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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 May 2010 journal page

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Films Watched:
Shadow of a Doubt
Adventures of Captain Marvel
Superman Showdown (1942)

I've said this before and I'll say it again, what's with the notion that a journal has to be perfect, or for that matter, ART, even? A journal is supposed to be your place to play, explore, think and revel in creativity. A journal is supposed to be a place to document, ponder, wonder and wander. Why are so many obsessed with the fact that a journal has to be perfect? It's not supposed to be! It's a place to get messy. It's your place to learn. It's your place to try new ideas.
A journal is not your place to compare. It's not your place to say, or even think, "Well, my work doesn't look GOOD or doesn't look like what's in the magazines." Stop. Don't even bother going there. Make art for you. Make journal pages for you. Make messy pages. Make crappy pages. Make some more crappy pages. Keep pushing and pulling and trying and messing up until you find your voice...you'll find it. It takes time and work and energy. It might be a soft whisper at first. I'm adamant that the more you take the time to play on the pages, it won't be long before that soft whisper is screaming, "HERE I AM! I MADE THIS!"


Tania said...

You words are so true, I am always comparing my work to others and of course falling short. I hope you dont me quoting you in my blog, so I can spread the word!!
As always, Kelly, you truly inspire me!

Sherri said...

Kelly, I agree with this, but I think we, as humans, automatically compare ourselves with others and are our own worst critics. Maybe you could show us some of your "messy" or "crappy" pages!

Janet Ghio said...

Kelly-I really enjoy looking at all the journal pages. i visit everyday. You take such ordinary things-hands, feet, whatever and put them on the most luscious backgrounds and turn them into art! Always a pleasure!

no worries said...

I like this. I have started experimenting on visual journalling in the last months and it is so much fun - especially when i dont take it seriously and just have fun and see where it goes. still in the process of finding my voice :-)

donna!ee said...

AMEN sister...and thanks be to you for making your journaling process accessible! it truly stretches me to experiment & learn & be authentic with my ideas & tools & flaws... ;)

toliveinspired said...

Thanks for the reminder! I am learning this more and more , I look at the journal I started in Feb and from now and you can tell I am getting more and more comfy just expressing me.. Sometimes I really don't like the page, but I keep them there just to see it's all part of the journey.. I have also realized through visual journaling that the way I approach my creating is often the way I deal with life, comparing, fearful, not good enough and continuing to remind myself that I just have to keep working through it to reveal what is mine to express! Thanks for the constant inspiration! And the great reminder today!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Actually, Sherri, that's why I DO post ALL of my pages. All of the journal pages as I make them, they go up here. I don't like all of the pages that I make, but I do post them. It's not about good, bad, messy, crappy, or whatever pages. It's about the process and learning as we go. :D

Monkey Mind said...

Shadow of a Doubt? I love that old movie. Cotton is so sexy and intriguing. Thanks for the reminder about perfection - I can never hear that enough. I'm so guilty of that behavior. I often slink from my work table so discouraged...what am I expecting exactly?

Love your work!

Sandy said...

Great page, everything just flows together on it.

Happy Birthday to your Mom, love the photo.

I agree with your words. Art Journaling should be for you and only you. I'm doing this for me. I'm not making my art to please anyone else. I make good pages and I do make the crappy pages. I show them both. It just depends on what kind of day I'm having I guess. I hope that my journaling expresses how I'm feeling and my pages express the same thing. I don't copy. I do take classes to learn more, you can never quit learning or getting inspiration.

When you look back at your journals you should want to see yourself in them. That's what I always try to remember.

Sharyn said...

Thank you for the words of wisdom and experience.

~Barb~ said...

Kelly, I have lived through these very thoughts. I have compared myself to you, to Teesha, to Kira and so many others...and I never felt like I measured up. I even put my journal down for a while but I realized in less than a week that I missed it, I missed making MY art and telling my story. So I just dove in and played (and got messy and played some more)...it was then that I realized that I am finding my own way. I learn bits and pieces from all of you wonderful women artists that I adore and I take those lessons and use them and make them my own...THAT has become my style. My journals are all about me and what I like and no one else's pages can ever compare because no one is me but me. :)
Peace & Love,

Nan said...

Boy I needed that! Thanks for the reminder. I get into my more finished art and then feel like I can't let go in my journals. It's time to start doing the dailies and posting them. Thanks again Kelly

Aundria B. said...

I agree with everything you said here and I can say the same things to another and yet when it comes to me actually starting a page or doing anything creative, I'm absolutely paralyzed by that damn inner critic. Thank you for the reminder that I'm not making this for anyone else & that it's SUPPOSED to be imperfect and messy and personal.

Krista said...

I really needed to read your reminder about not comparing ..that is exactly what I was doing tonight.
I have a friend that is a professional artist and we have been getting together for an art journal night..thats a good thing..tonight I got a look at her beautiful hand drawn and painted journal and everything in me shut down..not a good thing. I had to remind myself this is her profession. It is absurd to compare, but it is such a natural reaction.
Hope you have a great time in the Bay Area!!

Mixed Media Martyr said...