Van Gogh and Friends at The Huntington

Vincent Van Gogh Garden of the Rectory at Nuenen 

Paul Gauguin Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin

Paul Cezanne Boy Resting

Claude Monet View of Bordighera

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Study for "In the Salon on the rue des Moulines"

Edouard Vuillard Study For La Place Vintimille

Image result for bernard wheat harvest

Emile Bernard Wheat Harvest

 Gustave Moreau Salome Dancing before Herod

Camille Pissarro Boulevard Montmartre, Mardi Gras

Vincent Van Gogh The Sower

Van Gogh Hospital at Saint Remy

Alfred Sisley Timber Yard at Saint-Mamm├Ęs 

I'm still processing the visit that David and I took to the Huntington last week. It was our first time there (thanks to the generosity of a friend who gifted us with passes that we have been saving for a special treat.) We were unable to go when Van Gogh & Friends opened as David was in the hospital at that time. I am grateful that we were able to go before the exhibit closes on January 2nd.

I could have sat in that small room surrounded by paintings that I loved all day. My favorites were the three Van Gogh paintings, Salome, the peonies, Touc and Study For La Place Vintimille. The textures. The colors. The brushstrokes. The passion. The way that they made me feel and how eager I was to run home to pick up my own brushes. 

David eventually pried me away from my favorite redheaded painter and we walked around the museum. Turners! Book Arts! It was a lot to take in in just one visit so we are planning a return trip when the gardens are in bloom. I am hoping to get to the Norton Simon to see Van Gogh's Bedroom. I have a funny feeling that David is going to have a very hard time prying me away from that painting. 

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