Wednesday, July 31, 2019

And Now a Break from Our Sponsor...


My cover for my journal that I started in France...

 Just a sampling of the deck of cards that I've been working on...
 The cover of my main Vincent book (which will have a second, smaller book sewn in)


Last, but not least, I'll be posting journals to sell VERY soon. I'll post to the blog as well as social media to give you a heads up before they go live. 

I also have some of my book collection to start listing over at my book blog again (I'll give you a heads up on that as well.)

Annnd, if I can get it all together, art supply/collage grab bags...

Happy Summer, folks! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Durfort, France Part Deux or The Adventure on the Bridge

Nothing like a well-lit studio to wake you up!

We squeezed in some art time between breakfast and lunch.

Adventure was waiting!

Bonjour, Tracey!

Bonjour, Sisters!

Bonjour, Colorado Karen!

Cori, Isle of Man Karen and David were already in the cars and ready to go! The book village is waiting!

Walking to the cars and to get fresh water from the waterfall. 

Vincent is impatient. "Let's go! Let's go!", he says! 


Happily we drive along until we reach the bridge that crosses into Montolieu. 

One way in. 

One way out. 

I am the first car to encounter this and have no clue what is going on.

Eventually, Very Brave Tracey goes to inspect what's going on. There is a double tractor trailer trying to make its way through the very small streets of Montolieu. Clearly, it missed the sign that said, "Very big trucks that don't know how to drive are not allowed on our very tiny streets." While we waited on the bridge, I took photos. La. La. LA!

While waiting, we watched people drinking wine looking down and commenting on the scene below. We watched people trying to physically move the truck (I was smart enough to get that on video.) We listened to a LOT of yelling (yay! I know some of the words!) We tried to stay patient as we sat on the bridge for about an hour. At some point, we backed up so we weren't sitting right in the middle of the bridge. Eventually, cars and motorcycles started to come through from the other side and after awhile, we were told it was okay to pass. Slowly.
I thought that I had taken photos of the very small streets but I didn't. So, you can go here and see how tiny the streets are. WHAT was this driver thinking?! (I know what he was thinking after it happened...)
Pretty much every day ended up being an adventure waiting to unfold. We were in a new land so we tried to make the most out of it. How often do you see a double trailer stuck because of tiny, ancient streets and people physically trying to rock it loose all while locals sip wine and watch from their balconies? Yeah, well, we did!

Montolieu, the book village! We were finally there! I had been dreaming of this place for months! Neither David nor I ended up buying anything but most of the ladies walked away with some lovely treasures. We really enjoyed walking up and down the streets of the village and taking photos. I'd love to visit again on a weekend when more of the shops are open (it doesn't tell you this on the website. It implies that the stores are only closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Half of the stores were closed on Wednesday when we visited.) It was okay though! I took almost 200 photos that day and we had a splendid time.

 Up and down the village we walked. Looking up and down.

I took far too many photos of these beauties. 

"POPPIES!" is what heard being screamed from the back seat on the way to Montolieu. Colorado Karen wasn't the only one excited and insisting that we stop. Out came the cameras!

 Vincent wanted a closer look at Saissac.
 The streets of Durfort.
 The little church in Durfort.

We returned to La Cascade inspired and ravenous! We ate dinner and ran upstairs to the studio to work.

More tomorrow...