Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Au Revoir, Durfort...


My napkin ring...I really wanted it...
At the same time, I wanted to pack these ladies up and take them with me, too...


I really appreciated being able to look back and share our journal pages before we left. Most of us didn't finish and are still working in our books (which is a lovely gift as it keeps the week alive and fresh.)

Au revoir, Durfort (for now)... You were good to us. I may not have physically been able to take these ladies with me, but they'll always be with me and a part of that wonderful week in the South of France... Merci beaucoup, ladies. Merci beaucoup.

Our adventure continues with trips to Arles, Saint Remy, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and back to London...more soon!

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Sassy said...

I always love how your teaching/guidance is the same for everyone and everyone's pages turn out so differently (gorgeous but different for each).