Thursday, June 29, 2006

I thought I'd be clever and take some photos of all of the books I've bought the last few weeks but my battery on my camera needs to be charged-eek. Soooooo that will have to wait (Sorry)
In the meantime, here is a postcard I created 2 weeks ago in Danville....yup, that's little me...

In the last two weeks though I've ordered not once but three times from: Anahata Katkin
Her Spare Parts Volume 1 is awesome!! I have #2 on order. I also adore her Mailing Labels. I can't cut them up though, I keep looking at them as her use of color, line and texture is just inspiring!!
I am hoping that someone picks her up in the future and puts out a book of her work a la Sabrina Ward Harrison

I'm such an art journal whore LOL I will do anything for a cool book, new art supplies, a neat funky piece of paper found on the street, etc.... I was disappointed last night with our weekly trip to Meltdown Comics, it's not their fault but there weren't any amazingly cool new books out! They DID have a copy of "Whatcha Mean what's a Zine" that I bought last week at skylight books. It's a "how to" book on zine making filled with art, quips and tips from several well knowns and favorites in the comic industry. I'm loving it and giving it two big thumbs up!! Counting down the days to Comic Con in San Diego...Our yearly mini vacation (LOL, one and a half days of running around the Convention Center in San Diego)...

Other then being on a book buying spree, so far our summer here is hotter then hell. Not that I enjoy whining, but this is ridiculous. I'm totally bummed that I am missing the Extreme Reunion in MA tomorrow night. Damnit, why couldn't it have been July 30th!?!?! Am hoping today to get some more art done...have been working in my journals lately. Also need to get some samples done for some upcoming classes. It seems we have just spent the first few days of summer running around getting errands done, doctor's visits, dentist's visits, etc.... So today it is 2 pm and I'm still in my bathrobe and PJ's! Yay! I'm going to go cut & paste for a bit and then get ready to face the world (ack)...

Monday, June 26, 2006

This is at the corner of La Brea and Melrose (it's on La Brea next to the theatre).
Shephard Fairey created it in collaboration with Blake Marquis. I'm looking forward to coming up with the funds to get the new book out that contains nothing short of a ton of his artwork.
I'm hotter then hades today. The apartment's hot. The computer is getting hot with all of this heat :P so more latah, folks!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still trying to recoup from my trip to Danville, "helping out" at my son's "field trip" to the West Hollywood Park (and the sunburn that followed-me, thankfully, not him) and this being the last week of third grade for Tristan. EEK! As usual, my trip to Stampers Warehouse in Danville, CA was amazing. It never ceases to amaze me what they find in that store! I walked out with a BOX of stuff. Not only did the store have tons of new toys I hadn't seen anywhere else, but Sue was having a collage "sale" that weekend. Oh God! It was dangerous!!! I could look at the stuff while the students were working-I was really naughty!!! LOL But so were my students ;) We all had fun arting it up, playing with paint, making books (and messes LOL!!) and shopping!!! I had great classes with fun students-it was a really artsy group who liked to laugh!!! I am looking forward to my next trip up there in November. It truly is one of my most favorite locations to teach at.

Remember, it's summer time-fun in the sun=sunblock AND HAT. Damn. I forgot the hat the other day when helping out at the park. No hat and lots of sun=sunburn on top of my head and nose. Grr...Luckily I had sunblock everywhere else.

Tristan's last day of third grade is today. Sniff. I can't believe how fast he is Dad warned me about that ;) We're going to the Dodgers game tonight courtesy of his wonderful third grade teacher, Mr. Lepe. That should be fun! I've been to many a Red Sox game but none of us have ever been to Dodger Stadium. Tristan is really looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow (Friday). It's going to be a Busy Busy weekend teaching for me-lotsa students Saturday & Sunday! Yay! Fun fun fun!

Hey, is anyone else having trouble accessing Amazon's "used" page?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tea for Emily

This was posted on Emily's doctor, Dr. Samuel Blackman:

During her time in the hospital, Emily and I spent a great deal of time talking, sharing parts of our lives with each other, and trying to focus on things other than cancer. During the months of January and February, I severely curtailed my caffeine intake and started drinking tea. I became a big fan of Yogi Tea, in particular their Organic Black Chai and your Egyptian Licorice Tea. One night I was telling Emily about my recent transition to tea, and her face lit up when she told me about her favorite tea – Yogi Tea’s Egyptian Licorice. As I sat in her room during the last few days she was alive, I couldn’t help but notice a box on the windowsill. I have since been in touch with the people at Yogi Tea, and they have recently donated 600 boxes of tea to be used for fundraising in Emily’s name. We will be selling boxes of tea to raise money for the Pan-Mass Challenge, and as an added bonus, two of the 600 boxes of tea will come with a pair of tickets to see the Boston Red Sox! If you’re interested in buying a box of tea in Emily’s honor, please click here to Dr. Sam Blackman.
Please consider it as the money is going to an extremely good cause. You can find out more by clicking on the Ride for Them link. Most of you know that I have been writing about Emily since I started this blog. I hope that by posting this it will help Children's Hospital and the children there in some small way.-Kelly

I will post pictures on the blog when I get back from Danville of the things I have been working on :) (teaser teaser)
I'm getting ready to leave for my classes in Danville at Stampers Warehouse this Friday-Sunday.
I will be teaching 5 classes. There is still room in all of the classes and I have lots of extra materials, just in case.
If anyone is wondering why I am "missing" for several days now you know the inside scoop.

Please don't forget the South Central Farmers. They have a court date on July 12th. I'm disgusted with the comments made by Horowitz yesterday on Channel 4 news but it's nothing new. People in that position do not look kindly on (as they call them) "the lower class" (basically anyone who makes less money then they do). They tend to forget that it was "us lower class people" that put them where they are in the first place (what schmucks we are). I rent. I'll never forget the comment made by a home owner behind me one night. He was out at about 11 pm on a Sunday night doing God only knows what and making a ton of noise. My neighbor down stairs asked him nicely out her window "I need to get up for work early tomorrow and I'm trying to sleep. Could you please try to stop making all of that noise?" (something like that) To which he responded loudly "YOU rent. I own." That sums up a lot about things in the world today.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sad, Shameful Day in Los Angeles

South Central Farm-

Here's an satellite view of the area. Play "find the farm".

Note the train tracks that run right next to the farm. Hmmm. Interesting. Do you know that those train tracks supply 80% of Walmart's South Western Retail Supply? Yup. No wonder why Horowitz wants that land. And you all wonder why I refuse to shop at Walmart.

Why didn't the city step in and use Eminent Domain?

My husband pointed out an interesting fact. Where did Ralph Horowitz get the money to purchase the land? The banks. Who provides the banks with the money? Us. Who really should have access to that land? Hmm...

Thanks to the Mayor, too, for laying all of the blame on Ralph Horowitz. Yeah. Mr Mayor, you could have gotten off your ass and stepped in and done something. "Relocating" these people to other "so called green spots" in L.A. isn't going to do any good. Do you know how long it takes to cultivate a farm? We know who really is in power here. It's not the Mayor and it certainly isn't the People.

Remember, Mayor
Villaraigosa the people of Los Angeles don't forget. We won't forget come the next election.

One last thing to ponder today-read this to find out Mr. Horowitz's true colors.

Photo Credit Found at LA Indy Media website
Photographer unknown


And I'm completely and totally disgusted this morning and not sure WHAT to say/write.

The news footage I saw on ABC LA this afternoon was shocking. Footage of police beating protestors. I wonder how long that will continue to air before it gets pulled. Footage of LAPD actually using their battons and beating the hell out of people-protestors-while protestors were on the ground and then beating people in their backs when they had their backs turned!!!


I'm so angry and so disgusted. The "needs" or is it the GREED of ONE individual vs. the real "needs" (FOOD) of many (350 PLUS Families!!!). Well now we know what the priorities of the City of LA really are and it does NOT include protecting it's own people, it's own citizens.

No other news from me. To put it honestly, I'm disgusted, angry, fed up and pissed off.

Oh yeah, and thanks to KPFK for "breaking programming" this morning to report on the farm-NOT. ARGH! Powered by the People my ass!

As of now, John Quigley, Daryl Hannah and two others are still in the tree on the farm. It's 11:35 a.m.

*******UPDATE******** It is 1:12. KPFK has interrupted their fund drive (HUGE KUDOS NOW! THANK YOU!!) to bring us the news of the South Central Farm. PLEASE phone Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's office at 213/978-0600 (Phone) 213/978-0750 (Fax)
or email:

Several people have been beaten by the police, including several women being hit in the chest. The farm is being destroyed as we speak. Police are in the farm and putting everything in trash bags. At last word, there are also three children in the farm as young as one year old. This farm is the major source of nourishment for over THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FAMILIES. What affects them, affects us all.

Mayor Villaraigosa is supposed to speak at a press conference any minute now.

Thursday, June 08, 2006










"Playing" with acrylic paint is a life long lesson. People ask me "how much stuff can you do with paint?" or I've been told (and this one always feels like I've been stabbed in the heart) "I'm ready to move beyond just throwing paint on a page."

I've been doing this or about 10 years now. I'm not sick of it. I'm never sick of it. I'm always looking for the next step. The next mystical type moment when I feel like I'm actually a part of the page-dancing in colors, part of the layers. To me, art is all about the process. I don't care what the end result is. It's how I feel that is most important to me. I'm on a quest. I'm an artist. I'm on an eternal, internal quest trying to not only teach others, but teach myself-how far can you go with paint & paper? How far can you push yourself in expressing yourself on to the page/wall/canvas?
So those of you that ask me if I'm moving onto something else.


I'm faithful.

I think I was born with a paint brush in one hand and a tube of acrylic in the other.

There are an abundance of "techniques" out there. I'm determined to figure them out. Why do y'all think I come up with so many new classes every 3 months? It's not always for you guys ;) Some times I'm being selfish and it's for me...wondering what someone else can do with techniques that I show them. That's the best part of teaching. I start you on your way some times...give you the little push that you need...and you guys give it right back to me. When you take classes, when you sign up it reinforces the idea to me that "someone really does care about what I'm doing", "Someone really does want to learn something new", "Someone really wants to push themselves and see what else they can carve out of the paint"...

These are my 11 pm rambles on a Thursday night...Of course my earlier rambles were wondering if I could find some money, space and persuade my hubby & son that we should be raising Alpacas somewhere. My God, they are beautiful animals.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Made another necklace last night. It was nice sitting with Tristan for a couple of hours while Alfred Hitchcock Presents & the Twilight Zone played in the background while we both made necklaces.

I can tell you this much, I really prefer working with paper & paint! Jewelry making is fun and it's nice to able to do something different, but for me it's not my "medium of choice". :)

I'm trying to bring in a little bit of extra money so I'll be making a few necklaces to sell.

This is made with a Green Girl Studios Charm I LOVE their charms. I buy them, hoard them, covet them... So now I'm finally making some jewelry with them!

The necklace here has the butterfly girl in the middle. She is perched atop a beaded flower.
$45 includes priority insured shipping.

Also, the latest Fiber Arts magazine is out (Summer 2006). It's an extremely cool issue and a must have IMO!

I'm off to finish some prep work I am doing for my classes at Stampers Warehouse in Danville next weekend. I'm really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Debbie asked me to post some of my Mail Art "Whispers", my postcard samples...

This is one of my favorite postcards (front and back) which is owned by Vickie Enkoff

there are some posted on the blog already some time around February 8th or so...All of the ones listed there have been sold. To see them, just go here. Scroll down to 2/24's post, 2/17, 2/8, 2/3. There are a ton of them on this page. Also on this page is my "A Woman's Notebook Sample", FYI. (I'll also be teaching that one in Danville next weekend @ Stampers Warehouse). "Scrapped" Journal is on the Art Unraveled website here. I will be teaching that class in Danville, Art Unraveled, and a few select locations...Yay!

If anyone wants to see any other samples, please drop me a note! Hope to see y'all next weekend at Stampers Warehouse in Danville!!! Did anyone else see that they will be selling collage goodies that Saturday from 2-4. You know I'll have my money out! LOL!!

This is what I spent most of last night working on...4 hours of beading and watching "The Twilight Zone"...

Yes, it's Frida in the center...

I wasn't going to sell it... but if anyone is interested & it goes to a good home ;) ...

The Frida centerpiece is sterling silver (I paid a small fortune for it-but hey, I love it).

$100 which includes priority insured shipping.

Remember to get out and VOTE today!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Does anyone, by chance, what font has this kind of fraction? Are there any (preferably) free fonts that would have this specific type fraction-the way the line is horizontally across?

I don't remember what the date is on this one, but it's a few years old...

I cringe some times when I look at old journal pages/art projects/photos of me, etc...(and that being said, I wish I had some of my old art)... LOL But it's all part of the process. If I didn't make that art "X" amount of years ago, I wouldn't be doing the art that I'm doing now. If I don't make the art I'm making RIGHT now, I won't be going in a different direction in "X" years...

Dan Eldon is famous for having said "The Journey is the Destination". But I wonder how many people really understand what that means.

It can be used to describe your art, the process of making art and the final result. I often have arguments in classes with students asking "WHY should I paint over (or collage over or write over or WHATEVER) what I just did? I worked hard to get "THAT LOOK"."

Well, that being said, you don't have to "X" over anything you just did, but if you want to push your work one step further, then paint over the damn thing! It's just paint. It's just paper. Paint can be removed-grab a baby wipe. Paper can be layered on-get some "stuff" and glue. Things can always be "fixed" if you're really that uncomfortable. I'm there to show you how.

I'm not always sure why people take my classes (that little unsure voice that often screams at me from inside my head). I think that some like my artwork, want to see my process, want to learn something new, want to get out of the house/away, etc.. Those are some of the reasons...but when they argue with me I wonder what's up & why they are there :)

I know why I make art. I make art for the process. I don't care what the final result is. Some times I love it, some times I look at it and say "what was I thinking?!?!" but it's the whole process. It's like having a baby-you know the baby's coming, you get ready for nurture it, you take care of it, you make sure to take care of yourself, etc... Then the baby comes and you love it-boy, girl-whatever, you love it. (Well, with the exception that the baby usually is the final outcome that you are looking for LOL)

WHAT I'm trying to say is, don't get too attached to your artwork. Give some away. Rip some up & reuse it. Make color copies of it. Whatever. (Keep the baby, though, ok? LOL)

Revel in the joy of creating. Don't worry about what the end result will be. Some times you can pop out art in a few minutes. Some times it takes a while. Don't worry about it. Art is fun and shouldn't be stressful.

And the next time I tell you to paint over something, will you trust me?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Asking a small favor...

At 7 PM, West Coast Time (10 pm East Coast time)...on Sunday, June 4th, wherever you are-

take a minute and offer up a toast to Emily Quinlan.

Her family will be having a "Celebration of Life" Gathering-a Tribute to Emily in San Diego on the beach.

Raise your glass. Give a toast. Say a little prayer. Give everyone extra hugs today-and think of Emily...Whatever you want...Just do something nice for her.

Think of Emily!

Hey Emily, Thanks for being such a great kid to your parents...
Hey Emily, Thanks for making my Dad laugh...
Hey Emily, Thanks for reading Tears...
Hey Emily, Thanks for just being you...I only spoke with you a few times but you are a darn good kid who is most definetly missed...

Remember: Save a life. Become a bone marrow donor today.

Think of Ride For Them, too and see what you can do to help. If anyone is interested in contributing artwork to a possible online auction to benefit RFT, please email me. This is tentative but something I have had in the back of my mind. The deadline is short, but I know we could do it...Artists are always some of the greatest souls...

Friday, June 02, 2006

It's been kind of a mellow week. I've spent the last few days working on a new class I am hoping to debut next month (July). Name and info to follow shortly...I'm throwing several class names around...I have quite a few new classes I am eager to start teaching. Always keeps me fresh! :)

Remember the South Central Farmers. It's still going on. They still could be evicted, even though I think the majority hopes that they are not.

Lots of evictions going on lately it seems. Lots of elderly evicted from their homes in Venice, CA. There was actually a story about evictions on Democracy Now this morning. I get pissed when Pacifica plays 2 hours + of music every day instead of focusing on problems that effect a good majority of the people. Major landlords with the big bucks coming in, buying out and kicking people who have lived in their homes forever out all in the name of the almight dollar. Yup, it happens here. It happens every day.

I've had problems sleeping the last few days thinking of things in the world. I started reading Sinclair Lewis'
It Can't Happen Here. I read it for several nights in a row. It scared the shit out of me. If you haven't read it, you must. If you have read it, you know that there are things in this fictional book (which was written before WW2, by the way) that are happening here and now in 2006. Things happening in this world, in this country, that aren't fiction. Scary shit.

On to the fluff of my life...the stuff that keeps me somewhat sane....if you are interested in pure eye candy. It's only eye candy 'cause it's written in French and Japanese and I can't read it. Hubby can translate the French for me when I ask, so that's cool. My friend, Tammie Moore, turned me on to them. You have to order the books from Japan:

The service was FAST FAST FAST. For five books with shipping it was about $83 US dollars, I believe. Shipping is cheap, too. $5 for any amount of books you order.

The books I ordered were

The parent's loved-chiselled gifts for their tiny ones (I love the translation of this one)
Kids' Room Paris
Paris Studios
Lady Artists' Studios

They are all little treasures. As I said before, I really can't read them, but I love looking at the pictures again & again. They're true eye candy.
If you have problems emailing them, email me and I will give you the contact info of the person that helped me. I would order again from them in a heartbeat!