Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Durfort, France Part Six

Sunday morning we headed from Durfort to Blan in search of treasures!

France is famous for its brocantes and flea markets. Directions aren't given in terms of miles or kilometers. It's more, "You're going to go up, up, up and then down, down, down..." We found our way to Blan by following other cars who looked like they were looking for the market as well.

We separated and made plans to meet back. Quickly walking up and down the aisles looking for what sang to us...

I was head over heels in love with the postcards I found. The seller wasn't the nicest human, and (contrary to some of the stories I was told before our trip), the *only* French person our entire trip that was rude but I wanted these postcards and these postcards, I would have! 

If you want postcards, the seller had many. He also had the albums below (which I didn't buy though I was quite tempted... his attitude dissuaded me!)



Our stop in Blan was quick as the brocante in Lautrec was waiting for us!

The brocante in Lautrec was PURE HEAVEN. I wish we had had more time, funds and storage space for most of it! I could have spent all weekend walking around looking at the treasures. Alas, half of our group was still not 100% well so we limited our time there. I would go back just for this market!  

We found Angoulême winner Emil Ferris' My Favorite Thing is Monsters in the South of France! Photo op time! We love Emil and her work! She is a very good monster!

The pony tailed gentleman had one of my favorite things from the entire trip! A gorgeous wedding certificate from the 1700's. After I told our group about it, we went back so I could show them the other papers he had.

Lunch in the car and back to Durfort we trekked (going down, down, down the hill...)

Treasures at La Cascade.

Some studio time before supper.

Salad and bread. David was always happy to see a fresh baguette.

The postcards from Blan and Lautrec (the wedding certificate is the largest document.) The seller in Blan thought I was looking at the "pretty girls" on the front. Sorry, buddy, I wanted the gorgeous handwriting on the back! I have plans for these (and the others I bought...stay tuned!)


I didn't take many photos while teaching in Durfort as I was focused on teaching but am grateful for what I did manage to take. Most of our group was sick at this point but they were all determined to make the most of it. They knew their limits and did what they could, when they could.

A work in progress page from my journal that evolved into something else (I had plans for it but wasn't sure exactly what it would ended up becoming postcards and part of another project...)
More soon...
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MissBooksmith said...

This brings back so many happy memories. I just loved this day. Thank you Kelly for posting it. Karen T