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Creating An Art Practice: Join The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop Today!

 April 2023   Art practice.    These words are very important to me. For many years, I wanted a space where I could share my workshops and create a community. In 2022, I finally did it. I finally had the resources and time to create this space.     I called it   The Art Life .   What is an art practice? What do you need to be successful with your art practice?   You need time.  You need resources.  You need education.  You need mentoring.  You need community.  You need to surround yourself with people just as passionate about art as you.  That passion may translate to 10 minutes a day, five hours a day, or once a week. The key to a successful art practice is the commitment to yourself, your work, and those who are walking alongside you, encouraging and guiding you on your journey in your art community.   Think of The Art Life: Painting by the Season as that practice.    Part workshop.   Part mentorship.    Part art community.   Every month in The Art Life: Painting by the Season

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