Thank You!


A very big THANK YOU to everyone who bought, shared links or commented on my sale post from the weekend. I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU. I will be shipping the work out this week. 




Above is a recent palette from work done over the weekend.


It was a good weekend. David and I stayed home and we were both able to get a lot of work done, which was good. I taught two workshops and a salon in my Art Life: Painting by the Season. We painted a red bell pepper on Friday:


On Sunday, we started exploring VALUE. I had a slideshow of various paintings in color and then converted to greyscale as examples. Value is very important to get a grasp on and a lot of mixed media artists, unfortunately, haven't learned about it. We'll be working hands on with it and exploring it in our ongoing lessons.


This Friday, we are painting The Sea, another lesson in exploring and understanding value:

Here's to a good week wherever you are!





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