Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer is here...nothing beats the darn heat like strawberries & vanilla ice cream. Look what I found:

I harassed everyone in the family and had them hold the heart shaped strawberry.
Hubby's hands
Little boy hands
Little boy hands with his Mommy's hand holding his

Sad news, our car died tonight. Long story short no more trips to the grocery store or anywhere else in it. I will be hoofing it to Budget tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I am leaving in the morning for my drive up North to Sanctuary Studio. Sonora Beam is graciously hostessing four workshops of mine: Whispers: Mail Art; Composition/Design 101: Collage; Taped Journal; and Reach for the Scissors: MORE collage. You can find out more workshop info here. Remember, a journal from the 1000 Journals Project will be there and we are going to be allowed to work in it-how cool is that?? I am looking forward to it. (Check out the ABC News report on the 1000 Journals Project here.)

I am also looking forward to seeing my friends Alix & Kathy and meeting my friend Muki!! We are all going to do some serious shopping, eating and lots of laughing!!! Check back some time late Monday/Tuesday for pictures and an update, unless they haul me off somewhere. If you see a redhead at Flax Paper, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Moe's, Cody's, Castle in the Air or Paper Source over the next few days-say HI!! Berkeley, here I come!

Some of my cool finds from the Artists' Nook in Fort Collins:

I went nuts when my friend, Venita had the yellow flower paper as I have been looking for it everywhere and Christine had it, whaddya know?

I love the carved rose stamps so I bought them in two sizes. I also bought a little pack of birds and this gorgeous "house" necklace.
I also bought the latest Cloth Paper Scissors and a copy of In This House for my parents.

I've been busy getting my goodies ready for my classes at Sanctuary Studio in San Anselmo this weekend, June 30 and July 1st, it will be a mixed media altered Art weekend retreat extraordinaire (somethin' for everyone-collage, altered art, mail art, mixed media, journal making, bookbinding, painting, rubber stamping and much much more). I am really looking forward to it!! There is still space left-you can email Sonora through her website (I will be leaving early Friday morning to drive up North). More pictures of the classes this weekend can be found here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home again Home again Jiggity Jig...

Me & T at a gas station somewhere in CO
This is the view behind us (in that gas station in the middle of nowhere in CO)

The view from the backseat
A site seen often in UT and CO this time of year (Grrr!!) 10 miles of "40 mph only" zones and one lanes (often the breakdown lane)...getting stuck behind a truck was not fun. Ce la vie.

The light at the end of the tunnel...

I am HOME. I had the most awesome time (as usual) visiting my friends and teaching at The Artists' Nook in Fort Collins. I LOVE that store. Huge HUGE thanks to Christine as always for hostessing a fabulous weekend. Big hugs and even bigger thanks to my friends like Venita, Marcy, Lynn, Tracey and ALL of you guys for taking the classes. Damn, there must be something in the water there or something 'cause I had lots of laughs and the artists there just rocked my world.

It was a long but BEAUTIFUL drive.

We left last Wednesday (Tristan's last day of school) taking Tristan out of school a wee bit early. It was smart that we did that as Budget (AGAIN) gave us a car that needed something done to it (A pimp car as Venita lovingly referred to it-a Monte Carlo with sucky trunk room)...about 90 minutes outside of Vegas the dashboard said 'Check front right tire pressure'. Huh? If you slowed down to 60 or so it made a noise. The closer we got to Vegas it made a different noise. Shit. It didn't make a "flat tire noise" and it didn't drive like a flat tire. Outside of Vegas, we phoned Budget who said to bring it to the we did that and they gave us a new car (woo hoo!) A Grand Marquis. Now, we're styling. Surprisingly, it was better on gas then the Monte Carlo. After our Budget excursion (they also like to give me cars that need oil services a lot)...we decided we were hungry and hit our favorite pizza place, Metro. Bellies, full we hit the road again.

We drove til about 12:30 in the morning as our reservation was for the Best Western in Salina, UT. It was clean, comfortable and got us enough R & R for the night. We hit the road at 10 the next morning (Thurs). I did get a "wicked" Charley Horse type thing in my foot (it woke me up Saturday at 4:30 in the morning) from all of the driving but luckily I am fine now (that was the ONLY bad thing the whole trip other then the stupid "road construction"). The ride on the 70 is frickin' amazing and I don't care how long it takes, it is something that one should do at least once in their lifetime (watch out during the winter though LOL).

We arrived in Fort Collins (Christine had us at the Marriott-niceeeeeeeeee) around 7 that evening. Upon check in, I was told that Christine wouldn't be paying for my "Naughty movies" WHAT A HOOT. Christine had me laughing and she wasn't even there. I'm still laughing about it!!! The look on my face "HUH??" must've been priceless... We ate dinner in the Marriott that night. I did trek on over to Barnes & Noble (dragging Mom and Tristan with me) to see if they had In This House or Cloth Paper Scissors or Somerset luck.

Woo hoo-I got to sleep in a little late this morning as class didn't start til 1. The classes were awesome-full of laughs and lots of amazing artwork. Everyone was inspiring and sharing as usual!! My basket was nice and full before I started teaching at 1. Christine and Michael DeMeng
have opened their own online shop where you can find lots of the treasures that I found (I will post pictures of those tomorrow). As usual, The Artists Nook has LOTS of goodies to choose from. Christine walked in to the classroom about an hour after I had seen the UPS man arrive touting what I thought was Somerset Studio (she had received Cloth Paper Scissors-yay-and had held a copy for me-what a sweetie!) Christine says "He didn't bring Somerset but I do have this." and she holds up a copy of In This House, which I had yet to see. I SCREAMED (I do apologize to those next door taking their tests at the time if I made you screw up, I'm sorry...)

**Side note: I am one of the artists who contributed to the In This House project and I am AMAZED at the book. It is definitely unlike any of the other books on the market and I am THRILLED to have been a part of it and LOVE how it came out. Thank you Angela & Sarah!!**

Classes were awesome. The whole weekend seemed to fly by extremely fast. I'm still trying to play "catch up". Oh, the hotels on the ride home were just as awesome. We stayed at the Antlers in Vail Sunday night (damn, nice "hotel" though we discovered it wasn't a "hotel" but someone's second was awesome). In Vegas (Monday night) we stayed at The Stratosphere. Vegas is Vegas and not one of my favorite places. The check out line was an hour long and moved slow. Yet, the room was clean and had a damn good view of the Strip (pretty at night with the lights). Tristan and I drove Mom to the airport after we did a few errands on the strip (like Mom wanted Margaritaville glasses) and we ate a delish dish at Bahama Breeze (I could survive on their strawberry milkshakes alone). It was sad saying bye but we are looking forward to seeing both Mom & Dad in August for Art Unraveled (Woo HOO!!)

I am getting ready now for my workshops this weekend in San Anselmo at Sanctuary Studios. I am REALLY looking forward to it. One of the Journals from the 1000 Journals Project will be there!! I am hoping to have some time on Friday for Flax, Kinokuniya. Saturday and Sunday I will be busy teaching. Sunday night I am thinking of staying in Berkeley and going to Moe's and 4th street and Stampers Warehouse on Monday before I leave for the ride home. Any other suggestions for places to go/see in No CA? I am hoping to arrive in SF around 3 on Friday...I am teaching 10 to 6:30 Sat & Sun. That leaves me night time and Monday morning (I am hoping to leave Berkeley no later then 11 a.m. Monday). Any must see places?? Thanks :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

It's here!!! It's here!!!

I was teaching at The Artists' Nook in Fort Collins, CO today (y'all know how much I LOVE and adore being here!!!!) when UPS walked in. I thought he had a box of Somerset Studios (got my Cloth Paper Scissors and was stalking the UPS guy). So, a little while later Christine came in and said "I didn't get Somerset....but I got this." and holds up a copy of In This House. I SCREAMED.

Needless to say I am VERY happy with it. I bought a copy for my parents. I am going upstairs to put on my pjs and snuggle with my new book. It's freakin' amazing. Angela & Sarah, huge kudos and thanks...

OK, I have to get up early tomorrow and teach so back to your regularly scheduled "Kelly on hiatus" til Tuesday (see links below to keep you entertained).

Monday, June 18, 2007

A post to keep you busy while I am traveling & teaching:

Taped Journal, Journey To The Soul, some collage work and more...

Long Stitch Journal with Chain:

Holy crap, did anyone catch Simon Schama's Power of Art on PBS last night? Bloody brilliant. They did err a few facts with (the bombing of Guernica), but the painting and the reaction to Guernica damn, it was amazing. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. It looks like KCET in L.A. may be re airing it this week (Thursday, I think) but I am not 100%. It will air every Monday at 10 til 11 until the end of July.

Some random blogs from my bookmarks "Kelly's Faves". I'll be at the Artists Nook in Fort Collins, CO. I will be back before I trek up to Sanctuary Studio in NO CA for an array of mixed media collage and bookbinding classes. I'll talk to you all soon. In the meantime, enjoy these links!!

Oh, and make some art ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

All packed for Colorado: And nope, what you see above is not everything. I also have stuff in the kitchen and stuff in the trunk and stuff that's hidden to the right of the photo. LOL, I do NOT travel light "art wise" for my classes. ;) I will have the above journals for sale in Fort Collins!! See why I have been working on the floor lately? Too lazy to clean the table off! (For some reason this table looks bigger in this picture then it actually is. It's a small round table!) Two of my bookshelves (see artwork from Karen Michel on the top left picture). Some of the Books: Joe sorren, Handmade, Tricia Guild, Off Screen, French Inspired Home, Musa, Illustrating Children's books, Artists' Sktechbooks, Drawing from Life, ARt of Rebellion, The green box is bird illustrations from Melissa Sweet, The Sky is the Limit, Lenore Tawney, and more... More Books on Hundertwasser, Frog Belly Ratbone (a kids book I love), Graffiti Brasil, Convergence, 100 posters & squirrels, Street Art, Bird Egg Feather Nest, Graffiti World, Nita Leland's New Creative Artist, New Visual Culture of Modern Iran to name a few...

As far as I know, there is still room in my workshops in Fort Collins at The Artists' Nook this weekend (June 22nd-24th) FIVE workshops. I'm looking forward to seeing my CO friends-I can't wait!!! :)

The following weekend June 30 & July 1st I am in San Anselmo, CA at Sanctuary Studio! FOUR workshops! Sanctuary Studio is a NEW teaching location for me. I'm looking forward to it-I love No CA.

Thanks to my amazing webmistress, Adriane, my schedule is up and online (click on workshops) here.

My Mom is here (picked her up Sunday night). I probably will not be blogging FROM CO but I will post something tomorrow (Tuesday) to keep you guys busy til I get back. OK? So stay tuned...
Books, Diaries, Art Journals, Artists Sketchbooks, Scrapbooks, Artists Books, Altered Books, Sketchbooks, Tomes, Volumes, Crap Books, Glue Books, Visual Journals...whatever you want to call them...Taboos, Artists Fears and how to Get Over It

I've made a LOT of books over the years. When asked to describe my art/my work I usually say "Mixed Media Book Artist" because BOOK form is primarily how I work, it's where I feel most comfortable. I've always described my BOOK classes as "journal" classes as that's usually what I call them and while we usually do a lot of mixed media techniques (be it acrylic techniques up the wazoo or tons of unique collage techniques) while we learn we usually make a BOOK or JOURNAL in my classes to hold whatever it is that we've made 'cause that's what I Love to do and that's what a lot of my students love to do. Lately I've found that the word JOURNAL might be TABOO. I've submitted classes called JOURNAL only to have them rejected because someone else is already teaching a "journal" class. If I change the name from JOURNAL to BOOK the class might be accepted. Weird, huh? Some students see JOURNAL and get FREAKED out. They think that I'm going to transform into some scary demon that stands over them screaming that if they write and express themselves onto the page that people will (gasp!) read their thoughts and think badly of them. Here's my two cents:

I consider myself a Mixed Media Book Artist. I do almost 99.9% of my artwork in BOOK form. Yes, sometimes I WRITE on the pages (gasp!). Some times I paint, collage and write. Some times I just paint and collage. Some times I just paint. Some times I just collage. I don't plan things out when I go to create, I just sit and do it. When I do "write" I don't worry about the future or who will read it. The writing is for ME. When I sit down to do a "political" page (so called! I call them "real life/real world" pages) I sit down and do them for ME. When I sit down to paint or collage. Guess who I do them for? ME. I make art for ME. I work in book form because of a few reasons:

A. It is where I am most comfortable expressing myself whatever that expression may be

B. Storage. Books are easier to store than big canvases (though I love canvas as well).

C. I can bring them anywhere and everywhere with me.

D. It makes me happy.

Over the years I've gently tried to nudge to my students that whatever Painting/Collage/Mixed Media/Art Journaling/Altered Book/Insert Technique Here that I am showing you in a class can be done not only in "THIS" form but also in many MANY other forms. Some get it, some don't. Just because someone calls what they are working in a JOURNAL, doesn't mean that you should be freaked out by it. IF you want to work (collage, paint, draw, stamp, write-whatever) in a book, call it whatever you want-just do it, and do it for YOU. If you don't want to work in a book, but yet you have never tried, dive right in-explore it and just test the waters. If you don't like it, move along to something else (don't knock it 'cause you haven't tried it yet). IF you do want to write or express your self in either the written or pictorial form but you are afraid of someone else misinterpreting it and judging you or worrying about you, please please please don't. Please.

I openly share my artwork-ALL of it-with people. I don't worry about someone judging me. I don't worry about the good, the bad and the ugly that I put in there. It's ME. It's REAL. When I die, when I croak, my son will get my journals-all of them. When he opens them up he'll see ME-a real person on the pages. He'll see that we all have our good days and our bad. Our ups and downs. Life is a roller coaster and there ain't too much you can do about that!

IF you are in a situation where things are volatile and you might feel violated if someone did discover your "journal" do whatever it is YOU (read YOU!) need to do in the book, and then paint over the page, glue over the page-hide or cover over what you need to express. But don't tear pages out, don't burn your journals. We're all made up of many layers-think of your books like that. They do NOT have to EVER be anything PRECIOUS or SPECIAL or BEAUTIFUL or UGLY or PERFECT or ??. THROW DESCRIPTIONS OUT THE WINDOW. They are ART BOOKS. They are what you need them to be. They are there for you.

and do not ever EVER compare the work that YOU do to anyone else's work OR to what is being published in books, magazines and blogs. It IS YOUR ARTWORK, damnit! It is for YOU and not for anyone else. Make art for YOU and not for anyone else. That's what I do...and the handful of times that I didn't do it for me, it shows and it shows bad.

Work in whatever medium(s) fit YOU, not what it hip or trendy or cool. You want to make mail art? Do it. You want to make fabric art? Do it. You want to make collaged Wood Panels. Do it. Whatever is what makes you happy and keeps you sane-do it.

I'm shutting up now so you can go make some art.


Happy Father's Day to my own Dad!!! Love you! Thank you for all that you've done-and it's always been LOTS!

Happy Father's Day to my David-thanks for making me a Mom and helping me bring Tristan into this world...xo xo xo xo I love you-*mwah*!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

For David-

Bosh! A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.
Stephen Dedalus

"It is a symbol of Irish art. The cracked lookingglass of a servant."
"It is as painful perhaps to be awakened from a vision as to be born."

"As we, or mother Dana, weave and unweave our bodies, Stephen said, from day to day, their molecules shuttled to and fro, so does the artist weave and unweave his image."

Tip your hat to Mr. Joyce today. Happy Bloomsday, everyone!

"… and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes."

Friday, June 15, 2007

I played in Tammie Moore's Bird Swap and WOW! Look what I got!!!

Martha Brown was my more then generous partner. Just by looking at the box, I was doing the happy dance!!!

Everything was packaged so cute in my favorite color-PINK!

I carefully unwrapped each treasure. GASP! She made these?!?! OMG! She made these for ME? The green bird tag is now by my bed. I'm going to use it as a bookmark as I LOVE it. The pins are on my purse!! I just kept holding and feeling the fabric and paper collaged and sewn together. Oh freakin' YUM.

THIS was the creme de le creme-ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THIS IS FOR ME?? Nooooooo it can't be. I can't tell you how many times I've picked this up, looked at it, touched it and just sat open mouthed staring at it. This bird fabric paper collage has got to be one of the most amazing things EVER. Martha-ya gotta send some art to Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors like NOW.

Once I could get past the extraordinary artwork, I found PAPER!! eeehhhh!!! Squeal! Snort! PAPER! Paper and MORE PAPER!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Paper and COLOR COPIES OF BIRDS-woo hoo-score!!

Then nestled at the bottom of the box, I pulled THIS out. Like she hadn't spoiled me enough. I GO NUTS for these bags. I have one from Tammie and one from Martha. I LOVE these bags. I go through bags like...insert stupid joke here...and I figure that once the bag starts to fall apart (after I love it to death LOL) that it's collage fodder-woo hoo!! Plus I love color copying the bags to boot ;)

Martha, you've spoiled me but you made my day!!!!!!!!!!! Huge thanks to Martha for being my swap bud and for Tammie for hostessing!!!


I'm off! I'm teaching my Long Tall Journal class tomorrow (Saturday) at Violets RS Inn in Ventura (805 648 7610). I'm off Sunday but will be busy between Father's Day, my Mom arriving that night and getting ready for my Colorado classes and No CA classes!!! Eeehhh! busy busy but happy happy!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thinking about books, art journaling, classes and more...

Hmm..where was this book all those years ago?

Some Guy's 1000 Journals Project has a high place on my shelf. It's small but packs a big punch. I always treasure the books that encourage you to look through them again and again. They call to you from the shelf "Pick me up..."

OH and if you like the 1000 Journals Project book make sure you read about my workshops in No CA (see below!!)

It's amongst many of my favorite books that I've collected over the years. I've listed some of those favorites below:

Other favorites like "Inspired":
Remember when this one came out? Jason Thompson's Making Journals by Hand. There was nothing out like this at the time!
I remember squealing when my husband pointed out Off Screen in the used bookstore:

I waited months for Jennifer New's Drawing From Life. WELL worth the wait:

The three day trek from New York to Los Angeles couldn't come fast enough via the post office when I waited for John Copeland's Journals book:
Not so much a book on "just" journaling but a book that packs a big punch with LOTS of ideas that can be incorporated into art journaling. I also love the layout of this one:

Ahhh, one of my treasures. I love James' Jean's work. I am REALLY looking forward to Process Recess 2 this summer.

Dan Eldon's work continues to inspire me:

Books that are not yet released that you KNOW I will be hounding the stores over:

In This House by Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn and a whole slew of amazing artists. You know I'm not anticipating it just 'cause I'm in it. I've SEEN the houses and they are jaw dropping. This book will be unlike any other that has been released to date-woo hoo! I can't wait!!

500 Handmade Books. The title says it all.

Process Recess 2! More James Jean 'nuff said.
Journal Revolution. The name just screams to me. Linda Woods & Karen Dinino are freakin' amazing. And hey, Rosie's in it too!

Rice Freeman Zachary-I love the way she writes. I'm really looking forward to seeing what is in this book!

Angela Cartwright's layers and textures just call to me. I know this one will be a big eye pleaser!!

I've loved Holly Harrison's previous books and I"m eager to see what is in this one:

You know that anything with Art Journal as a title makes me want to pick it up and flip through it. I feel the same way boug Sharon Soneff's Art Journals & Creative Healing:
Jane Wynn's unique style of artwork just amazes me...Altered Curiosities has me intrigued:

I love Corey Moortgat's blog. I can't wait to see her first offering, The Art of Personal Imagery.
I had NO idea that this was coming out 'til I found it on amazon. I am a nut for seeing what other artists collect and treasure. (Remember all those paumes books I collect?)

And the latest offering from Stampington, Artful Blogs that comes out August 1st! My only beef is why didn't they ask me ;)



Upcoming classes (as in NEXT WEEKEND!) I will be at The Artists' Nook in Fort Collins, CO offering FIVE mixed media workshops with a slew of techniques-something for everyone!!

The following weekend (June 30 and July 1st) I will be at a new location in No CA teaching at Sonora Beam's Sanctuary Studio. There's even a buzz about it on the 1001 Journals site! Woo hoo! I will be teaching FOUR mixed media workshops-lots of new techniques for beginners to advanced. Make sure you check out the 1001 Journals site as there is a LOT of info on there! Ohh and to tempt & tease you-the weekend I am at Sanctuary Studio we have been offered to have one of the original journals from 1000 journals, to have at the classes - which are now out of circulation!!! BIG tempter and teaser! Woo hoo!!!!

I am really looking forward to my summer workshops. I'll be teaching LOTS of workshops-all are packed full of new ideas, tips, tricks, techniques that are guaranteed to leave your head spinning with new ways of seeing things and your arms full of cool projects you've made.

Oh, and I just wanted to shout out how much I LOVE my husband. I won't tell you how long this post took BUT I will tell you is that I closed the tab by accident while working on it. The husband walked over to the computer, clicked a couple of buttons and voila-it was back. I told you he was a keeper ;) (Smart one, eh?) Love ya honey-*mwah*!