Friday, August 09, 2019

Durfort, France Part Cinq: Studio Day!

We had made plans the night before to visit a Brocante early Saturday morning. After some in depth investigation, I discovered that the Brocante didn't seem like it was operating anymore. We changed plans and decided that Saturday should be a day that we spend in the studio! So, after breakfast, we dived in.



Taking an after dinner break to explore Durfort:


Alas, five of our group got sick during our week in Durfort. Each one decided at what rate to pace themselves. Not shown here is Julie (who was resting.) (Thanks, David, for taking the photo!)


Back to work:

Looking back at these photos, how much I miss these faces and being in the studio as well as on adventures with them. Magic was made that week! I'm glad that we can look back at the photos and our journals and remember...

More soon...

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