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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Bag!

Sew, I mean so, I've been trying to figure out what bag I should use as a purse for Comic Con next week. I don't want to have to lug a bag and a purse (like I usually do). Last weekend when I was teaching in Fremont, Maria was kind enough to offer me this bag. "It's vintage.", she said. "I'd love it!" is what I said!

Now, I don't have anything against Hawaii. I've just never been. I figured that I could spruce it up a bit and make it a little more me.

What you need to know is that I can sew books and it makes me happy and quite content. I can not sew anything else. I thought I'd try my sewing machine out here (you know the one that's been sitting gathering dust since I bought it). I broke the needle. Yup. I don't have the patience and haven't had the time to sit and learn how to actually use the sewing machine. One of these days I might. People have shown me but I am sewing machine challenged. I am. It must be some kind of childhood trauma related to having to take a class on making your own Cabbage Patch Kids' clothes and mine looked like a blind person had put it together. Actually, a blind person with their hands tied behind their back can probably can do a better job than me.
I decided I'd hand sew fabric onto the front and back pockets to cover up Hawaii World. I used fabric that I'd been hoarding, I mean saving.I also added a little lace along the top. I half assed sewed a pocket on the inside as well (seriously, you should see it.) As long as it functions, I don't care what it looks like on the inside of my purse. If I can find my car keys and my cellphone, I'm good to go.
As long as this holds up during Comic Con, I'll be happy! It makes me smile just to look at it now. It took me several hours to sew everything on by hand. I also jabbed myself more than once, but in the end, it was worth it! Can't wait to use it!


maria said...

this makes me happy : ). You've made a great bag!

anandaink said...

That looks like a great size and shape for what you need. I love bags that serve me well. The cute, pretty ones are fun, but I'd take a functional bag over cute any day.

Like you, I cannot sew to save my life. Any time a button has to be sewn, my husband does it. And I truly have zero interest in learning!

taylor said...

Soon you will be sewing bags from scratch. Looks good. You could bring a sharpie and get autographs. Maybe that would be too tacky but it would look good on the bag.

Ms. Lahtidah said...

Looking good! I would have riveted something on there! LOL!

Sharon said...

Black sharpie doodles are the only things missing.

laurie said...

a good bag can make or break an outing and yours looks perfect, both functional and hip!

Sandy said...

Love the bag. Hope it works for you.

Libby said...

Love what you did to the bag.

Raine said...

Nice job! Not as challenged as you think you are. I've been sewing since I was 12 and I still break my share of needles. Just impatience, I think.
I LOVE that fabric!!! I don't suppose you remember where you got it... The lace is a nice touch. I think you did very well.

Tricia said...

Mama's got a brand new bag! (sung to the tune of Papa's gotta a brand new bag ala James Brown)
Its looks awesome and I love the fabric. Can we NOT talk about sewing. Pahleeze! I am getting a tad better at your 5 whole pamphlet stitch ( I think..?? lol)
Good Job Kelly :)

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
You SERIOULSY need to set aside some time with me before I tackle you and make you do it. What's it gonna take, Missy? I know you are busy in August, but if you wanna bring the beast (machine) for a day earlier or later in November, I have a little free time on my hands now. What if???? C'mon now, you know you wanna.
And, nice job on getting this bag project done! I am so happy for you.

Man for all seasons said...

If you really are that sewing-challenged (not quite sure I believe it!) why not do a skills-exchange with another artist/craftsperson - make them something they struggle with in return for some professional stitching. Everyone wins!

Kelly Kilmer said...

:) It's not that I'm sewing challenged. I can sew books in a gazillion ways. I'm sewing MACHINE challenged! ;)