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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Work in progress journal page

A reader left an interesting comment on my magazine post (today's earlier post). I responded, "that to me craft (speaking about crafting, not craft as knowledge and experience) is a hobby. It's something that you do to fill your spare time. Art is a necessity. You do it to express yourself and because you have to do it, it's like breathing.

As far as the current mixed media movement with people using packaged supplies, stamps, scrapbook paper, etc... There's one thing about taking something out of a package and just sticking it down onto the page without thought or concern for placement. It's an entirely different matter when you treat all of these supplies as tools. If you take the tools (no matter what they may be) and use them with meaning and purpose, things are taken to a new level. The sky is the limit if you approach creating in this matter.

Yes, I totally agree that artists should learn the basic rules (color theory, composition, design, etc...) and that as you are learning, copying is totally acceptable and a necessity. There comes a point when you have to take that knowledge you've worked hard at (because yes, it is work) and make it your own and develop your own voice and your own style. Learn it. Work it. Push it. Make it your own. Keep pushing it.

I make art and teach not even because I want to, but because I LOVE it and I HAVE to. It's every part of my being and self. It's just me.


donna!ee said...

thank you much for sharing these insightful commentaries...you have put into words exactly what is going on inside my head/heart!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly! I think your such an amazing person! I hope to meet you in the near future. I could not agree more with your comments. We copy, we are inspired, that is how we learn. The most important part is to take what we learn and make it our OWN!!! There comes a time when copying just doesn't work any more. Express yourself! Do your OWN work. It is what I love about taking classes. You see the instructor do their demo and 10 different folks in class turn the same materials into 10 completely different works of amazing art!!!!

Wishing you peace and an easy apartment window remodel.

Seth said...

Make it your own! That is when the real fun, satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment really starts!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd finally weigh in... I've had a journal since my 11th birthday - I'm pushing 50 now. It had been a written journal exclusively until I hit my 40s when suddenly I started sticking stuff in, then stamping, then slapping paint down. I have no idea why that started. Eventually, the internet being what it is, I found altered books and "art journaling" and the rest is history. At one point I had the "art" in the written journal; they've become separate journals now, but it doesn't feel right, and no doubt they'll eventually be merged together again. My art journal (though I hesitate to call it that) isn't a pretty book. It's not meant to be, most of it is pretty cringe worthy actually, but so what? It'll never make it into a magazine so who cares.

As to why I journal, it's because I have no choice. Writing has been my lifeline more than once. I can't not do it because after a while I feel totally wrong somehow.

- Jazz