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Registration for This Month's "The Art Life Workshop" is now Open!

What exactly is The Art Life Workshop? a virtual classroom (with live and recorded sessions), library and community packed full of resources and information for artists. a monthly workshop (you can choose to subscribe OR enroll on a month to month basis.)   an artist's community with artists from all around the world!     If you're interested in ANY of these art forms:  art journaling, collage, acrylic painting, drawing, mixed media, art history and creativity, then The Art Life Workshop is for you!     Are you looking for:  the framework to learn what you need to expand and improve your art skills? accountability and commitment to your art practice?  group mentorship and encouragement with your art practice? regular engagement with artists worldwide ( without ads? Where you never miss a thing?!) a teacher at your disposal offering feedback, guidance, encouragement and answering your questions?  ongoing, monthly creative workshops and group art making sessions a reference l

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Sign-ups for The Art Life are now Open!