Monday, February 10, 2020

What's in My Art Toolbox Volume 4: My Favorite Paint Brushes

Clearly, I love brushes and I have favorites...
I pick up brushes in my travels, one or two at a time, to encourage experimentation and play. 
Catalyst™ Polytip Bright 

Catalyst by Princeton Polytip Bristle Bright in sizes 4 and 8-I bought these long handled brushes in the hopes that the long handles would encourage me to play with how I paint. So far, I've only poked myself in the eye with them once! In all seriousness, I love them and am hoping to add more to my collection.


Of all the brushes, I tend to reach for the flat shaders, flat washes and chisel blenders. I like short, stubby brushes. When I paint, I tend to pick up very little paint and dry brush it onto the surface. I like building up the layers, once each layer is dry. I'm working with different approaches to painting (there are so many) and I'm hoping that access to different tools will encourage more play. Princeton Select makes affordable brushes and I appreciate their selection, quality and affordability.


I also have an intense love for Holbein and their products. I picked up a couple of their brushes at San Diego Comic Con last summer. I've been looking for more ever since (Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Florida is the first store I've since seen them in!) They are a little pricier than Princeton but I love the quality and how they feel in my hands. I picked up the above brushes a couple of weeks ago and am going to be playing with them this week.


Two of the brushes that I reach for the most... See, flat, stubby brushes!
What are some of your favorite brushes?

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