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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Had a great time today in Berkeley

I visited one of my most favorite cities on the planet today, Berkeley, CA. I was asking myself what is it about this city that I love so much? Is it the shadow of the 60's that hangs over the city? Is it the weather? Is it the diversity of its people? Is it the eco-friendliness of it (sooo many trees)? Is it all of the bookstores? Is it all of the old houses that are all so eclectic? I think it's a combination of all of the above. I always feel so alive and happy when I visit. I only wish that David and Tristan were with me...

I woke up, showered and checked out of my hotel. I stopped in at Dick Blick for some E-Z air Invisible Care Cream. I walked out with a bottle of that and a bunch of Martha Stewart Valentine's day stuff that was marked down to pennies. Score! The Dick Blick in Berkeley not only has a great selection of goodies, but their clearance section is usually amazing.

Next stop was Scrapbook Territory. Oh how much I love that store! They always have the latest and greatest. I was trying to behave. I was actually doing that (I had maybe $15 worth of goodies in my hands) until I stumbled upon the brand new stencil masks that I had yet to see anywhere!! (I didn't even know that they had new stencils!). I didn't buy all of them, but I bought the ones that I knew I wanted the most and the ones that my students would enjoy.

I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I popped into Manhattan Bagel for an egg salad sandwich. Yum! (Glad I decided to skip Betty's Diner ONLY because the line was insane and I was so hungry).

Castle in the Air beckoned. I'm so happy I stopped in. There is an exhibit on the second floor of artwork by Cleo Papanikolas. I also bought her book, Cook Until Desired Tenderness. It's a fictional journal and sketchbook of a culinary artist. Layers of text and color combined are completely scrumptious, luscious and lovely. It is definitely a must see book. (I bought it knowing full well that it means I now have to get rid of FOUR books when I get home.)

I skipped Paper Source as I was at their Santa Monica store only a week ago. I was sad that the one of the bookstores that I love was closed due to building issues (they had a notice up that they would reopen as soon as possible. Weird, huh?)

I looked in at a few of the other stores on 4th street like the toy store and the other bookstore. I didn't buy anything, but I had fun looking!

Up next was The Caning Shop where I had to buy more waxed linen thread. It is one of my favorite places to buy my bookbinding thread.

Last stop in Berkeley was Pegasus Books. On my way there, I passed Comic Relief with large out of business signs. It's a sad sight, but I have high hopes for their new store. Fingers crossed. I didn't buy anything at Pegasus, but it is always a must visit whenever I am in town.

I pulled the car over several times to take pictures. I also enjoyed sitting and just watching the rain.

Now I'm scheming as to when I can go back.

Class in the morning! I'm all set up! The studio is adorable!! I can't wait!


Raine said...

Looks like you scored! I'm gonna have to get my butt down to CA one of these days. ;)
What company makes the stencils/masks that you got? I'm always looking for new ones.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a perfect morning!

Marissa said...

Berkeley/Oakland...Amazing places. I can easily see you in that environment and thriving. It's a whole other way of living and thinking than SoCal.So lucky that you can visit a few times a year!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration! What is that cream you bought? I think its what I am looking for...Angelica

martha brown said...

I'm about a month behind on my blog reading. I'm hoping to travel to California some day soon-- I hope to visit Berkeley (and San Francisco).
I just bought this same book of 7Gypsies paper on Friday -- I must have been connecting to my inner Kelly :)