Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Oldie...and a Newie:

My friend, Suzanne in IL, pointed out that I had never mentioned one of my most favorite books about journals, Drawing from Life by Jennifer New, on this blog. Hmm..that has me thinking that maybe I need to do a "favorite book" list some time soon.

Some of you may recognize Jennifer New's name from having written Dan Eldon: The Art of Life (which is another of my treasured favorite books). If you don't have either of the books, rush right out to your local bookstore and look them up! They've both been around for awhile so you should be able to find them at a decent (reduced) price somewhere. (Check your local Mom & Pop used bookstore).

I'm a voyeur when it comes to art-art journals, art books, art in general. I love to peek. I love to grope. I love to fawn over the pages. I am a fanatic when I see something that features Art Journals. I remember how eager I was for Jennifer's book to come out (just like now I am stalking Chronicle to release the 1000 journals project-I have mine on order from Chronicle. I am so tired of seeing "processing" in the line. I want to see the word: shipped. I Have NO patience when it comes to books and release dates. B.S. I want mine *now*. Case in point: the latest Cloth Paper Scissors March/April. I'm in it. I don't have it-yet. Everyone else darn well seems to. ARGH.).

Back to Jennifer's book, it did NOT disappoint. I can't tell you how many times I have flipped through it's pages. I can't pick a favorite artist but I can tell you that I did do more research to find out more about some of the artists' work in this book.

I'm big on sharing my journals. I put myself out there for all to see. You guys know that. When people tell me I shouldn't talk about something, I go completely in the opposite direction and start yabbering about it. What you see is truly what you get. I love raw, honest, journal pages...not pages done for the sake of "making art" but for the sake of being me, for the sake of you being you, for the sake of the artist expressing himself/herself/themselves in some way and unraveling themselves on the page.

I love Jennifer's book for so many reasons but mostly, because it's real. It's different artists, different people, different perspectives. It's people opening up and putting themselves out onto paper for all to see. It's truth. It's life. It's fricking amazing.

I'm off now to recheck Chronicle Books' home page for the zillionth time and see if the magic word: shipped, is there yet. If anyone has any pull at Chronicle and wants to pop the book for me in the mail, my CC has been charged already. And yes, (but don't tell my husband, please) I did pay for 2nd day air shipping via UPS. I considered overnighting it but it cost almost as much as the book did and I'm not *that* crazy. Yet.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Photos from The Frenzy Stamper (taken by Debbie)-Thanks Debbie!!

Mom left today (she's home safe and sound now). I zonked out this afternoon after picking Tristan up from school...had to come home and nap. I tried reading Somerset but was soooooo tired (The new issue is REALLY good-love Keri Smith's stuff and a lot more in it). I'm REALLY on pins and needles looking forward to the latest Cloth Paper Scissors... I'm so silly ;)

I am up to my eyebrows in emails so if I haven't answered you yet, I"m not ignoring you-sorry! I will hopefully get to all of them tomorrow.

Tristan is missing his Grandma so I am off to play with him.

In the meantime, some food for article on autism. It's one of the few things I had a chance to read today and the quote from so called "Doctor" Offit (TOTALLY APPROPRIATE name) had me livid. It is a *must* read.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Home again home again jiggity jig...
(painted hands photo from this site)

Back home in Los Angeles after a fabulous weekend of teaching at The Frenzy Stamper. Debbie, as usual, has the most wonderful array of goodies to tempt you with. The stamps just jump off the shelves and into your basket (her taste is *that* good!) I taught five, fun classes to an amazing group of artists. I was a wee bit nervous with the Saturday night class (I had 11 students and it was the first time I had taught it-eek) but they seemed to love it and I was really REALLY happy with what people made (I hope they were too!!) all weekend long. The colors were fabulous. There was lots of laughing, sharing and comaraderie going on. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Arizona in August for Art Unraveled. You KNOW where I'll be stopping at least one of my days!

I also wanted to give a little shout out to Cindy & Gary at The Paper Studio for accomdating my paper addiction on Thursday night by staying open past 6 for me. My wallet doesn't thank you, but *I* do!! (LOL) I have two favorite stops in AZ: Frenzy Stamper for Stamps and Paper Studio for paper...I do enough damage between the two stores.

Huge huge thanks to Debbie for a great weekend!! See you guys again in August!!! I'll be posting more later. I just wanted to give a quickie update to everyone. I'm exhausted...but I had FUN. Mom is here til tomorrow (Tuesday). I am looking forward to waking up late on Wednesday!!! :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have some more that I want to show you...but they will come later.

Today's been a busy and long day. Oh boy, will that bed feel good tonight!

I'm going to try to post one more time before I leave for Frenzy Stamper in AZ on Thursday morning.

Don't forget Art Unraveled-the registration is OPEN. I'm teaching five of my most popular classes! I'm REALLY looking forward to it!!!

A small selection of my favorite blogs and sites to keep you busy (from my bookmarks):

Keri Smith

Swirly Girl

I love the books on this site

Tom Judd

Joan Schulze

Romare Bearden

Laurie Doctor

Randel Plowman

Mary Heebner

WholeLife Mastery

Greg Spalenka

Bill Koeb

Jane Wynn

Garden of Pink Shadows

Soul Food Cafe

Katherine Dunn

Lori Joy Smith

Henrik Drescher

Magda Dudziak

Nicole J. Georges

John Copeland

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

C.W. Slade

Delightful Blogs

Andi Arnovitz

Mlle Heloise

Peter Clark

Muriel Kerba

Olofs Dotter

Majeak Ann

Let The Muses Speak

Craft Monkeys

Graphic Novel Art


Rag and Bone

Stay well, my friends.

Go make some art!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Etsy Etsy!

I have several things listed in my etsy shop (collages, books and journals, oh my!). I'm leaving for AZ on Thursday and will be back Sunday night. If you're interested, you can find the shop here.

I have some new pages to upload from my journal hopefully some time this week! I've been busy cleaning for Mom's arrival tomorrow and prepping for the AZ classes. Did anyone else hear that Ink It is closing? I'm always very sad when I hear of another Mom & Pop Art store closing.

I'm a firm advocate of supporting the Mom and Pop stores. We're becoming a homogenized society-too many of the SAME stores on every corner. We need more indie stores that stand out, stick out and call to us. Any ways, the next time you have a chance to go to what I always call the "M" store (aka the crap store), bypass it and find a local Mom & Pop Art store (rubber stamp store, paper store, book store, whatever!) You'll be greeted with a smile. You'll also realize the meaning of "customer service". I know you guys have heard me say it over and over, but I mean it...

I've seen the change myself. I've lived in L.A. 11 years now and we've lost SO many independent, used bookstores and art shops (rubber stamp stores). I'm more apt to find something at Gene de Chene bookstore in West L.A. then I am at a big name chain store in the Grove. I'm more apt to get into "trouble" at a Mom & Pop rubber stamp store then I am at Dick Blick. I can't tell you the number of times I've walked empty handed out of Dick Blick vs. walking out with a full bag from a store like Violets or Zinnia or Stampin from the heart, or Paper Post or A Little Bizaar or Stampin on Cloud 9 or the Art Bar or...catch my drift?
Check out this website, btw. I love Christina Mazzalupo's work. She also has a blog too.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

*Huge* thanks to
Andy Runton for making my son's day.

Tristan's art is the fifth row from the top, and the third from the left. If you hold your browser over the picture it says Tristan. Cute, huh?

New Owly April 2007!!!
6 years in the making...

FINALLY!! March 1st, Chronicle Books will release the 1000 Journals project in book form. Yes, it's only 212 pages but to be able to hold it in whatever form in my own hands!!!


A documentary is to follow.

I often wish I had the time to collaborate in projects like this, but the truth be told, teaching classes is more than a 40 hour a week job. I have to make the time daily for my own artwork (outside of things I am creating for class). No complaints, just reality.

Some more interesting websites for the day:

Urban Paper Arts

Baghdad Diaries

Delightful Blogs

Keri Smith

By the way, John Copeland, will be having a show in Los Angeles soon. Check his website for details:
March 2 - April 7, 2007 . "Personal Effects" - group show at Fette's Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

I am off to vacuum, clean the bathroom and then to work in my journal OR maybe I'll go play in my journal first...I did 6 or 7 pages last night while David and Tristan watched The Animation Show. I'm prepped and ready for Arizona! The only thing left I have to do is to go buy paper and a couple of supplies: modeling paste, gel medium, gloss medium, micaceous iron oxide and iridescent bright gold fine...OH! and waxed paper and paper towels for moi.

Oh, and the journey continues here.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I know I posted this several months ago (or so it seems) but I finally received my copy the other day. I ordered it directly from Hero about a week and a half ago (They shipped fast, too) as none of my local comic stores have it in stock yet (what's up with that!?!?).

Even if you are not big on comics (how can anyone not be ;)?!?!?!?!), this DVD is FANTASTIC and a must have for all artists. The focus is solely on Mack and his art. In depth interviews, shots of his artwork-over 120 minutes of pure informative inspiration. I've watched about 40 minutes of it so far and I'm in awe. Even Tristan (who just turned 10) was captivated. We can't wait to watch the rest of it...

If you don't know who David Mack is, either go dig out an old Somerset Studio issue as artist extraordinaire, jack of all trades, THE Mr Terry Tyson interviewed David in an issue many moons ago or visit David's website here. Get thee to a comic book store and ask for an issue of Kabuki (B & W OR color) but even though David has done a ton of work on Kabuki, he's also done LOTS of other things (Daredevil, Alias, etc...) even a children's book that is coming out this summer.

Run, don't walk...Very VERY inspiring, plus, he's a nice guy to boot...

Friday, February 16, 2007

QUICK! Go watch this before "they" take it down!!

Seriously, it is one of the most sought after film shorts. It is one of my favorites...Make sure you turn your volume on...

David and I went to the Academy on Wilshire JUST to see this short film. We've been looking for a copy of it ever since. Due to "copyright issues" (BLAH!) they won't release it.

Check it out on youtube before it's gone...

Can you name all of the films ;)

Classes February 23-25th at
Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, AZ

Painted Journey Journal:

Hip to Be Square a.k.a. the 2 needle coptic stitch journal:

Layered & Textured Journal:

Reach for the Scissors: aka collage-composition and design FUN!

Scrapped! Journal:

FIVE classes and I can't wait! Scottsdale is one of my FAVORITE places especially because of Frenzy Stamper!!! I'm really looking forward to it!

If any of you in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area can recommend any must see places, restaurants (we're big on pizza-and breakfast food- as you can see from the previous post LOL), or anything special happening that weekend that would appeal to a 10 year old boy and his Grandma, that'd be great and very much appreciated.

If anyone has any questions regarding the classes, please drop me a note. If you want to sign up, you can contact the store at

Just so y'all know, we will be having a trunk show that weekend with Paperbag Studios courtesy of Roben-Marie Smith! So stop on by!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oooohhh look what came in the mail today?
I *heart* Violets Rubber Stamp Inn in Ventura (805 648 7610). These new images from Stampers Anonymous were one of the few things that stopped me in my tracks at the CHA show. I hunted Violet down and she ordered them for me (THANK YOU VIOLET!!) They arrived in the store yesterday and Janna was kind enough to stand in an endless line at the Post Office for me to mail them. What customer service!!! They arrived today.

WHACK! I heard them hit the floor outside the front door. My husband was up and out the door in a flash grabbing the box for me (isn't he sweet?).

Now I'm a big BIG fan of images that I can get more than my $ for and I KNOW I will be using these a LOT. I can't WAIT. New images from Tim Holtz and Michael DeMeng.

Amazing amazing. You guys rock my world! Thanks Violet and Janna! Thanks Tim and Michael for developing these! Thanks Stampers Anonymous for making these!

Patronize your local rubber stamp store!! Violet has these puppies in stock and ready for YOU....I can't be the only one in love with the images!

Best Pizza in Los AngelesSomeone said to me once, "You guys don't go out to eat, right?" Oh no!! We go out (at least once a week) but 99.9% of the time it's for PIZZA. My "boys" are picky in what they eat and try (I am too, but at least I'm willing to try new things!)

My husband thought it'd be a good idea to post our favorite pizza joints on the blog. I would LOVE to hear what places YOU recommend though ok?

I found this blog too on food in L.A.

In no particular order:

Palermo's Ristorante Italiano- the thought is making my mouth water!!!
1858 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-1178
Mon 11am-11pm;
Wed-Sun 11am-12am
(They are closed on Tuesdays, and every year they take two weeks off during the summer so phone first!!)

Joe Peeps-this place is my husband's FAVORITE. I always feel like I've gained 10 lbs but the pizza is damn good! (I like to look at the receipts from the Post Office on the wall from people on the East Coast and elsewhere who've spent a mint overnighting pizza from this place. HA!)
12460 Magnolia Blvd (Cross Street: Whitsett Avenue)
North Hollywood, CA 91607-2451
(818) 506-4133

Tony's Bella Vista Ristorante-The sauce is just amazing!
3116 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA
(818) 843-0164

Abbot Pizza
1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd (Cross Street: California Avenue)
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-7334

Mulberry Street Pizza
240 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills
(They also have 2 other locations)

Buca di Beppo
We've tried the one in Pasadena and Santa Monica

There's a place near Monrovia, if not in Monrovia, that we have been to twice (and I can't remember the name of it) but the crust is made from corn flour. It is *so* good...if I can find the name I'll letcha know, it's been awhile since we've been...

We tried a place recommended in LA Weekly last week as one of the *best* pizza (or Italian) restaurants. We wanted to got here SO badly that we spent 2 hours trying to find the damn place on Monday only to get there and find it was closed. SO then the husband decided (This is how badly he wants this pizza), let's go there on Valentine's Day. Soooooo we trek back to Eagle Rock and visit some of the local shops (cute but out of our budget :( )...We get to the pizza place 15 minutes early before it opens. We sit in the car and at 4, get out of the car and walk over to the restaurant. There's a huge line!! (There wasn't anyone there 15 minutes ago). We get a table and we're drooling hungry and waiting! We ordered a large cheese pizza with whole wheat crust. 20 minutes later it comes out and the waitress puts it down and the edges are BLACK and burned to a crisp. My hunger level just hits rock bottom. Ugh. VERY disappointed. I've had burnt pizza before (I don't know why a restaurant would serve burnt pizza VERY disappointing when they do that). Any ways, I should know by now not to listen to the reviews in LA Weekly. Most of the folks around us were eating non pizza items...I couldn't believe how many people were in the joint.

What's YOUR favorite SO CA Pizza place? Please post!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...

(I found the image above on google via google images and searching for hands)

Not to put a damper on Valentine's Day, but here are some things to think about on this day:

Your Flowers

Your Jewelry

Your Chocolate

On this day, I just want to say thank you to all of you who read this blog and care about my art and/or what I have to say. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :)

Have a wonderful, wonderful day...

Spread the love,


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

All of the above (and so many more things) are available on my online etsy shop here.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Classes this weekend include:

Sat 17th A Little Bizaar, Lake Elsinore, CA 951.471.0882
Journey To The Soul Journal

Sun 18th Zinnia, Pasadena, CA 626.441.2181
Funky Chunky followed by Off The Wall

The following weekend, it's Scottsdale, AZ here I come!!! I'll be teaching FIVE classes at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, my FAVORITE stamp store in AZ! If you know of anyone who may be interested, please pass along my info. I'm REALLY looking forward to it!! (Then I'll be back in AZ for Art Unraveled! Yay)

February 23rd-25th Frenzy Stamper, Scottsdale, AZ

Have a great week everyone!! Make some art, go on!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Illustrator's NotebookBeautiful beautiful book by artist Mohieddin Ellabbad. Skylight books in Los Feliz *had* a copy tonight, now I have a copy (smug grin). In all honesty, I love this independent bookstore and I have a hard time not finding something every time I am there. Sooo tonight I walked out with that for myself (for Valentine's Day from David and Tristan) and I bought David the Wholphin DVD from McSweeneys for Valentine's Day.

We trekked out today to Pasadena (my brilliant idea). Luckily I didn't find anything new at Mimio's or Paper Source or B & Noble or Vroman's that jumped out at me. Phew. Wallet saved.

BUT I do not think I will be visiting Old Town Pasadena any time soon as it is reminding me WAY Too much of Santa Monica's 3rd Street. NO FRIGGING BATHROOMS ANYWHERE. What the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS??? I will never forget a couple of years ago being in Santa Monica walking around 3rd street wondering where all of our lovely used bookstores went to...looking up at huge conglomerate butt ass ugly chain stores. My son looked at me and said "I have to go to the bathroom." I think he was 5 or 6. OK, honey, we'll go to the bookstore. So we go into Huge Corporate Suck Ass Bookstore #1. They have officially CLOSED their bathrooms (that used to be on the second floor (or was it 3rd floor, they WERE There)) to the public. OK. So then we go to Huge Corporate Suck Ass Has No Style or Charm Bookstore #2 NO BATHROOM suddenly anymore either. OMG. What is a Mom to do? I honestly thought of having Tristan pull a "Big Daddy" moment and just have him do his business on the sidewalk in front of the stores that meanly had said NO bathroom. Luckily even though we had to go into the damn mall, blocks away, we found a bathroom.

Well, now Pasadena has followed suit. In an effort to drive the homeless away, the brilliant minds that be have decided to close most public bathrooms. BASTARDS! WHOSE brilliant idea is it to have stores close bathrooms so that no one can use them? Guess what? Don't go sitting on any benches in Santa Monica! I've seen homeless folks do their business on the benches because they don't have anywhere else to go, in addition to seeing them do their business on the streets. ARGHHHHHHHH I am so very ashamed at times to be a part of the human race. I'm thinking of writing letters to both the mayors of Pasadena and Santa Monica telling them that I am going to be taking my business (read: MONEY ha ha ha not something else as my husband pointed out) elsewhere until this has been fixed. I can't think of the last time I was in Santa Monica but we do go to Pasadena often...maybe I'll just stick to South Pasadena!!

There is no reason to treat any human being like that. When you have to go, you have to go!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tired but happy after teaching at Sweetpeas and Snapshots in L.A. today (Thanks Mary, Suzi, Pauline and the Gang!)

My digital camera is acting a bit wonky at the moment and making me nuts! Sooo I was trying to figure out what I should be posting about tonight...I'm flipping through my book marks on the 'puter and Voila! There it is.

Y'all know that I love using images in my artwork. Since most of my art is for *me* I don't worry about where the images came from...I've found several sites where you can find a huge treasure trove of images. Beware, this is something you can easily spend 24/7 doing so limit yourself before you go looking...

Wikipedia has a huge source of public domain images that they've compiled.

Another source is here.

The gorgeous blue bird above came from this site.

I have a crappy, ancient, inkjet printer. I'm in search of a good quality, but reasonable laser printer that doesn't use inks that last five minutes. My friend, Tammie Moore, swears by her Kinoka Minolta laser printer and she makes copies like there's no tomorrow! Do any of you, dear readers, happen to own laser printers? If so, do you like it/love it/hate it? I'd love to hear your comments, please! With all of the money I have spent at Staples (and Kinko's over the years) I could have bought several machines by now. With all of the frustration I have experienced at Staples these last several weeks, I need to seriously look for my own, small machine! Any help would be appreciated-what do you like or don't like?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reform School Rules!David, Tristan and I trekked on over to Reform School Rules (it really does!! I *heart* that shop!!!!) to see the amazing Lisa Congdon's one woman show School Daze. I *heart* Lisa Congdon's artwork!! She *is* amazing. The little intricate details. The way she utilizes her images to move your eye around the page. Awesome totally inspiring artwork!!

As a bonus, my friend Ruth was there {Hi Ruth} with her husband, Colin and her wonderful Dad!!! (Ruth, your Dad is exactly as I pictured him!! Nice guy!!!)

LOL I'm a slow turtle though...I was the first one in the door for the show but by the time I figured out where the price list was (15 minutes later) what I could afford grew legs and walked away (we're having car troubles again *grumble* so I am limited...grrr) fast. I did get a copy of Jill Bliss' Treelets book that I *really* wanted. I was very happy to find that!

Had a great day teaching out at Violets in Ventura. Thanks to Violet and the Gang out there!! I'll be at Sweetpeas and Snapshots tomorrow 12 to 5 teaching my Woman's Notebook class...probably the last time for awhile I'll teach it since I have a LOT of new ideas floating around in this little head o'mine...

Oh, and found this little tidbit on Eddie Campbell's blog. Oh man, and my husband wants to schlep around the hardcover edition of From Hell at Comic Con in July in hopes that (if Eddie is there) that he'll sign it. After the time Eddie asked me what was wrong with my back (as I had to do some damn contortionist's act so that my husband could get HIS books out of MY backpack-we have to schelp around backpacks at Con...grumble...) I am NOT going to be the one to lug THAT around. Sorry, David honey, I love you but NO!

I'm to get into my pj's. I headed straight for the 'puter when I walked in from the show! Then off to snuggle with my Howard Zinn book (weird, lately I can't read my art books in bed as they make my mind move too much before I go to sleep...Zinn makes me THINK but in a whole different way. It's that whole left brain right brain thing, I guess...).

Lastly, more cool art to scope out. I saw Bwana Spoons' art two years ago at San Diego Comic Con and went nuts. I'd love a full color zine of his collage work!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sorry, Dorit for this post but I promised! Just cover your eyes and don't read this!! :)

Soooo, as I said yesterday, we went out for the first time in a week. We hit Meltdown Comics on Sunset (we were good), Mel's Diner (for supper), Book Soup (food for the soul!) and Borders (hubby wanted to look at 'puter books).

Most of my time at Book Soup was spent pouring over the Peter Beard book I wrote about yesterday. (All of you guys that think I would spend $2500 on a book you're all nuts. I don't have $2500 and if I did, it would go to fix my one and only car that needs a new engine!!)
Well, I walked all over the store. I think I spent at least 30 minutes in their art section alone (not including pouring over the Beard book)...I was good until... I managed to find two really cute little Japanese books in the Fashion section (they had at least 2 or 3 copies of each of the titles). They were about $14 each. They're called Fashion Market I and Fashion Market II by Yi-Ying Wang. They remind me of the Paumes books that I ordered from Japan last year that I adore. They're soooo tiny and cute. I KNOW that this means I am in serious trouble when I go downtown L.A. to the bookstores there. EEPS.

THE Find of the day was Graphic issue 10 at Borders. It's a decent size adless (Hallelujiah!) magazine from the U.K. The whole issue is diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks, journals. My jaw dropped when I saw it. YUM oh YUM. $30 plunked down. (Who the hell needs to eat this week! I NEEDED this magazine).

Earlier in the day I had received my copies of The Goddess Guide that I had read about on the Cruststation Blog, I heart that blog!!! I flipped through it and the design of it is adorable. The book is smaller then I thought it would be. For some reason I had "storybook size" in my head but it's maybe 6 x 8" but there are over 270 pages. It is adorable. I love the layout, design and feel of the book.

OH! One book I found but did NOT buy *yet* was The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. Oh WOW. It's one of the most amazing books I've ever seen. I LOVE the illustrations. I also love the story...I flipped through most of it and the story is charming...even my husband the film buff agreed it is one to keep an eye out for at one of the local used bookstores...Yummy, indeed! I would like to get it not only for Tristan, but for me!

There are my splurges for the week...I'll be at Violets in Ventura tomorrow (Saturday) with TWO classes 805 648 7610 and Sweetpeas and Snapshots on Sunday! There's still room in all of the classes this weekend, I think!

Oh God, now my husband is asking to go back to Borders. Will this madness EVER end??

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Before I Get into what it is above that I WANT, Here are my rants for the day:

**Grumble** I went to Staples on Wilshire and Staples on La Cienega and the ******** color copy machines are NOT working yet *STILL*. It was a 2 hour wait to have THEM do it (and you know they wouldn't do it "right").

SO Just so you know. CALL first to make sure that the ******** self service machines at Staples are working.

Also has anyone shelled out $15 for CRAFT magazine yet? I haven't. It's $15!!!! Sheesh. It is cute though!! I was utterly amazed at the article in the brand new issue on "Moleskin" journaling. WHOMEVER wrote that article (and whomever proofed it for the magazine) needs to go get a book on who DAN ELDON was RIGHT Now. The first three sentences of the article sent me into full time RANT mode. I had to run around Borders and shove it in my husband's face and say "READ THIS". They basically described him as a "Boy" and an "AID WORKER" (NOT. He was a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER). Then said that he was killed by "BANDITS". HELLO? OH OH OH I was ticked.

Sorry! I really think that people should try to research their facts before they write an article!!

BUT all of my ranting will end here, I DID Find a COOL magazine (ok, yes, it is $30!! DON'T tell my husband) and it is called GRAPHIC 10 THIS issue is all ART JOURNALS. EEPS. I thought I'd croaked and gone to Heaven. Ya need it. Ya want it now.

I hope to be blogging more tomorrow about my *ahem* book purchases today (first time out of the house other then teaching and errands in almost a week and I went NUTS).

In the meantime, I'm tired and have to get ready for a BUSY weekend between Violets in Ventura on Saturday and Sweetpeas on Sunday!! BUSY BUSY.

Oh, and can anyone lend me $2500? I *really* want this: Oh wait. I just went to amazon to find the link and OH MY GOD- I think I just bust a gut or wet my pants laughing (ask my husband he thinks I've gone totally insane. Oh My God. This is too freaking funny. I need a video of me laughing. OMG.) Holy shit. I thought that $2500 was bad. OMG. The new one ('cause they're saying the first is SOLD OUT at $2500! Book Soup had a TON Of them) is $6500 WITH FREE SHIPPING. I'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. OH God It hurts. THIS IS TOO FUNNY.


THen go HERE

Make sure you note the FREE SHIPPING!! LOL! Peter Beard should come to my frigging house for $6500 let alone $2500!!! I have tears running down my face I am laughing my ass off!!! I can't afford $2500 how can I pay $6500?? Oh but wait, FREE SHIPPING!!!!

I did see this one at Book Soup but didn't like it...not compared to the DIARIES.

In all seriousness, the size of the Beard book is breathtaking. The stature of the work is amazing. I felt like I could fall in the pages and just wrap myself in them. I tried to figure out how I could sell myself out to Book Soup to get the $ for this book. Then I wondered if it would be worth grabbing the HUGE BEHOMETH of a book and taking the 2 steps out the front door (just kidding!) I think if I ever saw this somewhere at a price I could afford, I'd give it up. I would give someone my shitbox, I mean my car for it...Anyone want all of my Acey Deucy stamps for it? I don't know what else I have ... LOL. Ya can't have my kid or my husband, though, soul? It's probably not worth much...artistic "talent"? (ha ha ha)...

Have an artful weekend everyone,

Pssst...did ya see??

The class information for Art Unraveled is up!!!!!!

Registration starts Feb 15th (see the website for details on registering here).

I'm teaching FIVE fabulous classes on collage, bookbinding, composition, design and oh so much more!!! (If you have questions regarding my classes, please drop me an email!)The teachers list is HUGE. There is a huge array of instructors to choose from-a little somethin' somethin' for everybody. My friend Tammie is teaching too! (Tammie is an awesome, very giving instructor...she sometimes gives too much! Tammie you are too good!)

IF you are going to pick ONE retreat to attend this year, THIS is the one! I'm already counting the days!!!

The teachers are (drum roll please!):

Lynda Abare
Doris Arndt
Keely Barham
Traci Bautista
Terry Berg
Bernie Berlin
Bev Brazelton
Traci Bunkers
Jeni Calkins
Kathy Cano Murillo
Cory Celaya
Sas Colby
Juliana Coles
Mabel Dean
Michael deMeng
Robin Dudley-Howes
Louise Duhamel
Dorothy Egan
Dorit Elisha
Lisa Engelbrecht
Karyn Gartel
Anne Grgich
Tim Holtz
Marylin and Tracie Lyn Huskamp
Tracey Kazimir-Cree
Katie Kendrick
Kelly T.M. Kilmer
Cindy Kovack
Susan Lenart Kazmer
Leighanna Light
Marney Makridakis
Barbara Mathiessen
Barbara McGuire
Jo McQueen
Karen Michel
Tammie Moore
Jen Osborn
Lisa Pavelka
Lisa Renner
Stacia Robin
Claudia Roulier
Gail Russakov
Richard Salley
Tess Sinclair
Jacqueline Sullivan
Deb Trotter
Jane Wynn
Thomas Wynn
Bett York

What's in your art bag a.k.a. How I store my stuff:

Angie in AZ asked me how I store my papers. I shot a couple of pictures (see above) of what one of my bags looks like. This is a good size bag (not too big, not too small) that my good friend, Tammie Moore gave me for Christmas.

Here's what I do-

Whenever I go to the paper store (or ANY store that has paper that I "must" buy) I ask them not to ROLL the paper but to FOLD it (unless it's a ton of paper like when I have a second to get over to the The Paper Studio in AZ later on this month for my FUN weekend of teaching at The Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale-I can't wait to see Debbie & the Gang at Frenzy!!!!) then we just roll it.

When I get home (or whenever I can asap) I will cut the paper (using a metal ruler) into quarter sheets. (My only exception is if I think I'm going to cover a book with the paper, then I will only cut the paper into 1/2 sheets instead of quarters). This is a great exercise to get you to use all of that precious paper that you are saving for some unGodly reason!! :) USE THAT PAPER! Ya bought it, USE IT!

I have 3 "cases" of paper at home. One is a canvas bag that folds flat (when not in use) that I keep all of my handmade/decorative/want to use soon papers in. I put the papers in there not 'stacked' but sideways almost like using the bag as a "file" so I am 'filing' my papers. I don't sort by color, text or any nonsense like that! I also have a skinny pink suitcase that stands up (Mom bought it for me at Stampers Warehouse two years ago. Thanks Mom!). The pink "Barbie bag" (as I call it) holds a lot of my "found papers" or printed papers, postcards, photos and the like for journal/collage work. I also have a medium size square case (that used to hold a sewing machine) that I found down in San Diego with my friend Diane Salter. This bag also holds a stash of various papers. Every now and then I go through and have a "paper day". I'll sort through my papers and kinda rearrange what I have. It's fun finding 'new' papers that you 'forgot' you had.

I don't sort by color or anything special like that. I find it very difficult for me to work like that. What I do though is to keep my color copied images (the ones I carry with me to use in class, at home, whatever) in a plastic ziploc bag (a BIG one) this way I can rifle through it and grab what I want. If I have "strips" or torn pieces of paper in various sizes, I will put those in a different ziploc bag. I'm more inspired to have a bunch of papers arranged erratically (with no order or thought in mind) then I am if everything is sorted neatly. I like to have "aha!" moments where I find papers that I didn't think would 'go' together next to each other.

When it's time for me to sit and make a collage, very rarely do I start with something in mind. The only exception (usually) is if I am sitting down to 'vocalize' (with my art) something that I want to "say". (Soooo if I hear something on the news or read something in a book or have something happen to me during the day), I will "Journal" or "collage" about it. Usually what I do is to start by going through and 'digging'. I will pull out a small assortment of papers in different colors-things that appeal to me. Then I start by tearing them up and arranging them on the page. Then I will find focal images and things to bring the piece together. I also like to draw, write, doodle, stamp on the pages as well...

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”-Howard Zinn

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nothing says I love you then...coming home to a spaghetti dinner after teaching a night class.

And my husband makes the *best* spaghetti.

Thanks honey.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank GOD for Eddie Campbell.

Every artist *should* damn well go out of their way and read his post here.

‘He portrayed art as a necessary function of the human mind, and considered it collaborative, i.e., a collective and social activity.' R G Collingwood

"To begin by developing a general point already made in the preceding chapter: we must get rid of the conception of artistic ownership. We try to secure a livelihood for our artists (and God knows they need it) by copyright laws protecting them against plagiarism; but the reason why our artists are in such a poor way is because of that very individualism which these laws enforce. If an artist may say nothing except what he has invented by his own sole efforts, it stands to reason he will be poor in ideas. If he could take what he wants wherever he could find it, as Euripides and Dante and Michelangelo and Shakespeare and Bach were free, his larder would always be full, and his cookery might be worth tasting.

This is a simple matter, and one in which artists can act for themselves without asking help (which I am afraid they would ask in vain) from lawyers and legislators. Let every artist make a vow, and here among artists I include all such as write or speak on scientific or learned subjects, never to prosecute or lend himself to a prosecution under the law of copyright. Let any artist who appeals to that law be cut by his friends, asked to resign from his clubs, and cold-shouldered by any society in which right-thinking artists have influence. It would not be many years before the law was a dead letter, and the strangle-hold of artistic individualism in this one respect a thing of the past.

This, however, will not be enough unless the freedom so won is used. Let all such artists as understand one another, therefore, plagiarize each other's work like men. Let each borrow his friends' best ideas, and try to improve on them. If A thinks himself a better poet than B, let him stop hinting it in the pages of an essay; let him re-write B's poems and publish his own improved version. If X is dissatisfied with Y's this-year Academy picture, let him paint one caricaturing it; not a sketch in Punch, but a full-sized picture for next year's Academy. I will not rely upon the hanging committee's sense of humour to the extent of guaranteeing that they would exhibit it; but if they did, we should get brighter Academy exhibitions. Or if he cannot improve on his friends' ideas, at least let him borrow them; it will do him good to try fitting them into works of his own, and it will be an advertisement for the creditor. An absurd suggestion? Well, I am only proposing that modern artists should treat each other as Greek dramatists or Renaissance painters or Elizabethan poets did. If any one thinks that the law of copyright has fostered better art than those barbarous times could produce, I will not try to convert them."
R G Collingwood

Most artists do not benefit from "copyright law". It's always the huge corporations that do. If we were to go back to the times that Collingwood talks about "art wise", we'd be so much better for it.

I am a self proclaimed paper whore.

Yes, I am a total paper addict. I'm obsessed!!

Even one of the workers at Pulp on La Brea in LA (ooooohhh a store that has AMAZING paper on the first floor AND on the second floor), TOTALLY agreed with me (after not one but TWO recent purchases).

How scary is that?

Weird thing is, I recognized the guy and asked him how I knew him. He told me that basically he has worked at pretty much every art or paper store I have ever frequented. LOL!!! How FREAKY is that?? I'm NOT following HIM from job to job I am a paper whore!! I sniff it out.

I spent several hours on the floor this afternoon tearing papers for my Comp/Design 101 class tomorrow night (Wed) at Stampin' From The Heart. My back hurts but hey, I'm still in my pjs and comfy robe so I guess I'm happy!

At least I can stand up and proclaim proudly, "I am a paper addict. I don't do drugs, smoke or drink BUT I am obsessive over paper."

Um, by the way, has anyone seen the above paper locally *anywhere* in L.A.? Any paper stores in L.A. that you'd recommend other than: Paper Post, Paper Source, Mimio's, Soolip, Pulp...**what am I missing?? Where do YOU go?

Lisa Congdon Show Opens This Saturday in L.A.:

pretty in pink
Originally uploaded by Bird in the Hand.

If y'all don't know, Lisa Congdon has a show that opens THIS weekend at Reform School Rules in L.A.

Lisa's sites:

Reform School Rules:

Opening is February 10th (Saturday) with an artists' reception from 7 to 10

Reform School Rules
4014 Santa Monica Blvd
L.A. (Sunset Blvd at Silverlake)
323 906 8660

Go early and hang out in the area. There are LOTS of cool shops, funky restaurants, Gelato (!), thrift stores and LOTS of stuff to do!!!

I am hoping to get to the opening. I am teaching at Violets in Ventura that day from 10 to 230 and hope I'm not too pooped to go!!!

*Does anyone know how to do the "flickr favorite" thing where you can post a bunch of little squares of your favorite flickr photos? I Love that but can't figure out HOW to do it!! (I'm not stupid it's just been a long day!!) Much thanks :) *