Become a Patron of the Arts!


May is here and it brings NEW things!
I'm trying something new and I'd like to invite you!
I've started a page over at Ko-Fi.  What's Ko-Fi? It's where you can support your favorite artists in exchange for inspiring and informative posts, digital goodies, printed goodies, one on one mentoring, private workshops, original art and MORE. With Ko-Fi, you are a patron of the arts!
I have two options available:

A friend of mine often says, "try something new." 


Well, here I am. Excited to share this project!


My blog is not going away.

The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop that I've worked so hard on is NOT going away.


I'm just branching out and trying something new! I hope to see you there! 


Please let me know what you think (maybe you have ideas for tiers that I haven't added or if you have any questions. I'd love to talk.


As always, thank you for your interest and support! It is greatly appreciated.


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