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 April 2023


Art practice. 


These words are very important to me.

For many years, I wanted a space where I could share my workshops and create a community. In 2022, I finally did it. I finally had the resources and time to create this space.  

I called it The Art Life.


What is an art practice? What do you need to be successful with your art practice?

You need time. 
You need resources. 
You need education. 
You need mentoring. 
You need community. 

You need to surround yourself with people just as passionate about art as you. 

That passion may translate to 10 minutes a day, five hours a day, or once a week.

The key to a successful art practice is the commitment to yourself, your work, and those who are walking alongside you, encouraging and guiding you on your journey in your art community.
Think of The Art Life: Painting by the Season as that practice. 
Part workshop.
Part mentorship. 
Part art community.


Every month in The Art Life: Painting by the Season: 


*Can't make the live sessions?*
 Everything (except our salons) is recorded & in our library


  • Weekly: drawing and live painting lessons. Begin the week with sketching, practice throughout the week and every Friday, we take what we've learned and paint for an hour. Something NEW every week! Every lesson in TAL: PBTS is a lesson that explores the elements and fundamental principles of art making.

  • Monthly: two hour live drawing and painting workshop. Like our Friday session, but more in depth and two hours!

  • Art salons: at least twice a month for two hours each session. Think of these as group mentoring sessions where we encourage and inspire each other. Kelly will also answer questions and demonstrate as asked. Extremely fun and inspiring to hang out with artists from all over the world!

  • JUST ADDED: One hour LIVE session every month on a specific FUNdamental elements of art. Each month is a different element. There are weekly handouts that will also encourage you to practice what you are learning on your own time. April we explored SHAPE. In May, we dive deep into VALUE.

  • Did I mention that there's a community? Think of it as a social media space for ART only. That's right, no going down the rabbit hole. You go to the Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop with purpose and intent. Students are encouraged to take what they need, knowing that there is a community and teacher dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and nurturing them in their artistic journey.
 That's over TEN hours of LIVE material EVERY MONTH!

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

The Art Life Workshop: Painting by the Seasons begins on the 1st of every month. Members have access to a full month of material! Sign up at any time and that month begins the day you register.)


The Art Life Workshop is an ongoing evolution. It will change, grow and evolve just as we do. 


Painting by the Season is like eating by the seasons: you are inspired by the colors, images and things that surround you. It is embracing the every day and learning from it.


In The Art Life, you will look to the seasons in all forms for ideas and inspiration. (Think: color palettes, themes, shapes and much, much more.) You will also learn about other artists and how they are guided by nature and the world around them. 


Just the idea of a seasonal palette is extremely exciting to me. 


If you paint according to the season, you will have a minimum of one painting a week. After one year, you will have 52 paintings plus full sketchbooks of drawings, paintings, studies and writings.

  • The Art Life is here for you to dip in and out of. You can pick and choose what you participate in. You do not have to read or partake in every lesson/session/offering. I'm keeping the price low to make it accessible to more people.
  • Everything that is in The Art Life Workshop Library from 2022 and 2023 is available for members to access (well over 100 videos and counting at the moment.)
  • New material EVERY week to build your skills!
  • My lessons are not paint by numbers exercises. I want you to make your own work.
  • The Art Life Workshop: Painting by the Seasons is designed to encourage art making as a life long practice. 
  • My goal is to offer thoughts, techniques and ideas that strengthen, encourage, feed and stimulate your art making practice

Our focus:  

Please note, these lessons can be used by artists with (or without) collage for representational work or abstract.

  • Drawing. Everyone can draw. You just have to learn how. It absolutely is not a talent but an acquired skill.
  • Painting. My emphasis is on encouraging you to paint. It's also to encourage you to learn the foundation of what it takes to make a painting.
  • Writing. Writing is an integral part of the art making process. Learn techniques on how to incorporate writing into your own practice.
Don't have time to paint on a regular basis? TAL: PBTS will have short, creative, regular bursts to keep you engaged, stimulated and inspired.

What supplies will I need?

Use the supplies that you already have. Learn to use those tools to gain skills and build confidence.

  • A sketchbook/journal
  • Favorite writing tool
  • Substrates of choice-if you can paint on it, save it and use it.
  • Pencils for drawing (use what you have.)
  • Media of choice and favorite basic tools (I am using acrylic, brushes, palette knives, etc...)
  • Favorite drawing tools (pencils to crayons.)
  • Optional: Collage materials.


What are you doing to nourish and nurture your own art practice?


Questions? Please email me at




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