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I post daily (photos of my journal pages, things that inspire me and personal bits and pieces) to inspire and encourage others. I have always believed that if I can do it, so can you.

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I love teaching and truly believe that deep down inside everyone is an artist, capable of creating something. There is power and knowledge in the act of creating something with your own hands, made from your own heart and head.

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Online Class Sale!

Starting NOW through Sunday night, December 22nd at 11:59 p.m. PST, ALL of my online classes are buy one get one free*! Buy one for yourself and get a second one free. Buy one for yourself and gift the second one to a friend. Think about supporting an artist and get your holiday gifts now: one for a friend and get a second one for another friend. 

Check out the classes that I have available below (please note that there will not be a new class until some time in late January, early February 2014.) Pick a class and in the notes (on Paypal) indicate the second class that you want! (You can also email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net) Please add any pertinent information (if you want to send it as a gift, your friend's email address, etc...) 

Please note that each class is different and stands on its own. I have over four hundred different classes and I stress and strive to make each one unique and completely different than the one before it. In each class you will learn not only new and creative techniques for art journaling, collage, bookbinding and more but you also learn creativity ideas that can be applied to ANY art form.

A Prompt A Day- Ran monthly for 2009. You get three prompts (collage, paint and journal) for every day of the month (for example, February has 28 prompts, December has 31. None of the months are "themed" (so no Valentine's Day in February or Christmas in December.) Pick an individual month (one month for every one in the year!) PDF ONLY $25 per month

A Life Made by Hand Learn how to make a unique book, collage templates and journal prompts  one of my two video classes
 plus pdf via yahoogroup, blog for videos and flickr for photos $50

Memories and Reflections Learn how to make two fun books, collage templates and journal prompts included my second video class 
 pdf via yahoogroup, blog for videos and flickr for photos $50

An Artist's Journal 365: 365 prompts: one prompt (collage, mixed media, journaling and MORE) every day for an entire year!  
50 page pdf file only $20

Journey of You  Learn how to use things that you already have on hand (magazine and book images, a favorite pen and a glue stick) to create stunning and expressive art journal pages. 
PDF and Tumblr (optional) site to share photos  $25

Revel in the Moment 32 page handout includes complete instructions and insight on how I approach my journal pages plus an additional 7 page handout on creating a new journal from scratch. 
PDF file via yahoo group and Tumblr (optional) site to share photos  $25

The Journey Within: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity Learn how to work through artist's block while creating unique and individual journal pages. 68 page handout with over 33 collage templates and 100 tips, tricks, techniques and more. 
via yahoo group and Tumblr (optional) site to share photos  $25

Finding My Way In this workshop, you will learn how to alter a book to create visually expressive and honest pages in short periods of time working with what you have on hand.  
via yahoo group $25

Marvel: Your Precious Life A revised dry (no paint, only paper) version of my popular A Prompt A Day where every day for a month, there is a worksheet that contains a sample page, a collage template, a journal prompt and a variety of mixed media tips, tricks, techniques and ideas.  via yahoo group $25

Swatches: Little Paper Books Revised and Revisited This was one of my most popular in person classes that I revised (with all new bookbinding approaches, collage templates and ideas) for my online students. Receive over 30 pages of NEW ideas for collage, art journaling, composition, design and more.
via yahoo group $25

This and That: Finding the Poetry in the Everyday 
no collage templates in this class (like I do in some of the other classes.) Instead I am focusing on photos and a smorgasbord of ideas, thoughts, tips, tricks and techniques to get you diving into your journal. I promise you that this class will get you itching to work in your journal.
pdf only $20

Please note that class information will be sent within 24 hours by me. If you don't receive a confirmation email within that time, please check your spam box and if it's not there, please contact me. Everything is done by hand by me and I try to get you your information as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

*(equal or lesser value. In other words, you can't order a $20 class and get a $50 class for free. You could order the $50 and get a $50 or $50 and get a $25. Thanks for understanding.) 

Thanks for your time! Happy Holidays!!!


Lottie said...

Wow Kelly - thank you so very much. All my Christmasses have come at once. I will definitely buy one and get one free - and maybe even twice!

Just been looking at your different journals - so much choice - it's like going into one of those old fashioned sweet shops (before your time) with rows and rows of brightly coloured jars and wondering which ones to pick.

Off to spread the word.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you so much, Lottie! Oh, I remember the candy shops very, very well. There's been a revival in them here the last few years. There is now one within walking distance from my apartment. ;)

Nancy said...

Well, Merry Christmas to me! Thank you, Kelly! Yep, I'm in! Thank you thank you thank you!