I have lots to do and not much time to do it in! EEK! :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What is it these days? Do people not know the meaning of the term "customer service"? For the last few days hubby & I have been back and forth with not one but TWO companies that are not providing the services that we paid them for. They don't answer emails the right way-we ask them questions, they evade the answer or accuse us of something that we have no idea what they are talking about. What??? It used to be that the 'customer was always right'. Not in 2006. Not when you don't have to deal with people face to face anymore, that you can email them your problems. I'm just irked to no end today. My husband is a writer. I'm an artist. We both use the web for business. It's wonderful being able to email and express your comments/complaints/problems 24/7 but not when the company turns around and either evades answering your question or won't fix the problem.
Another rant I have: I'm at the point where I am done with recommending ANYTHING on my artgangLA yahoo list, on my website, in my classes, etc... I've had way too many people turn on ME and email me telling me "I sent so and so money 'cause you recommended it and now they're not answering my emails. What can YOU do about it?" So I turn around and forward their email to the person that they are talking about. I still don't get a response from that person EITHER so I then tell whomever emailed me in the first place about it. What can I do when someone offers a zine that I like (and recommended) and then never follows through on it. There are several people out there in the "paper arts" world that not only owe me "stuff" but owe several other people "stuff". I'm out of $ just like everyone else is. I guess I'm too trusting and am too honest. I don't know. I'm just aggravated 'cause it's happened more then once over the last few years. I ALWAYS try to help the smaller businesses out. I really believe that your local art supply store/rubber stamp store has MUCH more to offer then some big ass chain store. SO I plug the hell out of the little guys...I even plug the hell out of the "smaller" independent people that don't even own stores-the ziners, the small online companies, etc... I'm just aggravated to no end today though with the whole online business thing and the complete lack of customer service with a lot of places now a days.
Over the holidays I went to Barnes and Noble. I waited patiently for 10 minutes (or was it 15?) at the service desk. It's finally MY turn. A woman looks me in the face and then says "can I help you?" I go up to the desk. She then proceeds to ignore me and talk to another customer. I asked her (nicely as I know everyone is stressed over the holidays who works in customer service) if she was helping me. She begins to YELL at me for no reason. Um. I used to work for Barnes & Noble. I KNOW this isn't store policy. What the **** is going on nowadays???
Another case in point: There is a local store in West Hollywood where one of the employees seems to have emotional mood swings. One moment he is as sweet as can be, going out of his way to help you. The next minute he is talking down to you, belittling you, asking if you didn't hear his response the first time, telling YOU what to do, etc... Then the next minute he's sweet again. I'm at the point where I'm ready to stop going there. I know it's not just me that feels like this.
This is a huge rant but I just need to know: does customer service exist any more?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I mailed out almost all of the Valentine "ephemera" swap stuff today. Ack. I didn't ask for enough postage, I guess 'cause I had to shell out an extra $20 to cover a lot of the envelopes. *sigh* That's what happens when you're the hostess with the mostest (NOT). LOL. Those of you that are in the swap-be on the lookout ok? I am still going to be mailing off a few more that arrived late this afternoon, so no worries!

Hey, anyone know why someone can get arrested in THIS country for wearing a t-shirt with a number on it? That's MY thought/question/rant of the day.

Went to Staples today with my so called "Valentine" postcards in hand. I loveeeeeee their $.39 per page price especially when you can use the machine yourself. Needless to say I made a bunch of copies of my artwork...then I made my own 8 1/2 x 11" paper FROM the valentines. It was way too much fun. Took Tristan to Toys R Us to find something for him for his 9th birthday on Saturday. Amazingly enough, we didn't find anything and he didn't have the 'gimmee gimmees' and he didn't just buy something for the 'sake of buying something'. Sheesh. Can I learn something from this kid ;) I walk into mom and pop stores, feel guilty that no one is there and buy something. I don't do that at big name stores but only small stores. EEK.

Off to make vegetable soup and buns (wish they were cinnamon buns, oh well)...then can't wait to make MORE Valentines with the "new" paper I made LOL. I am weird.

Art tip of the day: Re use junk mail. Rip it to shreds. Glue it down. Paint over it. Stamp over it. Gesso over. Instant texture and funky backgrounds. I LOVE doing this. It's not "new" but man, it's fun...not to mention cheap.

Why do we worry about other people reading our journals? Why do we worry about what happens to our precious tomes after we die? In all seriousness, what is it about "our life" that makes it so different then the crap that most other people go through and deal with. I mean, unless you're like writing in great detail about your private adventures with gerbils while you swing from chandeliers, or you're a multi millionaire taking bribes and doing stuff you shouldn't be doing, what makes our lives so different then any one else's?
Every life has it's ups and downs. Every one has good days and bad days. Days when we argue and fight with those we love...but don't the ones that we love have the same kind of days? And in the end, don't they still continue to love us? We're all human. We all screw up.
I get bummed out when I hear people say that they want their books destroyed when they die. C'mon. That's history. That's YOUR story. No one else is ever going to live it exactly the way that you did. So don't destroy your books. Pass them on. SOMEONE will want them, trust me. Look at the people who pay big bucks for old, "vintage" jourals, or those of us that shell out $25 to sneak a peek into other's "published" journals, most of which are pretty pages MADE for publication. But that's a whole nother post for another day...
I'm off to get ready for the day and get some art (work) done.