Friday, January 24, 2020

What's in My Art Toolbox Part Three

A ridiculous amount of acrylics!
For the record, I have been testing Utrecht acrylics for my workshops *and* I haven't cleaned my art bag out...

Holbein and Sennelier are my top favorites. If I had the budget, I would buy them all of the time. They are creamy, dreamy and rich with pigment. You truly get what you pay for with them!

Utrecht brand is relatively new to me and I am loving what I've seen! You get an excellent pigment quality for your dollar. Definitely friendly for the working class budget! 

In an attempt to push myself into a different palette, I have been buying more expensive tubes of acrylic in colors I don't reach for, to force myself to use them, going "beyond my color comfort zone."

*When I am home, I will list my basic palette as this is far from it!*

What is your favorite acrylic brand and why?

Earlier posts on favorite art supplies can be found here.   

Revised 2020:
What's in My Art Toolbox 
Vol 1 (painting tools)
Vol 2 neutral acrylics
Vol 3 acrylics

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