My Third Finished Journal for 2023 (as Part of The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop)



Happy May, my friends!


I finished my third journal for 2023 the other day and I thought I'd share a video flip through tour of it. Most of the work that you see is done for my Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop.

(This is the sample for this Friday's paint session on peonies (or your favorite flower or whatever else you may feel like working on during our one hour weekly live painting session/workshop.))


The Art Life is about many things including keeping a regular art practice. I try to encourage, nurture and inspire people to keep creative. I've been sketching and writing (about my work and ideas) daily and painting on a regular basis. 


In the Art Life Workshop, we have live, one hour painting workshops on a weekly basis. Some folks use that time to paint along with the subject of the week. Others carve out that time for their own work. (All of the workshops are recorded. We also have time after I stop the recording to talk and share off camera.) We have additional workshops and salons throughout the month as well. Every month has at least ten hours of live material. You can find out more here.


Additional flip through journal tours:

Winter 2022/2023 journal 

Winter/Spring 2023 journal 


My Studio Journal 

My favorite art supplies (I need to consolidate and update this list)


What are you working on?


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