Monday, June 30, 2008

I've uploaded new journals to my etsy shop. You can check them out here. Thanks for looking!! :)

I know that I mentioned True Vision and 1000 Artist Journal Pages before, but I thought that I'd emphasize how cool these books are...I'm going to link below to a small selection of some artists whose work is sampled in these books. (Also, please note, I'm blurbing about artists who have not been mentioned on this blog and aren't in my links yet either! :)).

Here is a small selection of artists from 1000 Artist Journal Pages whose work you must check out:

Jeannine Peregrine

Kasten Searles

Tara Finlay

Stacie Rife

Carolee Gilligan Wheeler-note that Carolee is the other half of the infamous Pod Post and they are actively seeking contributions to a forthcoming book on mail art.

From True Vision-

Tricia Scott

Melanie Lyn Hamilton

Nikki Blackwood is in both books and I *LOVE* her work-*LOVE* it...I have for a long time. Woman, you need to update your blog! ;)

Shirley Ende-Saxe

Diana Trout

I could go on and on, but that would defeat the purpose. You NEED these books. Now. Seriously. Go. Get thee to a bookstore now. These two books are permanently by my bedside when I'm not toting them around with me.


I have two workshops scheduled for this coming weekend. You will love them. Trust me!!! Find out more here.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Journal pages from last night:
(I finished this one):
The "Truth" one is one of my favorites so far:
This one is a work in progress:

I have decided that in July when my site expires (not the domain name though), I am going to forgo having a website to post my upcoming classes. Until further notice, I will be posting my workshops on This way, you will have access to the most current, up to date information on my workshops. I will also post photos and all necessary information/links. :)


Tristan and I went to the 9:30 a.m. showing (hey, it's $6 a ticket vs $9.75 a ticket) of WALL-E.
We LOVED it. Both WALL-E and Presto! were fresh and wonderful. The only drawback? WALL-E is *not* a film for American children under the age of 7. The only two kids in the theater were Tristan and a 4 or 5 year old girl (in all there were less than a dozen people in the audience which surprised me). The girl and her mom talked the WHOLE film especially the first 45 minutes where there isn't any dialog. "Why is he all alone?" "What's that?" "Why is the bug on him?" "What's his name?" "Why are they holding hands?" "What are they doing?" "Mommy, why is that red haired lady getting tape out of her purse?" "Mommy, why is that lady trying to tape my mouth *muffle muffle*?" JesusMaryandJoseph, I wanted to tape both the kid AND the Mom's mouth. "SHUT UP!" I resisted the urge to scream a few times. I've been to LOTS of movies but have never had someone constantly TALK the whole film. So, be forewarned, go to a later screening. Tristan *loved* it (so did I). We may go see it again (and this time, I WILL bring tape).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here is my "Friday" post...I'll be running around doing errands tomorrow, so I wanted to get this posted now before I shut the 'puter off for the night.

Two more journal pages-
I like the bird one "as is" even though there's no journaling on speaks volumes to me. I have been very quiet this week and not felt like talking much... The next page is still a work in progress. *****

Has anyone out there ever had -or known someone who has had-lung reduction surgery?? I have a family member who is looking for more info and input on it. Please drop me a note about it if you can. Thanks.

August 8-24th there is a "So Cal Shop Hop" for stamping and scrapbook stores. I wish I would be in town (but I will be at Art Unraveled and then going home to Boston). To find out more about it, go here. I know that Stampin' From The Heart in L.A. has discount tickets available until today, June 27th (Fri). 310 391 0466 is their number.

Here is the info courtesy of Karen (Stampin From The Heart):

"Friday, June 27 is the early bird deadline for the tote and passport for the Shop Hop coming up August 8 - 24. There are 38 stores participating from Santa Barbara to San Diego and inland as San Dimas, Upland, Clairmont and other locations. There are many Scrapbooking stores and several stamping stores--38 total. If you want to participate you need to find a store close to you and go sign up; $13.99 for tote and passport (thru Friday) after Friday it will be $18.99. Passport alone $5.99 thru Friday, $7.99 after Friday. (These prices are for my shop only because we got such a late start). The other shops had these prices earlier. You have 17 days to go to as many of the shops as you can. If you purchased the tote and the passport you will receive a 20% savings at all the shops. If you just purchased a passport you will receive a 15% savings at the shops. You must get your passport stamped by all the shops (or the ones you go to). There will be a drawing in each of the shops for a $50 gift certificate for someone who purchased the passport in that shop. Right now we have six signed up so there will be a one in six chance to win a $50 gift certificate from our shop. There are four grand prizes that you can win if you get into at least 16 shops. For all the rules and regulations come on in the shop or phone us and we'll be glad to tell you all we can. "
Problem? I don't have a problem. I just know what I like. ;) Books. Paper. Tape. Here's a glimpse into my stash of tape (and this doesn't include what I have for classes):

Little rolls:

Big ass rolls:

Off to go cut matboard and canvas for the weekend...


Great article on George Carlin.


What really irks me is that we can't see this letter in its entirety because it was sold to a private "collector" when it should be available to the public.
One more...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some journal pages from the last few days:

The above page is about Christmas 1995...David & I. I got the neat Heidi Swapp mask stencils (the U.S. and the dots) from Hannah Grey. Shoshanah sells some of the COOLEST stuff for artists! Check out her site!!!

This is a two page spread (see above for the spread and below for each individual page up close and personal). I started both these pages the other day while demo'ing in my "What's Next?" class at Zinnia.

Been busy getting things ready for my classes tonight and this weekend. Tonight I'm teaching my Goin' Postal Mixed Media Mail Art class at Stampin From The Heart in L.A. (310 391 0466). Looking forward to it!!!! This Saturday, I'll be in Thousand Oaks teaching my Day by Day book class (email me for more info) and then on Sunday, I'll be at The Art Bar in Santa Ana with my Snippets book class!


Tales from West Hollywood-or another Kelly attempt to document the crap that happens to renters...

Last night I watched our "Favorite Neighbor" break his door in. He's ALWAYS losing his keys-ALWAYS. He disappears for days on end. So, last night around 10 p.m., he tried several attempts at kicking his door in (no luck). The next step was to move all of the crap he had piled in front of the door to the side. He took a small running start (more like an effeminate leap) and crashed through his front door taking out a good chunk of the door frame (like he has in the past). The next 90 minutes were spent listening to him hammer away (mind you this is now 11 p.m.) trying to "fix" his door frame that he just broke.

To add to the "fun" that started Monday morning, our building manager passed out paperwork (strategically taped to everyone's front door) yesterday. It's about parking again. Surprise surprise! A new company has taken over the "management responsibilities" (ha ha ha ha ha) of this building (they are NOT new owners. The people that own this building are now paying some company to "take care of" this building (ha ha ha ha ha ha). So, the building manager (who now is working for this new company) left these ridiculous notices about parking. They want us to fill out this mile long "form" that asks us for information about everything under the sun including our car insurance AND registration information. Information they do NOT need to know. I have refused to fill out forms like this in the past and guess what? I'm not filling this one out. Not only does it ask us personal information BUT it also says what we can and can not do (like we can't drive our scooters or motorcycles aimlessly around the parking lot. Um, only one of us has a scooter-t'aint us-and we don't have a "parking lot", we have a shitty, crappy "garage" under our building. It turns out we are the ONLY tenants in this building to have been paying $20 a month since we moved in April 1996. No one else pays for parking. Parking is in our lease. They can kiss my big fat ass.

Every time we get a notice on the door, I feel like we are being harassed. They do not ever ask us what needs to be done. They do not ever come around to see how things are. Instead they harass us. My blood pressure is boiling and I am NOT happy. And no, moving is not an option.


Oh, and to end on an "up note", that Frida Kahlo book I mentioned yesterday, you really do need it.


If you get a chance to see the documentary that aired on PBS last night called "Here He Is...The One, The Only...Groucho Marx", watch it!

Some Groucho quotes-

Last night I shot an elephant in my Pajamas and how he got in my pajamas I don't know."

No, my friends. No, money will never make you happy, and happy will never make you money. That might be a wisecrack, but I doubt it."

"Oh, are you from Wales? Do you know a fella named Jonah? He used to live in whales for a while."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's about the little things, isn't it?

Huge huge thanks to all of you who are sending art to Lillian. I can't tell you how grateful I am for those of you that took the time out of your busy lives to do this for her. Thank you!!!

Yesterday, in an effort to get out of the house and stay sane at the same time, I took Tristan to Barnes & Noble at the Grove. I picked up the only copy they had of this book: Frida Kahlo: Song of Herself by Salomon Grimberg.

I get really pissed off when people say that the adoration that is out there for Frida is a "jump on the bandwagon" type thing. Not so. I think of Frida as the Patron Saint of Female Artists. She appeals to us on so many levels. The book is fresh and new-it's a side of Frida that most have never seen. It's based on interviews and studies conducted on Frida (other artists also participated but Frida is the focus here) by psychologist (and friend) Olga Campos. The studies were supposed to be a part of a larger book on artists and the creative process, but it was too overwhelming of a project and remained unpublished until someone discovered rats were gnawing away at the manuscripts and rescued them for what became this book. I dove right into it last night and am about half way through. For less than $25, it's definitely one that will appeal to all artists- those who adore Frida and her work and even non-Frida fans (is there such a thing??)

Last night on PBS there was an hour documentary on the artist, Emile Norman. I LOVED the documentary.

It's definitely one you should go out of your way to see. Very inspiring. What an amazing man!!! His house in Big Sur that he built with his partner is just jaw dropping. I want to move there *now*. My only complaint?? That there isn't a BOOK available of Emile's artwork. I need one. NOW. Extremely inspiring. I've never seen anything quite like what he creates. It's just incredible. I sound like a gushing fan girl, but I am. Very VERY inspiring. Make sure you check out his website here.
PBS clips and info here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Act of Kindness/RAK needed NOW, please help!!!!

Please read below-

I just found out today that a good friend of mine (whom some of you may know) is very ill. I'm trying to find people who may be able to send small pieces of artwork-postcards, ATC's, etc... "Small" things that she can put in her hospital room that will make her smile. The situation she is in right now is not at all good and I am looking for positive artwork that can put a big smile on her face. She is an extremely big hearted lady whom I absolutely adore. I was very sad and upset to find out the news about her illness today. If you think you can contribute something, please drop me an email and I will send you her PO Box.

Her name is Lillian. Her husband is Jere. They used to live in So CA and take lots of my classes at A Little Bizaar, Suzi's, Sparkles, etc... They had to move up North a few years ago and I've missed them ever since.

If you think you can contribute a few minutes of your time, I'd really appreciate it. Please remember-only POSITIVE artwork and nothing big or overwhelming. I just thought this would be a nice thing to do to send her "art hugs" and to put a smile on her face.

Please email me at EGorey99 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net if you think you can send something out ASAP. I'm really not sure how much time she has left. I'm trying to stay positive because she is very young and such a very good soul.

I wake up and find out that not only did George Carlin die but Cody's Bookstore in Berkeley closed, too.


I'm going back to bed. Wake me when it's over. OK?

his was the one that got me into trouble in '92. Dad flipped when he found me watching Carlin...and I was 18. He didn't know I'd been listening to Carlin for awhile. Tristan even grew up with him while watching Thomas The Tank (Carlin narrated it at one point).

I'm always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I'm listening to it."-Carlin

"Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that."-Carlin

"The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept."-Carlin

"The status quo sucks. "-Carlin

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm back! I'm still slowly answering email and trying to get things done around here! It was a fun weekend though we spent a lot of time figuring out how to beat the heat. I thought I'd show you some goodies from the weekend.

Yesterday, we stopped at Handmade in Sherman Oaks. It's been one of my favorite stores for awhile. I hadn't been in there in a couple of years and managed to do a little damage yesterday. I have been looking for Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. I was very excited to see a copy of it there. I also managed to sniff out the rolls of tape that they had (3 from Red Horseshoe) that are in the back of the store (near the back door). I was even happier to find that they were on sale for about $7 less than what I paid for them last year! I also bought a lavender smelling eye pillow to help me relax (plus you can put it in the fridge-that sold me right there! The fabric is very cool, too). I bought a cool necklace that says "Love" unfortunately, it wasn't tagged so I have no idea who the artist is. I just know that I loved it!!!I taught yesterday at Zinnia. It was a fun day (Thanks Tamara and the Gang!) and I picked up a couple of fun goodies, too!
How did we spend Friday? Well, the 3 of us managed to find this abandoned city. We strolled through the empty streets searching for signs of anything familiar...

We heard the sounds of hammering and lots of "work" activity in the distance...hmmm...Could it be?
Yes! We were walking around the Warner Brothers Lot. We didn't see anyone nor did we really see any filming. We saw old facades that were used for shooting, but no actual working "filming" sets. Lots of construction though. Lots of the outsides of sound stages. I think the best part of the tour was the nice air conditioned museum (no photos allowed inside) where Tristan thoroughly enjoyed "trying on" (a lady held the hat above your head and you sit on a stool that activates the recording) the "Sorting Hat" from Harry Potter. The look on his face was priceless. WTH? They put me in Slytherin! Yet, Tristan and the other member of our gang were put into Gryffindor! What!?!?!? It was interesting seeing some of the props and things from Harry Potter. Emma Watson a.k.a. "Hermione" is SO tiny!!!!

In all honesty though, unless you know someone, don't waste your money on the "tour" of WB. It really isn't worth it. You don't get to see anyone actually filming anything. We're all big movie buffs in the family. Most of the things that you see pointed out are from TV shows. We did see some of the sound stages where some of the "big" WB films from the past were made, but we didn't go inside them so that was disappointing. It was definitely a one time thing. Save your money and buy the DVDs instead.
One neat thing we did pick up at WB, was Tristan's hat. He knows he looks cool ;)
We also saw The Incredible Hulk on Friday night. I wouldn't recommend seeing it at the Cinerama Dome. Several scenes were blurry and off focus. I'm not a big fan of that over priced theatre (Arclight) any ways...Hulk was ok-like Indiana Jones-it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I do like Edward Norton though. My fave scenes were the ones with Stan Lee and the little "surprises" that are sprinkled throughout the movie with old Hulk references. Tristan and his Pal went to see Get Smart yesterday at the Grove (while I taught) and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's funny while last year's movie choices were total famine, this year is all feast. Next week is Wall-E. Then Hancock. Then Journey to the Center of the Earth. Then Hellboy II.
Then The Dark Knight. Then Step Brothers (the bunk bed scene just cracks me up.) Tristan wants to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (He will owe me BIG time for that one...I'll be bringing a pillow).

I have several workshops lined up this week. Great ways to beat the heat and stay creative!! For more info, please email me. To sign up, please contact the places as noted below! :)

Wed 25th Stampin From The Heart LA Goin’ Postal PM 310 391 0466

Sat 28th A Studio in Thousand Oaks “Day by Day” Book workshop open to the public email Kelly for more info!!!

Sun 29th Art Bar Santa Ana Snippets 714 558 2445

Thursday, June 19, 2008

School's out for summer!!! Happy 5th grade Graduation, Tristan!!! Mom & Dad are extremely proud of you!!! We love you!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get in the car and GO, now...Walk. Take the Bus...Whatever you have to do (that's legal) to get these books

Yes, this is Thursday's post on Wednesday night... ;)

Get thee to a bookstore *NOW* and pick up copies of 1000 Artist Journal Pages and True Vision. Yes, you NEED both of them. Now. Mine came today (and yes, they did come pony express...thank you Mr. UPS man!) These are two of the BEST books of 2008 and of this little thing we call "art journaling". I have already flipped through both several times and they only arrived a few hours ago. I will be toting them around with me for several weeks-pure, utter eye candy. I can't wait to dive in.

*Sigh* Munchkin's last day of Grade School is tomorrow (Thursday). Middle School, here we come. Well, after a well deserved Summer Break!!!
I love you Munchkin!!!!!

The next few days may be crazy...I will try to post as often as I can. :) Thanks for understanding!!!

My boy does the tango...

Tristan's school had a special "Dancing with the Stars" program. The various classes have been learning everything from the Tango to Swing to Disco, etc... The third grade class even danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in their Halloween costumes. THAT was cute. Here's Tristan's class dancing the Tango. Tristan is dancing in the long sleeved white shirt (that's way too big for him) dancing with the little girl in the cute brown and white dress! They are a cute couple!!!

His class graduates tomorrow so yes, I'll b e posting more pictures tomorrow at some point...The proud Mommy that I am :)


Journal page I started last night:

The Crafter's Workshop has one of THE coolest stencil/templates *EVER*
. I love the dot one.
I used to teach for them when they had a store in New York. I really miss that store. It was one of my faves!! Hi Elmsford Gang (waving!!). A big bonus was it was a hop, skip and a jump from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery-one of THE best Cemeteries EVER! Thanks Alix for pointing this out the other day. It was truly a GREAT find.

Did you know that the Charles & Ray Eames postage stamps are out??


I finished the book, Fluffy, last night. It was interesting. My favorite bits (besides the bunny) were the dandruff and the dust particle characters. Check out Simone's website here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm back from Stampers Warehouse!! I had a GREAT time in all of my classes!!! Huge huge thanks to the Gang at Stampers and to my wonderful students- Arlene, Libby, Connie, Vivian, Dana, Alix, Tammy, name a few!! Thanks ladies!!!! :) It was a wonderfully FUN and creative weekend. I'm looking forward to my next trek there in October!!!! Here are the goodies I picked up at Stampers:

On Thursday, my friend Alix and I trekked into Berkeley and San Francisco. First stop was the Caning Shop-a MUST for bookbinders (and gourd lovers and basket makers!!!) Oh WOW! Lots of fun stuff. I picked up some more waxed linen thread. I also snagged the last copy of 500 Handmade Books. I have been waiting over a year and a half now for this to come out. I was VERY happy to finally have a copy of it in my hands!!!

We also went to Kinokuniya in San Francisco where I picked up 3 of the little Japanese books that I adore so much!!
I picked up Ma Deco a Paris.
Chambres d'enfants
Petits appartements a Paris
I was also very inspired after our trip into the city as Alix took me on a tour of her studio. WOW!!! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera but any artist would be insanely jealous to have a studio like this. It's gorgeous and extremely organized. I LOVED it!!! Thanks Alix for a fun day!!!


I am a wee bit behind on email and all that. Give me a few days to play catch up. I am also having a special visitor in town later at the end of this week so if I disappear, please forgive me! I'll be back!! :)


I am eagerly (note I did not say patiently-har dee har har har) awaiting my copies of:

1000 Artist Journal Pages
LK Ludwig's True Vision

Hopefully they will be here later on this week.


I have two workshops this weekend:

21st Zinnia So. Pasadena What Next? 626 441 2181

22nd Stamp Addict San Diego Snippets 619-667-5060 or Toll-free in the USA: 1-866-667-5060

also coming up this month:

Wed 25th Stampin From The Heart LA Goin’ Postal: Mixed Media Mail Art

Sat 28th Private Home in Thousand Oaks “Day by Day” Book workshop open to the public

Sun 29th Art Bar Santa Ana Snippets