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Free Art Journaling/Mixed Media/Creativity Workshops

  Hi Fellow Creatives! In an effort to encourage, inspire and try to put a smile on your face, I thought I'd share five EIGHT (updated April 27, 2020) of my in person workshops with you. I've linked to my Google Drive with the class handouts. They're my gift to you during this strange time that we are all living in. May they offer you a bit of hope, creative nurturing and encouragement. Please feel free to share. (Please do not reteach for profit but feel free to share with friends, family, kids and anyone who needs art inspiration.) Keep in mind, these were IN PERSON workshops . I'm sharing the handouts with you. They are not fully formed ONLINE workshops but you can glean ideas and get a general sense for what the workshop is based on the handout and photos below. Plus, free. What am I asking in return? Do something nice for someone. Send a text, make a phone call or email checking in on friends and neighbors. Be good humans. We can get through this

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