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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

11th and 12th September journal page

One of my favorite things about this journal is how much I've been playing with white space. I loved drawing the open flowers here and then filling in the background with my journaling. It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone, right?

Still taking sign ups for my two online classes: A Life Made By Hand and Memories & Reflections (yes, both classes will remain up. Both classes are open, active and you can join at any time and work at your own pace.). Also, don't forget upcoming in person workshops locally here in So CA but I'm also traveling to No CA in October and AZ in November. I hope to see you there!

Stop the presses-Lynda Barry on Tour! THIS FALL! If you are in NYC-or near NYC, you are a lucky bastard INDEED because not only will Lynda Barry be in NYC *BUT* Maira Kalman is doing a presentation with her. I can only hope that someone will go, tape it and put it up on youtube or something. Heck, I'd buy the dvd.

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Desert Mermaid said...

Kelly, Love -- I, too, have been noticing and admiring the onset of more white space in your pages -- do you see what I see? How it really enhances your images? (the word I almost used but didn't, because I'm so SICK of it: POP ... white space makes your images POP) ... woot! But more than that, for me, I love seeing more of your writing, your handwriting I mean, as a much more easily viewed visual element. Awesome.

Toni Brown

Dawn said...

I like the new journal. It seems like you have been stepping out of your comfort zone a lot in it. Lot's of cool pages. I especially like this one.

amyd said...

thanks for the blog link! appreciate it! BTW - love your blog - I'll be back!
amy of collage duos and four corners design

Seth said...

Lynda Barry AND Maira Kalman at the same place. At the same time! And in NYC!!! Thanks so much for this tip Kelly. I am off to get a ticket and will promise to tell you all about it!!!