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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Answering questions regarding my new online class

My page:
Kara's page: (Kara, by the way, sadly does not have a blog).
A few of you have asked me about the set up for my new online class. Effective this summer, Ning has made several changes to their host site. The big change being that to host a group is no longer free. In order for me to keep my online classes up and going, it would cost me $50 per month. Several students asked if I would keep my online classes up, and in an effort to try to make everyone happy I have moved A Life Made By Hand off of a ning site. I have set up different sites for both ALMBH and the new class, Memories and Reflections.

Both classes are now set up like a "tree". What that means is that wherever you go, you can click on something to link you back to the main class site. It is similar to a ning group where you're still clicking on something to get somewhere (like everything on the web) yet, unlike the ning group, the way I've set it up is MUCH more user friendly.

Here's how it works:

There's a blog for videos. You do not have to have a blog account. You use the email and password information that I provide to you. You do not have to save this information either as it is accessible on the main site for you to use at any time. The only class information on the blog is the videos. They will remain there. However, once you've watched the videos, unless you want to go back and watch them again, you won't be using the blog on a regular basis.

On the blog, there are direct links to the other class sites. Clicking on those will bring you directly to where you need to go.

There's a yahoo group set up for all of the printed class material. I have set the yahoo group up in a specific way, removing any unnecessary buttons and tabs. The class material is all in the files section. Students are free to talk and discuss things by posting whatever and whenever they want. Once you've downloaded the class materials, you don't need to go to the yahoo group. You can get messages delivered into your mailbox (individual messages, daily digests-which compile the day's messages into one email, or you can go no mail and check the website if desired). On the main page of the yahoo group (the home page), all of the links to navigate the sites are all there. The blog password/sign in info is there. The link to the flickr page is there. Everything can be easily accessed.

Finally, there is a flickr group. If you only want to go to one place daily, the flickr group is it! The private flickr group is where students can post their photos and view work done by their classmates. There is also a discussion group there where you can talk amongst yourselves. I have posted information on keeping the photos private, if that is what you want to do.

There are direct links to the yahoo group on the flickr site as well.

Remember: participation is not mandatory. I do not expect any student to participate actively in discussions or posting their artwork. That is optional and completely up to YOU!

I hope that this answers any questions that you may have had about how the site works. It's VERY easy to navigate. Yes, it's different then ning, but I actually think that it's much more user friendly and easier to find the information.

Other questions I've been asked:

1. Are the collage exercises new?

YES! There are 38 collage templates/prompts provided for this class. By doing these exercises, hands on, you will learn the basic design principles for collage. These will push you regardless as to whether or not you're a beginner or you've been creating collages for years!

2. How many journal prompts are there and are they new?

There are 184 NEW journal prompts. One a day from July 1st-December 31st. None of the prompts are dated nor do they relate to any specific subject. These are not your run of the mill journal prompts, but prompts designed to evoke memories and to make you think.

3. Will you be teaching us how to make books?

YES. I will be teaching two book structures, showing you my finished book structures and discussing other possibilities of things you can do on the pages and with the book structures.

4. I'm new, will this class work for me? or I've been making books, collages, journaling, etc... for years, will this class work for me?

YES to both. I gear my classes towards both beginners and advanced. I always feel that as artists and human beings, we are always learning. I structure my classes that way too. There are ideas presented at how to look at things with new eyes as well!

5. How do I sign up? Can I sign up at any time? Will the class information remain up and accessible?
Please go here for more info! Yes and YES!

Questions? Leave in the comment section or you can email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net



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