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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bringing Home the Goods: Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Lake Worth, Florida

Above are the new supplies that I bought at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps when I taught there last weekend. I was excited to see some of my favorite Posca paint markers in an extra fine tip size (yay! These were previously only available in medium tip and larger sizes.) I couldn't resist the pretty roll of washi tape. I debated about the scissors but thought they might be easier for times when I'm on the go since my favorite travel scissors were taken at a government building a couple of years ago (rounded kid scissors that I bought from Jetpens eons ago. I had been flying with them for years and didn't know you couldn't take them into a government building. They confiscated them and weren't very nice about it. Alas, the pair were discontinued by Jetpens and I don't know who made them.) I have debated about a Traveler's Journal for *years* but I have something very specific that I want to use it for. I'll share more once I get it started...

A quick heads up, I'm giving the final count to my printer on Monday night for my latest self published offering. This will be the ONLY time that I offer this publication. I'll have a little teaser video of what my test copy looks like on my Instagram feed tomorrow. The print shop made me a test copy on regular copy paper to make sure the pages lined up right (he had to repaginate the whole book.) I am very excited to have the finished 120 matte printed copies in my hands. After the shop is done printing them, my next step is scoring and folding them page by page. Then I'll bind each one with a pamphlet stitch. Before I package them up for mailing, I'll sign and number each one (see why it's a one time deal?!) Each book is created with love from me to you. Interested? You can order one here.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Visiting Vincent Van Gogh at the Dallas Museum of Art

Riverbank in Springtime

I could have stood in front of these for days...

I found this Van Gogh hanging where I didn't expect it. The guard must have had a good laugh at my reaction  (my head whipped around twice for a fast double take at whiplash speed.)

I had plans to go to the Menil Collection but like last year, they fell through (plus, the main building is closed until summer.) I wanted to see at least one Van Gogh on this trip and Dallas was the only place that was open and with paintings on display. Mom and I trekked a few hours out of our way to see them. I have often wondered what Van Gogh would have thought about people traveling all over the world to see his work...

It is always worth it to see a Van Gogh in person. How I manage to stand in front of them and not blubber like an idiot every time is beyond me. The experience never leaves me. I think about the paintings often. They become a part of you.

I'll confess that I've had a bee in my bonnet since last year. I have it in my head that I want to stand in front of every Van Gogh painting in the United States. Last year I saw about 30 of them. I have been very lucky to have seen five so far this year! I have an idea regarding this that I will be sharing very soon...

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"
-Vincent Van Gogh 

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Books, Buttermilk Drops and Beads: New Orleans 2018 in Photos

Buttermilk Drop Bakery was so good, we went back in and ordered more!
Parked at the Dauphine Hotel. Loved the trees across the street.
Every city I visit, I look for books...
I love bookstores that have cats (Crescent city Books' Isabel.)

 For my sister...
Still thinking of France...dreaming and scheming...
 Look up.
Cowbell NOLA. I picked this restaurant after a search for best veggie burger in New Orleans. The reviews were perfect (and on the money) and their statement on their website made them my top choice. The veggie burger was stellar and well worth the trip.
Look at the paint brushes as you walk in!

My New Orleans bookstore finds. The Skira series at the top is one of my favorites. I collect them when I come across them. 

Monday, March 05, 2018

Bringing Home the Goods: Collage Edition

We're still driving through Texas. We're in Abilene for the night on our way to see Van Gogh at the Dallas Museum of Art tomorrow. (Yup, still trying to see all of the Van Gogh paintings on display in the states. One of my friends called me greedy about seeing the paintings. How can you not be? People explore different things on road trips and when I got the idea in my head last year, I couldn't let go of it. Van Gogh and Diebenkorn. Those are my must see artists whose work I seek out the most while traveling. I'll never take it for granted and I'll never stop being greedy about wanting to stand in front of their work, mouth agape.) 

At one point today, I felt the need to get out of the car for a bit. We stopped at a Barnes and Noble in El Paso and I found the above magazines (grateful for gift certificates I've been hoarding!) The two on the bottom are brand new to me. Love is one of my favorites for collage. I'm not cutting up Flow. I bought it specifically for the article on Francoise Gilot. I hadn't bought it in ages but couldn't pass it up when I saw her work in it (I love her art and her writing.)

Sweet dreams from Abilene  (yeah, I picked it for the night because of Gunsmoke. I know it's the other Abilene in the show but, as a fan of Old Time Radio, I couldn't resist.)

Saturday, March 03, 2018

What I'm Reading

Tomorrow I get in the car and start my trek to teach at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Lake Worth, Florida.

I dropped off my journal at the print shop yesterday. The book will be ready for me to pick up my test copy when I get home. I'm still taking orders if you are interested but will be giving the print shop my final count next week. If you're interested, you can order it here. They are signed and will have a surprise with them.

I'll be trekking through parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Any art suggestions are always appreciated.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Kim Thoman at Olive Hyde Art Guild in Fremont, CA

A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Maria took my Mom and I to the Olive Hyde Art Guild in Fremont for the Equilibrium exhibit. I'm so happy that Maria suggested this gallery as I fell in love with the gallery and the artwork being exhibited. 

While I appreciated all of the artwork in the exhibit, Kim Thoman's work was like a magnet for me and instantly pulled me over. I hope that you enjoy seeing her work posted here. If you are in the Northern California area, please get over to Olive Hyde before March 17th to see the work in person. 

Kim Thoman's website and her upcoming exhibits:

East Bay Open Studios, Kim's studio, 935 Grace Avenue, Oakland, California, June 2018

Natural Dualities, Goddard Center for Visual & Performing Arts, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Natural Dualities, Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, California

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Full Spectrum: Paintings by Raimonds Staprans at San Jose Museum of Art

Recently, I visited the San Jose Museum of Art to see Raimonds Staprans exhibit, Full Spectrum. I had heard his name before seeing the exhibit but knew absolutely nothing about the artist. I really enjoyed seeing his paintings in person. I went bonkers over his use of color and light. It's hard to see the details in the photographs. You have to be standing in front of the paintings to truly appreciate his mastery of color. After standing in the first room, I wanted to run and grab my paint brush.