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Register for The Art Life Workshop!

    Each month offers something NEW! The Art Life is a virtual live classroom (with live and recorded sessions), library and community with a wealth of information for artists interested in:  art journaling drawing collage mixed media painting (acrylics) general creative explorations AND MORE   (Click here for a photo heavy peek inside The Art Life Workshop)    Motivation, inspiration, community, engagement & MORE all for less than a dollar a day! ($25/month!)   * SOME of the things you will receive for being a member of The Art Life:    (Above are screenshots from The Art Life Workshop website)   LIVE, VIRTUAL, TWO HOUR FULL WORKSHOP (workshop will also be recorded and placed in our video library): collage, acrylic painting, mark making, journaling and MORE! The photo that you see at the very top of this page is this month's sample page.   Paint/Mixed Media LIVE, VIRTUAL Demo ! The topic will be revealed later! I promise you it will be fresh, fun and INSPIRING! ONE HOUR

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