Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Van Gogh at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Who knew that there were so many Van Gogh paintings in Texas? About a week ago, Mom and I visited the McNay Museum in San Antonio on our way home from my workshops in Florida. I went just to see the Van Gogh's Women Crossing the Fields. I had a little extra time and this is what I saw while there. (I would definitely go back as I could easily spend the day there. I really like how the museum was organized by theme.) 

 Larry Rivers
 Paul Wonner
Willem de Kooning
 Grace Hartigan

Vincent Van Gogh
 John Marin
 Amadeo Modigliani
Alberto Giacometti 
 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
 Henri Matisse
 Milton Avery, Alexey Jawlensky, Georges Rouault
 Helen Torr
 Georgia O'Keeffe
 William Zorach
 George Segal
Joan Mitchell
 Grace Hartigan
 Claude Monet

 Marsden Hartley
 William Baziotes

 Piet Mondrian
 Deborah Roberts

 Robert Indiana
art found in nature down the street from the museum

Mom and I listened to Vincent and Theo: the Van Gogh Brothers while on the road. I'd highly recommend it. 

I'm planning my trip for the end of April and hoping to visit the Barnes Foundation (PA), The MET (NYC) as well as the Toledo Museum of Art (OH) and a few others to see Van Gogh. I'll have a big announcement about this trip similar to one that I made last year very soon...

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Anne Rita Taylor said...

I have visited the McNay many times since I live in Houston and San Antonio is a 3 hour drive away, plus a fun place to visit. Thank you for reminding me about those treasures!