Monday, March 31, 2008

Books that are coming out in 2008 that I am on the lookout for. If you know of more that I haven't listed, please leave a comment!! I'm always looking for inspiring books:
Lotta Prints-due out April 1st.

A People's History of American Empire-Howard Zinn due out April 1st.

Lulu due out May 1st.

What It Is-Lynda Barry Due out May 13th.
Collagraphs due out April 1st.

Skyscrapers of the Midwest due out May 28th.

1000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol due out July 1st.

Mark Making-Lisa Engelbrecht July 1st.

True Vision by LK Ludwig July 1st.
500 Handmade Books July 1st.

Canvas ReMix by Alisa Burke due out July 1st.

The Amazing, Remarkable Monsieur Leotard by Eddie Campbell & Dan Best due out August 5th.

End of the Game-Peter Beard (Taschen) September 1. Now if Taschen would only make the Peter Beard's Collector's Edition available at a price that most could afford, I would be very happy indeed!

Tales from Outer Suburbia-Shaun Tan due out October.
An Illustrated Life-Dan Gregory due out Dec 8.


Cesar Chavez

I started reading Let Me Stand Alone by Rachel Corrie last night. So far, it's an amazing insightful and fascinating read. I've only read about 1/4 of the book and I can't wait to get back to it.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home from The Art Bar! I had a great time teaching today! Here are some sample pages from today's class:

Here are some of the goodies I found at the Art Bar today. I love the Decopatch decoupage papers. Also picked up some 6 x 6" blank board books (I love the size). I also found out that they have pharmaceutical labels (!!!) so I loaded up on those. I am a big Pentel Metallic Brush Marker fan. I also bought some Teresa Collins paper that was too cool to resist.

Did y'all see that Lettering Queen Extraordinaire Lisa Engelbrecht has a book coming out this summer! Cool beans, huh?!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Journal page from last night-I started this one but haven't finished it yet-

We had spent most of the past week in the house, doing errands and work, so yesterday it was time to go OUT. First stop was Sweetpeas & Snapshots where I picked up the latest Somerset Life. Next stop was Gene de Chene, a favorite bookstore of mine where I got: The Thirteenth Tale (Gina recommended it to me a long time ago), several photographs, The Bumper Book, Golden Book of Mother Goose, At the Pool of Wonder, Soul Cards 2, Tricia Guild's White Hot. Phew! I *heart* used bookstores!!!

Next stop was Alias in West L.A. (didn't find anything). We then trekked on over to Brentwood to visit Dutton's. They still have lots in stock but the store is starting to look picked over. :( I HATE when bookstores close. It's very, very sad. I did buy two books that I was very excited to see. The first was Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie. The second was My House illustrated by Delphine Durand (who also has a new book out!). Also stopped at Borders where I bought the latest Book Arts issue of FiberArts. Last stop was Book Soup looking for Lulu (sometimes book stores put the books on the shelves earlier then they are supposed to...) No luck. One book that I did not buy (though I would have if I had had the money!) was Phil Frost's new book. YUM. I Love his artwork.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I am teaching my "Inspired" workshop at The Art Bar. Please note the start time of the class is 10:30. Looking forward to it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ephemera scraps in a journal...

Here is a list of my workshops for March-June. I will also be teaching in the New England area in MA (at The Stamp Act Store in Marshfield and Ink About it in Westford) and in AZ at Art Unraveled in August. I will be in AZ at Frenzy Stamper in May and at Stampers Warehouse in No CA in June. Hope to see you there!


Sat 29-Zinnia So Pasadena About Face

Sun 30th The Art Bar Santa Ana Inspired: More Inspirations for an Artist’s Journal


Sat 5th-Private Home in Thousand Oaks “About Face” workshop open to public

Sun 6th Stampin from the Heart L.A. Fukoro Toji or little Bound Book

Sat 12th Zinnia Pasadena Snippets

Sun 13th Stamp Addict San Diego Inspired: Inspirations for An Artist’s Journal

Sun 20th Art Bar Santa Ana Day by Day Book

Sat 26th Creative Courage Woodland Hills About Face

Sun 27th Zinnia Pasadena An Artist’s Journal

Wed 30th Stampin from the Heart L.A. Soft & Gentle Whispers


2-4th Frenzy Stamper Scottsdale

Sat 10th Stampin from the Heart LA What Next?

Sat 17th Private Home in Thousand Oaks “Inspired” workshop open to public

Sun 18th Zinnia Day by Day Book

Sat 24th Stamp Addict TBA

Sun 25th Art Bar Snippets

Wed 28th Stampin from the Heart 2 needle coptic

Sat 31st Creative Courage Woodland Hills Snippets


Sun 1st Zinnia Pasadena Fukoro Toji

Sun 8th Stampin from the Heart LA Storyteller

13-15th Stampers Warehouse Danville

Sat 21st Zinnia Pasadena What Next?

Sun 22nd Stamp Addict San Diego TBA

Wed 25th Stampin From The Heart LA Goin’ Postal

Sat 26th Private Home in Thousand Oaks “Day by Day” workshop open to the public

Sun 27th Art Bar Santa Ana Fukoro Toji

*Please note: I do travel! :) If there is a store near you that I do not teach at please contact me! Local So CA stores: Art Bar 714 558 2445;Creative Courage (818) 884-1771 ; Stamping from the Heart 310-391-0466; The Stamp Addict 1-866-667-5060; Zinnia 626-441-2181

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Journal page from yesterday..gettin' my groove back:Box o' paints that I brought with me to class last night. These are the colors I use: Hansa Yellow Medium (or Azo Yellow Medium), Quinacridone Magaenta, Phthalo Blue, Paynes Grey, Titan buff (or Raw Titan Matte), Titan white, Burnt Sienna...I use gloss (or polymer medium) to mix it into the paint (about 50/50) to "extend" the paints and make 'em last longer. If you use a high quality paint (my favorite is Nova Color in L.A.), & mix the paints with the gloss medium your paints will last much longer AND you won't lose quality, only gain quantity!
Stamps and stickas (oops Boston accent coming out) that I bought from Stampin' From the Heart in LA last night. Karen had so many cool new goodies in that I had to put my hands behind my back so the goodies wouldn't jump in my basket and want to go home with me. I had ordered the Celtic stamps a couple of weeks ago (Judikins) for um, a surprise I am planning...
The boy still fits into the laundry basket.
I guess he finds it very very comfortable. Weird, ain't he?

If I win the lottery...I want this book!!! Don't look, or you might want it, too!

I received the latest issue of Teesha's Art & Life zine. I was eyeballing her tapes "got that one...don't got that one...need to get that one...". So, like I was saying the other day, if you go to etsy and ebay and google and all of these places and put in different key words, you can find lots of tape. LOTS of it. Holy crapola. More then I ever knew existed. Um, so Kelly has a knack for finding tape. I can't find the damn pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow, but I can find tape. SO, I decide 30 minutes before I have to leave for class yesterday that I need to google and see if I can find even MORE tape. I received a roll of clover tape in the mail yesterday (yay!). The company name was printed on the packaging (but not on the roll)- Mind Wave, Inc. The tape is made in China but sold in Japan. OK. So I google "Mind Wave, Inc". The tape! I found the city tape I had been looking for. Woo-hoo! As I told my friend Kat last night that when none of us have any money, at least I'll be well stocked with art supplies-sitting in the street with my nine million bags of paper, tape and books. I'll have something to do as I sit and talk to myself and play in my books. But just so you know, I'm backing away from google and the computer n o w wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....No more tape (well, no more money). for now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kelly's gotta get her groove back on...A page I did last night about my sister and her "big news" (her and her hubby signed papers yesterday on their first home! Yay! So proud!!). Wasn't she so cute??New issues of Lula & Hi Fructose-
Lula's pricey at $15, but I pick it up and after I read it, use it for collage. Hi Fructose is just always inspiring. I love reading about other artists and what goes on in their heads...

Tristan was off last week and I spent the week prepping for new classes and keeping him busy (plus he was sick). I didn't have any time for my own artwork (not a whine, just a fact!) as I was busy making samples for classes and the like. It's that "time" when I spend most of the week prepping for Future classes. Pisses me off when people think I don't "work" during the week. Oh, I do! When you teach every weekend, you work during the week gathering supplies, writing handouts, etc... I'm prepping now for summer and things coming up. I've had people make comments "You don't work!" or "You have nothing to do all week, why can't you..." Um, right...

Some paper came yesterday that I ordered a week or two ago. Let's just say I was very, very disappointed in the quality of it and how "flat" it looks. *sigh*

Also bought a "tool" from a scrapbooking company that has to be the worst thing ever. I wanted it for so bad, for so long, and it just does not work. I contacted the company and they sent me new things to try in it but, nope, it's the construction of the tool. Disappointed, indeed.

On the plus side, Tristan is very sweet coming home and checking his blog and "hits" to see where people are visiting from. Cracks me up!

Also, Yay! I am teaching tonight (at Stampin' From The Heart in L.A.) some of my fave techniques. I'm looking forward to it!! I also have workshops lined up this weekend at Zinnia in So Pasadena (About Face) and The Art Bar in Santa Ana (Inspired: Inspirations for an Artist's Journal). I'm looking forward to the workshops!!

I am quite eager to debut the new workshops so catch the Inspired & About Face workshops when you can as I have Lots of new workshops lined up for 2008! Woo-hoo!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Second post of the day-

Did I tell you that my boy has a new blog? It's for kids (of all ages). He'll be reviewing Legos, Comic Con, Books, Movies and more from the perspective of an 11 year old. He's VERY excited about it. He's had three other blogs but I never made any of them public until now. You can see his new blog
I wonder if he'll write about the Tex Avery/Michael Maltese event that we attended tonight...and how June Foray and Stan Freberg(!!!!!!) were there. (We've been lucky enough to see June Foray numerous times but this was a first to see Stan Freberg!!!!)

The Academy started the evening with their obligatory "frisking" (yup, let's set the mood folks and get ME in a mood walking in). They have to go through your purse (Maxi pads, gum and change, anyone??), your pockets. I'm surprised they don't want to feel you up. Annoys the hell out of me. At least they didn't have metal detectors at the Pickford Center (David always sets those off). Once inside, we were treated to cookies (oh yum) but we passed those (got one on the way out) to grab good seats. We were treated to several cartoons including Heckling Hare, Towne Hall Follies, Porky's Duck Hunt, A Wild Hare, You Ought to be in Pictures, Back Alley Oproar, Little Rural Riding Hood, House of Tomorrow, What's Opera, Doc?, For Scent-imental Reasons, Drag-a-Long Droopy, and the Legend of Rockabye Point. It was wonderful to see them on the big screen. They also had clips of interviews with Avery, Maltese and Daws Butler. The evening ended with a talk with Joe Adamson, Jerry Eisenberg, June Foray, Brenda Maltese Moulthrop, Martha Sigall, and Stan Freberg. It's always a rare opportunity to hear people discuss the "behind the scenes" aspects and tonight did not disappoint! Avery, Maltese AND Mel Blanc all would have been 100 this year. I think tonight was a fitting birthday tribute to these men and their work. Now I just wonder if Tristan will write anything or if he'll stay quiet 'cause he was too busy laughing at the cartoons...
I finished the last page in my journal the other day...Some of you know that I have a knack to get 3/4 of the way through my journal and want to move onto another one (as I make a "demo" of something in every class I teach, I have a ton of books on hand and ready for use). So, I was telling my friend Alix how inspired I was with various artist books I had seen online that were "wrapped like packages" and how cool that would be to do something like that...I decided that I would "sew" the last signature to the back cover. Then on the edge, I tied pieces of fabric "ribbon" around the stitches. It looks really cool when you close the book (see second picture). Thanks Alix for the "permission" ;) Much appreciated!

This is the new journal I am working in now. I gutted a copy of Wisdom (found for $5 at a local used bookstore). For now, I am keeping the cover and inside covers the way they were. I haven't painted or covered them over *yet* (am not sure if I will do so). I used a painted strip of canvas to reinforce the spine area. I used Regular Gloss Gel Medium. The book is held together using the three hole pamphlet stitch. (Poke 3 evenly spaced holes. Start by going out the middle hole. Go up and into top hole. Skip middle hole and go down and out bottom hole. End by going back into the middle hole. As you sew, you are sewing through the signature "pages" and through the book's spine.)
Oh, and yes, I am using the pages inside the book (nothing goes to waste!). Here's a page I started last night using stickers, collage ephemera, pens (some latte pens from Jet Pens, a black gelly roll glaze pen and a yellow souffle pen).
My boy dying Easter eggs and his father hiding behind him...

I went a little bonkers last night and ordered a shitload of decorative packing tape on etsy from a vendor in Japan (this is why I don't keep money in my paypal account! LOL). I'll take pictures and let you know more when it arrives. Amazing what you will find if you go to Etsy, ebay, (or Google) and search for "decorative tape", "Packing tape", "Japanese tape", "Cram Cream", "NPW tape" name a few. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!
My Nana made these cotton creatures-this one is a chickie- in easter eggs years ago...I Love bringing them out at Easter. It reminds me of her :) (I am still looking for the stickers she used though-Dennison, Avery, etc...)
The bunny hid 51 eggs around the house. The bunny must be crazy. They were filled with reeses chocolate peanut butter eggs and money. Tristan loved it. The bunny forgot to hide one in Tristan's Mother's robe though so Tristan wasn't too happy about that...The bunny ALWAYS hides an egg in Tristan's Mom's Robe. Oops.
The bunny even hid eggs in Tristan's lego town. I wonder what the Lego People in the Town thought of the huge eggs.

Too hot to post anything more (90 here. Blah). Hopefully I will muster up some energy to work in my journal or something. Right now my fingers are sticking to the computer keys.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I will be gone all day tomorrow, trekking down to Stamp Addict in San Diego and teaching a workshop! Looking forward to it!! So, here's my "Saturday" blog post (yes, I know it's Friday night):

Spent some time this afternoon at Shane's Inspiration in Griffith Park:Tristan had been asking all week to go here (after being sick for two weeks), so we hopped in the car with his scooter in the trunk and off we went! After the "congestion" in the bike/scooter area, he decided to go play with the digger thing that he loves (as do most of the kids in the park it seems as there is always a line for it! :) ):
Lots of eye candy and inspiration in Griffith Park not only for the kids but for us goofy artists too, those of us who love looking at the texture on trees and the ground:

David & me-


Where's Les Perry? Where's the Great Kahuna? It's Friday night and he ain't on the radio...what's going on??


Another person (a 17 year old boy) killed by a taser.


Dr. James Hansen on today's Democracy Now.
Page from last night...
Not sure yet if I am finished with the above page...

Polaroid is going to stop making film? WTF?

Paperbag Studios has new stamps!!

Don't forget about Art Unraveled! The workshops are starting to fill up!! I'm teaching 4 workshops: Wonderful World of Color Theory, A Few of My Favorite Things, Composition & Design and my Avant Garde: An Artist's Book class!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I thought instead of looking at my stuff for today, I could direct you to a handful of my favorite sites:

Roseann's artwork always keeps me on my toes and while I adore it, it also makes you think...I love her recent postcards!

Andrew's blog is always a visual delight. Ya gotta scope out what he made on 3/18.

I love what Jeane and Debbie did with transparencies.

Heaven & Earth's books just make me squeal.

Who doesn't love Judy's work? I love her work and what she's been doing with the kids lately...

Thereza's tiny works speak volumes...

Zorana's expressive paintings...

Ezequiel's collages !!!!

Abbey's Aesthetic Outbursts!

One Good Bumblebee has really cute paper packs...

Damnit!! I just found out via Paula, that another store, Rubber Chicken Stamp Art Store in MD is closing. This one is also very near and dear to my heart and I have had many a great weekend teaching there. Betsy, Dan & the Gang, we will miss you dearly!!!

Please, please support your local Mom and Pop stores as much as you can. We are losing too many of them these days...

I am trekking down to San Diego this Saturday, teaching my "An Artist's Journal" class at The Stamp Addict store. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Journal page-
These samples are on their way to Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, where I will be May 2nd through the 4th teaching five workshops: Day by Day Journal, Little Book of Faux Monoprints, Snippets Book, Goin' Postal: Mixed Media Mail Art and Fukoro Toji: Little Bound Book. I can't wait!! I will also be doing these same workshops, June 13-15th at Stampers Warehouse in Danville...Really looking forward to it!!! :)
Yesterday was a long day...left early in the morning and didn't get home til 9 last night. Tristan's ortho appointment was yesterday. Those of you that have heard the story (or those who don't care), scroll down and ignore me. My kid's mouth is messed up. Poor munchkin. We are hoping a special device will help his mouth-his upper palate is narrow and too "hole-y". His front teeth are too far apart. His bottom palate isn't 100% curved the way it should be. So on top of wearing braces for 2 years and a retainer for one, he'll have to wear a special device in his mouth to fix this first problem. If the problem isn't corrected, they may have to extract teeth which scares the shit out of me...Hopefully, he'll be ok without any surgery or missing teeth. It's gonna be $3500 for his braces (they look like the same damn things I had on except he has his choice of colors in bands), retainer and the whole nine yards. Not sure what the use of having dental insurance when they don't cover braces...I'm hoping at this point he will be ok.

After the dentist, he had been asking to go to the Lego store, so we obliged. He used his gift card and had a blast. Braces and ortho appointment totally forgotten on his part.

I also stopped at Zinnia in So. Pasadena. Good timing as they had just received these labels in. I love that store!! An artist's delight!! Plus, everyone is just so darn nice and fun to talk to!!!
I also had to pick up some goodies for a friend and so I stopped at Paper Source and got a few things for her and a few things for me:

It's been one of those days where I have been puttering and trying to get everything done that I need to get done, but it seems like everything is in piles and the piles are like rabbits.

I finally said fuck it all and just laid in bed for 30 minutes and read more of Time Traveler's Wife. Of course it is near the end-the final 3/4 of the book where I spend most of it in tears. I love this book and it's rare that I get so attached to characters like this...I almost hope they don't make it into a film...


Five years later and we're still there. More Winter Soldier testimonies here.

I was looking up quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley last night and found this one:

"Man has no right to kill his brother. It is no excuse that he does so in uniform: he only adds the infamy of servitude to the crime of murder."

The Jonathan Miller's series on PBS last night. I think the best part of the series was Bernard Hill's reading of the various quotes. While I enjoyed watching the series, the end of it left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. Miller seemed to parrot and echo what most of the major political "leaders" are saying about a specific religion, doing finger pointing, and that was extremely upsetting to me. All in all, the series is worth watching and if you can't find it on PBS, you can find it on Youtube in clips...

Arthur C. Clarke has died. Damnit, I hate when we lose another writer especially one of
his caliber and magnitude...You can see a message he taped back in December