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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

17 July 2011 Journal Page

One more sleep before Comic Con!!! I'm all goofy and excited! I'm one big goofy fan girl (a quiet fan girl). I just found out that John Cusack is doing a signing on Friday. It's lottery only so I'm trying to figure out how I can get a ticket. I promise not to geek out too much, but I will be posting pictures!!

Last night at The Academy, I won a book on Mary Pickford written by Kevin Brownlow. I knew that the day I picked a strapless dress to wear (you know all those 70's style maxi dresses that are back in style) would be when my name was called. I had to go down and up onto the stage to pick it up. I was scared shit that I was going to trip on it and not fall on my face but fall out of it. I am a well known klutz. Thankfully, I made it to the stage and back to my seat in one piece. We saw "The Big Parade" and it was amazing. I'd never seen it before and I really loved it. It's the second King Vidor film I've seen (the first one was "The Crowd") and I would highly recommend both films. They also screened a Baby Peggy film (I'd never seen any of her films). Loved it. Very cute and I would've loved a dog like that growing up!

The above pages were started in Fremont. I'll show you the finished pages soon.

I'll be posting daily from Con. I may be on the slow side answering email, but I will respond as soon as possible.


laurie said...

i'm so excited for you! have a great time and keep us posted on the highlights.

lisa_crofts said...

Ok that was a mess. Lol. John Cusack is a fave give him a kiss for me. have fun!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

If I give John a smooch for you, I'll have to give one for almost every female I know. Um, actually... :D

Sandy said...

Great pages.

Jean said...

Have a great time at Comic Con! I LOVE the page you posted today - just so beautiful and vibrant. Thanks for all the beauty you put in the world!

Barbara said...

One more sleep! I love it. We say that here too, because my G.daughter started it 15 years ago, and hasn't outgrown it, thankfully. I've never been to Comic Con...but love seeing it through your eyes. Ditto on the John Cusack..x0x0

Desert Mermaid said...

hey, Smooch ... just thinking that probably you were rocking that maxi dress, it seems like your styloe.

Irene Rafael said...

Congratulation! I don't think you are a klutz at all. I am so glad your father is doing well, Kelly. Hugs,