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Tucked in a corner of Zinnia's classroom in So Pasadena...


How could I not love teaching here?!?!

It's all how you see things...

Where do you find inspiration?

Had a great time today in Berkeley

Texture Love

I didn't buy it all at Kinobuyitall, but I bought enough...

Building a Visual Vocabulary

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey!

2,000th post!

One book in...

Half of my stamp shelf...

Actually,I think it was this picture that summed up the week...

This pretty much sums up the week...

One book in...

Nathalie Lete and other French artists invade Zinnia in So Pasadena

Current WIP journal page

Happy Hearts Day!

Someone has been keeping me very busy...

Crazy, busy week!

Another follow up on my previous magazine posts

Happy Hearts Day!

I started off with good intentions...

My new fingerless gloves

Sanctuary Journal

7 January 2011 journal page

7 January 2011 journal page

6 January 2011 journal page

Two books that you need to check out...

A redhead walks into a scrapbook store...

5 January 2011 journal page

Some of my goodies from Frenzy Stamper this weekend

Anyone want to help me unpack from the weekend?

4 January 2011 journal page

Full house today!

3 January 2011 journal page

A small sampling of what I bring with me for my students to use in classes

2 January 2011 journal page

My students aren't having fun....

Happy 14th Birthday, Tristan!

In Arizona, taking over my hotel room...

1 January 2011 journal page

31 December 2010 journal page

Finished journal page from earlier

Work in progress journal page

My Current Favorite Magazines