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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Let's Gogh! An Art Pilgrimage in Search of Van Gogh Across the U.S.

In three weeks:
41 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.
One sketch.
10 museums.
8 states (not including the states it took to drive through to get there.)
6,710 plus miles. 

35 paintings and one letter in 2017. 
3 paintings in 2018 prior to this trip.

900 paintings total.
1,100 sketches and drawings.
903 letters.

I'm still making a list for the rest of the year, marking off what needs to be seen, what can be seen and what I want to see in the upcoming year. 2019 is looking very, very promising.

Please note that the paintings below, I am sharing only what I saw, the paintings on display, and not everything that the museums have in their possession. I was surprised when I got to the Wadsworth Anthaneum to be told that the second supposed Van Gogh was not on display as they do not think it to be one of his paintings. I was even more surprised to find Landscape From Saint Remy on display from Copenhagen at The Getty for "technical research." I can't find anything about it online. It had been in the gallery for about two weeks before I stumbled happily upon it.

Special thanks to Mom, David, Tristan and to everyone who has listened to my adventures and my obsession to see as many of Vincent's paintings as possible.
Extra special thanks to those who purchased my wares and workshops. It's because of you that I was able to stand in front of Vincent's work. Thank you.


Barnes Museum PA (7)




Unedited Flickr Album with close-up shots and more of the above photos from all of the museums I visited in April and May 2018 for Van Gogh

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