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Monday, July 02, 2018

Posca on My Mind Part Deux

I've written several times over the years about my favorite  water based paint marker, Uni Posca. I've had a few folks ask questions about them recently so I thought I'd talk about them again. 

My favorite tip size for this water based paint marker is extra fine. It's also known as:
PC-1M bullet shaped 
PC-1MR pin type 

I use both tips interchangeably as long as the marker is in an extra fine tip in the color that I want, it doesn't matter to me which one I use. These are the markers I reach for the most with my work for writing, mark making and coloring.

I will buy the markers in other sizes if they aren't available in an extra fine tip and I really want a marker in that color. I usually don't like anything larger than a medium tip size. Extra fine are always my preferred pen/marker size. 


Posca does not make all of the colors in all of the sizes. 

You can buy them in sets or individually. 

Always make sure that if you are using them on a page painted with acrylics, that the page us completely dry before you use the markers on them. I've seen too many people ruin pens by using them on a wet page.

Keep a piece of uncoated scrap paper nearby to test pens. 

Shake and pump only as needed (when it seems that the marker is dead or not working right. Sometimes, with a new marker, you have to shake it a lot to get it working properly.)

Always shake it with the cap ON. The paint can really travel.

Store your pens flat and cap them when not in use (trust me on this.)

Write normal with them (don't push on the tip as you write.) The ink should flow from the marker.


Posca Coloring

JetPens (one of my favorite places to buy pens and markers)

More about my favorite pens (lots of links) can be found here.

Again, I'm not paid nor am I given anything for this post. I buy my supplies just like you and I'm only posting this information so that YOU will go buy the product so that the company makes more so I can buy them. I know, I know... That said, if a certain company wanted to send some Posca markers my way so that I could add them to my class bag, my students would love it and my wallet would greatly appreciate it.

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