Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is a project I have been working on for the last couple of weeks for the Art Bar's special auction for the Kinship Center.
Comments-negative or positive welcome please! I have been tweaking it all day today. There are TONS of layers on this baby!

I promised everyone some photos of the books I've been "acquiring" this summer. Here are a few of my favorites!

Also, here are two books from Gingko Press (http://www.gingkopress.com/)that I am REALLY looking forward to this Fall.
(sorry that I couldn't put the link in...blogger is acting weird this morning)

I am still very behind in email, so if I haven't replied to you, please don't take it personally! I'm just playing catch up with everything :)

I am also working on samples and upcoming classes in So CA, AZ (www.frenzystamper.com/), MA (www.thestampactstore.com/), No CA (www.stamperswarehouse.com/), etc... I will be in AZ and MA in October and No CA in November. Samples will be in the stores shortly. AZ has all of the samples for October.

I hope that with the end of summer coming, that people pause and reflect on what happened in this country one year ago today, Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast and the immense loss of life. The residents there are still being affected a year later. There are a lot of places that do not have running (drinkable) water. They are "building up" the tourist areas but doing very little for the city's poor. Today's Democracy Now (www.democracynow.org/) devoted the whole show to what is going on in New Orleans a year later.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Passionate Declarations-Artists in A Time of War 2006

PLEASE read this thoroughly before you decide to participate.

Each artist will contribute a page of art-collage, painted, mixed media, etc... Artists may submit more then one page, if desired. Artwork should be in COLOR, as should copies, please. These pages will then be sent back to each contributing artists so that the artist can bind them into a book by herself/himself.

Theme: Passionate Declarations-Artists in A Time of War 2006

I've been re-reading Howard Zinn's Artists In Times of War the last couple of days. I thought what if a group of artists could get together and take this theme, this idea so well thought out and spoken so eloquently as only Zinn can do, and transform it into something tactile, something memorable, something that speaks out against what is happening in the world today?

From the book, "The artist thinks, acts, performs music, and writes outside the framework that society has created. The artist may do no more than give us beauty, laughter, passion, surprise, and drama. I don't mean to minimize thes activities by saying the artist can do no more than this. The artist needn't apologize, because by doing this, the artist is telling us what the world should be like, even if it isn't that way now. The artist is taking us away from the moments of horror that we experience everyday-some days more than others-by showing us what is possible.
But the artist can and should do more. In addition to creating works of art, the artist is also a citizen and a human being.
...So the word transcendent comes to mind when I think of the role of the artist in dealing with issues of the day. I use that word to suggest that the role of the artist is to transcend conventional wisdom, to transcend the word of the establishment, to trasncend the orthodoxy, to go beyond and escape what is handed down by the government or what is said in the media.
...It is the job of the artist to transcend...to think outside the boundaries of permissible thought and dare to say things that no one else will say..."

If you could use your art to express your views on the world today: the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the ongoing "wars" across the world (war on drugs, war on poverty, war on terrorism, war on this, war on that...), what would you "say"?

Size: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2" You MUST stick to this size. The small border that goes around the page when creating color copies is fine-don't worry about it. Artwork should be HORIZONTAL.

Each artist will make enough COLOR copies for each participating artist PLUS two additional copies. (FYI, Staples is having color copies for $.39 a page. You can fit two pieces of your 8 1/2 x 5 1/2" artwork on the page. All art that you send in, should be cut to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2", please.

ALL artwork should be in Kelly's hands before November 1st, 2006. Please include a Self addressed Stamped Envelope (with priority mail postage on it) that is larger then 6 x 9".

Questions? PLEASE email Kelly
To sign up, please email Kelly BEFORE September 15th, 2006.

This is an older journal page that I did a couple of years ago about the wall being built by the Israelis against the Palestinians, but it still speaks volumes in today's world.

I have been rereading Howard Zinn's book, Artists in times of War the last couple of days, just a few pages at a time, so it will all sink in.

Quote for the day, from Howard Zinn, author of The People's History of the United States
"Today everybody is talking about the fact that we live in one world; because of globalization, we are all part of the same planet. They talk that way, but what do they mean? We should test their claims. We should remind them that the words of the Declation (of Independence) apply not only to people in this country, but also to people all over the world. People everywhere have the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When the government becomes destructive of that, then it is patriotic to dissent and criticize-to do what we always praise and call heroic when we look upon the dissenters and critics in totalitarian countries who dare to speak out." -from Zinn's Artists in Times of War

Anyone interested in participating in a project that "speaks out", that allows your art to "speak" for you? Email me, ok?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here are two photos of my canvas that was auctioned of for Free Arts AZ! It was really hard parting with it, but I'm happy it went to a good cause. Hopefully whoever won it is going to cherish it as much as I do :)

I'm still trying to get back to "normal life" (whatever that is) after our trek to Art Unraveled in AZ.
It's my fourth year teaching/attending and I can honestly say that every year I count down the days to it! I *love* teaching there. I love being there. The whole experience is amazing and wonderful. Linda Young, her husband Chuck and their family treat you like family! They are professional, courteous and it's just like being with old friends every year-that's how welcome they make you feel.

I taught four classes to over sixty students. Every year I am amazed at how Art Unraveled seems to only get better and better (and I sit and wonder how it could have topped the previous year which I thought was perfect!??!). I love the fact that most of us stay in the same hotel and no matter where we go, we are greeted with a smile and someone willing to share their daily experiences in classes, etc... It truly is the primo art event! How many days til 2007?!?!?!

This year not only did I have the chance to teach four classes to my extremely talented students, but I got to take a class (Art of Repetition) with Juliana Coles! It was a blast-not only did it push me outside of my box (I love reusing images again and again-so it gave me a ton of new ideas) but it was nice to be "taking" a class instead of "teaching"!!! I've taken several classes with Juliana and she's one of the best in the biz.

I usually try to bring my family (my parents and my son, Tristan) who hang out in the pool (or the toy store) while I teach. This year was no different. My Mom and Dad tagged along to hang out with Tristan (and me). The only bad experience of the week was that my Mom ended up in the hospital for a day and a half (Friday and Saturday). We broke her "outta the joint" (aka hospital) Saturday night so if you saw me smiling Saturday night and Sunday it was 'cause Mom was free! She may have had a mini stroke, they still are not sure. She's out of work this week and has been going through various tests and exams as the doctors and the hospital, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers, please...TIAs and Strokes run in my family so this kinda scares the crap out of me...

If anyone saw a little boy in the pool (can we say "fishie?") or, if not in the pool, on the computer looking up Lego and Bionicle stuff, it was my son. When he's not swimming, he's building legos or drawing comics.

Next time you're in AZ, you *must* stop at the three places I was lucky enough to visit:
Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale (Debbie has one of the most amazing stashes of the coolest, funkiest, artiest stamps around. I'm REALLY looking forward to my trek back there in October!!)
The Paper Studio in Tempe (Can we say PAPER, anyone? This place is freakin' amazing. I won't tell you how much I spent in case my husband is reading this, but it is an amazing store)
and Ink It! in Gilbert (Ok, I didn't actually "get" to go to Gilbert, but with the amount of goodies they brought daily, it felt like I was in the store)

Arizona, was as usual, another wonderful experience. I'm counting down the days til Art Unraveled 2007! If anyone has any requests on classes they'd like me to submit, feel free to email me.

Again huge thanks and kudos to Linda, Chuck, the Young Family, my wonderful students and all of my friends-and mega thanks to Mom, Dad, Tristan and David!! :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tristan and I are now back in L.A. We arrived home safe & sound Tuesday. I spent most of Tuesday in a "zombie" type state as we had to get up at 4 am for our flight which left from Providence, RI. I'm behind in some emails. I need to unpack all of my stuff from our trip back East (teaching stuff) and then repack for AZ. Needless to say, my living room (actually, my whole apartment) and my life are a little messy right now.
Ce la vie!
I am spending most of today in my PJs. I will be getting all of my stuff together for AU and figuring out what I need to go run around and buy in the next 2 days. My Mom arrives from Boston Sunday night. I am teaching in Lake Elsinore (www.alittlebizaar.net/) on Saturday and Santa Ana (www.theartbar.net/) on Sunday.
Mom, Tristan & I leave for Art Unraveled in AZ on Monday morning. Dad arrives Tuesday and is flying directly into Phoenix. I will be attending the "Meet the Artist" event that night. I am teaching 4 classes. I'm also taking one class (Juliana Coles' Repetition class) while I'm there. I have been attending and teaching at AU since its inception and I LOVE it!!!
I am going to try to update this frequently over the next few days before I leave for AU :) but we'll see....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Please keep Bernie Berlin's husband, Jeff in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Bernie is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people on the face of the planet...She's a living saint to the four footed variety ;)

I'm still camera less (boo hoo).

It's almost 11 pm on Friday night. I'm exhausted. No sleep last night-tossed & turned. I always get like that before a "Big weekend"! I spent all day teaching at The Stamp Act in Marshfield MA. As usual, it was fab-u-lous!! I LOVE teaching at the store. The students rock. Marie & her parents are AMAZING...who wouldn't love people who not only greet you with a smile on their face but treat you like you're family??!!? Even going as far as going to pick up our lunches & dinners-amazing!!! My basket at the store is already overflowing!!! Lots and lots of gorgeous handmade papers, new funky rubber stamps, paints from Stewart Gill in Scotland (YUM) and more!

Any ways, classes today were fun. Tristan & Erin (my sister) picked me up tonight...we drove to the beach in Marshfield for ice cream...then back to my parent's house...Needless to say, I'm tired..but it was a fun, nice day!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I haven't posted as I've been quite busy here in Braintree, MA. My family tends to keep me running around like a chicken without a head :)

This past weekend I taught at The Rubber Chicken Stamp Art Store in Maryland. WOW! Betsy & Dan have an awesome store! They pack it with the neatest, funkiest, artiest stamps...I got into a lot of trouble :) The students were awesome and it was a fun experience. I'm really looking forward to going back to the store again!! Thanks Betsy & everyone!!!!

Yes, we drove! I don't recommend I 95-the New Jersey Pike or NY 95 on a Sunday night LATE!! EEPS. It seems at every toll stop in Jersey & NY, we sat for an hour. That was the only bad experience of the weekend. My sister was funny-when we left NY the last toll booth operator had her radio cranked...my sister said "Relay this message to the governor-this road SUCKS for the $$ we've spent so far!!!"
(it's like $20 in TOLLS!! GRR!! That's my paint money! each WAY!! is $20)

So other then that it was a great weekend!!!!

Monday I pretty much chilled out. We were exhausted. We got in about 4 am. I stayed up until 6 to make sure my Mom would get up for work (poor Mom :( ) but slept til about 1..I honestly can't remember what else we did that day-eeps. Tuesday we went to set up at The Stamp Act in Marshfield where I will be teaching THIS Friday & Saturday...I can't wait-as you can tell by the fact that they let me set up a few days in advance!!! Marie & her parents had everything ready and are rarin' to go for this weekend!! The Postmodern Design trunk show was being set up when I left Tuesday afternoon. I'm lookin' forward to it-there are still some spots in some of the classes but the Text of Art class is either full or almost full! The other classes are pretty full too-but there's still room left! I have lots of stuff so we are set ;)

Today was also a "chill" day. It was so freakin' hot and humid (hmm just like L.A. when I left) here the last two days. I have been staying up late at night and sleeping in in the a.m., basically I'm still on LA time. I cleaned up Mom & Dad's house as my cousin, Robin, had a shoe party tonight. It was fun. I rarely buy shoes. I have bad feet and everything seems to tilt to the right, so I bought a pair of Quarks and some other shoes tonight...the Quarks were cuter then the Crocs are and the other pair are "dressy shoes" so that was nice :) Plus it's fun to hang out with my family & my sister's friends-it's like one big goober party!! we have fun :0)

Also got to go to New England Comics today...Auntie Erin (my sister) bought Tristan several of "The Tick" comics so he was in seventh Heaven...I was good-I left emptyhanded but saw some things I could have bought. I've tried to be good all week as it seems I owe everyone and their mother (including my own) money LOL

People don't seem to realize how much it costs to teach a class. I bought $600 in paints for Maryland and Massachusetts-in the hopes that it will last again when I come back in October...yet I'm always asked "do you have this color?" "is this all the paints"?, etc... So the next time you wonder why the class costs so much :) figure out how much the paints, stamps and all of the supplies cost! I try my best to keep the class costs fair and reasonable so that everyone is happy. I don't really believe in huge supply lists (asking the students to bring things they have already is reasonable) but I don't want you guys having to buy stuff you don't know if you will ever use again! Sooooooooo I really hope that y'all understand why the cost is "X" amount...It's hard to "make money" doing this, but I really really enjoy it :) I'm not bitching, I just want people to realize this about teaching-it is expensive!! But it's fun :)

I can't wait for this weekend to be here-I love teaching at The Stamp Act!!!

I still don't have access to the digital camera so no pictures yet-I'm sorry! I wasn't going to post til I had the camera ready...

I have some new books I bought to list as "must haves"-coming soon...
Am busy working in my new journal. i can't wait to teach it as a class!!!!
So everyone stay cool, stay safe & stay outta trouble ;)