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NEW: The Art Life Workshop: Painting by the Season Virtual Workshop, Classroom, Library, Art Resources and Community Taught by Kelly Kilmer

    Take a video tour of some of the work taught in January in  The Art Life: Painting by the Season   Painting by the Season  is like eating by the seasons: you are inspired by the colors, images and things that surround you. It is embracing the every day and learning from it.   In The Art Life, you will look to the seasons in all forms for ideas and inspiration. (Think: color palettes, themes, shapes and much, much more. ) You will also learn about other artists and how they are guided by nature and the world around them.    If you paint according to the season, you will have a minimum of one painting a week. After one year, you will have 52 paintings plus full sketchbooks of drawings, paintings, studies and writings. The Art Life is here for you to dip in and out of. You can pick and choose what you participate in.   You do not have to read or partake in every lesson/session/offering. I'm keeping the price low to make it accessible to more people. Everything that is in

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