Friday, October 29, 2010

Books I've bought recently

It seems like lately it's been total feast with the number of books out this month. Below are a few that I've purchased (gotta love birthday months!) or that I've received as gifts.

If you love washi paper tapes, you should definitely check out the next two books for some clever things to do with the tapes:

Les Parisiennes et l'art de la papetene avec des masking tapes (Ginko Papers has this title in stock!)

Collages avec les adhesifs matins (another title that Ginko papers is carrying!)

Vintage Patterns of Japan (bought at Kinokuniya in Japantown, San Francisco)
Amelia's Anthology of Illustration-
Illustrated Three-Line Novels
Tristan Manco's Street Sketchbook
Lynda Barry's Picture This
A Perfectly Kept House...
And the Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman
World of Peter Greenaway
Beyond Reason (I did not pay the price listed on amazon or what I saw in the local used bookstore ($90). I paid about half of that and had a gift certificate to boot. Yay!)

Katherine Dunn's Creative Illustration Workshop
Mark Making by Tilleke Schwarz

Graphic: Inside the sketchbooks of the world's great graphic designers
(Barron Storey is in it!)
I have to point out that I love my local Mom and Pops, used bookstores, indie bookstores and 40% off coupons! I also love amazon gift cards (LOL!) I paid full price for two of the books, Lynda Barry (bought at Skylight books during her signing) and Tilleke's book which I ordered directly from her).

Who needs new clothes and a new comforter when one can be surrounded by books?
I really hope that there isn't anything else coming out this year that I will "need".

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

29 September 2010 journal page

A postcard that my friend Catherine sent me from France. I've been saving it to tape into a journal that it would fit in!
Still playing catch up after my No CA trip. I sent out my collage grab bag boxes to all of you who ordered them. I hope that you enjoy them! I have a very small handful left and once they're gone, I won't be making any up for awhile!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


36. I keep thinking, "Already!?!?!" Where did 35 go? Seriously!

Saying goodbye to my No Ca buds is always difficult. Hope to see you all again soon!!! I hope that you had as much fun as I did! Thank you to Maria, her family and to all of my fabulously amazing students.

Trekking back home to the family today. I've had a wonderful time, but I've been missing them and it's time to go home...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trekking to No CA

I'm leaving today for No CA. I will still be taking sign ups for the classes this weekend in Fremont. There's room in all of the classes. You can sign up or find more info here. If you email me with a question (or if you sign up), I will respond as soon as possible. I WILL be updating and posting from the road, so please check back daily!

For those of you in So CA/L.A. area, my friend Kara is teaching an art journaling workshop this Sunday (Oct. 24th) at the Skirball Center. You can find out more information by clicking here.
You can also watch the two very cute videos that the Skirball Center filmed at her home. I am always jealous of her studio. She seriously has one of the BEST studios around!

Also coming at the Skirball in November is the wonderfully amazing Maira Kalman. To say that I'm excited about the exhibit and seeing Maira is an understatement. I'm giddy. I. can't. wait!

I picked up Maira's new book last week when it came out. I am waiting to savor it. I know, I know. I'm goofy, but I can't help it. I get so excited about a book coming out and then I like to go through and enjoy it slowly because who knows when the next book will be available. You can see what's in the book here.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Limited Amount of Collage Grabbags for sale

I fill each large, oversized grabbag with handmade papers, decorative papers, collage "ephemera", color copies, originals, cherished book pages, photos, stickers, transparencies, collage images, etc.. NO bag is alike. The photo above is only an example of what you may find in your bag! Each bag is unique!

These are extremely limited!!!!

These are perfect gifts for yourself or others !! Grab one while they last! :) I won't be making these up for awhile!

Paypal, checks or money orders, please. Collage grabbags are $50 which includes priority insured shipping for US residents (trust me, there is MORE than $50 worth of stuff in here. I tend to fill the bags up with NEW handmade, scrapbook, and decorative papers that I've recently purchased. If I was going to buy a collage grabbag, these are the kinds I would want-it's all from my stash!!).

If you are overseas, please email me first to make arrangements on shipping.

If you are interested, please drop me an email at EGorey99 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net or use the paypal button below.


Monday, October 18, 2010

29 September 2010 journal page

Busy week! Prepping for my classes this weekend in No Ca. I'll also have a limited amount of collage grabbags to sell here on the blog (check back tomorrow morning. I'll have the info posted at 4 a.m. PST). If you are coming to class this weekend, I will have a limited amount of deco tape on hand to sell (you can email me for more info) and a limited amount of extra collage grabbags (every student in my 2 day workshop gets one as part of the class!).

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Friday, October 15, 2010

28 September 2010 journal page

If you fold the pages in (the hugging couple and the girl on the bike), so you will just see the hand on the right (and the pink peace on the left), then turn the page.
You'll see:
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

26 September 2010 journal page

Did I tell you that I'm already finished with this journal and working in a new journal? I'll finish posting this one before I show you the new one. Though I have been known to post teaser pictures on my facebook and twitter feeds every now and then of new pages, work in progress shots, etc... The new journal is an old journal format revamped. I'm VERY excited about it and the many possibilities it holds... I love revisiting old journal ideas and revamping them.

Heads up! The new Maira Kalman book comes out TOMORROW (Thurs). I will be first in line at the bookstore to buy it!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

25 September 2010 journal page

One of those examples where I wish that I had left it alone...but ce la vie. Love the page but don't love the gold heart. Live and learn! :) Don't stress about it. Turn the page and move on.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

22nd September 2010 journal page

Remember how I said that the page the other day had a secret? Well, here it is. It folds in on itself. The journal that I am working in now consists of many pages that have hidden valley and mountain folded pages. I folded the pages back and forth as I work. The 140 lb wausau paper takes a beating.

Would you believe that I am almost already finished with this journal?!? I've been having such a blast working on the pages that I am a just a couple of pages away from being finished. Mind boggling! Yes, I will be sharing them here with you!
Crazy busy weekend! (Yay!) Trekking to Zinnia today to teach! Stampin' From The Heart tomorrow! I'm so happy (and thankful) to be teaching! I love my students and I love my stores!

Saw this at the bookstore the other night. I love that we have a few bookstores still within walking distance.

Speaking of books, a little heads up that this month not one but TWO books that are big on my list are coming out:
Lynda Barry's Picture This (I know Amazon says November, but if you are in L.A., Lynda will be at Skylight books THIS month on the 19th. Guess who will be waiting in line!?)
Maira Kalman's And The Pursuit of Happiness

Hope that you get some art time in wherever you are. :)

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

20 September 2010 journal page

The page above has a secret. You'll see what I mean soon enough...

Tape, collage stuff, pen work, rub ons, pearl paint pen, journaling...

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Book Fairy 100 Books Project Santa Fe, NM July 2010

I was very excited to read that Christine Mason Miller was looking for volunteers to sign up as "Book Fairies" in her 100 Books Project. I quickly typed up an email to her, explaining that I would be teaching and traveling a lot this summer and how badly I wanted to volunteer. Christine sweetly sent me a quick reply saying that she would love to have a book left in Santa Fe, NM.

My Dad, Tristan (my son) and I drove from So CA to The Artists' Nook in Colorado, where I would be teaching workshops in July. I've taught at The Artists' Nook for several years now and it's always one of my favorite places to venture to teach. The people there are truly wonderful and I consider them to be very dear friends. The other reason why I love teaching there is the drive. It's truly spectacular. If you ever have a chance to drive to (or from) Colorado, especially going over the Rocky Mountains, I would highly recommend it.

About 40 miles outside of Gallup, New Mexico, we were broadsided and purposely hit by a truck driver. It's a long story but to say that we were shaken up by it, is an understatement. (The state trooper on the site cited the truck driver for reckless driving. The driver admitted that he had hit us on purpose.) I was very happy to arrive in Santa Fe. The accident, however, threw a monkey wrench into our little plans. I wanted to explore Santa Fe more, but sadly, with the schedule that we had (I had to teach in CO that Friday), we weren't able to.

I had a few things that I wanted to do in Santa Fe. One, was to meet up with my friend, Krista. I met Krista in April at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, when she flew there to take my two day workshop. Another thing that I wanted to do was to upgrade my cell phone for the first time *ever* and to buy a droid X (thinking that it would make my life easier with my online classes).
So, with the crazy schedule that we had and after the ridiculous accident, Krista graciously agreed to meet me at the cell phone store at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. (Anyone who would meet me that early in the morning at a silly cell phone store is top notch in my book).

Krista and I were shocked to see the amount of people at the store so early in the morning waiting to buy the new phone. (I had phoned ahead and the guy told me he didn't expect a line, so I figured getting there 30 minutes before they opened would be okay. After all, Santa Fe is not Los Angeles, where people probably camped out overnight to get the silly phone.) Turns out that the store decided to open their doors early that day and didn't tell anyone until the day before. Grrrr! We were in the store until 11:30 that morning.

The nice thing about spending three hours with someone standing and walking around a cell phone store is that you can do a lot of talking with each other. I had pondered for days over where I would leave the book. I asked friends and family where they thought I should leave it. I wanted the book to go somewhere special, to be found by someone who would
get it, by someone who needed it. The more Krista and I talked, the more I got this swelling sensation that I needed to give the book to Krista. Krista was the one who needed it right now more so than anyone else in Santa Fe.

I started blabbing to her about the project. I asked her if she had read the latest issue of Somerset Studio and if she had seen the article on Christine's book project. I asked her if she had the book, if she knew Christine's work. She said that she was familiar with her work but that she didn't have the book. I started telling her how inspiring the book was to me and how it was one of my favorites. I told her that I thought that every artist needed a copy of it and how it had pulled me out of some dark days and made me think differently.

Krista was surprised when I asked if I could give the book to her. I explained that after our talk, I felt that she was the one who I was supposed to give the book to. I knew that as an artist, she would
get it. She smiled and was extremely humble (and yet very excited) about accepting it. I suggested that when Krista was finished with the book that she could pass it on to others who she felt may benefit from reading it. After all, it is the kind of book that you gain a lot from and immediately want to share the experience with others.

"This is a Gift for You. Yes, You!"

Christine couldn't have written better words. It truly was a gift. A gift of being a Book Fairy. A gift of being with a friend for several hours. A gift of sharing. A gift of a moment.

Thank you, Christine. Thank you, Krista. Thank you, dear blog readers, for reading this Book Fairy's story.

Krista has posted her story here! Check it out!