Sunday, May 30, 2010

17 May 2010 journal page

What am I doing this weekend? I'm working hard on my new online class!! I'm very excited about the debut (stay tuned). I'll give you a little tease it's an art journaling class (surprise) with all new journal prompts (almost 200 of them) , collage templates/prompts (so far about 30 of them) AND not one but TWO different bookbinding structures. It's actually four classes in one! Plus I'll have some extra stuff in there. I'm VERY excited about it. Everyone whom I've shown the finished samples to has gone nuts over them. I like to give my students a lot of bang for their buck, and I promise this class will be full of techniques, ideas and inspiration!!! I thought about doing two (or three) separate online classes, but decided to make one BIG class. I can't wait to share the info!!!!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home from No CA

I'm back from my teaching adventures in No Ca. I had a GREAT time. Huge, huge thanks to Maria and to all of my wonderful students. We had so much fun! I can't wait to do it again!!!

Here's what my hotel desk looked like last Wednesday night in Berkeley:
The goodies that I bought from Flax, Kinokuniya, Scrapbook Territory, Paper Source and Castle in the Air:
I bought one book. I didn't take a picture of it, but you can click here for more info. It's published by Pie books (I love their publications) and is called Hiroki Hiyashi Collection.

Several students asked me to compile a list of where I shop when I travel, so I thought I'd try to start adding little posts every now and then with little lists.

I usually stay at La Quinta in Berkeley. It's cheap. It's clean. It's between 4th street (paper shops/bookstores) and all of the other bookstores that I want to visit. I recommend it. I've been staying there for years (before it was a La Quinta). I had a major problem when checking in on Wednesday (long story) and the woman at the front desk helped me out in a big way. Two big thumbs up!

Stores I visit:

Flax San Francisco-if you want paper, go to Flax. The paper room is HUGE, as in, bigger than my apartment! If you want selection and great help, go to Flax. When I go to No Ca, guess where I usually head first?

Kinokuniya-in JapanTown in San Francisco. Kino Buy It All, as we loving call it, keeps expanding. There's a new store on the first floor (in addition to the bookstore that is downstairs) that is stickers and stationery/giftie things. On the second floor is the PEN store (with stamps, stickers, tape and more stationery goodies) across from the main bookstore. This store is dangerous (it is rare that I do not buy anything there) and I can't recommend it enough.

Scrapbook Territory-whenever I head north, I stop here and buy the latest and greatest fun scrapbook find. Stickers, tape, paper, stamps all call my name here very loudly. The store is huge and has an amazing selection.

Castle In The Air
-inspiring and always worth a looksie.

Miki's Paper-great selection of yummy Asian papers! Always helpful and very friendly!

Builders Booksource-great graphic design and art books.

Books, Inc-a new bookstore on 4th street. Yay! I was pleasantly surprised to see their amazing selection of books. Very well curated in the art, graphic novels and political books sections. Someone has great taste!

Paper Source-always worth stopping in!

Comic Relief-one of my favorite Northwest comic book shops. Great selection of titles. Always has new and old favorites in stock. Great selection of zines.

Two of my favorite used/new bookstores in Berkeley that I ALWAYS make time to go to are:

Pegasus on Shattuck

Moe's on Telegraph

Across from Moe's is Shakespeare and Company, which I've only been to once but I loved it!

I've eaten at Ann's on Telegraph and enjoyed it!

Right next to Moe's is a place that has donuts, cookies and baked goods. Good prices and they are quite yummy!! I wish I knew the name of it.

Sophie's Crepes in Japantown in San Francisco is outstanding. I'm drooling just thinking about that place.

Bette's Oceanview Diner is quite yummy! Usually a line.

Other places that I've been that I loved:
Green Apple books in San Francisco
City Lights in San Francisco (one of my favorite bookstores)
Daiso-fun store that has several locations all over No Ca. Most goods are a $1.50

I've been told that I need to go to Tail of the Yak. Next visit!

Where are your favorite places to visit in Berkeley, San Francisco, No CA? Places to buy books, rubber stamps/scrapbooking, paper, art goodies, etc...? Places to eat? I'd love to hear!

Monday, May 24, 2010

10 May 2010 journal page

Tristan has P.E. testing today in Burbank. I promise I'll be back to normal,full blog posts this week!

The above photo is a transparency frame with a Hambly transparency taped and layered on top.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 May 2010 journal page

I took the lotus and you are beautiful pictures in Santa Monica a couple of weeks ago. After printing them out on regular printer paper, I hand colored them using gel pens and markers.

I'm in Berkeley today! I'll be visiting Scrapbook Territory, Castle In The Air, Moe's and Pegasus Books.

I'll be trekking to Fremont later in the day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 May 2010 journal page

Trekking to Northern California today. If you pass me on the highway, wave! I'll be the redhead with the windows rolled down and the radio cranked, screaming (I mean singing) at the top of her lungs.

Flax and Kinokuniya, here I come!

Still taking sign ups in my classes this weekend in Fremont. More info here. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 May 2010 journal page

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Films Watched:
Shadow of a Doubt
Adventures of Captain Marvel
Superman Showdown (1942)

I've said this before and I'll say it again, what's with the notion that a journal has to be perfect, or for that matter, ART, even? A journal is supposed to be your place to play, explore, think and revel in creativity. A journal is supposed to be a place to document, ponder, wonder and wander. Why are so many obsessed with the fact that a journal has to be perfect? It's not supposed to be! It's a place to get messy. It's your place to learn. It's your place to try new ideas.
A journal is not your place to compare. It's not your place to say, or even think, "Well, my work doesn't look GOOD or doesn't look like what's in the magazines." Stop. Don't even bother going there. Make art for you. Make journal pages for you. Make messy pages. Make crappy pages. Make some more crappy pages. Keep pushing and pulling and trying and messing up until you find your'll find it. It takes time and work and energy. It might be a soft whisper at first. I'm adamant that the more you take the time to play on the pages, it won't be long before that soft whisper is screaming, "HERE I AM! I MADE THIS!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mixed Media Rejuvenations workshop August 20 & 21st Whitman, MA

Mixed Media Rejuvenations with Kelly Kilmer

A Two Day Workshop:
Friday & Saturday, August 20th and 21st

Time: 10 to 4 each day

Location: At a private studio in Whitman, MA

Cost: $200 includes all materials

Now taking sign ups! I will email you with location and more information when you sign up.

Questions? Please email me at

Class Description:

Yearning to jump into the mixed media world of paper, tape, pens and more? Can't get enough of color, imagery and texture? Want to learn some new ideas to get your art groove on? In this unique two day mixed media art journaling workshop you will explore a myriad of hands on technique through both guided and self play. You will create your own luscious journal built with your own hands from scratch. We will then dive into the pages exploring color, paper and texture.
Think pages that are layered, luscious, rich, and uniquely yours. Learn a variety of different mixed media techniques, tips, tricks and ideas. Think bookbinding. Think collage. Think color. Think composition. Think design. Think layers. Think unique. I guarantee that your creative muse will be bubbling over with new ideas after this class! You won't want to put your brush down!

I have always wanted to teach a special weekend workshop on mixed media journaling. When I offer a workshop, I like to teach ideas that can apply to a variety of mixed media art. You're not just learning art journaling, you're exploring creativity and learning techniques that can be applied to all forms of artwork whether you're painting a wall, a canvas, making a book or even jewelry! You learn how to call the muse out, to have her sit by your side and play. You'll learn how to overcome artists block. You'll learn how to stimulate your creative senses with paint, paper and more. You'll learn to love your journal and how inviting it is to work in book form. I promise I will share as many tips, tricks, ideas and techniques that I have learned in a lifetime of keeping and working hands on in a journal. You will leave class with a book whose pages are filled with new ideas and bursting at the seams. More importantly, you will leave class filled with the inspiration and the knowledge that yes, you are an artist and a person whose ideas, beliefs, moments and life are worth documenting in the pages of a book. If I can do it and love it, so can you.

This is a class geared towards all levels: both beginner and advanced.

Fully detailed instructional handout included, as always!

Please note, unlike two day workshops with other instructors, in my classes BOTH days are chock FULL of NEW techniques and NEW ideas that you will explore hands on in class. I just you to know that all of the techniques do not happen in day one and that day two is a play day.
You WILL work and learn both days. Yes, you will have time for guided play. You will walk out with a fully bound book with pages layered and ready to go and with several pages completed. You will walk out filled to the brim, and bubbling over with inspiration and creative excitement. You will walk out hand in hand with your Creative Muse!

Each student who signs up for this unique two day workshop, will receive a goodie bag chock full of surprises FREE (valued at over $50), as a thank you gift from Kelly.

Supply list: Scissors, selection of favorite collage ephemera (background papers and focal images), bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, bottle of tacky glue, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue (I like chip or bristle brushes), several glue sticks (if you prefer working with them, as I do. I will also have gel medium for you to use.)

Please note that the teacher does not travel light and will have a plethora of supplies including rubber stamps, collage ephemera and more for you to work with. It is, however, nice to bring your own small selection of collage ephemera to make the journal more unique and personal to you!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Teaching in Fremont, CA May 21st-23rd

I am very happy to announce that I will be teaching five workshops at a private studio in Fremont, CA May 21st-23rd.

Interested in signing up? Email Kelly for more info!

Payments for the Fremont, CA workshop must be made in advance. Due to the fact that the teacher is traveling from Los Angeles and must prep for the workshops in advance, there are no cancellations allowed. No refunds.

You may send someone else in your place if you are unable to attend the workshop, or you will receive a kit for the class. You can either pay via paypal (see button below) or send a check or money order. Once you've signed up for the workshop, you will be sent the address and directions to the workshop location. If you have ANY questions you can email me. I will also give you my cell phone number so you contact me.

Fremont, CA Workshops May 21-23rd

Friday May 21st

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Kawaii Book

Kawaii has a couple of different meanings in Japanese, and precious is one of them. It is also used to define many of the various kinds of decorative designer packing tape. In this class, you will get to dig deep into my collection of decorative tape. You will create a one of a kind book with a fun stitch! You will then dive right in learning new and unusual mixed media and collage techniques. We will be incorporating TAPE onto the pages as we go. If you’ve never used decorative tape before, this is the class for you! If you have a passion and a love for deco tapes, then this is also the class for you! If you're itching to create a fun new journal from scratch, this definitely is the class for you!! All are welcome! IF you have your own personal tape that you have been itching to use, please bring some to class. But please note, that the teacher does NOT travel lightly and has several huge bags filled with goodies for you to use and enjoy in class.

Supply list: Scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes)

Followed by-

from 3 to 7 p.m.

Addicted to tape!

Love collage? Have you been caught buying up rolls of tape and you’re not sure of everything that you can do with them? In a bit of a sticky situation? Looking for some new ideas of what you can do with one of the hottest art supplies around? Look no further! In this class we will explore a myriad of techniques, tips, tricks and ideas that you can do with decorative tape. Learn how to layer fun and colorful backgrounds using what some call stickers, but what most call tape! We will explore masking tape (not the old stuff, but the fun colorful stuff available in many different designs and colors), decorative tape, and more! Walk out of class with your head spinning with ideas, and a smile on your face.

Optional-You can bring your journal to class to work in, or the teacher will be supplying paper for you to work on.

Supply list: Scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes)

Saturday, May 22nd

10 to 2 a.m.

The Journey

Many of my students know that I like to vary the size and shape of my journal to ‘keep me on my toes’. In this class you will create a tall, narrow hardcover journal using a special stitch! After binding the book, we will fill the inside pages with paint and collage learning new mixed media techniques. You will walk out of class with a unique handmade book with layered and textured pages created entirely by you!

Supply list: Scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes)
Followed by-

from 3 to 7 p.m.

Everything you wanted to know about pens(!) and more...

Are you a closet member of PAA (you know, pen addicts anonymous)? Do you hoard pens? Do you want to learn different things that you can do with your pens? Are you stuck in a rut using the same black gelly roll glaze pen again and again? Are you curious about which pens you absolutely need? Wondering what works with your mixed media projects and what doesn't? Look no further. Most of you know, I don't travel light to my classes. In this class, I will be bringing ALL of my pens for you to play, learn and explore HANDS ON. We will not only work with the pens and learn what works, but we will be creating mixed media collage pages ("and more"). We will be using the pens on our newly created collaged pages. You will explore different writing techniques as well (think Urban Calligraphy style!)-yet, this is not a calligraphy class! YES, we will learn everything about pens (and more). YES, you will explore and play with different writing styles and techniques on your newly created pages. YES, you will walk out with a pile of completed pages and tons of ideas. YES, you will be inspired. YES, you WILL have fun!

Optional-You can bring your journal to class to work in, or the teacher will be supplying paper for you to work on.

Supply list: Scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes)

Sunday, May 23rd

10 to 2 p.m.

Spirit Journal

In this workshop, you will create a layered canvas covered, hand bound artist’s book. You will be making a journal from scratch using a quick and easy sewing method. Also create special pockets for your hidden, favorite treasures. Learn new mixed media techniques for the pages utilizing background and collage techniques. Work hands on to create your own unique artist’s book! This was one of my favorite classes many years ago that I’ve revised, revamped and brought back FRESH and new! It was well loved then and I guarantee you’ll love this all new, updated 2010 version!

Supply list: Scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 3 1" brushes to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes)