Friday, May 08, 2020

Books Reshelved May 2020

After our recent air conditioner leak, I had to pull everything off of my shelving unit.

The above shelves all face my side of the bed. (Yes, that's my collection of double stacked and double bagged Dark Shadows books.)
I've spent the last week bagging what I could (we've run out of bags and will have to order more.) I also took the time to rearrange the books. I moved read books to the back and books to read/research to the front, as well select side shelves (like the ones you see above.)
Two giant Georgia O'Keeffe, Walter Foster, and a giant Alexander Calder book live here on top of a comic book box.

I tried to put the Bay Area Figurative artists and abstract expressionists together as much as possible. I also had to squeeze in some smaller books where I could to try to balance the weight of the shelves.

Books that I want to read next are placed on the above side shelves.

(More books to be read, on this smaller side shelf.)

I actually have a little bit of room left because of how I rearranged the books and removed some items (now to figure out where to put two boxes of zines!) I don't put any books on the very top (as it blocks the air conditioner) but I plan on lining that shelf with plastic as well. Last time I had thick canvas pages stacked (accidentally!) right below where the leak happened. That ended up being a big help. They were thrown out accidentally last week but I'll make do with something else.

Thanks for taking a tour of one of my bookcases. If you're interested, I'll do this again sometime with another one of my bookcases (my Van Gogh books are on at least two cases as well as on the floor next to my bed.) If you know of any other sites with art books, I'd love to see links in the comments section!


Pam said...

Hi Kelly - Love, love, love looking at your bookshelves! Thank you for sharing. Curious,I saw one of my Favorite books on your shelf have you read the Frances Spalding book about Vanessa Bell. I rarely meet anyone in the US who has heard of her yet alone read that book. I love it. I am obsessed with the Bloomsbury group as you are with Vincent VG. I have been to VB*s house - Charleston in England and loved every inch of it. Would love to hear your opinion on that book, that group and how you came to have that book on your glorious bookshelves. Hoping you and yours are well and safe. Take good care! xo Pam from Mpls.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Pam! I'm always out looking for books (including the Bloomsbury Group.) I haven't read the book on Vanessa Bell yet but I have it on the To Read Shelf. There's always something new to learn!!! <3

Unknown said...

look up Charleston Farmhouse on google and go for a tour. It is the loveliest house I have ever seen and art oozes from every crack in the walls and in the garden and everywhere. Just down the road from where Vanessa*s sister Virginia Woolfe lived and died. You have inspired me to reread this summer. Hope you and yours are well Kelly! xo