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Sunday, May 30, 2010

17 May 2010 journal page

What am I doing this weekend? I'm working hard on my new online class!! I'm very excited about the debut (stay tuned). I'll give you a little tease it's an art journaling class (surprise) with all new journal prompts (almost 200 of them) , collage templates/prompts (so far about 30 of them) AND not one but TWO different bookbinding structures. It's actually four classes in one! Plus I'll have some extra stuff in there. I'm VERY excited about it. Everyone whom I've shown the finished samples to has gone nuts over them. I like to give my students a lot of bang for their buck, and I promise this class will be full of techniques, ideas and inspiration!!! I thought about doing two (or three) separate online classes, but decided to make one BIG class. I can't wait to share the info!!!!

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Viki said...

Is this new class going to combine some paint with the paper or will it be like the Life class with just the paper as paint?

Hope I am getting to a point where i have more time again. It has been crazy this Spring and I'd love to get back in the swing of things with you and the other gals in one of your online classes Kelly!
Miss you all.

Desert Mermaid said...

Kelly Kelly Kelly Bobelly!! Woman, are you simply inexhaustible? Excitement looms re: your upcoming class. Meanwhile, your journal pages continue to be inspiration unending and also soul balm. Thank you!

Toni Brown

Kelly Kilmer said...

Viki, it's going to be all new collage exercises, painting with paper. No paint. New techniques, new ideas, more advanced and some new fun things that I am keeping mum on for now!!! :D

Toni, thank you, as always, for the kind words! :)

margaretes said...

Exciting news Kelly, and I have to say I'm relieved about the "no paint" - I have absolutely nowhere to work with wet media.

Sandy said...

So excited to hear about the new class. I love the links and the page is so beautiful. You always create such inspiring classes so I know this one is going to be great. Can't wait for it to start.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful page Kelly....Dry Journaling I learned from my friend Kelly...haha...love dry journaling...it's quick and energetic...and happy-making!!

Maija said...

Absolutely divine! One of my favorites, Kelly!

Mara Spires said...

iTotally ADORE this page!!!