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29 July 2011 Journal Page

28 July 2011 Journal Page

Before Journal Page

Journaling on the Go

Spending the Night in Utah

Cowboys and Aliens-our POV on the Premiere, our story on how we got our tickets and a contest!

Colorado and Arizona, here I come!

Bringing Home the Goods (or What I Bought at San Diego Comic-Con)

Barron Storey at Comic Con

This is One Example of Why We Love Comic Con

Lots of highlights today ...

19 July 2011 Journal Page

I Told You that I was a Geek...

One of my Favorite Art Moments of the Night

The Calm Before the Storm...

17 July 2011 Journal Page

Comic Con 2011 Schedule

Dad's Good...

15 July 2011 Journal Page

My San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Journal Bag

Journal Page in Progress

13 July 2011 Journal Page

New Bag!

Journal Page in Progress

7 July 2011 Journal Page

A Birthday Note for my Husband

Having a blast in Fremont

Having fun in Fremont

Trekking to No CA Today

5 July Journal Page

Journal Page in Progress

Found on a Walk in Venice

A Good Weekend, Indeed

Yay! New magazines!

16 February 2011 Journal Page