Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pre-Nightmare Before Christmas...
The Cat Came Back (Actual Cartoon)

One of my most'll be singing the song all day...
It's that time of year...

In case you missed it or want to watch it without commercials...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just wanted to make sure you Kabuki fans took note of this
You'll find me at either Meltdown or Golden Apple that day...

Two good things that have come out of this story-
1. There is someone there to document the events.
2. That someone is Peter Kuper.
(Make sure you click on the highlighted links to read the full entry).
(Above artwork by Peter Kuper)

Monday, November 27, 2006

"Doris" by Cindy Ovenrack Crabb
On my nightstand and in my hands the last week every night before bed.
Hubby just looks at me every time I swear, laugh or cry about it.
Definetly a must read. One of the best "zines" I have ever read. EVER.

One of, if not "the", most talented comic book artists has a blog!! Hallelujiah!!
Or as my husband refers to him everytime we see him at Comic-Con, my "comic book boyfriend" since we stalk him at Top Shelf every year (it's the talent and the accent). I can't think of one thing that he's done that I haven't liked. We seem to have contributed to "Castle Campbell" as he says, too. Eeps. Hubby is getting the hardcover of "From Hell" for Christmas (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). He probably knows it already as I'm absolutely horrid at keeping secrets.

Hubby snapped this a short time ago.
This is the secret hiding place of a select few of the UPS drivers in West L.A.
On a good day we've seen about 8 to 10 trucks at once...and the same number of UPS men all chit chatting away. Cracks me up.

Goofy photos and conspiracy stories aside, does anyone know of a place in the L.A. area that would take "loved" toys? I would rather donate the toys then spend the time selling them on ebay. ~Thanks. It's that time of the year...CLEANING time. argh.

'Tis the Season...To be crazy...
File under "President of Homeowner's society has way too much time, money and "Fake power" on his hands". Make sure you read the last sentence, too.
Symbol of Satan? Huh?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I hate computers. I'm so computer illiterate. I don't have the time nor the patience to learn how to use the damn things the right way. I tried to put up a new "banner" thingee for the blog (see above). I hate it. BUT I messed up my entire blog doing it INCLUDING the damn thing eating ALL of my links and my stupid counter page. I had to sit and redo all of the links. I apologize if I am missing anyone, I will fix it again soon. Everything is staying like this for now 'cause I"m running low on patience at the moment. I'm on the floor working on the laptop and it is frustrating. I hate bitching!!!!

Tristan and I are going to head out in a little bit as he wants to get pom poms and googly eyes. I also want to get polka dotted tape at Target (thanks Sarah). Who knows what other trouble we will get into!! LOL!!! On the plus side, I am waiting for a couple of new books I ordered from Amazon to arrive...will letcha know if they are any good.

Am looking forward to my class tomorrow at Stampin' From The Heart!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Aren't these guys the cutest? They're honeycomb vintage bird ornaments I found on ebay. I have been on a bird spree the last few years and these guys were too cute to resist. I wish I had bought the other batch that was on ebay a few days ago (read: MORE of those little cuties).
Ce la vie.
I should be getting rid of stuff and cleaning OUT instead of bringing more IN but I have this idea in my head that once everything is cleaned out and "cute" looking that I can decorate more...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some pages I have been working on today...

The bed one is done. I just like the colors of everything together and how it 'flows'. Hambly Studios is my new favorite company with their gorgeous papers and rub on letters. Hint Hint to some store owners in So CA: I've only seen these papers up North at Stampers Warehouse and Scrapbook Territory-we need them down here in LA LA land!!! The students bought them all out at Stampers Warehouse (as did the teacher *ahem*).

Not sure if I am done with the woman with the hand image yet... still deciding.

The kid with the flower is NOT finished at all. Just started that one.

The rest are just gettin' started...and I don't have plans for them yet ;)

My cousin George McLean took these photos of "Phil" the wild turkey. You can find out about George and Phil's relationship here.

Hope everyone is having a nice, quiet day so far.

As my cousin would say "Happy Kill a Defenseless Turkey Day!" (LOL)

So far our day has consisted of an idiot neighbor blasting (and I mean blasting-so much you can feel it) his music from 7:45 a.m. (woke us up) until 10:45 a.m. when he left. Then I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast cooking them a little under the time that the package recommended and they burned. Ce la vie. Hopefully our special pancakes will be ok. LOL What a day. Reminds me of my Grandpa who hated Thanksgiving and turkey. "I hate turkey!" It was funny.

Damn good Democracy Now show today.

I'm still in my Pjs (yay!!) and off to do some artwork. Tristan is sick and snoogery (boogery) but having fun playing games and such. We will be taking it easy hoping to get some art done. Am waiting for the digital camera to recharge so I can take some new photos to upload.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Take some time to make art, do something quiet and fun for yourself. Find a friend and make art with. Go support the small independent stores if you are going to go shopping stay away from the frigging nutty malls and big corporate chain stores. Remember the stamp, art and independent book stores are struggling right now and could really use your holiday spirit :) And for the helluva it, if you feel like taking a FUN class, I'll be at Stampin from The Heart in Culver City on Sunday at 12:30 doing a brand new class called "Unblock The Block" it is a definite GO! 310 391 0466 is the number to sign up. They are closed today & Friday but will reopen Saturday. It looks like my class on Saturday though at A Little Bizaar isn't going to be a go at all :( but they are having a big sale there this weekend and Tammie is teaching a fun looking class on Sunday there.

Any ways, don't stuff yourselves. Go for a walk. Go make art.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Older art for the helluva it...This was from my Sound Off Through Art group where we did a swap on "Her Story...Women in History". One of my postcards was devoted to journalist, Amy Goodman.
I'm messing around on the 'puter. David has a Thanksgiving Day special from the early '70's with Jean Shepherd (yes, that Jean Shepherd of Christmas Story fame...). He was a great story teller...not too many of those on air any more.
Random photos...just for the sheer joy of it

So I've now learned do NOT click on Blogger's home page where they have the updated blog page even if the name sounds art related or interesting. EWW EWW EWW
After 8 years of Catholic school (and the fact that I've been out of "school" forrrrrrrrrr 14 years now), I am totally grossed out.
MAJOR eww factor.
The things you learn while you are messing around with your blog and trying to make it more "interesting"
and the things you learn NOT to do

and on another note...i love signs like these...if you ever see a redhead muttering under her breath while reading one of these, it's probably me! This is an actual sign posted on an actual gate that blocks one small alley in West Hollywood-weird thing is, there is only ONE gate. Sooooo if you start walking/driving down the alley and the gate is closed you're in trouble. It is very weird indeed. Hubby took this photo. He likes to walk down alleys alone. I don't. I drive down them...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

-I should say there goes a few hours spent on the net...

THIS is the most dangerous blog I think I have ever seen!!!!

Isn't it wonderful?? LOL!!!!

Tristan's class had a wonderful multi cultural Thanksgiving day feast today. I helped out alongside some of the other moms. I can't believe how much food these kids bring in!!! Everything was delish. I had my turkey along with some wonderful pasta salad, mashed potatoes, a cupcake (I was good...) and the most amazing new dish I have had in a long time-corn with a medium hot salsa type sauce, onions, tomatoes and green peppers. It was SO good. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
Dashed off to Borders with the hour I had to spare to get the new Thomas Pynchon book for hubby...also managed to eek out a few pieces of paper from the shop next to Borders (papersssssssssssss yummmmmmmm). Grabbed Tristan and went to the grocery store. I couldn't believe it wasn't packed!
We have decided on an Unconventional Thanksgiving. I'm making cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast. For our "dinner" I am making Pancakes a la crepes (or craps as one of the kids at school called it *sigh * LOL!!) stuffed with fruit and whipped cream for hubby & I. Tristan will probably just put cinnamon on his. Then I'll make a cake or cupcakes or something. We plan on watching "Forbidden Planet" too. I am looking forward to a nice quiet day at home...

More stuff to keep you busy...
The most amazing rubber stamps ever from Stampafe ordered by Debbie at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale for me-THANKS Debbie!!! I love love love them and can't wait to ink 'em up. I already used the bird stamp.
Here are some birdies I bought from Paper Post
(Yes the crow sitting on my shelf is in front of artwork from Karen Michel and Juliana Coles). And yes, I Need to rearrange my bookshelf -my whole apartment needs rearranging!!!
in Agoura a couple of weeks ago. They also got in the most scrumptious paper from India. YUM.

I spent some more time last night working on these 4 pages that I posted yesterday. The only one I'm not 100% happy with-and the color is all funky in the photo any ways is the girl with the headband with the hands and the rose...blah. I just don't like it. I really messed up her hair-yuck. Oh well. Process not product. I had fun doing it though.

I also did about 5 drawings last night in my big moleskin that Adriane Giberson bequeathed upon me. It was fun. The only thing that I "forgot" was that the pencils I was using would smudge onto the other side of the page so I am now skipping a page. Gotta go find some pencils from Tristan to "borrow".

I am trying to find some time and some "balance" for everything. I need to finish my zine but I am so concerned with making the thing full of content and DIFFERENT then what is out there...I have been hesitant to say much about it lately...

Any ways, need to finish posting as I need to go help at Tristan's school for their multi cultural Thanksgiving feast. Then gotta run to Borders to get the new Thomas Pynchon book...THEN to the grocery store as the boys finally decided that for Thanksgiving they want special fruit pancakes...

Want a good book to read over Thansgiving weekend? Try this one as it is quite appropriate for this weekend...instead of going shopping on "Black Friday" aka "Buy Nothing Day" cuddle up with a good book or some art supplies.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I am such a geek.
My night has totally been made.
2007 should be an interesting year for films...hopefully MUCH better than 2006!

I taught at Zinnia in Pasadena yesterday. Great group. Great company. Great day!! The city of Pasadena was having the street art fair (I found out later I missed the damn Doo Dah Parade AGAIN but this time it was only down the street-grrr!!). I think the "hottest" art was in and out in front of Zinnia's. (I do feel bad for all of the vendors sweltering in the 90 degree sun.)

Here are some pages I did in class (They're not "Finished". I like to work alongside the students as it helps me to demonstrate to them the ideas I'm trying to teach them AND they can see my process and how my little brain works).

Friday & Saturday we stopped in at two new stores:
Family on Fairfax in Los Angeles (across the street from Canter's-the sign is art done by Ron Rege Jr). I seriously thought I had died and gone to book/zine Heaven. I didn't want to leave but was running short on cash and parking meter time! CALL before you go there as their hours are approx Noon to 10 as I was told but we went at 9 on Saturday (this time with hubby in tow) and they were closed :( I was drooling over Brian Chippendale's "Ninja" book and was seriously hoping that they would have Julie Doucet's "Elle Humour" that I am lusting after but I guess it's just not out yet and I have to learn the fine art of patience.

Reform School Rules on Santa Monica (at Sunset Junction) had their "grand opening party" Saturday night. LOTS Of people there. I loved the store-it was so cute and full of just artsy stuff!! I found 2 zines by Nicole J. Georges (Invincible Summer), a Hummingbird stencil from and two amazing pieces of art from the artomat machine. THAT Was fun!! I could have put tokens in that all day but only had $10 to spend ;) I can't wait to go back to that area as it's been awhile since we'd walked around there...lots of stuff going on!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Well, we've entered another "stage" in life.
Tristan (who is 9 and 3/4 now :)) asked me about Santa yesterday. I tried to evade answering him when he asked "do you bring the presents" but he persisted and he was muttering about "lies and lying" under his breath. So, I sucked it up and answered him. He burst out crying but calmed down. I am still not sure if he was crying because he was really upset or if it was that he thought he wouldn't get presents any more. I took him to our favorite bagel shop and we sat and talked about it. He asked me "What about the Easter Bunny?" and I just looked at him. He said "OH God! Not that too!!" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry on that one.
Later he told me that he felt like he had entered a new stage.
Stage five, he said.
I asked him what that meant. He said "Now I'm a man."
I told him I didn't think so...
not yet...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ephemera from Kelly's stash...Grabbags!!

I've been toying with the idea of opening an etsy shop to sell my art, books and other goodies that I create. I thought I'd test out the waters first and see how selling my collage grabbags online would be. I have sold TONS of these through the yahoo group ArtGangLA. I collect "the best of the best" from my personal treasures-I've put pieces of everything that I have into the grabbags. The bags are filled with handmade papers, decorative papers, collage "ephemera", color copies, originals, cherished book pages, photos, stickers, etc.. NO bag is alike. Each bag has new, artsy and unusual items inside. There is NO junk in any of the bags. Each holds a treasure trove of collage ephemera.

**Please note I couldn't fit everything into the photo. Plus, each bag is different!! This is only a "sample bag" so you may not receive this exact bag. The bags are filled with ALL different color papers-no themes or anything like that here! This is the best of Kelly's stash!!

Eager to try your hand at collage? These are perfect! Love to collect papers. Look no further. Wondering what I use to collage with? This is the perfect bag for you then!!

I take paypal, checks or money orders, please. $35 + $5 shipping. If you are interested, please drop me an email at

Thanks ~Kelly

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

David and I just finished the last installment of an amazing TV series called Paranoia Agent. Think Twin Peaks as Japanese animation. Definetly one of the best things I've watched in a while...
Leaves you thinking about why cute things are the show! That's all I'll say!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The following are photos of my new class "Journey To The Soul Journal" which I debuted a couple of weeks ago at Stampers Warehouse in Danville. I will be teaching it in December at Paper Post in Agoura Hills, Sweetpeas and Snapshots in L.A. and ?? YES, you WILL make the book in class. YES, you will paint the pages. YES, You WILL collage!!! Learn design, composition and lots of FUN and totally NEW techniques in this class. You will have fun. You will make a mess (so bring an apron!! LOL! Always wear old clothes or bring an apron to Kelly classes ;) )
You will walk out with a new book and a big smile on your face as your mind is spinning with lots of new ideas...

The above collages (except the bird drawing) are just a sample of the exercises in my "Off The Wall" collage class.

Here's the yummy purse that my friend, Darcy, made me for my birthday!! It is luscious, beautiful and oh so practical!!! I LOVE it. Huge wonderful thanks to Darcy. She makes amazing purses, baby hats, scarves, jewelry, collages and MORE. You can email her at
for more info. I am hoping she sets up a blog or etsy shop soon. Her purse is just the perfect "catch all" for everything that I carry around all day AND It makes me smile as it is SO pretty and so soft!!!