Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little etsy shop notice

I just wanted to let you know that I will have my etsy shop open until this Monday (8/4) and then I won't be able to ship out orders until after 8/26.
I have a variety of journals for sale here.

Huge thanks for your time and interest!!

I wish I could have taken a picture to share with you guys...Last week at Comic Con, Random House had a "mock up" of a new book coming out in October (the 14th to be precise) called "I Live Here" by Mia Kirshner, J.B. MacKinnon, Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons. The mock up really peaked my interest as it looks like several journals in a "wrap type case". There weren't any inside pages to "see" only outside covers but it looked extremely cool from the outside. Women and children refugees from various countries will tell their stories on the inside pages. There is also lots of art inside from various comic and illustration artists.

Pantheon is the publisher.

Info on it here and here (under philanthropy).

If you listen/watch this, you *must* turn the volume up very loud and dance around the room:

Of course you could also just go watch it in Shaun of the Dead

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shhh...sit and listen (if you haven't already). Now you know why I think this woman is a frickin' genius and why everyone needs *at least one* of her books. Now.

Go buy her book. You need it. Seriously. Now. Go.

I love the D & Q blog. Check out the Comic Con adventures...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

These are the little booklets that I was telling you about last week. I didn't have as much time as I thought I would to work on these while at Comic Con, but I managed to get some pages done. I am totally TOTALLY in love with these little books. I fit 5 of them (though I ended up only bringing 3) along with a ton of collage crap in a little blue wet ones bin. These are a brand new class I will be debuting this Fall and I hope you will love them as much as I do :) They are portable and all you need is a glue stick and a pen, and you can bring them anywhere!!!


I have two classes this coming weekend in Thousand Oaks and in L.A. More info can be found here. Both classes are a GO. If you are interested in the Thousand Oaks class, please email ME to sign up. If you are interested in L.A., please phone the store.

In a week, I will be leaving for Art Unraveled. I'm teaching 4 workshops and I can't wait!!!

After AU, I will be home for a couple of days and then Tristan and I jump on a plane and go back East. I'll be teaching both weekends. The first weekend I will be at The Stamp Act in Marshfield
and the following weekend, I will be at Ink About It in Westford. There are samples in the store and I will post more pictures on my workshop info blog about the MA classes next week.

Posting may be erratic...I'm just trying to get everything done before we leave! :)
5.8 Earthquake in Chino Hills.

Felt like a fucking roller coaster ride in our apartment in West Hollywood.

Not fun.

Haven't felt one like that since 9/9/01 when I was in the shower.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It was a "wicked pissa" * Con...

I'm back from that roller coaster ride of 4 days that we know as COMIC CON. The one thing that Con doesn't sell that I wish they would, is new feet. By the end of the first day after running back and forth across the exhibit hall nine million times and then traipsing up to the panels another zillion times and then standing in lines for another ba-jillion times, you need new feet. ;) (Those of you who have been there know exactly what I'm talking about). We won't go into parking (or what a pain in the ass it can be), but they need to figure out a way to sell us new feet.

One of the unique things about Comic Con is that everyone's experience is totally different. The post you will read below is just MY family's experience (seen through MY eyes) of the week. It's an amazing event. 125,000 people attend. What fascinates and astounds me is that several people I know went and I only saw two of them at the show and only once. I saw my sister's brother in law, Andrew, ONCE early in the morning. I saw Carmen at Dark Horse (not including breakfast that we had planned out a week before) ONCE. I never saw Adriane. I never saw the other friends that I knew were there. It's a mammoth event of astounding proportion ;)

Here's a play by play, or rather day by day list of what happened:

Wednesday-rolled into San Diego around 2:50. Checked into our hotel (yay!!) and after dropping off our stuff and freshening up (a MUST for the show), we got into the car again and drove downtown to the San Diego Convention Center. Of course the parking lot under the convention center was already FULL. Luckily, we were able to park in the Petco parking lot right next door.
We picked up our passes (one tiny, minor snafu with them but luckily it was fixed right away-thankfully!!!). We made our way upstairs to the Pro "Lounge" (a nice big room with folding chairs and tables) and proceeded to double check the panels and the booklet for any information or "must see things" that we may have missed via the online site. I also worked in my journals (more to come on those soon). We waited for the doors to open at 6.

I hadn't made up my mind yet 100% about going to the Image booth to get the Tori Amos inspired comic "Comic Book Tattoo". It was the first booth I hit at 6 p.m. I was lucky 13 in line.

6:30 came and "the guy in charge" of selling the book (yeah, the guy who put the whole book together) hadn't shown up yet. 7 p.m. came. Man, this is preview night...the night we spend running around buying the stuff that is on our wish lists that we have been saving our pennies for all year and I'm standing in this long line of now pissed off people. 7:15 comes and he FINALLY shows up. No apologies. Just pure and utter smarmyness which was making me NUTS. I did NOT like his attitude at all. Nor did I like how totally unprepared and unorganized he was. OUR time did not matter. It was ALL about HIM. Then we find out he didn't order the tickets (200 of them) for the Tori signing on Saturday...Then we find out that there are only 3 hardcovers ($50 each) which quickly sell out, several "high end" priced volumes at $150 each and that the paperbacks haven't arrived yet ($30, the one I wanted). It was just one thing after another. I offered some suggestions (so that we wouldn't have to stand there all night) but was looked at like I was an idiot. They finally tore up notebook paper and wrote numbers on them. After standing in line for 90 minutes, I was given #19. WTF? What happened to the #13 that I was before?!?! The more I thought of it, the more pissed off I got (and the higher my blood pressure rose-it was NOT a fun experience at all), I decided I did not want to fork over $30 for something I hadn't seen and just to get a silly autograph...nor did I want to contribute to THIS GUY's project. Nope. So, a woman had come up to me and we had been chatting for a few minutes. After leaving the Image booth, I spotted her on the floor, I went up and gave her the ticket and told her she'd enjoy it more then I would. (I found out on Friday that the books still hadn't shown up. Hmm..interesting...)

Some huge highlights of Preview Night on Wednesday:

One of Tristan's many, many stops at the Cartoon Network booth. He was in high heaven. Here he is with his friend, Chowder:

Wednesday night, I picked up Eddie Campbell's new book, The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard at the Top Shelf booth. Trust me, you need this one. I absolutely love the look of it. I haven't sat down and read it yet but I have flipped through and looked at the pictures several times and the art alone is bloody brilliant. It was also cool that Eddie greeted us with a "Hi Tristan. Hi Kelly." I was grateful to see him again as it's one of our favorite Comic Con moments to see Eddie standing at the Top Shelf booth selling and signing books. VERY happy that he was a Con Special Guest this year (he damn well should be!!!)

I also picked up CJ Metzger's book that I truly adore!! It's a gem. The "sisters" (CJ and Miss Mindy) had a very inviting booth. I wish I had had more pennies to scoop up lots of what was in the booth. I love their artwork and style.

David & Tristan went over to the Chronicle Books booth (while I was waiting in line at Image) and picked up James Jean's XOXO book for me. I could babble on for pages about how much I love Jean's work. Another one to look for in your travels...

In my travels on the exhibit hall, I found a Mini Pullip, Froggy (with red hair) that I absolutely fell in love with and *had* to have. A huge bonus was that she was only $10.

Had to stop by the ASFA booth before the hall closed and pick up Dave McKean's Postcards of Paris. I have the other 2 books and they are tiny treasures. I had to restrain myself from buying more at the booth and it is one of my favorites.

I was very happy to have found everything that was on my new "want" list that I had compiled. I was disappointed though in the lack of "old" comics and books that I had been looking for. Every year the list of book dealers on the floor seems to shrink and down size due to the large number of movie related things going on at the exhibit floor.

In addition to the whole Image fiasco, another very big disappointment was when we tried to visit the Stuart Ng booth where we found out that they had a "new system". We have been visiting Stuart Ng for years. It's always David's "first see" booth on preview night. David and Tristan shot off like lightning to the booth while I stood in line. They came back later on and told me the story of how now the booth is sectioned off and you have to actually "check" your backpack in. The backpacks are supposed to be watched over by the attendant who stands near the chained off entrance and decides whether or not you can enter. Unfortunately, Tristan (who was bored out of his skull in the booth) saw that several times she left the area and left the backpacks and purses unattended. Why is it perceived that we are thieves just waiting to steal the books out of their hands??? Why do do we have to be extremely nervous about leaving OUR backpacks and worried that OUR backpacks (with our books and money and things in them) may be stolen?!?!? David couldn't enjoy looking at the books. I didn't want to leave my purse/bag that contained not only my money and personal items but also the books I had bought. It was very upsetting and extremely frustrating. They lost at least 2 sales during the convention (David and me). I'm not there to steal. I'm there to look and (possibly-if they have what I want and I can afford it) buy.

A final highlight of the night was meeting Kim Deitch and Jim Woodring. Kim Deitch was gracious and even drew a sketch in David's book. The funny thing is, he forgot to sign it, so before the signing ended, I ran back to the booth and asked him to sign it. He had put so much attention into the drawing and coloring of the sketch that he just had forgot to add his signature, but he remembered that he had forgotten. It was also extremely cool to meet Jim Woodring. I am still kicking myself for not buying a copy of The Museum of Love and Mystery.

David bought Krazy Kat 2 (he was extremely surprised to find the second volume had been released) and an original newspaper section of The Spirit. He also bought a ton of books and zines from Sparkplug (they had the coolest shit there!!)

Tristan loaded up on freebies from Cartoon Network (including one of 3 Clone Wars masks that he was able to obtain). I swear if the child could have brought his sleeping bag and camped there all weekend he would have. He lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Ben 10. I think if Ben 10 were made into Legos he would explode.

Tristan also bought an Owly hat from Andy Runton. He looks so cute in it. Andy rocks!! He greeted us warmly with a "Hi Tristan!" (He ALWAYS remembers Tristan's name). He asked him how he was doing and talked to him while Tristan bought an Owly hat and some of his new pins.

We made our way out of the hall at 7 p.m. While crossing the street with the thousands of other people (all heading towards food) the people next to us started making "zombie noises" so that was the joke of the week. Every time we walked slow and were stuck in a crowd, Tristan and I would zombie groan. Smart me had phoned Ciro's Pizzeria ahead of time and we zipped in and grabbed our pizza. We also had ice cream at Ghiradelli's (David didn't have to ask me twice).

On our way back to the parking lot, we saw a line of women camped out in front of Hall H, aka Hell Hall. I swear they were in line for Gerard Butler but David thinks they were just in line for Hell Hall and the whole experience. I told him that he has no idea how Butler fans are...NO idea.

Back at the hotel by 10:30 and in bed before midnight. Like Tuesday night, no sleep was had (by me) that night as I laid in bed giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve.

Thursday's highlights:

Woke up bright and early. Drove into the parking structure saying "First person to spot Andrew (my sister's brother in law) wins..." two seconds later, who do we spot walking to find breakfast? Andrew. Had a yummy breakfast at Cafe 222. Got in line and waited.

OH, one of Tristan's yearly "things to do" is to collect pins from the Peanuts booth. He got one for every day (except Sunday as we left :( Saturday night). It was interesting as this year's pins were "Obscure" Peanuts characters.

Our first panel of the weekend was Reinventing the Page with Stan Lee and Grant Morrison. I LOVED every minute of it. Tristan's favorite line was when Stan Lee said to Morrison, "You do all the work. I take all the credit which is what I usually do." They both had us laughing. Lee's hearing aid (that's what it appeared to be) kept falling out. He referred to it as a device to translate Morrison's thick Scottish accent. The panel was supposed to focus on their new comic books...that Lee at age 85 is creating a new line of comics. The panel started with animation for something that Morrison has been working on for Virgin Comics. It was one of the highlights of the week, and one I'm very happy that we attended together.

Tristan was surprised to find this sign in front of the bathrooms. What is a young clone trooper to do when he's gotta go??

Another shot of Tristan and his best friend, Ben 10:

I thought of giving the next artist her own blog post but I want to document the experience as a "whole". Holy fucking shit, I met Lynda Barry!!!! We are totally sisters in collage. About 12:45, we headed to the Drawn & Quarterly booth (I swear we own all of their books). I expected a long, huge line...yet, I was the first one there (yay!!). I was practically buzzing with excitement. Lynda arrived before 1 (she is a woman ALWAYS on opposed to SOME artists there whom we won't mention...ya know the ones that don't even show up when they're supposed to sign something...) I went all fan girl and was just babbling. Most of the stuff I said I have no idea. I think I murmured about having all of her books. She was awesome. She asked if I drew. She also asked Tristan some questions and if he was having fun. She said "Maybe if I had gone to a convention like this at his age, my life would have been different." David said she looks exactly as she draws herself. I was just oozing with Lynda Barry love afterwards. I swear I had little happy hearts shooting out of my head as I floated from the booth hugging my signed copy of "What It Is" to my heart. (Did I tell you she's coming to Los Angeles in November!?!?!? I can't wait!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!! Did I tell you she's working on a NEW book!?!? YES!)

Share in the Lynda Barry Love:

So, as we floated away from the booth my head started spinning with ideas. She had told me she didn't have a venue confirmed yet for November (she actually pulled out her date book with me later on to tell me the dates she was planning on going there). I also got the idea in my head that maybe I could buy a drawing from her. So, I took Tristan to the Cartoon Network (for another give away. Remember, we lived at that booth all weekend. I can still see the faces of the people that worked there in my head). I couldn't get the two questions I wanted to ask Lynda out of my head.

After Lynda's signing, David wanted to meet Howard Chaykin. We stood in line at least 45 minutes while Chaykin went from cell phone conversation to being interviewed on camera. The "Fans" stood there patiently waiting while Chaykin spoke to everyone BUT the fans. When it was finally "our turn", he scribbled the worst signature I have ever seen (a line with 2 dots) and didn't even acknowledge us standing there. He signed the cover and not the inside page. David was really pissed 'cause it looks like a 2 year old scribbled on the cover. Thanks Howard. Every time we saw him over the weekend, he was on the damn phone. He also didn't show up at one panels, either. (At the panel they said that he was unable to make it...I saw why-he was at his table on the damn phone.) Note: he did say (though he didn't look at or acknowledge me in any form of eye contact): "Thanks for being patient." (Which is more then what the asshole at Image said Wednesday night as I waited in line for the Tori book.) I bit my tongue as I wanted to say "Thanks for wasting our time."

From 2 to 3, there was a panel Spotlight on Jim Woodring. We sat front row (right in front of him). I loved that the shirt and shoes he was wearing were things that came from his drawings and ideas. I loved the slide show and perfectly narrated presentation (an overview of his life as an artist). I LOVED his wife's hair (when mine loses the red, I want it to look as gorgeous as hers does!!!!). One of Woodring's predictions that night is that we will soon kiss plastic toys good bye and go back to tin (yes!). One of his paintings looked like it was a tin toy just begging to be brought to life. I love this man's work.

After the panel we meandered back to the hall. I was still on Lynda Barry Cloud 9 and decided at 4 to go back to the D & Q booth. She was still there. In fact, she had her purse on her shoulder and was getting ready to leave. I went over to her and just asked her if I could ask her two quick questions. One was about classes in L.A. (that's when she pulled out her date book), letting her know I may have connections (she's looking for any place that could fit at least 50 people...she said she's taught at bars, churches, libraries, etc...). The second question was if she did drawings and if I could buy one from her. She said that I couldn't buy one for her, that Marlys would gladly do one for me. My jaw just hit the ground at that point. My whole Comic Con 2008 experience had just been made. Holy crap. We chatted about collage. She told me how much she loves glitter glue...that she buys the glitter glue and puts elmer's in it so it's thicker. She uses elmer's glue with her collages. It was just a great experience and one that I'll never forget...and one that I totally appreciate. I LOVE LYNDA BARRY!!!!! (Go get her books and you will too). (Huge thanks to my friend Megan who introduced me to Lynda's work in High school by giving me a Marlys book as a Christmas present.)

Check out how cool her ring is:

As I drifted by D & Q and Top Shelf, I happened to turn my head and see copies of a book that I was NOT expecting to see at Fantagraphics. YES! Copies of re-printed Kenneth Patchen books. I have a small collection of several Patchen books that I have bought over the years (including a lot on ebay that just stinks of smoke...a smell that won't go away). I was thrilled beyond belief to see copies of The Walking Away World (intro by Jim Woodring) and We Meet. I forked over my $25 and went over to stand in line (again) to meet Jim Woodring for a second time. He was very very happy when I asked if he could please sign the introduction. He said that this was his first time even seeing the book and that he admired Patchen's work. I told him about the books I had and the ones from ebay that have been wrapped in newspapers in a plastic bag trying to get rid of the cigarette smoke) and how happy I was to have these. He was very humble and
thanked me for asking him to sign the book.

We also delighted in meeting Super Spy artist and creator, Matt Kindt. We had held off on buying his book last year in hopes that we would meet him in our travels. Sure enough, he was at Con this year-yes!
At the Sunday Press booth, who did I see, but Keith Knight!!! I told him, "I don't want to be rude, but I just have to tell you that I love your work." He said "I wish more people were rude like you..." ;) I'd show you the picture, but at the angle David snapped it, it doesn't look good...(trust me, it's here's my boobs and Keith Knight).

We left Con a wee bit before 7. Our feet were killing us and we were hungry and tired. We made our way up the street and found The Whiskey Girl where we collapsed into a booth. (How many bars have you been into that play not only sports and music videos but also have a TV with Cartoon Network on??)

Damn, how do we get one of these???

On our way back to the car we spotted this exhibit for The Mummy:

Friday morning we had breakfast at the Marriott with my friend Carmen. We also had the opportunity to meet her husband Steve. Her son was MIA (being very smart and sleeping in!!!).
It was a great chance to catch up and see how she was enjoying the Con. I had run into her and Steve the previous day at the Darkhorse booth, where I was a woman on a mission (looking for the new Creepy publication that they didn't have-grrr...). Huge thanks Carmen for a fun morning!! It was a yummy breakfast. Tristan got a good giggle seeing his one of his favorite writers Greg Farshtey trudging up the stairs from the restaurant. I got a good laugh watching David eyeball Eddie Campbell. I finally had to ask him "What the hell are you looking at??" when I noticed his eyes going to a certain spot. (I didn't want to turn around). He said "I think that's Eddie Campbell over there." At which point, Eddie got up and left. Lucky David was sitting across the table as I wanted to smack him on the back of the head. Talk about a DUH moment!
I was thrilled that Carmen had a chance to see Comic Con through new eyes and found some cool goodies!!!! I hope that Steve got to do what he wanted to see and do on Friday-he had a busy, full schedule!!!! (Carmen, let me know!! :)).

After Tristan picked up his Peanuts pins, we headed over to the Top Shelf booth as Tristan wanted to buy an Owly sketch from Andy Runton. While Tristan and I waited and talked to Andy, David snapped a picture of Neal Adams (our damn camera isn't fast enough and it missed Neal sticking his tongue out making a funny face)-one helluva an amazing artist and just a nice guy. The neat thing was that David wasn't standing right in front of his booth but from a distance. Adams noticed David standing there trying to take the picture and posed for him. (David was trying to be discreet). So, for Adams to do that and make the face, cracked us up....

Andy Runton drew Owly as Spock and Wormy as Kirk for Tristan. Tristan was very very happy that he able to obtain an original Owly drawing!! (Note: Eddie Campbell in the background-"Hi Eddie!") Thank you Andy!!!!

While there I chatted with Andy and one of the New England Comics guys showed up. One of them made a comment about Boston and I said "Don't go knocking Boston..." Ends up the guy was from Boston (worked at NEC). He was frigging hysterical telling me how when Andy was there for Free Comic Book Day that they taught him how to speak "Bostonian" things like: wicked cool, wicked pissa, rehtahded, etc... He walked away telling me to have a "Wicked pissa Con..."

Eddie Campbell again:

Another wicked pissa booth is New England Comics(Home of the TICK): Here's Tristan and Brian Miller:
Tristan and I tried to attend the Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends panel, but the line was ridiculous and by 11:30, we still weren't inside. David left to go to the Spotlight on Jim Starlin panel. Tristan and I decided we weren't getting into the panel and thought we'd be better off going downstairs to the booth to wait in line. Lucky we did! We ended up being first in a very long line. Tristan was thrilled and ecstatic to meet the Powerpuff girls' voices and their creators.

Did I mention that my child lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Ben 10? Here he is meeting the men from Man of Action (Creators of Ben 10):

2:00 came and I met up with David (who took Tristan and went to the Spirit Preview which I already mentioned here). I had been waiting at AA-1 for an hour to meet Jim Starlin, Bernie Wrightson, Mike W. Barr and Len Wein. Little did I realize that there are TWO AA-1s! One is Autograph Alley and one is Artist Alley! I was in the wrong damn one! I found out just in time and I scooted upstairs in time to meet Jim Starlin (Wrightson was a no show and I didn't have anything for Wein or Barr to sign as we didn't know they'd be there!!!).

3 pm came and with it, the Spotlight on Lynda Barry! YES! I scored a front row seat right in front of her. It was one of the best panels I have ever been to. You couldn't tell (unless you were sitting right in front of her and saw her hands shaking) how nervous Lynda was. She was AMAZING. She started off singing to us (telling us it was the scariest thing to do in front of a group of people (I have to agree with her there). I won't spoil it but she does talk about some of the things she talks about in her workshop (which I can't wait for!!). She was funny as hell and I am very, very happy that I was able to attend her panel. One note, remember the teacher in the back of the What It Is book? Mrs. Doris Mitchell? Doris never traveled. So, Lynda wears her clothes when she travels. How utterly cool is that???
I snapped this for David:

While David attended Spotlight on Al Feldstein and the Spotlight on Bernie Wrightson panels, I took Tristan back to Cartoon Network for the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends signing. The BEST thing about the signing (well, it was all good!) was a little boy in line in front of Tristan. The kid had to be about 4 or so. He had a funny look on his face seeing all of the people at the booth..then Tom Kenny started doing the voice of Spongebob for the little kid and the kid got a "hey! I know that voice but that doesn't look like Spongebob..." then he did the Powerpuff Girls' Narrator and then Eguardo from Foster's. Keith Ferguson was cracking the kid up doing the voice of Bloo.

I showed up at 6:00, just in time for the second half of the Kim Deitch panel. I was happy that I was able to see a little of it (frustrating as most of the "good panels" -for us- were on Friday).Friday night was the Eisner Awards...some highlights:

Frank Miller's opening speech, telling the artists not to worry and focus on movie deals, toy deals and video games, but to focus on the ART and on the COMICS.

The Reno 911 guys and the George Foreman grill (for those who didn't win an Eisner):

wins again!

5 wins (we're in search of it now!!):

Jerry Robinson and Mark Evanier:

Larry Lieber:

Holy Shit! Samuel Jackson was there!!!

Ann Marie Fleming and Rutu Modan:

and then the camera ran out of space...or else I'd show you pictures of Jane Weidlin and the Storm Troopers and all of the other fun things that happened that night! We got back to the hotel exhausted at 12:30...

Saturday, our Final Day of Con 2008:

From the Petco Parking Garage, the line for Hell Hall, Hall H:

Breakfast at Dublin Square Irish Pub was disappointing this time. They changed the menu (no rootbeer). The server gave us the wrong drinks and then spilled them all over the table when she slammed them on the table in front of us. The didn't have sourdough and she didn't offer me the choice, but gave me old lady rye bread (ugh!) instead. Not sure if we will go back. It was disappointing.

We attempted the Peanuts Scavenger hunt. I swear I was going to have a heart attack by the time we got back to the booth (we weren't running but walking really fast). They told us we were the 51st person and gave us a consellation prize. Tristan did get his daily Peanuts pin. We walked around the hall for a bit, finishing up our shopping. I bought two neat zines from Grasshut. I also bought the Brandon Boyd, White Fluffy Clouds, book from Murphy Design that I was missing (Yay!)

Tristan stood in line to try to buy the Indiana Jones Exclusive Comic Con 2008 set only to find out it was $50 and not $20 like he was expecting. He was very disappointed (he decided he wasn't buying it, not us... Most legos that have 200 pieces retail for $20 but in his words, that lego set was a rip off for $50! This coming from the mouth of a Lego Nut.)

We were pretty done with shopping.

Tristan and I attended the Ben 10: Alien Force and The Secret Saturdays Sneak Peek. I thought Secret Saturdays looks like Herculoids and the stuff I grew up watching...Tristan thought it looked cool. I thought the best thing about the Ben 10 panel were the kids asking questions. The kids asked very intelligent questions while the adults asked stupid ones. You could tell that the kids were paying attention to the show. My favorite question was of the little girl who asked about the episode where Kevin 11 has a kid...The producer of the show told her the answer to that one was on a different panel, like the Juno Panel. It was cute. The kids were great.

David attended the Ralph Bakshi panel (bummed I missed this!!). He loved it. He started the panel 15 minutes early and left 15 minutes early asking the audience, "Is it okay if I go now?" I'm still bumming that I missed this...We met after the panels and tried to get into the 50th Anniversary Famous Monsters panel and the room was filled to capacity (another bummer!)

We walked around the hall some more and I missed seeing Christian Bale to take Tristan to the Ben 10 signing at Cartoon Network. It was worth it, as we missed the Maxwell Atoms signing. The closed the line. We hung around waiting to get into the Ben 10 signing. Maxwell left the booth and I saw some kids standing around talking to him and he was signing autographs outside the booth. I told Tristan to go over (while I held his place in line) and ask him for an autograph. Tristan went up to Maxwell with his Cartoon Network notebook and a pen and asked him, and guess what?!? He DID! Tristan was totally floored!!! I can't tell you how happy all of the people at Cartoon Network (from the shows and the people at the booth) made him-some of them went above and beyond the call of duty. They have TWO fans for life. Very, very cool indeed. And (YES!), I'm also a Maxwell Atoms fan. YES!

The Ben 10 Alien Force people were also very cool. Greg Cipes kept handing Tristan freebies which was really very cool (he's the voice of Kevin 11).

Shhh...we didn't know we weren't supposed to take this picture. As I was standing in line to ask him if he would do a sketch, the guy in front of me asked if he could just take his picture. He said no, that years of boxing had done him in and he doesn't like bright lights, as he was standing under bright lights...*ahem*. David snapped this (sans flash) from a distance. Yes, it's Jim Steranko.

Tristan was psyched to meet Ben Edlund, creator of the Tick (one of our favorite cartoons and comics).

Before we left, we tried to go to the Lego, DC and Warner Brothers booths, playing the Batman videogame to win the Joker piece. At each booth you would collect a piece of the Joker. We both played the game and won his chest piece. After that, we went to Warner Brothers where we were told (and how stupid is this) that they were not giving away the heads until tomorrow. Dumb! The stupid sign never said anything like implied that you would get all of the pieces if you played the damn game.

The nice thing, though, is that before we left we found a booth taking pre-orders for the Spirit Pop Up Book. We ordered it as the preview copy looks awesome!!!

The COOLEST thing was that we stopped at the Cartoon Network booth, I asked one of the guys (whom Tristan had been speaking with about Ben 10) if there was any way Tristan could *please* get a keychain from Sunday (of the show Chowder), that we wouldn't be here. He said he didn't know, but that he would try to get us one. He slipped into the back and came out with a keychain in his hand and put it in mine. I wanted to hug him!! Tristan was SO very, very happy!!!!!!

Before we left, we saw Matt Groening walking the floor. Tristan ran up to him and asked him if he would sign his book (remember, this is an 11 year old kid). Matt said no, that if he did a crowd would form. Tristan was disappointed, but what can you do?

Funny thing, before we left, we headed back to the Pro Lounge so David could get some quick work done on the laptop. Who was sitting right behind us? Ray Bradbury. Yup. Good ol' Ray (whose encounter last year with us was not so pleasant). I was polite and ignored him.

Walking out of Comic Con, I ran into my New England Comics "friend". I told him (as he walked by) to have a "Wicked Pissa Con" which made him ROAR with laughter. It was great walking out of Con to the sound of someone laughing his ass off.

Here's my stash and the highlights:

And my greatest treasure:

How many days until Comic Con 2009???

(* Translation of "wicked pissa" for those of you who don't know, it's a good thing. More on how to speak Bostonian here.)