The new Jesse Reno book is available and it's very, very good

so good in fact, you need it *now*. I love it as much as I love the first book. I may even love this one more only because Jesse was kind enough to do a drawing on the inside cover (which I wasn't expecting and it totally made my day!!! Thanks Jesse!!!):

I've blogged about Jesse before here and here. You need his first book *and* this one, too. I *LOVE* his work. I am bummed that I won't be here for his workshops in Burbank... :(

Did I ever tell you that I have very good friends? One such friend is Roseann. You *need* to check out her work as she's an amazingly talented artist. Thanks Roseann and you know what for!!!

Hey! I'm teaching at Art Unraveled next week...we're (Mom, Tristan and I) are leaving Tuesday.
I'm looking forward to it. There is still room in 3 of my classes...whatcha waiting for? ;)

Does anyone know where I could possibly get a copy of Lauren McIntosh's book?? Pleaseee...(I'm not whining, just on my hands and knees asking -begging- politely...)

Hi. My name is Kelly. I'm a Book Addict.


Anonymous said…
I didn't know about him until recently when I saw a video and some images from his class - adore his art! :-)
Anonymous said…
Ah, it is is too bad you can't take the workshop. I had a great time at his workshop I took in Portland. (Blogged about it here.)

We also had a sneak peek at this book in class and it was so cool.

(Sorry if this gets posted twice, my small child hit a key on my mouse!)
Roseann Cazares said…
I am glad you liked the journal. Since you told me you really enjoyed my art from Lynne's class, I thought my book would find a good home with you! Now, do something with it! Have a safe trip.

P./S. Thank you SO much for the plug once again. You ARE a wonderful agent!
Anonymous said…
*laughing hysterically*

Hi, my name is Adriane, and I too am a book addict.

Jesse's book looks kewl! Gads, I haven't blogged since middle of June... did I tell you... I have cataracts?! Sept. 18th is my date with lens replacement surgery. Glad you had a great time in Arizona...

Miss you chickie!

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