Books by Artists about Painting in my Library



I've been moving my books around again. 


In an effort to keep my books about painting, artists writing about painting/drawing and the creative process together in one place, I've spent two weeks reshelving and moving things around. In a tiny apartment, book real estate is of prime value so I want my favorites accessible.

I've given Enrique Martinez Celaya his own shelf (I'm hoping to fill in the gaps of the books that I'm missing. I look for them in my travels to secondhand bookstores.) (Van Gogh, (some of my) Munch, (some of my) Matisse , Diebenkorn, (some of my) Kahlo, (some of my) Corita Kent, and O'Keeffe also have their own shelves.)


All of these are to my right as I stand at my easel, within easy reach. I hope to someday replace my old rubber stamp cabinet with a full size bookcase. For now, the cabinet holds my poetry, philosophy, art writings and (not shown) books on journaling.


I take my book lists seriously (I am old school and handwritten lists are my version of goodreads.) 


Do you see anything that you think should be on my shelves? 


Do you have any favorites from what you see on the shelves?  

More of my Art Library:

art books (reshelved in 2020)

I need to add to this but here are some of my favorite art books.


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