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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Building a Visual Vocabulary

I just finished the journal that I'll start to show you sometime next week. I made this one Saturday night and cracked it open today.

I'm trekking to No Ca in the morning (Wednesday). I'm teaching in Fremont this weekend. I'll be checking email from the road. If I don't respond as quickly as I usually do, please be patient. It means I'm either teaching or driving. I'll answer as soon as I can!

One of the things that people ask me about is my use of imagery. I have been keeping a journal since I was in 4th grade. In the past 14 years, I have kept one on a regular basis.

When I choose my imagery, I'm not only choosing 'pretty pictures'. I pick imagery that calls to me and that is symbolic to me. For example, you don't see me use too many images of men in my journals unless they are either actual family members or part of a couple. I mostly stick to pictures of women in all ages, stages, races and colors to represent me in some way. My other favorite kinds of images are:
to name a few things.

I have been collecting these images for some time. I used to make copies, but now I use the originals (unless I want to use front and back). I can always make copies of my journal pages later on, if I want to reuse an image.

The more that you work in journal form, the more you will realize what colors, symbols, imagery, etc... call and speak to you. It doesn't happen over night and some things you will grow out of (that's okay). You can create whole books and pages based upon the things that speak to you.

What are some of your images that you use? What is your visual vocabulary?


Sarah said...

Interesting Kelly. I have noticed your favourite images in your pages. I am not sure I have analysed mine before but now you have made me thing. Some of mine are faces, cats, hearts, trees, circles and flowers. Hope you have fun teaching!

Emie58 said...

One of my favorite things to use are old illustrations from childrens readers.... the old Dick and Jane books that I remember fondly from early school years. Have a safe trip!

Jazz said...

I find I reuse images of doors, windows, trees (mostly leafless) and marble statues a lot. As well as buddhas - though I'm an atheist - go figure.

- Jazz

Jeannine said...

Citrus (limes, lemons, oranges)
Sad-eyed females, often looking up Cemetery statuary

I notice I'm drawn to certain colors, regardless of object, so then orange, aqua, pink, and hazy/faded images are also part of my vocabulary.

Another meaty topic, Kelly! Thanks for the journaling jumpstart ... might be just the day for mining old mags for images.

Desert Mermaid said...

columns of trees arching over a path or road


rural mailboxes with hinged fronts

images of women shot from behind, their necks and/or backs bare

swings, swingsets

specific flowers: bird of paradise, sunflower, iris

white fish

the colors: rose, apple green, teal, copper

Cindy said...

I have a dumb question. Do you cut out your images with scissors? Your images always look perfect and your journal pages are so inspiring!

Nicole Austin said...

i'm really drawn to images of women, too. all ages/races. and i feel they represent me or how i wish to be. butterflies, birds, and for some reason, beds! (think anthropologie-style, all done-up and dreamy). hands and eyes, too. have fun teaching in fremont! i'm sad i'll be missing it. we're out in AZ visiting family. hopefully i'll catch another one of your norcal visits in the future! :) lovely journal, too! can't wait to see more. :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

These are awesome, everyone! Keep 'em coming!!

Funny-I'm also an atheist but am drawn to images of praying hands, Buddha and Virgin Mary. I would love tape of them!!

Cindy-most or the time I cut with scissors or tear. I do NOT use x-acto knives. I don't get along well with sharp objects.

Nicole, have a great time in AZ!! We will miss you! Hope things are well!!! :)

Desert Mermaid said...

I went through the 3 most recent of my finished journals last night cuz this really piqued my interest! I found these items/colors turning up most:

orange (on the creamy, sherbet end of the color's spectrum)

women hula-hooping

close-ups of door knobs, intricate or plain

hanging Eastern/Indian/Moroccan style lanterns, lamps or Asian paper lanterns

elephants (stone, carved, not real ones)

laundry hanging on the line, a country/rural setting (i.e. a barn or farm building/scene in the background)

sunset colors: red bleeding into orange into pink into yellow

Seth said...

Such an important reminder Kelly that what we create really speaks about who we are and what is important.