I know I posted this several months ago (or so it seems) but I finally received my copy the other day. I ordered it directly from Hero about a week and a half ago (They shipped fast, too) as none of my local comic stores have it in stock yet (what's up with that!?!?).

Even if you are not big on comics (how can anyone not be ;)?!?!?!?!), this DVD is FANTASTIC and a must have for all artists. The focus is solely on Mack and his art. In depth interviews, shots of his artwork-over 120 minutes of pure informative inspiration. I've watched about 40 minutes of it so far and I'm in awe. Even Tristan (who just turned 10) was captivated. We can't wait to watch the rest of it...

If you don't know who David Mack is, either go dig out an old Somerset Studio issue as artist extraordinaire, jack of all trades, THE Mr Terry Tyson interviewed David in an issue many moons ago or visit David's website here. Get thee to a comic book store and ask for an issue of Kabuki (B & W OR color) but even though David has done a ton of work on Kabuki, he's also done LOTS of other things (Daredevil, Alias, etc...) even a children's book that is coming out this summer.

Run, don't walk...Very VERY inspiring, plus, he's a nice guy to boot...


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